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21-09-2006, 00:11
Evening all

I've decided to start a new project log for my Penal legion army as the other one was depressing me slightly.

Anywho I've started to raise a penal legion force due to the fact that it lets me use all the cool models that GW have ever done - necromunda bits and pieces that'd look totally out of place in a guard army, mechanicus units who should have an army to themselves, and Adeptus Arbites.. Mmmm the arbites.

Well I already have a few models in the pipeline that I'll be bringing you over the next few weeks (including some sisters of battle) but for now I'll post the newest additions to the force - my WIP Mechanicus unit.


Due to the army being a penal legion, I dont think that the arbites would give them anything better then a lasgun, so to me a bunch of servitors with heavy weapons makes sense. There's a few odd bits in the squad though..
- The censor bearers; I'm blagging these as basically things to bless the machines being used.
- The servo skull; I love the weird stuff in 40k - cherubs, two headed eagles, servoskulls. The other night I worked out how to make one on the cheap without loosing your fingers, and it seems fitting that this squad should have one!
Hopefully I'll be adding another heavy weapon to the squad, along with the forgeworld servitor and techpreist.

Some Background for those that like it

The penal legion hails from the world of Bar-el, part of the Cadia system. After the 13th Black Crusade Bar-el found itself with two things - surplus of equipment from the dead of Cadia, and surplus of convicts from the cowards who hid.

As such, the penal legion is fairly well equiped with cadian fatigues (AD: Convinent that aint it?), however weapons wise the majority is resricted to the Arbites. Also due to the crusade, the issusing of non-standard equipment to penal squads was revoked by the Lord High Marshall of Bar-el to avoid battlefield rebellion, and to aid this anti-rebellion units have been requested from the Imperial guard resulting in several Basalisk and armoured fist companies being loaned to the High Marshall by the Death Korps of Krieg (AD: Might change the regiments name...).

The Local forge world (AD: Whose name I can't remember) has also sent a large contingent of personel. Lead by Archmagos Veneratus Logis* Feyd Skaraman, the group aims to collect the unused specialist weapons as well as materials for its own use. In exchange, the Archmagos has brought dozens of servitor fire support squads, although whether there presences is to the benefit or hinderance of the 229th is debateable.

* - Thats his full title! Thats a well funky name and I will definately be declaring it at everyone who fights him, mwahaha!

21-09-2006, 00:14
Love the idea and fluff mate ,looking forward to more updates :)

21-09-2006, 00:52
Really cool background. I wish I was creative like this.

21-09-2006, 01:08
Not politically correct, but you HAVE to make human-bombs. Just use sachel charge rules or something...

21-09-2006, 01:21
Okay wasn't going to do this (was going to wait till I had a pic) but...

Deadley; Cheers! (Look, three different people posting! I think my old thread must have been cursed...)

no-use4a-name; Its nothing that great really. I like using official places/names in my armies so when looking for a penal world I came up with Bar-el... which happened to be near Cadia... and very near a Forgeworld. It just clicked itself together. The whole Krieg things a little loose though but meh cant win em all :P

Fearfrost; I should have mentioned this
I had a word with the manager at GW Preston and he's cool with it as long as I dont make any obvious political statement with it (e.g. using tallarns, for obvious reasons) which I'm more then happy with. This little squad is way down the line for now, and will have plenty of servo skulls with them (Maybe one with a speaker just incase a few change there minds...).

Currently listening to - Diana Ross and the Supremes (It was James Brown, but the track changed and thus my manly persona is totally ruined!)

21-09-2006, 01:29
Currently listening to - Diana Ross and the Supremes (It was James Brown, but the track changed and thus my manly persona is totally ruined!)

"STOP...In the name of love..."

Couldn't resist :D. Kind of ironic that you're listening to Diana Ross given her legal problems as of late. And, before that the Godfather himself...Who's next? Whitney and Bobbie?

21-09-2006, 01:41
No, Ben E King singing 'stand by me' :P

Okay reds done (well, enough for now) and the blacks at the same point so I'm on to skin and then the funky free hand mechanicus trim (in theory...) before an update.!

21-09-2006, 02:45
Hoi hoi

As promised, the progress so far (red, black, and the skin base - sorry for the blurryness only just noticed).


Here's a shot of the pair with robes - easily my favorite servitor models ever.


Okay its not too clear, but thats because the robes are done in such a fashion as to make my task niegh on impossible! Cursed models!
It looks much better on the back - but I'll shot you all that when theres more progress.
Likely in a few hours because I'm pulling an all nighter.

Currently listening to - Barry White (Best thing for painting detail. Although I'm fed up now so I'm going to watch a film.. er.. dunno what yet..)

21-09-2006, 07:39
Morning all (yes, painted all night - resulting in being totally cack at typing so you'll have to forgive my stupidity)


I'm happy with the skin. Its not perfect, and I'd like it paler, but I cant wait for that. It'll be easier to make those changes when the entire squad is assembled (Magos and all).


Here is the first finished model (for some reason hes slanty.. er... yeh im too tired to work out why just now). He looks good doesnt he? Actually the heavy bolter needs tidying along with the chain and the tube, so he isnt actually finished, but he'll do till the others catch up with him. I admit to being a little more proud of this model then I should be, but meh I dont care I've been up all night.

I'm also announcing *drum roll* NAME A MINION!

Basically, these are going to be used in a game of Inquisitor on Tuesday* and they all need names pretty sharpish. Now the guy in black robes with the white trim is mine to name, but the rest are there for grabs so fire away!

Ohh, and you'll get bonus points for Roman numerals after the name (saves me doing it). Theres six guys in total...

* - We had our first game the other week and two kids turn up with a marine each. We're letting them bring them again, except this time a servo skull is going to float around suspiciously until the GM (Oh wait, thats me) decides that the Servants of the Omnissah need to intervene!

Currently listening to - James, Getting Away With It All.. Live (I'm a Manchester lad - plus me and the sis love this stuff)

Thought I'd edit rather then spam. I'm off for a few days. I'm exhausted and need to see the family to recharge my batteries so to speak. See you all tuesday.

21-09-2006, 17:50
Did you happen to get the name from Barlannark prison (in Glasgow) (often refered to as Bar-L) by any chance?

And more on topic, I love that red, keep us posted.

What part do the sisters of battle play in the army? Background-wise that is.


24-09-2006, 23:52
I'm back from manchester once more - sadly too hectic to paint anything but thought I'd drop a quick note to answer BozzyB

Basically, the sisters are part of a Missionary post on the penal world. Whilst the Eccleshiary (sp?) could easily send only the missionaries and preechers, but seeing as though the congregation would be fairly large per priest (I imagine them doing it by the millions..) if theres a riot then the priest is going to be screwed. Thats not even mentioning battlefield situations where the Arbites would end up fighting the enemy and the penal legionnaires.

The Sisters job comes in three parts - to redeem the prisoners through faith, to protect the priests, and to heal the sick. To do this I have a cannoness model (I see her rousing the troops with speeches), three heavy flammers (to drive back the sinners) and a sister hospitaller (to, of course, tend the sick). This is a basic battlefield group, but I see them as part of a large mission on Bar-el - again, a group necessary on a penal world after the black crusade.

I also like the idea that the Krieg bring death, the mechanicus bring living death, and the sisters bring life - its left to the penal legionnaire to decide which way to go...

27-09-2006, 03:22
Gah I've slipped to page three - although 10 postings with 400 looks is quite good going I reckon.

Anyway life is.... manic at the moment. So much so in fact that when I sat down to paint today I did it whilst watching doctor who (one of my flat mate believes that its revolutionary TV and all that tripe - yeh I like it, but really, its not that great) and letting the iron warm (using it to make society tshirts) knowing that freshers fair is scant hours away - which I have to be up for two hours early because my treasurer is far FAR too keen.

GAH! I'm having a bad few days - but bare with me!


Heres the test model for the sisters - what do you reckon? Its rough I know but thats because I was in such a rush just to have something credible done. Tthe overall color effect should be quite bright and stark in theory. I'm not sure whether to do the details in white or a darker color, although I've just realised that she looks like that chick off Neighbours who became a nun.

I'm sorry I'm stressed and tired.

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27-09-2006, 04:01
is that a SoB apothecary?

at any rate, good job. if youre rushing just for getting stuff done for the site, slow down! were not going anywhere

29-09-2006, 13:22
is that a SoB apothecary?

Kinda - its the sister hospitaler from the witch hunters box set.

