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15-09-2006, 23:06
About six months ago, I picked up a Skaven Battleforce, out of contempt of the complete boredom I was facing with my lizardmen, this is how it looked then:


15-09-2006, 23:06
Soon after, I spent £60 on 100pts of slaves :(


15-09-2006, 23:07
Of course, Painting is also an unfortunate side effect of having lots of new models. My two clanrat regiments were painted up in short order:


15-09-2006, 23:08
Though I don't really intend to run any Rat Ogres, I really love the effect on this little guy:


And I'd painted up my Plague Monks:


15-09-2006, 23:11
I do however seem to have GREAT luck with Giant Rats and Packmasters, so I made a point out of stretching all the rats I'd got to 3 lots of 6 rats, the Packmasters are still WIP


I'd also got a Skaven Stormvermin Command Group, Skaven Army book AND Grey Seer Thanquol for around £5 - since I never plan to run anything but a pair of Warlocks, I converted him:


15-09-2006, 23:12
In the end I decided that the head spikes were a bit silly, and this is what I ended up with:


Started on some themed terrain, though it might be a bit big for a Gutter Runner team's tunnel!


15-09-2006, 23:13
And what I finished just tonight, my battle standard bearer:


will sub in as a Chieftain w/ BSB (Banner of the Swarm + Regimental Banner + BSB + 3 ranks = +6 CR before you even hit anything). Nothing too outrageous here - my first use of 'straw' for a couple of weeds poking out, and a human head looking rather pale and bloody at his feet.

Next up: 20 Slaves! Unfortunately the room with all my GW stuff in it was being used as temporary lodging by a mate, who's gone and locked the door and taken the only key! Since they're a mishmash of zombies, militia and Skaven, they aren't too boring to paint and I hope to have both units of 25 finished by the end of the weekend!

Avenging Dentist
15-09-2006, 23:29
The Rat Ogre is pretty cool looking, especially the face. The warlock is nice too, though I think adding some highlights to the teeth would help define his face a little better.

P.S.: I recognized some of your stuff from the Model-a-Day thread on Something Awful. Nice to see a fellow goon around here!

Dead orc
15-09-2006, 23:40
Great work so far, I love the converted warlock!

16-09-2006, 07:37
Yay another Skaven log!

They all look great but I do especially like your Rat Ogre, you have given me some nice ideas for mine when I get around to painting it up.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing lots more of the furry critters from you.

16-09-2006, 13:45
Nice rats, and I have to steal the bionic arm type thingy for my warlock engineer.

The Judge
16-09-2006, 19:14
That is a nice idea with the warlock, and a nice looking army all round.

16-09-2006, 23:42
I really like all the work you've done so far, and I have one question for you, where did you get the piece that you used for the warlock's bionic arm?



17-09-2006, 06:05
The paintjobs are good, but you could do a little more with the bases in terms of sand/rock/grass.

22-09-2006, 15:08
The arm for the Warlock Engineer is the stock of the Rat Ogre's gun arm, a widget for the pivot and a banner-pole top piece for the warpstone/claws.

Managed to paint a dozen slaves last night, so I'll get some pics up of them soon.

Have projected a unit of 20-strong Stormvermin + Warlord, Jezzails, a Warp Lightning Cannon and some Gutter runners to bring the list up to 2000pts

23-09-2006, 13:26
Yeah, the painting isn't GD standard. Yes, these models are 2pts each and if you think I'm going to spend time on them you're mad.


dave is the best
23-09-2006, 13:35
those are really cool

Brush your teeth
23-09-2006, 14:15
nice army youve got together there, the slaves are a good idea as well

23-09-2006, 21:11
Just finished the Slaves - as you can see - using my own regimental tray made out of mounting card.


25-09-2006, 12:47
Right, finally been able to get some daylight pictures (i..e not too many harsh shadowS) of the ratmen horde as it stands. I've got a ratling gun to base, some slaves, and a warlord to paint, and I'm done with ratmen for my 1250pt list.

First, my Cheiftain George, and warlocks Barry and Paul

Jeremiah and his evil Janitors

25-09-2006, 12:48
Leonard's Legionnaires:

Reginald's Renegades:

25-09-2006, 12:51
Garth's Garbage Disposal Team:

CHAV: Operation Human Shield:

25-09-2006, 17:42
Just finished my Warlord!