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22-09-2006, 02:59
I've had a chaos mortal army for a few years but rarely play (mainly 40K around here) but with 7th ed, everybody is gearing up agian for WFB. I typically used an undivided mortal army based around three 4x4 warrior blocks, a unit of chosen knights with attached Chaos Lord o' Doom™, a chariot, and some variation on Hero level wizards, chaos spawn and furies to round it out.

The army looked like crap, so I rebought it but never finished the new version. Now, I'm thinking of making it a Khorne army, but need some advice on whether or not it'll work. Note that while I'm not a newbie, I'm not very good at WFB either, so advice on how to use it would also help. So on to the list:

1 Exalted Chaos Champion (general) @ 178 Pts
-Mark of Khorne; Shield; Axe of Khorne; Chaos Steed

1 Exalted Chaos Champion @ 155 Pts
-Mark of Khorne; 2ndWeapon; Chaos Steed

5 Chosen Chaos Knights @ 290 Pts
-Mark of Khorne; Standard (joined by exalted champion)

5 Chaos Knights of Blood @ 230 Pts
-Mark of Khorne; Standard (joined by exalted champion)

12 Chosen Chaos Warriors of Blood @ 351 Pts
-Mark of Khorne; 2ndWeapon; full command

12 Chaos Warriors of Blood @ 279 Pts
-Mark of Khorne; 2ndWeapon; full command

Chaos Chariot @ 150 Pts
-Mark of Khorne

Chaos Chariot @ 150 Pts
-Mark of Khorne

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

5 Chaos Furies @ 75 Pts

Chaos Spawn of Khorne @ 75 Pts

Chaos Spawn of Khorne @ 75 Pts

Chaos Spawn of Khorne @ 75 Pts

Casting Pool: Uh, Blood for the Blood God!
Dispel Pool: 10
Models in Army: 56
Total Points: 2143

General plan is that the warriors form the center, screened by hounds with chariots and then spawn on either side. Knights form the flanks and furies fly over and charge warmachines/archers or deny march. As always, shooting is a concern, but I think I'm fast enough it won't hurt too much.

Looking over the various threads, 6x2 or 7x2 warrior blocks seem to be the way to go, much differant than my old 4x4 blocks. I was thinking of making them 5x3, but that was in undivided, I don't think I have the points in a khorne army. I've also though about adding some Beast units, maybe a regular beastherd or some dragon ogres, but I've never used any and have no idea how they would fit into the list or what use they would provide. Another thought is to drop all command and a chaos spawn and add another chariot.

Any and all help is appreciated.

22-09-2006, 03:24
Hi, first of all fullcommand is not necessary for khorne (asides from musicians), drop them and make your warriors 14 in each unit, I would drop one of the spawns of khorne (bloodbeast) and add a unit of marauder horsemen and make the furies around 6. the only problem I see with this army is that your warriors will move relatively slow compared to the rest of the army.

22-09-2006, 08:37
The changes mentioned by Rocky sound good.

I would only take musicians on your units with the Mark of Khorne. They gain their strengths from their many attacks (I believe I allready said this earlier today :) ) I would also drop one Spawn.

For the freed points you could take either more Warhounds, or Marauder Horsemen, or Beast Herds. You need something to screen your frenzied units, or else they will easily be tricked by fast cavalry that will flee from your compulsory charges..

22-09-2006, 14:18
I would find a way to put in several more units of warhounds to screen for you to help you control your frenzy. The two you have now will not be sufficient to keep your frenzy in check.