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23-09-2006, 02:48
You can actually disregard this post. I kept thinking something was flawed... theres no reason he should have been doing so well. He was a level one wizard casting on three dice everytime. Problem solved.

Okay guys, I need some opinions.
I'm helping put together a Warbands tournament at our local gamestore so I've been playing a lot of 200-500 point games lately. Tonight I found a problem. At least for me. A buddy of mine is running VC's and in turn one of the game he out-pointed me by 80+ points with his raising spell.

The warband rules allow 150 points of chracters where neither exceeds 75 points. His necromancer is 65. I'm running dark elves so my cheapest caster is 90 points; thus, I cannot field any caster during the warbands tourney. How do you suggest dealing with this? He has three dice and will usually cast his spell. This is going to end up being a problem for most folks who cannot bring a caster in a 200pt game (or at all).

Basically he can hang back and continue to increase his unit sizes/add new skeletons. This makes a much larger difference in small games than 2k games.

Any advice?