Okay started work on one of the flammer sisters so I could get a feel for how the squad would look when its done and.. hmmm mixed feelings. Again its a WIP so let me know what you think.


I'm not sure about the red on the flammer but if I stick with red it'll tie the army together and it'll bring some much needed color to those ladies. Meh I dunno.
I added the white streaks to her hair because it seemed like a lot of the eavy metal sisters of battle had it, and it does help to break things up a bit.
The other three are inked and ready to be painted although I'm going to do them one at a time. The first time I did an SoB I completely cacked it up by rushing it but a good 6 years later I'm more experienced. I know what I'm doing.
I know the white looks uneven but I hopefully plan to clean that up.

Okay and finally we have a WIP of a missionary


I absolutely love that model although I think I've lost the chainsword during my paint stripping (one of my fave parts of the model). Oh well these things happen so I might conver a censor for him to carry to make him look a bit more priesty.

Had more to say but now I have to run, leave some comments people!

29-09-2006, 14:47
looking good mate, love the army and the theme, i'll keep my eye on this one.



29-09-2006, 15:20
the painting seems ok so far, but are these two sister finished, or will there be some highlights or other colours involved? I would add some metalic tone or some other strong colour like red to the armour to give it more life

29-09-2006, 19:59
No no no Damokles as I've said in the posts there very work in progress but thats the kinda feel there going to have. I want other colors to set them off, but not at the cost of using those colors majorly (like the red on the flammer is a bit too bright atm).

Picked up some repentia and another cannoness to add to the squad today.. not sure how its gona work yet but you know bear with me.

There shall be an update tonight!

29-09-2006, 23:09
So are the servitors, like, the heavy weapons or are they troops or what? It's very confusing.

30-09-2006, 00:07
Ah I'm sorry.

Basically if you want to understand this in terms of a codex or army list you'll find it extremely difficult because I'm basically using all the units I like in a force that roughly works.

The servitors, if anything, would be a heavy weapons squad from the IG list. After all, would you trust a convict with a lascannon....

30-09-2006, 09:50
I really like the bone-coloured Sisters. I think the red is perfect and ties them in with the Mechanicus. You have to keep in mind, that with such an assortment of models, a good coherent palette is the only thing that is really going to tie the army together.

I really like what you have going so far, and look forward to more.


30-09-2006, 16:30
Okay lets try this one again then (I'm ill and the computer decides not to be helpful. ARGH).



The Cannoness will have power sword and bolt pistol, and I'm adding a servo skull to the squad to carry her book or parchment or something - I've decided that all non penal squads should have servo skulls (the Judges way of keeping an eye on people).
I want to do her in a different color scheme though. I was thinking of simply invertng the scheme but I dunno what do you lot think? Suggestions or even better examples are most welcome.

The repentia will have standards and censors - I'm thinking that perhaps the women of the penal world get more attention from the sisters who might induct the particularly faithful into there ranks for tasks that the sisters would normally do if there were more of them (carrying holy relics, censor bearing, that kinda thing). The chains on them would support this thoery.... Any thoughts on this?

OLD STUFF THATS COME ON SOME MORE (Okay, I did the back pack and wanted to show the girl off)


I like the idea that if the sinner wont go to church, the church would go to the sinner and thats the way SoB's have always seemed to me. After all, why would a cannoness carry a holy relic that most of her sisters and herself have seen every day? Anyway I like this one as its a miniature shrine to a saint and if I do the hood right I can make it look like hair (thus making her martyr or a living saint or something I dunno I'm ill!)

01-10-2006, 03:45
Okay so no painting update today because I feel like hell but I started converting a repentia and came out with this...


There will be strapps to hole the fuel bottles on, and the model itself does need tidying up as does the flammer (removing the winged skull and attempting to add a fluer de lys sounds like a good plan). I was also tempted to add a top knot to the nossle end to look like the flames but meh I'm not too sure. Its missing something - perhaps a strap to hold the flammer on?

I know the squad doesnt exactly need another flammer sister (In fact, that brings the total number of flammers to 5..) but its a cool theme and the model suited it.


I also started converting my other missionary. Dunno why cause I love the figure as it was but meh these things happen. Switched the plasma gun for a catachan lasgun (looks less techy) and removed the whole icon thingie (I removed that awhile back) . Also added one of the catachan commlinks to his back in place of his back pack. Again, dont know why because his actual back pack looks nice but again, meh. I imagine it powering the power claw so I'm now pondering whether to try opening that hand.

Actually, just noticed the inquisitorial symbol on his chest which I added awhile back when he was going to be my inquisitor. Ah well. Seems like a good roll for the fella... Keep an eye out for him, the inquisition isnt through with this guy....

Again, thoughts and opinions welcome.

01-10-2006, 06:48
Maybe you should shorten the Flamer up. but they look good.

01-10-2006, 13:30
Yeh your right. Just compared it too a heavy flammer and its actually longer!

I'll give it a bash and paint some more up things up tonight to show off (1000 views :D)

01-10-2006, 23:36
Damn those are good.

You paint so fast to such a high standard. I'm going to have to get my **** into gear. Now that I'm effectively not at University for a year I should have more time to paint, and hopefully play.

02-10-2006, 00:15
I'd wondered where you'd got to MrAnderson! Worried you were claimed by the void for awhile.

Thanks for the compliment, although there not good. I know I can do better but if I try I'll probably end up a broken man. Plus I've got far too much to organise with the film production society.. and the course..

I'm just hoping I get this job at GW so I can improve my painting a little more (it needs another push I reckon)

Sorry for the edit but I've been having a ponder today about how this little lot gets around. how does an immolator sound for the sisters and some kind of rhino for the servitors? Dunno still toying but I'd like people to chuck some ideas (however crazy) at me.

03-10-2006, 01:37
Mark's new theory - Redemption is more effective with more flammers!


(Please note this will have the immolator turret usually its just not built yet and I want to show her off - I've decided to call her Betty)

Also, GW Preston out of Servitors for the third week running! How dare they - then again I did kinda clean em out last time so... swings and round abouts I reckon. Ah well here's hoping another two come in soon or forgeworld is going to be getting a call mark my words!

Anyway I've got no uni tomorrow; well a meeting at 6pm to get drunk (all hail the film production society!) so hopefully there should be more progress within the next 24 hours.

I'll be honest and admit that its starting to get at me now. The sisters are, to be frank, a swine to paint. The niggling little bits just seem to soak up time and its doing my head in - encouragement would be greatly appreciated

03-10-2006, 02:12
ah, but it's time well spent. The armour looks better than most white armour I've seen. :)

Don't let it get to you!

03-10-2006, 05:37
Ta panhead although I did cheat - its over a white undercoat. Flesh wash, black ink, white. Would have made all the other parts quicker if I started with black but it just would have taken too much work.

Anyway, an update on the sisters...


Okay there looking good. Just the cannoness and the repentia to do but there in a different style to these so there gona be last.

Now for something completely different!


Okay so opening the claw didnt work... I needed to replace the hand and the only thing I could think of that would fit was the gloved hand from a chaos marine. It let me keep all the nice cabling too. However the sword had a more chaosy look to it then I thought it would so I whacked it off. The weapon look too small so I added the other end of the space marine scope (I used the other end on the lasgun to turn it into a make shift helgun).

And the MIU Boltpistol... well he is an inquisitor, and he didnt have enough funky kit on him for my liking, so MIU boltpistol it was!

Whats his part in the fluff of this force? Gah you dont want to know that. And niether do I at this time in the morning. Nighty night all.

05-10-2006, 22:30
Okay so I go away for a few days, get completely mashed (there's a girl wandering around Preston in a t-shirt which reads 'Fat Monkeys Chairman snogged this' due to my drunk antics... she did ask me to sign the shirt!)

Anyway, models ay, arent they nice? (I have a feeling that my army budget is going to become a shoe and going out budget..). Here's the progress on the interior of the immolator - and yes folks, I am giving it the full works because I wasnt contented with getting a pure white exterior oh no.


Sorry about the dodgy pics I'm far too tired to dig under my desk right now. Instead these will have to do. I put that little skull thingie on the inside to reinforce the walking chruch idea. Oh and I removed the bolter and replaced it with the inquisitorial symbol that comes with the SoB frame.

To help this I'm also taking on my biggest challenge yet.

