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21-09-2006, 13:28
A few months I made mention that i wanted to field Commander Farsight with his full bodyguard. After the intial shouts of "you must be mad" and it will never work" many of you helped me come up with ideas on what they should take as well as some other advise, all of which I am very greteful.

Anyway, the time has come to make a start on this unit...the sooner it is finished the sooner I can charge them into battle.

Ok, progress pictures will follow but the basic idea is to use ForgeWorld kits ( i really cant stand the GW versions) and do the odd converstion here and there...including that of Farsight himself. However the main point is for them to look like they are comfotable in CC and have had plenty of practice.

There is a fair few to get through and I have already made the start on the commander and his right hand man...however with such a big unit I may run out of ideas,and I would ideally like each of them to be a character in their own right...so please feel free to provide your thoughts and ideas

Puffin Magician
21-09-2006, 17:26
I suggest that you "research" [ie: look at] various small and elite squads already in 40k. Deathwatch Kill Teams, Ultramarine Tyranid Hunters, and squads for use in Kill Team games. Each has a very small number of models and there's a lot of individualism and personality in the models, even though they're all wearing the same armour style and usually carrying the same weaponry.

It might provide inspiration for diversity and at the same time unifying qualities you're looking for.

I'm looking forward to seeing your conversions. The huge Farsight HQ squad is one of the more interesting additions to the newest Tau Codex and I've yet to actually see one.

21-09-2006, 20:59
well I have been home a few hours and have made a start on the first two models...

This is the first of the bodyguard and will represent Farsights right-hand man. Its basically built, although obviously I have some tidying up to do, a few extras to add, and I havent yet decided what he will be standing on...however I think it shows what I am after.


I kind of started playing around with some ideas for the commander...still very much WIP!


Thanks for your time and as always any thoughts greatfully recieved.

21-09-2006, 21:27
I like the suggestion about the DeathWatch! and actually I think I remember some artical about kill teams in general..from memory there were a bunch of conversions as part of that.

Thanks Puffin

21-09-2006, 21:33
i really like the look of those FW kits, do 'em justice man.
liking the colour scheme too.

21-09-2006, 21:40
I will do my very best...tbh its been a while since I have built an army of any size, probably like 10 years, so its a little duanting. However I have a friend who is going to help me with some of the painting, in order that the standard is good enough

26-09-2006, 18:43
Update #2

Well the 1st bodyguard is all but done, as far as building and prep goes ( I plan to build and paint them 2 at a time)

With this in mind I started on the Commander. My inspiration came from the classic picture of him the the Tau Codex. That image was also the reason I started this army in the first place.

couldnt find that image free on the web, so either look it up or trust me that I have got reasonably close, with the mini and skill available to me.




Again, and as always, comments very welcome

26-09-2006, 20:05
Fantastic pose you got there on the final few pics. If it's painted up as well as that fire warrior in the earlier ones, you're going to have one sweet model, mate. Well done.

26-09-2006, 20:10
yep, definately a very nice pose for farsight, don't usually get that with battlesuits.

By the way, that claw for the right hand guy shouldn't have any wires, pistons or bolts coming from it (it's a tau thing). Look at some more tau design so that you can de-orkify it.

Edit: depending on how you view farsight and his methods this may or may not be suitable.

Homework for tonight: watch Apocalypse Now for inspiration.

Afterall, Farsight's methods have become... unsound in the eyes of the greater good.

26-09-2006, 20:43
I am glad you like it so far.

I do want to get the claw to look like it has been made to be used by the tau, but adapted so its not as clumsy as when it was on the ork....the plan is to run some power cables (after its painted) from the core of the armour to the claw...all very neat but still clearly a trophy taken from an ork victim.

I like where you are going with the Apocalypse Now reference...I might have to put that on while I am working on some more ideas.

I still have 5 more bodyguards to make after these two models are done...I have some ideas but as I want them all to be different I could always do with more.

26-09-2006, 22:40
ooooh, so it was originally an ork claw? i didn't realise that, i thought it was originally made by tau, but that makes more sense. making it a different colour to the red armour would make it look more apparent it was stolen.

Doing just stolen weaponry from one xenos might make the unit look more coherant, thats not to say it cant work with a mix.

One more thing, don't do any other necron weaponry in the squad, the fact that farsight's blade is of necron design is only supposed to be suggested (is it isn't it type of thing, although it is. But that's a whole different thread if anyone wants to argue differently).

26-09-2006, 23:14
you will be please to hear that I have no intention of using Necron weapons. The idea about using some Ork parts as trophies served 3 purposes.

1: it would really narc my mate off who has a very large Ork force ( this is very important)
2: I like the oxymoron of advance, clean, tau equipment mixed with the basic but practical ork gear.
3: It helps to tell the Farsight Enclaves story. They have afterall made a name fighting the Orks and are cut-off from the Tau Empire...so might need to improvise.

Below is an older, slightly dusty, mini that was completed a while ago...I think I got it as soon as it was launched. Anyway, it gives a better idea of the colours I am aiming for...although instead of the off-white I plan to have a mid/codex grey. I simply cannot do these models justice in my current state (tendon damage) so I have sought some help with the more detailed work.


27-09-2006, 15:30
Ok, I have been reading all the farsight fluff again (the little there is) and would like one of the bodyguards to be Farsights protege 'BrightSword' Only I am not sure how I am going to represent him....any ideas?

27-09-2006, 16:09
hmmmmm perhaps you could adapt some eldar or even tyranid weapons to work as either wolverine claws or a to handed blade thingy.

27-09-2006, 19:00
right then, all 3 of those reasons are fine (especially number 1).

