View Full Version : BSB for Warbands?

20-09-2006, 18:14
Hi, I am a newbie trying to build a 500 pts empire warbands force by November for a tournament.

I am unsure as to how to outfit my heroes. I understand from warband rules that you can have 0-2 heroes and that their final combined costs cannot exceed 150 points.

So my question is, is making 1 captain a BSB worth it? It would mean he would be 75 points and eats up half my points for characters before any equipment at all is put on him. I would think protecting him with a suit of full plate would be a minimum requirement and that would bump the cost to 83 points meaning I can't deck out my force commander hero with lots of goodies.

Also would mounting my heroes on warhorses be good?

The rest of my army will be state infantry (largely dictated by the fact I have no cavalry models yet).

Thanks in advance for any help.

20-09-2006, 22:49
What rules are you using? I'm only familiar with Border Patrol for 500 points.