Tthe other side is blank, so I plan to do a memorial to a saint or some such, based on the Sister of Battle in the bottom right corner (http://uk.games-workshop.com/download/popup.htm?/witchhunters/artwork/images/sisters-barge.jpg). It wont be exact because I'm fairly cack at freehand and I have a feeling I'll bottle it, but sod it. This week I'm feeling lucky, and those that do see it will really appreciate the extra work on the 'Saint Betty' (I considered changing the letters of Betty Davis around to give me a decent name - when I came up with Datty Beavis I totally gave up).

Anyway I'm going to get a cup of tea and set too it. Wish me luck folks!

Oh and for those interested
- The SoB are coming along
- The servitors just need basing
- The inquisitor looks mighty fine... no you dont get to see him yet :D

05-10-2006, 22:39
Very cool on all fronts...I love the scheme. And the conversions are great. I think i know why your going flamer crazy...Cause fire is gooooood;) (pyro...)


05-10-2006, 23:15
Ooh, another Penal Legionnaire :D

I shall be keeping my eye on this project because it's so different to my own planned Penal Legion - and very nice it looks too! Congrats.

I like the white armour on your SoBs a lot.

05-10-2006, 23:35
Scorpio - 7 heavy flammers so far, and I nearly picked up another retributor for a conversion when I went for the immolator. Good times :D

Gen. Steiner - The white looks nice although its a complete nightmare as you may have gathered from my ravings. The Immolator is being equally uncooperative with my work (*shakes fist angrily at interior*)

Okay, I've admited I cant draw for toffee. I'm instead going to cheat, pick the picture I really like and then print it on a transparency and cut it out. While thats doing I've going to add some latin and such to the blank wall to bring it out ready although I am going to have at least one crack at painting the transparency.

For those who do fancy giving it a crack, HERE (http://www.farlowstudios.com/femalefaces.html) is a good tutorial on how to do a female face. I hope someone does the sketch looks really nice so I'm either using that or one of the Bettie Page (not Davis) pictures I found. That way I can use a saucer one on the penal legion itself as a nice bit of juxtaposition

05-10-2006, 23:44
Ah, I feel your pain over the white armour. My Marines wear white armour, and my god! what a nightmare... :( It looks good though, so your struggles are worth it, and remember, your devotion to the God-Emperor will not go unnoticed... :D

06-10-2006, 00:41
Personally I want to get back to the servitors. All that black, red and steel - nice and easy, doesnt moan. I'm currently pondering how to shuttle the servants of the Omnissah around - Chimera or Rhino. See Chimeras more practical and would give some nice conversion opportunities (servo arms etc) but then again a rhino is the superior piece of hardware as befits an ArchMagos.

How the immolator stands at the moment

I'm not showing the insides off yet. I've got flash backs to the first new rhino I built (which I earily remembered today was in the exact same color scheme - white with black bits and blue markings... creepy).

You'll notice I added some red ink. I was going to stick to the all blue for the iconography but it looked too bland.

The side that you can see has been painted up in several layers of skull white so the fact that it looks like bleeched bone annoys me somewhat (especially being tired, grr) but ah well these things happen. I'll keep chipping away at it and see what happens.

Ii've also decided that the immolator is a much better kit then its marine counter parts. The immolator turret has three weapon options which if you dont glue in are totally interchangable and theres enough parts to make another turret so you can have either rhino or immolator as and when you choose without the necessity for blue tac....

Now if you'll excuse me, I do have a lecture tomorrow but some comission work to do first :P

06-10-2006, 00:55
I found a really good way to paint vehicles white is this:

1) Spray them white. Detail. Finish.


2) Spray black. Spray white from above, and down the sides at an angle. This should leave black shading in the recesses and an even coat of white everywhere else.

It's much, much, much easier than attempting to paint white by hand. How Paul Sawyer did his White Scars without going bonkers I don't know...

06-10-2006, 03:34
Oh I know I should have done it the first way BUT...

Having already done the sisters white with ink washes I was worried about an inconsistant color scheme - which would potentially ruin the astetic of the force as a whole if that makes sense..

Yep its a complete pain in the rear, but still I am only doing one tank in white, and it is a mobile church... plus doing it by hand gets you more intimate with the model (ooo er missus!). I now know where I'm going to add transfers, where the bolts are and any details I should pick up. Its a slow process but I'm enjoying it when its not bogging me down (as the interior did).

19-10-2006, 04:19
LOOK! I'm not dead!

I've been well busy and been trying to woo ladies so most (read all) of my GW kit has been packed away, until today when I ate a tub of ben and jerrys, watched conan, and declared to hell with women!

This led to the building of the newest members of my Mechanicus team.


See Ii now have a few duplicates and it annoyed me, so I thought the best way to make a change was making the fella a new limb - now I have a lascannon guy! Hussar for bravery!

Its a fairly basic conversion - lop the right arm off with a pair of clippers (surprisingly painless cut - it doesnt remove any other detail) then whack on a bit of rounded sprue to push the gun away from the arm. Glue the gun in place, then work out how to power it.


You cant really see it there, but its the power pack from the sentinel multilaser. I was originally intending to use the power pack of the predator but I thought it might attract a bit too much attention. I also tried the one from the lasgun but that was too wide and looked too cumbersome. After that it depends what you want from him. I added a targetter and some more sprue bits to add to the mechanicus feel although theres plenty of room for purity seals and such.

Anyway that brings the total number of heavy bolters in the squad upto three (enough to field them as an imperial guard heavy weapons squad) OR with the lascannon a space marine devestator squad. If only the servitors werent 3 quid a piece I'd make an army of the buggers because there such a joy to paint.

I've also temporarily added the type writter guy from INQ. corteaz's squad to bulk them out to a ten man team (and so I can put the servo skull to one side...).

Anyway I have a lecture in... 6 hours.. yeh something like that. Plus I have comission work to get on with before he starts shouting at me (the guy really does have the patience of a saint).

Currently listening too - Jamiroquai (listened to a lot of Jamiroquai recently. Dunno why. Maybe its the women. Anywho here's hoping I get lucky and win tickets to see him in Camden)

19-10-2006, 04:38
Scorpio - 7 heavy flammers so far, and I nearly picked up another retributor for a conversion when I went for the immolator. Good times :D

I totally agree there. Everything thing is looking sweet! Cant wait to see more on the immolator...


19-10-2006, 10:57
very nice :o)

a great choice of models to represent this.

19-10-2006, 22:57
The Immolator is coming along quite nicely although the white still looks off so needs work and I havent even begun to look at the cockpit.

Aside from that I've begun building a demolisher... randomly. Turned a leman russ around, changed the battle cannon to the mortar from the empire cannon box set. I've also added the heavy bolter from the predator box set and a tank commander although if the cannon fires he's not going to have any hearing... like ever.

Apart from that I want to get cracking on the inquisitor beacuse he looks damn cool. I've also started on the first arbite which I might be able to show you later tonight depending on whether I get this comission piece done.

25-10-2006, 22:39

I'm back And with some good pictures!

First off, the inquisitor:
Okay so I've not done that much too him yet but hes looking good and I wanted to show him off to people.
Whats that? Its not good enough? Alright then fine take this!

Pow! :D I'm sorry I'm far too much in a good mood.
All whats done there was done in around half an hour; due in part to me needing something decent for my GW interview and realising that the only thing I had was the warlock from two years ago. He's looking good although I've started on the heavy weapons trooper just to give a better perspective on how the unit will look although I'm really happy with the trenchcoat.

Oh and finally,
Thats tonights work. Really wanted to hammer something out tonight and shes the 'volunteer'. She brings a lot more color to the group I have to say, especially since the others are so dark, and Im happy that the base is excentuating that.

Right just previewed the post and realised that the pictures arent that great. I'm feeling a bit rotten though so I aint redoing them now but have a look, let me know what you think.
Oh and next up is the detective squad... in theory. Possibly the arbites depending on the feedback.

27-10-2006, 03:21
Hey Asmodai,

Just dropped in on your thread here. Nice background and army theory, but where are the actual Penal legionnaires?

Nice work though.

27-10-2006, 12:18
Woo a poster!

There in planning. I have a rough idea of how I want to make them - cadians with the shoulder pad shaved off and with bald heads (so I can put a bar code on them) - however it needs to be useable at the GW and that presents a problem.

Theres no bald head that comes individually that I could use. I've just thought of finding a few heads and then casting them up, but I dont want rely on that for the moment. I know theres the hasslefree ones and I definately would under normal circumstances BUT I might soon be working at GW and they wouldnt be too happy with me using other peoples stuff in store.