As for bright sword, make the suit look 'younger'. So maybe a sprinting pose, this will make him look smaller as well next to farsight which is important. Apart from the pose, i can't really think of anything else other than writing brightsword in tau on his armour. Shame about your tendon btw.

27-09-2006, 23:06
Ummm... the new eldar wraith lord might offer some good bits, it's plastic so you'd have to use battlewagon bits to get the part when they come out but.... problem is you'd have to wait....:(

02-10-2006, 15:36
Hiresword: instead of taking a literal view of brightsword (ie giving him a brightsword) I think I might go with something like your idea, of making him look younger. I also thought I might have him set-up to look like he is mimicking his mentor, by giving him a plasma and shield generator ......as this squad is all about the fluff the points are not a major consideration.

In reality I will only field them all in big point battles, or for the fun of it.

FalseAngel: I had a look at the wraith lords after you mentioned them...and for a while the quality of them got me a little carried away, probably best I wasnt in a shop. Anyway, I can see what you were thinking, their swords would make a fine looted weapon. However, I think I might just go with the above idea...and buy the wraith lords to build on their own

BTW, what do you guys think of the dark red...im colour blind so I am never 100%

02-10-2006, 20:41
the red is really nice, I'm not too fond of the grey, i'd rather it be a creamy colour. But that's just my opinion.

Any photo updates?

17-10-2006, 12:35
Ok, the builiding and painting of the first two is finally complete. I have gone for a slightly different colour scheme from the previous model (which was never intended to go with this army anyway)

I am happy with how they turned out. my mate did an excellent job and, even if I do say so myself, I think they turned out pretty good.

now only another 5 to do!



17-10-2006, 15:12
By the way. I will provide some more pictures of these two when I get home...as my camera ran out of juice.

17-10-2006, 18:47
I am happy with how they turned out. my mate did an excellent job and, even if I do say so myself, I think they turned out pretty good.

Oh so did someone paint them for you?

They're still very well painted. Very well indeed.

17-10-2006, 18:52
Oh dear lord, I must look away! Mustn't...start....Tau army...grrrr

bobert the great clen one
17-10-2006, 19:02
there some hardcore models mate:D you should be proud

17-10-2006, 20:16
nice to see someone put those wonderful FW models to good use! though i must say i think the colour scheme on the older model is nicer... could just be me though :p
looking forward to seeing more.
any insight into what else therell be to follow?

Asi the Red
17-10-2006, 21:17
Hey ya'.


Now that that's out of the way, I heard somewhere that Brightsword was a big fan of the Burst Cannon cause he saw alot of combat with the Orks and later the IG. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

17-10-2006, 21:26
Wow, that is one gnarley figure, looks way better than the offcial studio version. Paintscheme rocks and the conversion is smoother than Silky the silkworms smoothest silk pyjamas.

17-10-2006, 22:12
Very nice conversions and paintjobs. Can't wait to see the huge unit all together.


17-10-2006, 22:53
I was literally just thinking what had happened to this threa, i'm so glad you hadn't abondoned it! Nice one on the two figures, they look lovely.

18-10-2006, 00:07
Yeah, I especially like the smallish highlights on the red...very striking. I would guess that instead of just mixing in orange/yellow, some white was mixed in too. Very nice, bold!

18-10-2006, 13:32
I am also a big fan of the old paint job. but to be honest it doesnt really stand out on the table, or grab you as being "special" The highlights for example are not as defined and if the whole army was painted like it they would be a little dull.

In the flesh, the red on these new models is slightly darker than in the pictures, although still lighter than the previous model listed.

Put simply I cant paint, certainly not to this standard. This is in part due to the injury (which should get better) but also other factors like being colour blind, old, oh and having a total lack of skill.

I can usually do ok with rank and file, and have painted armies before, but as several people have said, these models needed more that a standard paint job. My skills, what I have, have always been with conversions and building...so thats mainly what I do.

As far as whats to come next, well its a toss up between two more suits or a hammerhead. However having got some nice conversion ideas for the suits I think they will get the nod......watch this space.

14-12-2006, 14:02
Long time no post. There is several very good reasons for this. Firstly I have had to get my screwed up arm sorted. secondly there was a small matter of a holiday and other commitments which have prevented me from even turing the light on in my studio.

Anyway, I have just un-boxed another XV-81 and 89 ready to build and convert for the Commanders bodyguard. I pretty much have a handle on what I am going to do with the 81 but I thought I might turn the 89 into BrightSword (to use as part of the bodyguard and separately)

From memory brightsword uses a burst cannon and missile pod (but I need to check) so I thought it might be cool to mount a BC from a stealth suit...what do we think? also, any other thought welcome.

Pictures to follow in a matter of days.

The Judge
14-12-2006, 17:52
Yeah, they are some very pretty miniatures.

23-04-2007, 15:49
Managed to find this thread again...excellent!

Thought I would update this one, as so many useful and positive comments came from it originally!

Anyway, here are the two new members of the bodyguard.

Still got a few to go, of which I am struggling for ideas with...so any suggestions along a similar theme would be great!




The Judge
23-04-2007, 20:00
Looking damn fine. Love the chainswords especially.

23-04-2007, 21:31
Nice paintjob. I've been trying (and failing) to get a cartoony edged look like that for a while and am just starting to have success. However I've converted almost all of my battlesuits... no money for Forge World & shipping.

What does your army list look like? Will you be running a deepstriking 'Farsight Bomb' list, or something more standard?

Rogue 7
24-04-2007, 03:09
I like the integration of the stealth burst cannon, fits well with the FW suit.