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18-09-2006, 16:08
ok, with all of the fuss about the new warhammer, and the new Orc models, does anyone know if there will be a way to do an all Black Orc Army? I have always loved Black Orcs, and I remember there was a list in the old Storm of Chaos book.. but would it still be legal? I mean, not necessarily tournement wise, but gaming wise.. likse since black orcs supposedly get some rules changes..

Any one know if there would be a way to do it in the new army book?

Also sorry if this was discussed before.. if it was just say so, and close the thread or whatever needs to be done..

18-09-2006, 16:51
You can, kind of. The 0-1 restriction on Black Orcs have been removed and you can now take lots of them.

They are still Special, though. Thus you would have to take *some* Core units, and you can forget about artillery, chariots and what passes for heavy cavalry among the greenskins.


19-09-2006, 06:22
I am yet to see an official statement from GW stating that "thou shalt not use Storm of Chaos tome in ye gameys".

19-09-2006, 06:32
And they gave an updated FAQ for the Slayer list for the new Dwarf book, so why not keep using it?

Sure, tournaments might be blocking them out, but if you can find an opponent, have a game.

19-09-2006, 09:26
personally i have nothing against most of the storm of chaos lists, however the clan eshin one does have some cheese to it mind the pun and if you use the slayer army then u will never play against the fool who volunteered to play that particular game because the slayer list is over powered, there are no flaws in it, it's great against magic heavy, can with stand cavalry charges, slayer characters destroy other uber characters, doesn't care about psychology, and begin the game moving faster than elves, oh and they get points back for dying :(