I might do a squad using the hasslefree just so I can show what they look like but I'm not sure yet. I also want a few abhumans, inspired by Colonel Jacka (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53698) which will likely be a squad of beastmen as I have an abundance of the beggers.

I had thought of using necromundan van saars and making them the spiders, which would again explain the arbites and to a certain degree the mechanicus and the eccleshiary, but seeing as though that would cost me a bomb and the average cost of a squad so far is easily 30 quid, I want to try and curb the budget now rather then later...

27-10-2006, 20:58
Lookin good. Sorry i havent been posting here lately just been busy.


27-10-2006, 22:44
Have you considered using Catachans? The conversion would be easier, and would only require minor adjustment to the back ground.

27-10-2006, 23:38
I have, and it would be cheaper granted, but I dont want the legionnaires to seem stronger then the people watching them. Arbites are about the same size as a marine, so next to a cadian they really do look menacing.
Plus the cadians in the stripped down gear will look fairly feeble - good for holding a lasgun and breaking through using weight of numbers but little else.

Dont worry its not going to be all uniformed. I do want to have the odd dramatis personae in there to shake things up. Like the two delaques with shotguns (they remind me of the twins in the matrix reloaded), a mob of flagellents (like the prisonners in Alien3, although converted by the sisters), a few eschers (possibly even Mad Donna) as well as the odd goliath (theres always a hard man). One of these guys in every ten, or even twenty, will really break up the color scheme and make the whole thing look very unique.#

EDIT: OH and expect another update in an hour or two, just about to get some more bits done now...

bobert the great clen one
28-10-2006, 00:05
show me the piccies!!!!

28-10-2006, 01:29

Building my arbites squad up, thinking of adding a backpack - maybe a commlink to one of the shot gun guys or maybe the old metal storm trooper backpack to the plasma gunner. Thoughts and opinions? QUICK I'M BUILDING THE BUGGERS NOW!

28-10-2006, 03:00
Add the backpack. It will look cool.


28-10-2006, 03:51

Theres the backpack on, what do you lot reckon? I've got mixed feelings at the moment, mainly because I dont want them to look like a battlefield unit - you know with all the gear and stuff on. There arbites, all there gear should be in the riot van rather then on there backs but meh. I kinda like the way that thingie sticks out. Looks like it could be a camera watching the arbites in action.


And heres a few models I've been working on or I'm going to be touching up. The sniper and the psyker were on my other thread, but the other three are new things and I have to say that the inquisitor is looking better each day.

Thoughts, opinions, and demands welcome

28-10-2006, 12:18
Arbites looks good.

Guts effort to make your own Inq. He is really unique. Can't help thinking he looks under equipped though?

I dunno about demands... How about I demand sane women! Maybe just one? Oh well, seems even old fashioned unreasonable demands are still unreasonable in modern times.

If I demand that you finish at least one model this week might that carry some weight?

28-10-2006, 15:12
Well the week ends tonight.. or tomorrow depending on your thinking. But aye I should have one for tonight even if its only an arbite but it'll likely be Mr Inquisitor, although demands on which model are welcome.

Perhaps he's under equiped but the way I see it, he's likely got a ship in orbit with all his gear as well as a few bits in his Arvus lighter. Now at the moment he's carring his heligun (for dispatching light armoured legionnaires), and his power sword and bolt pistol if he needs to scrap with authorities. Don't worry he will have a bodyguard or two - that little group was just an example.

Right its 3pm, I've just got up, and I've got a ton of stuff to do (about time I actually started to earn my degree).

Updates by... 7pm at the latest

28-10-2006, 18:46
Had planned to do some painting but these guys have eaten up the past three hours some how, and I've still got to do the green stuffing but I promised and update so an update you will get!


I tell you what, these things are such a nightmare to build. Theres four different types of arbite, of which only half hold shotguns whilst the other half hold boltguns and special weapons.


Heres the modified ones. I'm not thrilled by them, but they look alright I suppose and its not like I can go back now. I'll see how they are when there painted up, but thats all the special weapons and such I'll ever need for my arbites.


And thats the color scheme. What do you all think? Doesnt look to shody does it? Need to highlight the black of course and paint the shoulder pad white but I'm happy for now.

Anyway, I need to go finish something. Comments and all that appreciated as ever

28-10-2006, 19:53
Looks cool. Red and black has always looked in my mind and it looks cool here.


28-10-2006, 23:53
I meant next week, not today. Gives you enough time for some uni work maybe?

28-10-2006, 23:59
I like the scheme, but the helmet lacks something. If those eye slits are lenses, it'd be best to paint them. If not, ignore the comment. :p Great so far, keep it up. :)

29-10-2006, 00:35
ARCANE BLADE - Yep will be, dont worry there only work in progress, theyre going to be much brighter then that, I'm just trying to remember the traditional arbite color scheme.

ERESTOR - Gah! Now you tell me! Oh well, heres something anyways..


Not entirely finished - theres the skills and the leather to do but meh they can wait awhile yet, he's good enough as is and its about time I actually got a squad done...

Here's a shot of Inquisior Lord Lani Steerpike with his apprentice Arkhan Kar


I had an idea as well so here it goes...
Some background for those that like it (part 2.)

The antechamber of the Divinity was dimly lit as the blowing sphere of Bar-el passed in front of the window. Inquisitor Lord Lani, sat at his desk, looked out observing the penal world below. The request from the High Marshall had been an alarming one. That a Marshall of a Penal world would request aid at all was damning enough, but to directly make a request for inquisitorial investigation was tantamount to suicide. Even then he decide it was best to go personally rather then send..
The door chimed.
The doors open slowly and his Apprentice Arkhan shuffled in. He was a good lad and had served well these past few years, and he was pleased that the boy had developed into an investigator in his own right. He wasnt a yes man like the last one, but he was faithful.
'I brought the book you requested. The High Marshall has also been in contact to acknowledge our presence, and I have taken the liberty of having a craft prepared Master'
'We aren't going down yet. Let him sweat for a solar day first. Besides I have some reading to do'
Arkhan bowed, leaving the book to one side and slowly left the room. He worried for the old inquisitor. His years were showing and his temperment was becoming increasingly eratic of late. The other 'Companions' as his Master liked to call them failed to notice. Then again to openly say such things invited exectution, and only Arkhan had this kind of contact with the old Inquisitor.

29-10-2006, 00:39
Love the background there asmodia. Very cool.


29-10-2006, 15:17
Just a quickie

The Arbites are in the other room ready to be sprayed so thats this weeks job - really cant wait to get started on these fellas, but after I went last night I decided to put Arkhan to one side and do this lady...


I've decided that she's going to be one of Lani's bodyguards, and have the penal world all male (come on, if theres a mix chances are some will be at it like rabbits, and that means kiddies in the penal system!).

She not done yet though. Her hairs going to be (i think) blonde or light brown to add a bit more color to the retrinue.

And to think, I wasnt going to have an inquisitor in this at all!

30-10-2006, 00:02
Excellent themed army you have there Asmodai. Really nice wide use of the citidel range rather than just using Cadians and I especially like the inclusion of the Arbites models and that Inquisitor is brilliant. Very cool! :)

30-10-2006, 06:45
Good to see my unreasonable demands got results! Ha! just like being at work.

30-10-2006, 14:32
More then you know - I have around 24 old style bretonnian models to paint up as comission work along with a ton of other stuff Ive been neglecting for some reason....

Just thought I'd stop by to mention something thats got me pretty excited.
Muskrat, who I dont think has posted here but has lurked a fair bit, has offered to send me some necromunda models for my penal legion. As you can imagine I'm chuffed to bits and I'd like to say a big thank you to him.

I'vce got a few bits to show off today although nothing painted (boo hiss I know I know Ill be back at it soon, I've got the building bug).


I reasoned that the ship needed a chef. Actually I just wanted a way of getting one of the old Mordhiem witch hunters in and he was the easiest from what I had. He might become a penal legionnaire yet which is why I've resisted the urge to paint him.


Dont even know how this happened. I've been wanting to use that banner since I got it, and have no particular love of the repentia as they are. Bit of chopping later and I had this with is perhaps one of my favorite conversions in my army - that leaves me with one sister short of ten but I'm thinking of adding a servo skull as I have every sisters of battle model I like.
Having said that I do have the Missionary, and I have ordered a Uriah Jacobs (the crazy bearded guy with banner and shotgun). I dunno what do you guys think?

I'll post a group shot later to help.

