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25-09-2006, 20:41
This is my ‘little’ place where I hope to get myself into gear and finish my poor Wood Elves. I waited seven years for the new army and got bought the army box on release (inc limited B.St.B – whom I haven’t decided whether to paint and sell or just keep), some Wild Riders, 20 Eternal guard, 8 Waywatchers, the special character branchwraith - Drycha, extra Wardancers and I adopted two fell beasts and a rat ogre to paint and use as treekin until I convert my own. I also intend to convert a treeman but money and time are stopping me from creating so I have to just plot.

My army atm; Filed, glued and sprayed white… 1 unit of Glade guard, 20 Eternal guard, 2 Spellweavers (I hate that female one), 1 Noble, 12 Waywatchers (inc my Highborn), Drycha and the Wardancers. In parts or partially put together… 1 unit of Glade guard, the Wild riders (5), not managed to greenstuff the Warhawks yet and my second Dryad unit has been un-basecoated for way too long. Partially painted… 6 Glade ridersand the ‘treekin’. Fully painted (must varnish them really)… 1 unit of Dryads (10), 1 Glade guard and 2 Glade riders.

Feel free to comment; C&C is more than welcomed (telling me to hurry up and get painting is definitely encouraged).  And I’m open to advice on colours, conversions and ideas to help make my army lovely to look at. Also I’m not the best at writing anything so if you have a question or request of me just ask… just be (kind of) sensible. ;P

The first steps…
After testing out several colour schemes on paper using templates that I drew up and printed out… (I have similar ones for each of my armies, past and present.)


I lost the original test sheet to my 2yr old son…. (Rrriiippp!!!) …thus I can’t show it here; then I did up three test models, the single Glade guard and two Glade riders.

25-09-2006, 20:43
The main colours I choose as base were:

20/80 mix of Chaos black and Dark Angles Green (made up a pot of this)
Scaly green
Scorched brown (also base for the horse armour)
Dark flesh
Bestial brown (also base for arrows)
Scab red

Flesh & Hair
Tanned flesh
(hair) Various colours, thus far: Vermin brown, Desert yellow, Chaos Black

Chainmail (on riders only as weapon blades)
Shining gold
Chaos black (gems)

These were the same for both the Glade guard and riders but I placed the colours in differing places on each model so they didn’t look cloned.





The highlighting colours are mainly Kommando khaki and Bleached bone… I’d have to find my notes to be sure. I’m gonna go look for them before I post my Dryads.

25-09-2006, 22:16
Really good idea with the templates!

I like the vibrant color choices a lot, as well as the very strong layering.

My only suggestion that is if you are gonna go glowey and heavy layered, blacklining makes it even punchier. Try and seperate your areas with some thin black lines, maybe.