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21-09-2006, 06:10
High born, with shield, hvy armour, sea dragon cloack, gauntlet of power, wand of kharadion on a manticore
Assasin, with additional hand weapon, rune of khaine and manbane
lvl 2 sorcerer, with dark star cloak and a scroll
lvl 2 sorcerer, with seal of ghrond and a scroll

210 DE warriors, with shields, light armour and xbows
5 dark riders with a musican

2 chariots
8 harpies
10 shades
18 executioners with full command and warbanner

I haven't got many core in this list, but I think this is fun to play against, different from most DE lists, but not being to strong, I evne got a losy assasin but I'm not going to take him out he's fun :P

21-09-2006, 14:31
I'd do something to beef up youe warriors.

22-09-2006, 00:04
something about executioners having a banner doesn't seem right. I usually run mine in 6x2 formation w/ music and champ. Do really well for me, i tend to make specialized troops small so they can hit flanks while core add the CR to break the enemy.

where do you plan to hide the sorceresses? w/ only one true ranked unit it seems too much weight is put into your executioners. Since the chariots have to be supported in order to not get bogged down by a combat (which they will lose).

how many times have you tested this list?

22-09-2006, 07:32
No times, but in order to work everything has to work together, Executioners won't win on their own but the crossowbowmen make good flank attacks. The chariots will always be combined, probalby with each other 2d6+2 S5 impact hits should be enough on a weakend unit.

I also was think about changing the exes, but they are there for killing some cav, and a good player won't let there cav unit get flanked by exes, they will however get a frontal charge, I have enough units to use as bait, and with the new redirection rules that will work.

The sorces, well lets hope the enemy doesn't have much shooting ;) a wood is still efective for hiding purposes. :)

And I have't got enough poins for a large unit warriors and a small unit exes.

22-09-2006, 16:13
i know that combined charges are the way to win any game, let alone THE DE tactic. But if you focus too many on just one charge means that the opponent can predict more or less when/where to avoid their battle. Exe's not beng as fast means he can dummy unit and out deploy you.

If i were facing you (mind you i haven't modified my list for 7th ed, and haven't played in awhile i admit), i would try to place my RBT on extreme angles/edges so that when your flyers/fast cav/shades go to kill them it would take them 1-2 turns more to try and get to the main battle line. Face my RXB's unit facing outwards slightly to have a field of fire to deter them from coming.

the manticore will be tricky because i haven't faced one yet honestly, but i have faced a bloodthirster, so i have a vague idea on how nasty monsters are. Since your army is more assualt based than mine, i would try get a couple of pot shots w/ the bolt throwers and use the army to shield them from your possible avenues of attack.

magic would be a real gamble, as we both run the same sorcerors (same coven perhaps?), though at times i do switch out of DE magic as death would give me more MM's to peg you w/ should a spell actually go off.

I would honestly be suprised w/ the assassin popping up, he will kill the light attack i would send into an exe's side (i figure you would put him there). But rune of khaine will make him overrun/pursue if the unit runs off since they will be beat. I would hope to catch him in the open in one such moves.

But again this is all theory so i'm assured that we would be evenly matched in a game. sorry for ranting about theoryhammer.

my list more or less from memory:

Highborn - w/ blood armor, life taker, halberd
Noble - w/ dark pegasus, death mask, lance, sdc,shield,ha
Sorc - dispel, dark star cloak
Sorc - dispel seal of ghrond

Corsairs x25 full command and warbanner
Warriors x10 shields, rxb
Warriors x10 shields, rxb
Corsairs x10 music, champ
Dark Riders x5 music, rxb

Chariots x2 spears
Executioners x12 music, champ
Shades x9

RBT x2
DOW Ogres w/ great weps, music

that was my old list atleast comes out to be around 1998pts.

22-09-2006, 21:24
Gehe my assasin will pop out of a scout unit ;) they cna singlehandly destroy your exes, or other small units. I first had that kind of noble too, but I figured out I cna have a terror casuing pagasus for 105 or take a manticore. But my exes could only be flanked, I have enough flank killing units. I was thinking maybe drop the exes for cold one riders, but that would be too much stupid. The exes can hold a charge I think, at least cav is afraid of them. Also I can drop the exes for a monster unit like DOW ironguts? Also good cav killers

25-09-2006, 02:55
assassin cajn't pop out of scout unit, he either pops up out of witches,warriors,corsairs OR can scout but has to be visible (as on the board to do it). and who says i put my exes on flanks?

25-09-2006, 05:31
I guessed that ;)

25-09-2006, 10:40
lol, i usually put my chariots on the flank depending on where i need them. I dont' count on them all the time because i factor in stupidty either from me or them lol.

25-09-2006, 11:21
Gehe but what do you think, away with the exes and the entrance of the ogres? :P

26-09-2006, 02:42
hmm they both have their pluses, for me i love the exe models so much, they always do good for me and i take the most pride in them. Ogres do have their uses though, especially when armed with great weapons. Against calvary they can reliably knock down 3-4 models and outnumber + fear means the cav will run away most times.

i guess it depends on taste, and if you dont mind mixing up your theme? I'm about the solidify my theme by taking out the dark riders and chariots to make it a more naval based/pirate/merc list. Not sure yet as i haven't read the 7th ed rules. It isn't "fantasy season" yet in our group.