30-10-2006, 18:24


I didnt know the female catachan grenade launcher went on general release! So I snapped her up good and quick intending to have her in my penal legion till I remember that I intended to have an all male penal legion.
Hmmmm meh Ill have male and female platoons.

Oh and the Tau Ethereal.. well he's going to be the Lord High Marshall of Bar-el, who is currently nameless. I need two things however - one scout shotgun (although I'm not sure which because I cant look at the bloody sprues - but if anyone wants to donate or trade I'm open as I dont really fancy buying a whole box set of scouts) and a suitable hammer (all judges should have a hammer).

He also needs a good head. I wont mind splashing out a bit for a decent head for this fella - possibly an arbite head. Ideally something the incorperates his ponytail. EDIT - looking now I reckon I could model that head into a human head if someone helped me with it. He'd be well ***** though.

He's a good head taller then everything else which I intially thought would look odd but I'm actually really liking it - he looks down on all others as befits his station.

Anyways I'm off for a firefly session, but advice is needed!

Colonel Jacka
30-10-2006, 19:46

I really like the feel you are getting with this army. Look forward to seeing the force as a whole mate.

30-10-2006, 19:51
Why would one enter the battlefield holding a fish? Seems pretty disturbing t me o_0

But great work anyway. I've been watching this thread for a while and it's been quite promising^^

30-10-2006, 22:50
Hey gae'mot, ever read aterix? You know how the silver smith and the fish market man always fight? That's why.

30-10-2006, 23:00
I very much like the Repentia banner bearer. Repentia are good for one thing. And thats conversions!


31-10-2006, 00:41
Dear reader

AD is slightly drunk right now.

Just thought id get that out of the way to0 start off with.

JACKA - Ill show everything as it stands on thursday or wednesday. Likely when Im next sober. There looking very cool...

GAE'MOT - cause you know.. he wants his tea!

AventineCrusader - Yeh there nice models to play with, and they kind of ask for it too.

Thanks for everyone for the commments - Beleive it or not my other thread had less posts and better quality stuff stuff so I'm pretty chuffed that people are looking and encouraging (and it seems being honest because thats what I want).

Seriously cant wait to start on the judge although I'm also trying to pull tomorrow so all models have been hidden from the room...

I did do some more work on the judge before. Added a chaos shield to his back to hide the other end of the spear and it looks damn good I must say. Well damn sneeky at least. Still neededing me a shotgun for the other hand or else hes getting a pointy powerfist and I really dont want that - Hes an Arbite at the end of the day, and theres only one gun an arbite should have!

31-10-2006, 10:47
Getting drunk on duty is a fine way to end up in a Penal Legion Guardsmen Dark.. *applies pain glove* Straighten yourself up man, you look like an Ork.

Now that the Commisar duties are out of the way,

This thread is more interesting. I have an army in planning, moreso than in being, almost as odd as this one. Perhaps a blog is needed?

I have had the female Catachan for about 5 years, she was on general sale then, don't think she was ever removed. Lovely model. Ugly though, wouldn't pick her up at a bar... Gorn, corse I would.

I like the theory for the judge. I think a full head swap is needed, you can recycle a pony tail but I don't think it's needed. Uriah jacobs has a baddass old school looking shotgun which would work. A thought. Scout ones look too big I think.

31-10-2006, 13:34
Size isnt that important as if you look in the picture hes already a head taller then most things - even the Arbites and Inquisitor Lani look puny next to him (possibly corruption...) and besides I like that style of shotgun. The old school one should be restricted to either people with low income (priests, gangers) or as special weapons with some relevance (as is Uriah Jacobs' case).

What army you planning?

Its finding the right head though thats the problem. I've pondered using the cadian sergeant head but meh I'm not won over yet which is why I want suggestions. Ideally something cheap as I have roughly twenty quid a week to last me till Janurary... and Ive bought no christmas presents.
And I promised the sis an Ipod... Hmmm this is going to require blagging and much painting of the comission work!

But first *dodges pain glove* I must look dashing for my gentleman vampire costume!

31-10-2006, 13:49
Great to see more Arbites. I am now even more longing to start work on my Arbites precinct using the NEC Enforcers.

But no - I must be strong. Finish the other three armies first, then buy more models...

Keep up the good work!


31-10-2006, 16:01
A precient? now thats something I'm trying to avoid, mainly because I know that the average enforcer costs around about 4 quid, so a precient is going into the 300 to 400 pound range depending on what rules you choose. Thats what Ive been telling myself to put me off even trying it - plus having had the models now I've realised how troublesome the hands are (theres two arbites holding shotguns, and two holding boltguns, although GW doesnt tell you which). Plus each squad needs a surpressor to get around in - thats another 40 quid per squad....
I'm trying not to think about how much I've spent on this megre force so far because I'm still feeling the effects of last night and I dont want to throw up just yet.

Well I'm off to do some more work on the judge - more head advice needed!

Colonel Jacka
31-10-2006, 19:40
JACKA - Ill show everything as it stands on thursday or wednesday. Likely when Im next sober. There looking very cool...!


Look forward to it. It will be good to see the total army concept. Some of the Penal Troopers would be good.

01-11-2006, 05:38
Head advice, use the Cadian, trim the silly comm unit and sculpt a beard, check Col Gravis Praetorian thread for how this could look.

Other options include blagging one from the empire "hairy head sprue" if you know anyone who plays Empire, or Catachans which are not nice. It's just an issue of taste vs availibility really.

My army is the private army of the Rogue Trader pictured below. His head is from the Empire knights box. Very WIP.

02-11-2006, 04:57
Ahh Erestor you've beat me to it - I theorised that by the time this army is properly finished and/or I get fed up that codex Xenos hunter would be out and I could build an army with lots of aliens and such, likely with a few of this motly bunch in...


Formidable no? I currently pondering where I can put them on a regular basis so I dont have to keep unpacking them again and again.


Lani's and the first few Companions. I think I'm definately going to be changing that sword but I also want to add a few more to the squad including an ogryn servitor so we'll see about that before him.


My detective squad, complete with tracker dog, sniper, and captured criminal. The servo skull lets him record his actions. I new I wanted this guy to be a detective from the moment I got my mits on him.


I've just realised why they dont look right together. They need there tank. Sadly its in bits waiting my ministrations so.

Anyway got to do another post to show the final picture...

02-11-2006, 05:11

And there we have Lord High Marshall Bracca.

It was after I ripped his left arm off that I found the perfect shotgun... GAH!

Ah well. I think he looks pretty darn cool with his pain glove although it looks disproportionate in the picture it is correct enough in person.

I'm not set in stone when it comes to the head so feel free to advise either way on it although the head piece (its actually on the collar rather then him) has to stay. The purity seals on the chest are a bit of a cop out on my part but meh these things happen. From the back he looks like an imperial model I have to say - only the collar and the overlapping plate thing down the middle give away his origins (I can fix the hand) give away the real origins which I thinks fantastic but I'll be correcting those faults so dont worry.

Oh and the feet, but there going to be boots and you wont notice unless you looked carefully. Also thinking of adding a servo skull to him and adding a wounded legionnaire to his base... cant put him on a rock though, hes too big already.

I'm currently pondering whether to enter GW Prestons tournie with these guys, after all they could probably give a few people a good kicking although its not really designed to fight anyone properly. A nasty bite sure but kill? The arbites havent got the punch to last that long, the two inquisitor retrinues are too small, the sisters cant take on anything with the slightest amount of armour and whilst the admec make up for these short comings they are the only people able to dish out serious firepower....

Seeing as though I'm really REALLY low on funds, its probably not a good time to think about rolling in the krieg stuff... legionnaires first, killie later.

Anyway I'm off. I've been heavily drinking at the start of the week and I need a rest before Fridays binge.

Currently watching - Farscape (just finished watching the entire series through for the six time, just need to watch peacekeeper wars tomorrow...)

02-11-2006, 07:57
Nice work. I was going to suggest that head, I saw it used on a guard conversion in WD. He looks suitably judge like to leave.

Ahh the joys of youth, trying to decide whether to spend money on beer or toys? Tough choice.

11-12-2006, 02:10
Arise from the dead, with new stuff!


Only a quickie as I'm in the middle of building my eldar, and I've got to paint an exarch, but I thought I'd show off the latest addition to the Sisters. I'm considering making this one the cannoness so that the other two can be like minions and such, although I might just have her as an inquisitor (SOB Ambassador, I dunno yet i just thought she was funky).

