View Full Version : Noob needs help with Dwarfs.

Getifa Ubazza
25-09-2006, 14:45
This army is based on the contents of 2 boxes of Battle of skull pass.

1 Thane: hand weapon, gromril armour, shield and Oath stone 87pts

1 Dragon slayer: slayer axes 50pts

19 Dwarf warriors: hand weapon, heavy armour, shield and full command 196pts

2x10 Thunderers: handgun, hand weapon, light armour and full command 165pts each = 330pts

2 Cannons: crew have hand weapon and light armour 90pts each = 180pts

12 Miners: great weapon, hand weapon, heavy armour and full command 157pts

This is a 1000pts list

I would consider myself a complete noob when it comes to Fantasy,having only played around 5 games and would like you to take this into consideration when giving advice. Im also not wanting to buy any more dwarfs, if i can help it but if theres a real need for something i just cant do without then i will consider it.

Also any tactical advise would be so great. ie. How should i set the army up and well the basics really.

Thank you for your time

25-09-2006, 17:59
Not much I can advise you on really.

I'd rather give the Thunderers Shields than Full Command personally, that extra save gives them decent close combat survivability as well.

In addition, you may come to find 2 units of 10 warriors (or a unit of 10 and a unit of 9) more useful - see how it goes.

Basically, try to set up so you can pick a unit and pound it with at least 1 Cannon and 1 Thunderer regiment as it advances - concentrating all your shooting would be handier. You want to decide what to do with your shooting at the start of each shooting phase - do you want to strip ranks off or force panic checks - and stop shooting a unit once you have achieved this.

For now, you will find that fine, and if your opponent allows you can proxy some things to see how they work (for example, I prefer the Grudge Thrower to the Cannon as it's better at killing units).

If you enjoy the game though, you will want to expand your army eventually - new toys are always fun :D.