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21-09-2006, 15:28
Hello all, I have decided that because of the size of army, and the sheer quantity of models in it, that it will never get painted. So since most of my new additions to my old nid models are unassembled i will therefore assemble and paint one unit at a time.

I figure if i make a project log on here, and anyone takes an interest (even if to slag my painting off etc) then I will feel compelled to actually progress the army.

So far i have painted some 2nd edition termegants up in the colour scheme I will be using (will add some piccies later). Following that i have assembled 8 spine-gaunts which i undercoated before i left for work, i plan to start assembling the other 8 of this unit later, though i' m more likely to get on and paint 8 models quicker than 16.

I will try and update this thread once a week, hopefully i might get badgered into updating it more often........ I intend to update the thread on saturday though (if i bring the models to work to take pics, since i have access to a decent digicam)

Since i have a day off work tommorow i intend to get to painting at least those 8 models, hopefully from start to finish, though i have to clean the car, and must resist the urge to play dawn of war.

Must just add, i am sorry there are no pictures, or even and army list at this stage :P