I'd also like to give a shout out to Muskrat who is perhaps the funkiest member of this forum - I'll give a summary of the gubbinz he sent sometime soon but its enough van saars to have me tempted into getting a full force of the fellas (well, a platoon at least).

Anyway, back to the xenos...

11-12-2006, 02:56
like how you converted the etheral model kudos to you. w/ the inquis model are those bones going to be smoking?

11-12-2006, 02:59
Aye I think so, it depends. I wanted her to bring a bit more color to the squad of sisters but if theres fire....

Oh well, thats another flammer to the squad as well....

11-12-2006, 09:06
Eeek, a zombie. Mind the brains...

(Just to extend on the back from the dead humour.)

Nice basing on the Inquisitor.

15-12-2006, 15:58
Okay further back from the deadage (even though I feel like hell - my computer died and deleted every bit of my degree work. 1/6 of my total degree... OUCH) so I wanted a break from work and did some painting, but its lead to a slight problem...


See she looks really good, and I have those sisters there taking ages so I'm considering redoing them in the same way (solid black spray, then lightly done with white spray). The white isnt as solid as it looks there, but I will be tidying it up.


And here's the first bit of work on a penal legionnaire (one of muskrats pressies). Had to take the plasma pistol off though, but ill change it too a pistol after christmas when I order the bulk of the guard.

Some come on people, some advice on what to do with the sisters of battle would be much appreciated

15-12-2006, 19:53

Right, heres the Arch-bishop (I think) and the sisters cannoness/inquisitor


Not bad for an hours work-ish. Especially considering the fact that my heads spinning from all the computer work :(

So come on, what should I do with the sisters? I mean this inquisitors coming along nicely but the sisters are half done as is...

Oh well, I'm off for tea then ill decide what to do after I read all your lovely comments :D

Currently listening to - The Arcade Fire Live (there bloody good)

15-12-2006, 21:24
Spray the sisters black and lightly spray with skull white, as you said.


Oh, and nice work on the press-ganged legionnarie.


Crazy Ivan
15-12-2006, 21:32
I agree with Voronwe[MQ]. Just show us new pictures soon!

15-12-2006, 23:05
What advice do you need exactly? Paint them? Yes that's good advice.

I think the Inquisitor looks good. I quick highlight with skull white ont he armour will give her effective white armour fast, if that is the type of advice you are looking for.

15-12-2006, 23:09
Then I shall go whack them into brake fluid and pray the throne that it all comes out well.

Expect them sometime... sunday if all goes to plan.

Kasrkin 666
16-12-2006, 02:36
I pray with you too, brotha!:p Great looking army.


Colonel Jacka
17-12-2006, 05:12

A good figure I really like the base. Not really keen on the traveklling rock theme, but with her stance it works.

18-12-2006, 00:17
Aye jacka I dont usually do it, but I wanted the priestly part of the army to be stand off-ish anyway after all there the support, not the army itself which is why I've gone to town a bit with the sisters of battle (see below).

As it turned out Kasrkin there was no need to pray. It took only an hour in dettol (just enough to cover em mind) and then half an hour in warm brake fluid to do the job (then again, they did only have one coat of white spray so I'm not that surprised). and they've come out fine, although I had to rebuild the base of one which lead to me going conversion crazy!



And after one perfect coat of black, and a careful coat of white...


I love the effect it gives!
It cuts down the work so much. I could paint the pipes and have done with them really. But I wont. I'll be doing the black robes tonight because its a fairly easy job, and then.. I dunno. Suggestions?

Once these sisters are done, I'll finish the squad and tidy up the ad mec section before varnishing the lot ready for storage. Yup there off to bed till I get the legion into gear - come new year I'm planning on ordering 60 cadians for converting into the legion (easy job - remove bayonets, remove shoulder pads, add green stuff penal legion badge, then find decent heads).

Then its a case of finishing the arbites and I should be done (well, when I say done, what I mean is battle ready. I'm adding a van saar platoon, a krieg platoon for armoured support and more arbites. Possibly more sisters though depending on how these go).

18-12-2006, 00:28
I love the effect of the white spray on the sisters :) ,I might have to have ago myself :D Any chance of a quick guide

18-12-2006, 01:13

Aye fairly simple really. Spray them black, making sure that it fits every nook and cranny on the model (although dont do it all at once and it wrecks the model. Do it in stages - shouldnt take too long).

The depending on the model, stick it onto a paint tub (for the inquisitor I just did it as is because of the rocks on the base and the angle I was spraying, but a paint pot does the job better).

Then with short bursts, do downwards motions of white spray (in bursts) on the model. Keep it nice and light and slowly turn the model so it gets nice and even.

I can see people getting it wrong, so do it on a test figure first. Plus I dont think it'll work on everything. It seems to suit the sisters really well due to there armour, but on something like eldar where theres some fairly smooth joins with the armour...

Hope that helps deadley. Let me know how you get on (hope its clear enough).

Oh and I've done the black on two sisters. Mmmmmmm they look good. Really trying to do as little as possible to them.

18-12-2006, 01:16
Cheers for that :) looking forward to some more pictures

18-12-2006, 03:13
No problem deadley

Okay, last update before I re-write my sound design course work (When part of a my degree died, my first instinct was to reach for my paintbrush... hmm maybe filmmaking isnt for me..)


Still needs some work like, and part of me wishes I'd done the relique in green but ah well the reds nice enough. The strips of raised armour are likely going to be gold, as is the shield of the penant on the heavy flammer. I originally had the heavy flammer in blood red (if anyone remembers the original scheme) but I think the blacks more practical and these are nuns - its all about the practical stuff.

Then again how practical it is to carry a corpse on your back for a battle is beyond me. Anywho, AD away!

18-12-2006, 20:35
Okay so I've done a bit more work and wanted to show it off. Keeping that armour untouched has proved impossible but I should be able to clean up the mistakes.


There gettng there slowly, although I'm stuck with what to do with the hair and eyes.

With the eyes, I'm tempted to leave them white as if they've been gripped by religious fevor. It'll also make them pretty trippy to look at if I get it a crisp white (people will know theres something odd but wont instantly pick it out, in theory).

For the hair I'm thinking of doing it in the traditional black with white stripes at the front, but then again I'm tempted to do it normally (blondes, brunettes etc).

Favorite part so far has to be the gold bit on the shoulder pad. It looks very 2nd edition. Apart from that I've not done that much yet. The blacks thin enough that it doesnt need a highlight (cant really see it on the photos). I might do the shaded areas with a bit more black, but it'l be an after thought if anything.

So, thoughts and opinions as ever welcomed.

Oh and does anyone want a shot of everything? If so say now because I head back to manchester tomorrow so last chance

18-12-2006, 20:40
Oh and does anyone want a shot of everything? If so say now because I head back to manchester tomorrow so last chance

That would be sweet :)

18-12-2006, 20:50
The effect is better than I thought it should be! Your Adepta Sorotiras is looking better, too. Keep it up; this is getting interesting. :)


dark angel
18-12-2006, 20:53
they look really nice cool idea aswell

18-12-2006, 21:03
Ooooo 100th posting!

I'll have an army shot within the hour, just have to do some coursework (aka play battlefront).

BTW does anyone here have a normal xbox? Its just mines having trouble playing any game (it freezes occasionally) its fine with DVDs though... for the most part. Anyone tell me whats going wrong

dark angel
18-12-2006, 21:05
it might be a cable

a few yars ago microsoft sent me a letter about the cable and they replaced it(send them a letter)
mine does it now but ive had it since the 1st day uk release so...

oh and looking forward to the army shot!!

18-12-2006, 21:25
Theres gona be a sllight delay on the army shot - my mates busted a game of mine (dark angel its not the cable - I think its got something to do with the hard drive, although a scratched to hell battlefront cant be helping it any).

Anyways, yes later tonight, but now I have to go inflict pain...

19-12-2006, 07:09
You want advice and comments? Finish your damn penal Legion army dammit! If i had that many models and the financial means to have that many models i'd do them justice and get them finished. I suggest you do just that, as you seem like you can paint fairly well as well as convert. Get off your *ss and do it.

19-12-2006, 08:27
Financial means isnt entirely accurate.
Half of them are refugees from unfinished projects or odd bits I've picked up (the missionaries, the sniper, basically the inquisiotrs retrinues), bargains I couldnt pass up (the SOB flammers were 10 quid for the 3! Woo for impulse) OR donated generously by the wonderful muskrat (I wont mention how much the van saars are worth in case he wants them back...)
In total I've probably spent around 100 quid which for the type and style of the project is fairly small amount (dearest thing were probably the Ad Mech and they were an after thought).

