View Full Version : Beating Lil' Stunties

18-09-2006, 16:35
i have had a major head ache with my mates dwarfs he used 10 minners and 2 x 15 warrior units he also uses a cannon and thane i use vc so any tips???

18-09-2006, 17:04
What is your points limit? 750?

March across the table as fast as possible. Ignore the Miners. If they want your deployment zone, let them have it!

A unit of dire wolves, a unit of skeletons and a unit of ghouls sounds about right.

You should be able to approach the Dwarfs from the front and bring the dire wolves into the flank, bearing in mind their 18" charge move.

Your ghouls should start off at the side and move forward as fast as possible in an attempt to divert attention from the main force.

Boost your Skeleton unit every chance you get. No pussy-footing around either. Roll as many power dice as you are allowed. You need a high casting score to beat his dispel roll, so you might as well play for keeps.