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Justicar Jacob
20-09-2006, 08:23
Ok, I am reading the whole Ultramarines series and one of the settings is an imperial city. Ghram Mcniell is a wonderful author (storm of iron, man) but sometimes he can get caught up in such fine detail that my simple mind has a hard time painting a nice full picture in my head.

My biggest confustion is the fact that Humanity is very diffrent in diffrent places, from architecture to laungauge, and goverment.

Can somone post some links to pics or pics of full imperial cities? Perhaps some pictures will give me the insight of the art and buildings that surrond an imperial city.

Thank you

20-09-2006, 08:33

Check the Dheneb Map. A piece of Roberto Cirillo work for an Imperial city.

Basically, think large, sprawling urban landscape of techno-gothicness. Like Judge Dredd's Megacities, except with churches scattered about, gargpyle infested buildings, etc.

20-09-2006, 09:09
And then there are the hive worlds with their hive cities - Necromunda rulebook should have a drawing of one somewhere.

Anyway, Imperium is reknown for its extra-ordinarily baroque architecture of massive proportions (especially administrative buildings are made big to be impress the ordinary folks), so that is what you could look forward to finding on many of the older cities.

20-09-2006, 09:29
Good question, the answer must be that it varies from planet to planet as they have different lives and technollogy.

Off hand I can think of:

Underground city full of mazes.
Underwater city full of mazes. :p
Ice city with hard stone and slabs of ice.
Hive worlds.
Agri planet with open cities in stone or marble.
Industrial complex cities (cities of death anyone?) full of walkways and factories.
City of huts (like a large village! :D )
Sandstone city in desert.
Temple city full of churches and cathedrals. (white marble of course.
City of wood and stone - sort of medival or pre-industrial london.

So anything really! What works for them on whatever crazy world they live in!