Add into this the fact that the main units are show pieces, and the building blocks of larger armies (yup, eventually I will want an ad mec army.. after Sisters of battle though me thinks...).

Also factor in that I'm not just a media student but the head of the film production society here (which eats up time), in my second year working on two massive films.

Plus I'm a student from a poor background meaning I get the full loan. As my friend said the other day 'I'm glad its not like a real loan... if it were there be no chance of me ever getting an xbox 360'. Thank you british tax payer for my education and my army :D

And as for amount of models... it doesnt mean everything *cries at the thought of all those beastmen lurking under his bed* I've been gaming so long I remember buying a rhino for a fiver. You tend not to throw stuff away.

Not only that (yup theres more) but when I do find time to paint, comission work usually takes priority. And when your comission guy sends stuff my the bucket load (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/IMG_0089.jpg) its usually a blue moon before I get to my own stuff. The only reason why I've been at it so much recently is that I've finished the course for christmas and I wanted to chill (and theres been plenty of encouragement so thankee one and all)

Anyway, as promised....


I'd take a stab at there being at least 1000pts there give or take some. Not entirely legal like. Actually it could be. Make the van saars storm troopers and the ad mech space marines.... yeh that could be legal. Interesting.

So, should do a summary (from left to right):

Adeptus Mechanicus support team - some neglect has led to chipping, and they need basing but otherwise finished.

Adeptus Arbites penal guard - Test models done. Should take longer then a day although I want to do a good job (hence the delay)

Adeptus Sororitas Mission - There getting there, and they look nice next to the Ad Mec. Probably tomorrow and thursdays job. I also need to redo the Immolator in the new scheme...

Penal unit 'spiders' - Looking forward to doing these, but there on hold till I get back. There the newest thing in so they should be waiting.

Inquisitor Lani and Escort - Mixed bag. I can field them, but they need basing and I want to give him a new hand. Arkhan also needs finishing.

Lady Inquisitor and Priests - another days work to finish her and the priests. I'm a slow starter on models I like, and I'm just not sure how to approach this one yet. The priests are coming on fine though.

And the rest.....

Living saint - Oooo now she'll be a nice surprise I can assure you...

Vindicare Assassin - making a lil diorama based on the crouched picture.

Death Cultists - They've been in my collection since forever, so there due I assure you.

Detective squad - well its packed up so who knows...

As my eldar are on temporary hold - I was doing them for the interview really - I'm aiming to get everything I take to manchester done before I come back in the new year. If I do, then I'm allowed to treat myself to the forgeworld goodies I want (servitor, DKoK grenadiers, Tech Priest). If not, then I buy cadians instead and spend the next month paint plenty of orange grunts.

Current plan is to have everything here finished

19-12-2006, 10:32
Didnt ask for a life story, i'm just giving you motivation, much like your signature asks.

19-12-2006, 10:42
Looking forward mate to seeing these guys and girls all painted up :) keep up the good work ;)

19-12-2006, 20:06
Sounds like a great army, excellent background.

Keep up the good work.

07-01-2007, 04:59
Evening all

See I'm not dead yet!

With my student loan in on Monday, this legions in full swing with a new section too!.

I realised I probably wasnt going to have the full legion ready any time soon and I could do with getting some games in, and having seen the kasrkin for roughly 16 quid a box I jumped at the chance to do a storm trooper force.

As such, within the next week, I'll have added the following to the army -

34 storm troopers (added on two special weapons blisters)
60 Cadians (to be converted to penal legionnaires)
6 Psykers

I already have 12 storm troopers but only a few legionnaires and cadians.

Theres something missing though. So heres my list of temptation...
More special weapons (so I can have special weapons squads)
40 more cadians
Techmarine squad (so I have an Ad Mech force)
Snipers (again, special weapons squad)
More kasrkin
Grey knight terminators (wanted these bad boys for far too long)

You'll notice theres no tanks. I see all my storm troopers deep striking (if used as a guard army or as an inquisitor army) so no need for transports, and I dont want penal legion tanks...

Anyway some thoughts please as I'm slightly stuck

07-01-2007, 10:47
You should rather take a Techpriest Enginseer with servitors instead of a Techmarine, though the Techmarine model is too damn good, so I understand you. Also, you could convert a Human Bomb squad (counts as special weapon squad with demolition charges - the closest you can come) for use in missions when you want demo charges.

As for the Cadians, it might work better if you used different (bare) heads (perhaps from Warhammer sets or existing ones in your bits box - the new Empire state troops would be excellent with their hats removed) instead of the helmeted ones and carefully remove all 80 shoulder pads to give them a less armoured look (only chest and back armour in that case). You could also remove their gun-fitted bayonets and avoid using the belt kits and backpacks. Just a thought.


07-01-2007, 11:22
I mentioned a lot of that over the course of this log voronwe including the human bomb idea.. great minds ay?

See I think the enginseer looks a little unarmoured for a battlefield magos, plus It'd give me another set of servitors. He's basically a stand in till I make a forgeworld order and get theres to acts as a magos.

The heads is something I've been stuck on awhile but I think I might have cracked it I just need to make a test model next week - using the bald head from the bretonnian archers sprue should give them all the right look...

07-01-2007, 12:02
Oh, I should've read through the thread - and my mind's made up of woood, so my teachers tells me, so I suppose it was just an occurence. :p

Hm, for the Techmarine - wait, forgeworld; what model? - you could convert it in order to 'de-Astartiate' him a bit and 'Mechanicusate' him in the process.

Fine you have some Bretonnian Archer heads lying around - they fits even better than Empire, now you mentions it.


07-01-2007, 14:07
Techpriest not marine, namely this lil fella, a snip at 7.50 (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/amtp.htm) which is my ideal tech priest although I want to leave off the forgeworld order till the death riders come out and I can do my BIG order (grenadiers, tech priests, repressor, tanks, more tanks, horses, more tanks)

See theres not much to convert on the model - only the head and maybe add a robe to de-marine it but thats easy enough. Plus I can get the set from my dealer at the cost of the forgeworld goods (except I'd get 4 servitors instead of one...)

08-01-2007, 08:48
Hoi hoi

Well going to sort my order out today, so should have a nice meaty update within the next few days full of goodies, but tonight I plan to sort out all my inquisitor henchmen - all the odd ball models that have become part of this armies bits box get to stay or go back in the uber-bits box.

Anyway, the main reason for updating is this fella...


Not bad for someone who hasnt slept in a day or so. The legs are too thin but theres not much I can do about that apart from adding robes or armour plating (which I wnt even consider doing till after a good nights sleep).

The gun... well I want something bigger and nosier so I'm pondering a plasma cannon. He's also going to have a lil buddy that way the big claw isnt just for show (the lil buddy represents the combat servitor, whilst the big guy is just the gunner).

For those wondering, the metal toso is that of Thrakka as is the arm - the torso looks well proportioned from where I'm sat.

Actually, just ripped the melta off and it looks... fine. So i might leave it or add a chain or something - any suggestions.

Dont worry about the boots either - there getting sorted as are the holes and such, and when I get the mr muscle Ill strip the claw so he can be painted as if from new.

I'm also going to pick up a blister of psykers while I'm in town today so I can field a psyker squad (I'll have 9.. I reckon I could find a tenth) mainly so I can have something to play with if my order is late in coming.

08-01-2007, 10:14
Awesome conversion there, but yeah, right now the legs look skinny. I would suggest for the next one (if you do the same thing) bulk up the body and make the torso bigger. Also the gun looks small in comparison, maybe using some guardsmen heavy weapons could solve that. So far i'm really liking your army! love the servitors!

08-01-2007, 11:36
Techpriest not marine, namely this lil fella, a snip at 7.50 (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/amtp.htm) which is my ideal tech priest although I want to leave off the forgeworld order till the death riders come out and I can do my BIG order (grenadiers, tech priests, repressor, tanks, more tanks, horses, more tanks)

See theres not much to convert on the model - only the head and maybe add a robe to de-marine it but thats easy enough. Plus I can get the set from my dealer at the cost of the forgeworld goods (except I'd get 4 servitors instead of one...)
Ah, I understand (good plan by the way). It's my ideal Techpriest at the moment too, but when you said that the Imperial Guard Techpriest was not armoured enough for battle I thought you wouldn't order that model.

