View Full Version : 2000pts dark elves list for 7thed what do you think ?

17-09-2006, 05:30
noble HA SDC shiled cold one (goes with the executioners)
sword of might 128pts

sorecress lvl2 dark star cloak dispel scroll 175pts

sorecress lvl2 tome of furion Seal of ghond 170pts

sorecress lvl2 black staff dispel scroll 175pts

warriors x25 shields full command 225pts (CR)

warriors x25 shields full command 225pts (CR)

dark riders x5 musician 97pts (harassers) (bait) (flankers)
dark riders x5 Rxb 120pts (harassers) (flankers)
dark riders x5 RxB 120pts (harassers) (flankers)

executioners x12 standard (hammer with the noble )
shadow standard 194pts

cold one knights x6 full command warbanner 235pts (second hammer)

harpies x5 65pts (harassers) (war machine hunting)

shades x5 70pts (harassers) (bait)


9 PD 6 DD 2 scrolls

17-09-2006, 12:54
you forgot 2 boltthrowers

especially since characters can now always be targeted :D

17-09-2006, 12:55
quite nice but since you go for lv 2 mages i rather would take 2 of them. Not to overpower magic witch low levels. The HS fares little better.

17-09-2006, 22:17
Nice list, but have to agree that I'd swap a sorceress and a couple of spear elves for a chariot and a Reaper bolt thrower.

19-09-2006, 10:35
first thing do you really want to pay 120 pts. for 10 shots at str 3 that hit on 5's with those darkriders, and do you want to slow down the executioners with a noble that might be stupid, also lose the black staff since you have to share the power dice with the other sorceresses unless you intend on casting some spells on 1 or 2 die. Oh and do you really intend to flee with your executioners, take the banner of murder musch more their style and it will surprice people especially cavalry.