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31-03-2005, 05:40
This sunday I will try my hand on a dwarf army for the first time proper, meaning with some painted models.

The one time I tried dwarfs before I got, well let just call it destroyed, but I deserved it since only one or two models in the whole army where painted, you're bound to loose then.

But not this time, by this Sunday I should have at least half of the army painted and they must feel I am commited, to them (see my 'Tale of four gamers' thread for more info on that)

I'm going for a bit, a small bit, of a "horde" feeling for the moment (I've got to make a dent in that sea of unpainted models), so not to much points in war machines and characters.

And I'm using Longbeards, I know everybody has allready told me that I should get Ironbreakers or hammerers but I don't care, I think Longbeards are some of the best models ever made by GW so they're in.

Anyway, here's the list.
Tear it to shreds if you please :)

Thane, General, Great weapon, shield, Gromril armour w. rune of stone. 119Pts
Master rune of spite

Thane, battle standard, Gromril Armour master rune of Gromnil. 133Pts
Weapon with Rune of cleaving

Runesmith, Great Weapon, Gromril Armour w. rune of stone. 137Pts
Rune of Spellbreaking (x2)

12 Miners, Full command. 174Pts

12 Thunderers, Full command. 193Pts

24 Warriors, Heavy armour, Hand w. shield, full command. 241Pts

24 Warriors, Heavy armour, Hand w. shield, full command. 241Pts

20 Longbeards, full command, rune of battle. 335Pts

Stone Thrower, Rune of Fortune, Rune of penetrating. 135Pts

12 Troll Slayers, full command. 150Pts

Gyrocopter. 140Pts

Models in Army: 113

Total Army Cost: 1998

01-04-2005, 11:05
Go for lord and realy swap those lonberds for hammerers - as thay should get new plastics ;)

01-04-2005, 12:57
The lord is a definite option.

But the longbeards stay, I am infact finishing the last 8 as I type this (they're drying)

Hammerers might come later in a bigger/different army, I've allready got 20 of them including a command group, lying here unpainted in a box.

Had them for years in fact. :o

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01-04-2005, 17:26
As said beofr hammerers or ironbreakers would be a better choice, but whatever works for you. The only issue I have is that you could use a cannon or s7 bolt thrower

05-04-2005, 13:38
Well the guys had their first outing, and their second.

The least said about the first the better, not a single model was left on the table at the end of the game (against beastmen).

BUT, I have learned from the game.

For now the Gyrocopter is to make room for a cannon, no more banner in the Slayers and they are dropped to 10, the Thane general is upgraded to a lord.

Furthermore, the units of warriors are dropped to 20 and the unit thunderers is increased to 15 and they get shields, they will be joined by the runesmith making it a propper unit.

This army took on a Khorne demonic legion yesterday and succeeded in making it a draw.

Not bad for an army that I only had used once before.

I see an upwardly mobile trend. :D