View Full Version : in preperation for 7th ed O&G

dark angel
16-09-2006, 10:47

heres my list (i used the current book)
Orc big boss,light armour,shild,fumpas club of fumpin,109 points
night goblin shaman,LvL 2,95 points
night goblin shaman,LvL 2,95 points

19 orc boyz,full command,shilds,spears,180 points
20 night gobboes,full command,80 points
20 night gobboes,shilds spears,full command,80 points
20 night gobboes,bows,full command,80 points
10 spider riders,full command,spears,shilds,150 points
(using the rules in the back of the book)

orc boar chariot,80 points

troll,50 points

999 points
so what do you think?
its using the BfSP and the new battlion and a warboss