Good luck with the conversions, and good servitors you've got there, too. Perhaps you could add plastic rod to the legs and green-stuff piston houses and swivel joints?


08-01-2007, 13:47
VORONWE - yeh I was pondering adding leg braces or something - make him look like at some point one of his legs buckled so they shored up both with bionices or something.
See I imagine one being a fighty apprentice and the other being his old mentor - hence using the SM techmarine geared up for battle, whilst his master watches and does some investigating or machine repair or something.

T_55 - I might do one more although I'm reluctant to cannibalise all my ogres for something I'm not sure about. I might do one more, that way if I get two jawa types to act as wound markers and the titan tech priest from forgeworld I have a command squad.
If I do do another one though it'd be the other way round - possible some kind of robot legs which would make equipping a gun easier but dont quote me on that as I might not do it.
As for bulking him out, I dont really want to do it and compromise on all that lovely mechanical gubbinz. Its bizzare that the biggest hardest Ork of all time has a waist like barbie... in fact I'd put money on the metal toof bit being bigger then his waist...

So, plan so far with him is...
Brace the legs
Add some pipes (exhaust vents - I got brass pipes at xmas and wana use em!)
figure out what to do with the other arm, or whether to infact rebuild the claw arm so its smaller.

And as for guns? I've tried every bit I have and nothings remotely close (although I do have a sentinel lascannon somewhere...). Ideally I'd like a plasmacannon or a multimelta. Something a bit showy to whack on one of the finer creations of the mechanicus kinda thing.

08-01-2007, 14:02
Every things looking cool ,Did you finishs the SOB ? plus Its good to have you back ;) ,Whats happeneing with the Eldar ?

08-01-2007, 17:48
The eldar are on hiatus. They were bloody demoralising I have to say - I have got some work done on a striking scorpion exarch, but not enough for threadomancy really..

The sisters of battle look the bees knees. I have the color scheme properly finished - its much brighter I have to say although they need properly basing and such. I also got the death cultists done so things are moving ahead faster then expected.

And to add to that, today I bought the psykers


And two sergeants with powerfists to cannabalise (there for the kasrkin leaders)


Alright and I bought two blisters of snipers. I really should never have a student loan. Ever

21-01-2007, 22:55
*Blows off cobwebs*

Okay, so done a little work and wanted to show it off a bit. Please note that my camera settings and such are a little dodgy - maybe its the high amount of metalic, its just they dont look this dark or rough in person. Anyway

Storm Trooper sergeant, squad one

Servitor bodyguard

See this is why I should never paint models. I have a peice of degree work to do, and I spent six hours painting with the file open in front of me. Cursed games workshop.

Anyways, I've also done some work on a psyker, the army standard bearer (yes, I heart standard bearers despite not being able to do free hand), and two other interesting pieces that you'll have to wait and see.

Suffice to say, I've cannabilised every odd model from my collection to go into this army, and plan to send the rest off to mealstrom games (or sell it on here - if anyones after a squad of necrons brand new, with one model missing, let me know please with a PM).

Once I get this bloody film out of the way in the first week of February then I'm away. Or summer. Yes summer would be good..

28-01-2007, 01:02
I won't ask for em back brother, don't worry.

I donated em fair and square- though now that I'm planning a small IG army myself, based around penal legions and such, I'm kicking myself. Enjoy, live and prosper with em. (Plus I've already replaced them and don't want dupes. And my metalworking phobia)

Though, I never did recieve anything from you in return... stupid post office doesn't like giveing me packages. Literally, they've lost like, three things that have been sent to me from overseas.

Unless the British Isles are conspiring against me and everyone there is working against me. But I blame the postal workers.

oh yeah- looking fantastic by the way.

bloody fantastic.

(i like using adjectives from jolly ol england!

26-02-2007, 22:45
GReat work ! it is smoking hot!:cool: , love the idea and then minis.....i have an idea ....whant so cool back ground for yer penal legionairs? try to look up Russian WW2 penal batalion, make them loo really rag tag, poorly armed and equiped, with something on their clothes that could identify them as crooks and criminals....after all criminals should have a distinctive feature from a normal guardsman !
anyway great army theme and cool minis, hope to seem some more pics of yer work!:chrome:

Good job man!

04-03-2007, 00:35
Come on we need more pics.

But nice looking stuff by they way.

04-03-2007, 01:02
Gah threadomancy!

Well I have been working on the boys a fair bit it has to say, and the army has shifted direction for a few months - however these past 24 hours are one of the few times Ive had to paint recently (been stupidly busy with Uni).

This armys not done yet - another update sometime by the end of this month... a big update mind. At least a playable army...

Arch-Traitor Horus
04-03-2007, 05:11
if pre heresy army turns out anything like this im liking the future:D

05-03-2007, 02:13
asmodai! get to work!

05-03-2007, 09:53
I can't wait to see these guys finished. I understand your dilemna with the degree work. I have a physics exam I havent even looked at the material for due to a squad I'm working on and a test model I painted for it. Good luck to you, mate! Love the work so far!

Warwolt the skaven
06-03-2007, 08:32
Holy cow, those faces are beatufill! I really think you can paint faces, I can really see the face expressions =)

06-03-2007, 09:09
Gah curse you all!

Fine! An update! *grumbles about liking to be lazy*


His my arch-magos until I do my forgeworld order when the big project with..... oooo nearly let the cat out of the bag there. Suffice to say something bigger and cooler is on the horrizon - that will involve stuff getting finished.
Yeh I've also converted his servo harness cause I didnt like the plasma cutter.

That takes my servitors to around 15-ish... so technically a legal marine army.

Warwolt - cheers matey. I learnt the skin technique from an eldar guy around here awhile back and I think thats part of it. Although my best face is easily going to be this Lahmian I'm doing as a comission (http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f185/asmodai_dark86/Andreas%20minis/IMG_0287.jpg)

The theory is, if I get a few good nights sleep and the comission work largely out of the way, then I'll have a crack at finishing off the mechanicus and the storm troopers as there bloody good fun.

Although if things dont start going well money wise this army could soon become ebay fodder sadly. I dont want it to be, but I'm sat here with two months till loan day and a rumbling belly...

Wonder if beastmen are eddible...

06-03-2007, 15:16
The magos looks quite nice, great to see some real conversion work with that techmarine sculpt. Any chance of more pics, like of his blacked-out arm? And what backpack is the lad getting?

- Salvage

06-03-2007, 22:37
His back pack is a slight conversion of the servo harness he comes with, and his arms in red

Right, will come back to this when sober

08-03-2007, 14:50
Wow these guys are looking great! The Magos is especially nice, really like the alternative head!
Any updates?

09-03-2007, 00:35
There will be before tomorrow. I have to get clear with some of this comission work, then keep rebuilding my PC (it died, although thanks to my tutor I saved all my work, hussar! take that PC world), then depending on what time it is I might have.

However, because I dont want to update without any pictures at all, here's something from an up coming project


09-03-2007, 08:50
loving, it, just loving it!

bram kuijpers
09-03-2007, 09:12
loving, it, just loving it!

tahts my saying:mad: but i cant blame you for loving it its GREAT!

dave is the best
09-03-2007, 17:04
wow, thats great love the pose.


10-03-2007, 13:20
Very nice. Space Wolves army in the making?

Still learning
10-03-2007, 22:56
wow, i just read the entire log, great army. I love your arch-magos, great head swap, suits him very well. What do you have planned in terms of grunts? conversions? Schemes( you said somthing about orange)

14-03-2007, 01:07
as always, you impress me bud.

As for food and lack thereof- I can make you this promise- if you save this army from the depths of hell "ie: ebay) than I promise money and food come Spring.

shipping will kill us both, but to have an army of such caliber? hell, I'd pay. I'm afraid you laugh my conversions out of the window though. (I consider myself adept- but next to yours mine literally are laughable.)

14-03-2007, 13:17
Everyone on Warseer needs to club together to keep you in food so you can get this back on track! Damnit, I WILL NOT LET ANOTHER GOOD PROJECT DIE!

14-03-2007, 18:33
Its not dead! Its just I'm stupidly busy and painting these doesnt pay me (raw cash is what I need at the moment - bloody TV license and electricity bill both looming, like big bloody looms).

As for ebaying this... well I dont think it'd ever get there - I'd offer it up for sale here first :)

05-04-2007, 11:14
well id be interested in buying it if you sold it (just joking i know youd never sell it)
well nice work on the heavy bolter dude, you gotta love that head
also nice work on the arch magos
kep up the good work