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22-09-2006, 12:26
Hey all,
My gaming group is toying with the idea of taking up Warhammer; and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for the army I'm picking up.
It's a common ol' orc horde; with a couple of self-imposed restrictions:
1) Common goblins only no night goblins or forest goblins.
2) Mainly orcs.

With those points in mind, my (very) vague list looked something like:
Three large blocks of orcs; one with spears, two with choppas and shields.
Two blocks of goblins with spears.
A unit of wolfriders
Perhaps some trolls...

I haven't played Warhammer since 3rd edition, so I'm a bit at sea as to where to start. Big blocks of troops really appeal to me (I've been playing Imperial guard for about ten years); so I want an infantry-heavy army.

That said, I'm sure there's some gaping holes in my battleline that any half-decent general could exploit. What would I need to get to plug those strategic holes?

Cheers in advance.

Murderous Monkey
22-09-2006, 12:43
Not a topic I can offer immense amounts of advice regarding but I would make the following observations and comments.

1. If you haven't already done so then have a quick look in the rumour forum to see the changes to Orcs and Goblins with their impending Army Book.

2. Maybe give some idea about how the game is likely to be played and an indication of points values. For example if you are going to be playing 2,000 point league games you'll get different advice to a 500 point border patrol learning process and if you're thinking about a scenario heavy narrative campaign it'll be different again.

3. Find a post by Avian, I seem to remember he has an Orc strategy guide in his signature.

I like the image of large blocks of greenskins, but without mention of your characters you don't seem to have much here. A lovely core army (lots of green things) but you don't seem to have much mobility, a unit of wolf riders is fast but fragile and has low leadership. Without mobility you will have to rely on bashing the enemy face on and if you stall it isn't going to get any better. You also lack any artillery or missile troops, so have little means to eliminate enemy support units threatening your flanks.

Orc magic could help you out here but if you're not taking a lot of magic you may find yourself outmaneuvered and your boyz fleeing when their rank bonus vanishes. Warhammer is a game of maneuver and I'd consider making sure your army has enough support, either in mobility, missile fire or (of course) both.

Why not look in the Army list forum for some lists to compare against your own? This also might provide some insight into Orc lists and tactics.


22-09-2006, 12:55
3. Find a post by Avian, I seem to remember he has an Orc strategy guide in his sigmature.
Note that this is not updated for the new version of the army book yet.

Anyway, currently (after 4 battles with the new list) my thinking for a 2500 pt army favours:
- Black Orc Warboss on boar
- Black Orc BSB on boar
- Goblin Big Boss on Wolf
- Night Goblin Shaman with staff of Sneaky Stealing
- 3x 30ish Orc Boyz (I'll be using one of each basic weapon combo, for variation)
- 2-3 units 25-30 of goblins geared for close combat
- 2 units of 20 night goblins with short bows
- 3-4 units of 5 fast cav
- special choices divided more or less evenly between artillery and chariots
- a scattering of other stuff (trolls, snots, etc.)

24-09-2006, 01:27
Avian where do you keep your characters on boars?

24-09-2006, 10:53
In the orc boy units, you can now put mounted characters in infantry units and they wont get shot, so you get the +2 save for boar plus a mount attack

I believe thats what Avian was thinking :)

25-09-2006, 02:04
I would think about a couple of things.

1. Doom Diver, coolist thing ever. Who does not love shooting goblins across the battlefield. I understand they are making it -3 save insted of no army but still an awesome thing.

2. Spear Chukka's. You can get two for one speacial choice and they are only 35pt each. This is outstanding IMO.

3. Black orcs and Big'uns. They are like orcs, but are useful in combat. The new BO will have both great weapons and two weapons and will kick butt.

4. I love my gient, don't know if you want one or not but 12 inch charge, terror, and all the damage they can lay out is outstanding and can always does better than you would think (accept against empire cannons, ouch)

Not to change your oppinion but how can you not love squig hoppers and fanatics. Fanatics are the reason I started orcs and goblins, drunking goblins with heavy balls on chains flying around the battlefield. Totally awesome and fun for the whole family.

I personally play with no magic, as I find it not worth the amount I usually spend on them, I always play with the Black Orc Warboss for the extra leadership and strength (7 with a great weapon). Anyway, hope this helps. Also, visit http://www.da-warpath.com/ for more info on the green horde.