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16-09-2006, 18:17
Hi, here is my Heavy Gear Blitz! army list for review, but feel free to post here about HGB in general if you want.

Command Cadre (General Purpose Cadre)
+ Iguana with Light Autocannon, Leadership, Army Commander
+ 1x Medium Autocannon, 1x Light Bazooka
+ Camo Netting (all Gears)

Infantry Platoon HQ (Infantry Section)
+ 1x Anti-Gear Rifle, 1x Light Mortar, Camo (all Escouade)
+ Sniper Escouade

Infantry Section I
+ 1x Light Machine Gun, Camo (all Escouade)

Infantry Section II
+ 1x Light Machine Gun, Camo (all Escouade)

Infantry Section III
+ 1x Light Machine Gun, Camo (all Escouade)

Off-Board Artillery
+ 2x Medium Artillery Salvos, + 1x Light Artillery Salvo

Total: 500pts

The idea is for a light infantry force with Gear support, used effectively against insurgents and other irregular forces. The command cadre (the GP Gear Cadre) has the heavier anti-vehicle weapons (autocannons, rocket packs, the light bazooka etc) as well as anti-infantry weapons (anti-personell grenade launchers) and has enough armour to fend off light attacks. The Iguana serves as the command unit as well as sensors, electronic warfare and communications. Each infantry section has a support escouade (with light machinegun) and a maneuver escouade. The artillery is used in the first few turns to soften up the enemy. So, whadya think?

17-09-2006, 02:44
You'll likely get much more useful and informed responses over at the DP9 Forums. (http://dp9forum.com/index.php?act=idx)