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19-09-2006, 15:10
How effective do you think it is to field a Lahmian Lord (BS6) to fire an Asp Bow at a Skaven Weapon team near its parent unit?

For reference (VC Army Book, pg. 49)

"The bearer can pick any target it can see (including a character/Champion in a unit, a war machine's crew, a chariot/monster rider, etc.), but if he uses this special ability he suffers a -1 to hit. Note that the normal -1 modifier for shooting at a single model does not apply (but other to hit modifiers do apply) and a character/Champion cannot benefit from the Look Out Sir! rule."

So based on the above:

On turn 1, this looks like a basic 1+ to hit modified by at least -3 (skirmisher; range; using the special targeting rule). So its a 4+ assuming that your character is not also moving forward. If you are closing the distance because you can't outshoot the three Skaven Engineers, then its a 5+ to hit the team. With the poison effect, that give you a little less than 1/3 chance to eliminate the team with the first shot. The calculations get better as you hit short range.

The odds per shot are not particularly good and the item is a bit expensive. On the other hand, weapons teams can cause an awful lot of damage and the weapon is likely to destroy at least one weapon team in the course of the battle (and may also finish off a wounded Engineer).

Assuming that you plan on taking the Lahmians to battle in any event, would you take the Asp Bow?

- Gukal

19-09-2006, 15:26
since the 7th edition is now out and you can target weapon teams evne if they are next to other units no I wouldn't

19-09-2006, 16:24
Well, that just means you wouldn't use the special targetting rule, and so it's a 3+. It might be valuable against Skaven, as SAD armies are often wizard-heavy as well, meaning getting off a bound attack spell or Gaze of Nagash might be difficult.

Also does it really constantly use the masculine third person referring to the weapon's bearer, when it can only be taken by female models? How silly :p

19-09-2006, 16:34
You can have male Lahmians. They're rare, but they exist.

Do Weapon Teams (cavalry base) count as a single model?

19-09-2006, 17:06
Someone told me that Skaven weapon teams (ratling guns specifically) had their rules for shooting against them in their Army book (one I don't own), and that those rules don't mention that they are shot at like characters, but instead are not allowed to be shot at unless they are the closest unit.

Is there any way someone can reference the legal passages from the appropriate BRB/Skaven army book so I can defend myself against weapon teams better? Thanks.

19-09-2006, 17:50
Skaven book page 27.

As long as they (ratling team) are within 3" of the unit they ave been bought with, they can use that units rank bonus to modify their own leadership. Enemies wishing to target a weapons team with missile fire or spells have the same limitations as when targetting single charactres on foot, as long as the weapon team is within 3" of a friendly unit of at least five models of similar size or larger.

Seeing as there are no longer limitations to shooting at lone characters i'd say they were fair game to missile troops!

19-09-2006, 18:22
The weapon team is also US2, in 7th Ed there arent -1 penalties to hit US2+ skirmishers.. so your only looking and range and movement penalties

- g0ddy

20-09-2006, 14:49
Thank you for the replies. My current battle-board is using 6th edition until Oct 1 to provide all participants a chance to read the new rulebook a few times. However, your insights into 7th edition were also welcome.

In any event, I decided to take the Asp Bow and found that it put a lot of pressure on where my opponant could place his weapons teams and engineers.

I'm accustomed to engineers standing arrogantly in or near a clanrat unit and blasting all they see with Warped Lightning. Not this time. They were skirting anything they could to keep out of her line of sight. By end of game, she claimed one weapon team and one engineer. She might have scored even more, but she also fought in two combats.

I consider this to be the ideal expected result under 6th edition rules. Normally, I'd be happen with neutralizing just a single weapons team. Under 7th edition, the pressure will be even greater on the weapon teams.

- Gukal