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16-09-2006, 12:18
After being thrashed by my mates Dwarvs i have made a new list with more power please tell me what you think :D


Blood dragon thrall thrall
heavy armour
barded nightmare
Gem of Blood

Necromancer lv2
Crown of the damed

Necromancer lv2
Book of arkhan
Total: 125pts

Core units

17 skeletons with spears
full command

7 dire wolves

7 dire wolves

Special units

9 black knights
barding standard musican banner of barrows
Total: 294pts

Total:995 pts

16-09-2006, 12:23
Against Dwarfs? Fragile, VERY fragile. You will get massacred again I think.

While you have an excellent smash unit in your Black Knights, the chances of actually being able to kill the enemy with this unit alone are slim because even at 1000pts, Dwarfs are going to have something that can pierce armour.

Your skeleton block is a very odd size. Find the points to have it at US18 or lower it to US 13 and put your Necromancers in it or they will suffer the wrath of being shot to pieces under the new rules.

I would drop some of the black knights and change your Dire Wolf unit size so you can get some Fell Bats. A guaranteed headache for a dwarf general.

You're playing as the undead and you really want to try and remember that your dwarf opponent is going to be matching you Dice wise in your magic phase 9 times out of 10. You'll be lucky to get new units so try and maximise your initial units.

16-09-2006, 16:23
Dwarfs are tough for VC and TK alike, but there are ways to deal with them...

You have a good hammer unit, question is if that hammer unit is going to last strong enough to actually do it's job?

You could try another approach: by splitting the black knights into 2 units of six and replacing one of the necromancer with another Blood Dragon Thrall. Here you have 2 good fighting units. Perhaps not able to break those powerful dwarf regiment alone, but combine them or charge flanks and you'll have a decent chance.

Also, Dire woolves must be like one of the worst units to take vs dwarfs. Way to voulnerable and they really don't ad much by doing a flank charge since they're o weak. Perhaps keep a unit to screen black knights, but otherwise more skeletons would be more usefull to ad Rank & file support.

I dunno about this, but IMO a banshee could be nice. Perhaps it won't kill that much, but atleast it'll stay alive and create some big disturbance.


17-09-2006, 10:43
I asume that the Necromancer with the Crown of the Damned is your general, but I think you can get him better protection that doesn't require him to take stupidity tests, for instance the Cloak of Mists and Shadows.

17-09-2006, 16:29
i have fount the cloak to be not very use full and i prefer the crown, as he can still attack if he is forced to, and belive me i often kill more with 2 necro's than my other 4 skeles.

19-09-2006, 11:19
i would give the thrall a sword of battle and master strike, you have to challenge with him so make sure he destroys the challenged model, remove the crown of the damned and take the book of arkhan and 3 power stones and let the magic fly. remove the dire wolves, make the skellies into small units of 10 maybe even 3 of them forget the banshee at ld9 it's not worth it, a spirit host might help too.

Hate Train
21-09-2006, 00:14
My advice would be to remove the units of Dire Wolves, replacing them with more skeletons for your current unit, and a second unit of skeletons. Place your Necromancers within your skeleton units (characters, even when within 5" of a friendly unit can now be singled out by enemy ranged fire) to give them the protection they require.
With this new army shape, remove the Crown of the Damned on your necromancer. Replace it with a Power Stone and a Book of Arkhan. On your second necromancer, since he can no longer take the Book of Arkhan, provide him with a Power Stone (and a Casket of Ages if you feel good about your casting ability).
With his already 2+ armor save, you don't need the Gem of Blood on your Thrall. If you're intent on having a fallback method, give him a Ring of the Night and a Sword of Might (or a Blood Drinker); otherwise give him a Sword of Unholy Power to buff your casting ability.
Under this new build, use your first turn to raise more skeletons into your units. Second turn, if you have Gaze of Nagash or Curse of Years, cast them, and then use your power stones to raise yet more skeletons. March with one unit, but move your general at average speed, keeping behind and beside your other unit of skeletons. Use the book of Arkhan to gain the charge while your Thrall and Black Knights charge a seperate unit, or flank the same unit. Third turn, if you've not charged yet, do so, keeping your general available to raise new units of skellies/zombies and to keep hurling other spells. Try to keep him out of combat until your enemy's combat phase has passed (where your Thrall will strike with the sword of unholy power, giving you yet more power dice) and hurl more spells. Fourth turn charge with your General's unit, or continue casting if it behooves you.

02-10-2006, 15:35
can i just ask how you manage to get 6 power dice?
obviously 2 each from both level 2 necros, but thats only 4 right?
Or is the thrall considered a wizard? As far as i read (probably wrong) its not considered a wizard?

02-10-2006, 19:28
can i just ask how you manage to get 6 power dice?
obviously 2 each from both level 2 necros, but thats only 4 right?
Or is the thrall considered a wizard? As far as i read (probably wrong) its not considered a wizard?
2 for each necros =4pd and 2 for army so all together there will be 6pd

03-10-2006, 01:15
yeh theres something im a little confused about.
Atm im still mostly collecting\assembling my VC army, so iv barely had the chance to experience the gameplay.
To my understanding, i know that every magic phase, you regenerate power die for each wizard, and those pwoer die are only allowed to be used by those wizards.

So lets say i have 1 level 2 wizard in my army ,he obviously has 2 power die.
I also have 2 power die as standard for my army....do those 2 pool die regernate EVERY magic phase aswell? And is that 1 wizard allowed to use them anytime he wants?

Because iv versed my friend recently, and with 1 level 2 wizard, i failed my invocation quite a few times with only 2 power die, i didnt use the pool die as i didnt know exactly how they are to be used.