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25-09-2006, 22:43
I'm new to the game so i read the rulebooks, the army books for chaos (got the lore stuff on order, liber chaotica, necris, etc) and came up with this list based on what i've read online and my tastes from the lore.
First off, I know i dont have marauders, I know they have value strategically and many people swear by them. However, I refuse to use them based on the lore I've read so far, and I hate painting flesh.
Chaos Lord on Demonic Mount - 348
Shield, Sword of Battle, Armour of Damnation, Gaze of the Gods

5 Chaos Knights - 165

Chaos Sorcerer (Fire) - 160
Magic Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar

Bray Shaman (Shadow) - 160
Magic Level 2, Braystaff, Power Familiar

18 Chaos Warriors w/ Shield, Full Command - 300

5 Chaos Warhounds - 30

2 Chaos Chariot of Nurgle - 270

2 units of 3 Chaos Ogres w/ Heavy Armour; Shield - 246

5 Screamers of Tzeentch - 165

2 Fiend of Slaanesh (Spawns) - 150
I tried to get most of the varieties of chaos involved (mortal, beasts, the 4 gods, etc), and that may be a downfall so it may change.
What im curious of is... Will this list work? Am I overlooking a huge flaw (excluding mauraders)?
Trying to make this a fun list to play with, against and to paint/convert.

25-09-2006, 23:21
You will only be fielding 40 models and you don't really have any missle screens. It seems like you will be betting on your armor saves but what will happen when your opponent brings bolt throwers or cannons. I would recommend hounds and beast herds to up your model count and screen your troops.

26-09-2006, 02:16
You will only need three models of Tzeetch screemers. They can get too big and the slashing attack is but an added bonus to these guys. If you have the chance of charging a lone mage, why would you use the flying slash. Charge him, overrun, and hit what's behind him anyways. If the mage is in the unit, charge with two models touching the character, that 4 ws4 st4 attacks. Not a bad chance against ws3 t3 models I'd say. If you are war machine hunting, 5 models get in the way and the extra attacks are wasted. 3 models brings 6attacks and fear into contact with these machines. Plus if they go "pop" from being demons, then you only loose 99 pts.

Personally, I detest spawns. The movement is just too unpredicatble for me. I like to make sure that I can get my pieces into threatening positions ASAP. The spawns have their uses, but at 150 pts for 2 fiend of slaanesh, I can get better mileage out of marauder horsemen, tuskgagor chariots, or large beastherds.