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26-09-2006, 01:22
This background has the primary purpose of justifying my Sisters fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere, including Imperial forces (which everyone knows are too common to avoid facing most of the time). I've definitely taken some liberties, but it's largely irrelevant to me if anyone thinks a Sisters convent can't be on a battleship or whatnot - The 40k universe is so big that almost anything goes, fluff-wise. So if you want to complain about it, save your breath because I'm not changing it for you :p

If you have any constructive ideas though, like a cool thing to add to my fluff, or something you think needs more explanation, please post! Even if you want to suggest a modification to make the fluff more plausible, go ahead. I'm just going to ignore any "this sux and is impossible u r gay" flames.

Without further ado...

The Order of Our Martyred Lady: Preceptory of Her Bloody Vengeance

The Preceptory of Her Bloody Vengeance is located on the ancient, heavily modified Emperor-class battleship Our Lady's Sword. The command section of the ship has been converted into a chapel of immense proportions capable of holding the entire convent for worship services. It can be difficult to determine the difference between worship and battle on this relic of a bridge, however- command functions have been hidden beneath the trappings of religion so cleverly that many techpriests would be baffled by their intricacies. Though none in the Order have the technical skills of the artificer who created this masterpiece, their dedication and faith are all that is required to direct the warship. Controls are activated by such means as the singing of particular hymns, playing particular melodies on the many organs that adorn the space, and reading the correct passages from the Order's holy texts.

Power plants that once powered the lances and batteries of the Sword have been converted into living and training spaces to serve the needs of the Sisters of Her Bloody Vengeance. As a consequence, the ship is sorely lacking in firepower, retaining only enough defensive weaponry to fend off enemy torpedoes and bombers. Her shields and armor are sound however, and function more than adequately for the Sword's primary purpose- delivering the faithful Sisters into the teeth of the enemy where they can enact the Emperor's will. The Sword maintains scores of assault boats ready to flood a planetary battlefield with Adepta troops, or even to partake in boarding actions against enemy ships in time of need. The Sword’s diminished combat potential means it is rarely unaccompanied by a substantial escort in dangerous sectors of space.

For millenia, the Sword has been at the front of many imerial pushes against aliens and heretics. The Sisters of Her Bloody Vengeance eschew the tradtional defensive and custodial role of the Adepta Soriritas in favor of a zealous pursuit of all humanity's enemies. The Preceptory has enemies both within the Order and the High Lords of Terra who feel that the aggressive posture of the convent is a threat to the delicate balance of Imperial forces. Indeed, the powerful Preceptory has crushed many human forces, from Imperial Guard to Adeptus Astartes, at the slightest suspicion of heresy or mutation.

The Preceptory owes its continued existence to Canoness Preceptor Kira, a powerful and mysterious figure who commands great respect and obedience throughout the Imperium. Her connections with the Oder Famulous and the Ordo Hereticus give her the tools she has used and continues to use to ensure her Preceptory’s continued existence despite all opposition. Perhaps the greatest mystery surrounding Preceptor Kira is her age; she has, according to all Imperial records, served as Preceptor of Her Bloody Vengeance and commander of Our Lady’s Sword since the convent was founded millennia ago.

Rumors abound that the Emperor Himself preserves her life in order that she continue her work in His name. Still others claim that she uses some forbidden technology or warp powers to maintain her hold on power. Most plausible of the rumors, however, is that Preceptor Kira’s identity is hereditary, passing from generation to generation of Sororitas. This is made even more plausible by the fact that she is never seen without her armor, visored helmet, and large, concealing cloak. The number of battle decorations she wears alone defies possibility in the eyes of most – her accomplishments on the field are said to rival a Primarch of old. The most likely explanation is that Kira has fallen in battle many times, only to be replaced by a younger Sister who inherits her weapons and armor. The Sisters of Her Bloody Vengeance stubbornly refuse to admit anything of the sort, even to themselves, and will claim even under torture that the Kira of old still leads them by the Grace of the Emperor.

Of the Preceptory of Her Bloody Vengance, the most decorated unit is known as the Black Mission. Each Sister of the Black Mission bears a list of deeds much longer and more distinguished than her age would suggest. The Mission always enters battle in their menacing black transports and high ceremonial adornment, fighting in perfect parade formations. The Mission’s three exorcist tanks, Invictus, Exterminatus, and Mortis, an unprecedented force of these powerful relics for one Mission, play a rich harmony joined by the Black Missions’ pure voices in an unearthly chorus that often unnerves allied Imperial forces as much as enemies.

The Black Mission is usually led by Canoness Commander Sarielle, a highly decorated veteran known more for her prowess with the deadly Blade of Admonition and her darkly angelic appearance than for tactical brilliance. Canoness Preceptor Kira has often led this mission as well, leaving her post on Our Lady’s Sword in order to shed heretical blood and bring glory to the Emperor’s Name.

26-09-2006, 01:45
First off, why The Order of Our Martyred Lady? It's an already long standing order among the Imperium, and has a living saint commanding them. Personally I beleive a home brewed Order would serve your story much more effectively than changing the bases of an established order.

I love the detail about the ships controlls, quite original, very "sisterly".

However... how exactly would the sisters have the technical experteise to remove the power plants, yet not keep the weapons systems maintained? Perhaps some exageration about this would help, perhaps the inclusion of the AdMechs refitting the ships for the sister's needs.

Ontop of which, a basically unarmed ship leading the assault in any fleet would be destroyed, so that shield must be one hell of an invention, of perhaps alien origin? Who knows, maybe some explanation here would give the story some spice.

Again the question about the three Exorcist tanks raises the question, how could a sisterhood who doesn't have the technical experteise to maintain the systems of a ship, be able to repair let alone replace these without some story? Might be fun to add some percursor to a campaign here...

More detail and the use of literary devices wouldn't hurt, as this is more or less a collection of events and information rather than a background story one would suspect.

26-09-2006, 11:56
Yep, it is pretty rudimentary at this point... Think of it as a little snippet you'd find in a codex, not a full background story. And I used Our Martyred Lady because I like their color schemes and wanted to use their emblem- there's no problem with making your own preceptory of an existing Order.

In terms of the tech, nobody in the Imperium understands relics like Exorcists. Presumably they know enough to maintain them, but couldn't replicate them and don't understand all the nuances of their operation. Some unknown master artificier in the distant past is credited with converting the battleship into a convent. I was thinking about making BFG rules for it, it might have extra shielding or armor to allow it to move up to deploy its assault boats, which would be its real offensive weapon.

26-09-2006, 12:04
Overall, I like it and is really fitting.

26-09-2006, 12:05
Yeah, but it is a nice start. True, so how are you going to explain the break away from the old way of doing things? Maybe it began with an arguement between the two factions?

Another true statement, so have you thought about all my other questions? How you're going to explain a sheild, that most Imperial ships don't have? So on and so on...

26-09-2006, 18:38
I'd assume because an Ad Mech converted it for them, perhaps because of some ulterior motive, perhaps because he was swayed and became a follower of them. He obviously went to great pains to ensure the ship would basically maintain itself, perhaps it has many serviators in holds specifally programmed to do the things he knew they would need, like repair the Excorcist tanks.

26-09-2006, 18:51
I have to agree with Sarge that the use of an already existing order isn't all that needed...but maybe you like the colour scheme?

The technical expertise is the only sore point in my view though, otherwise excellent. :D

Most of the techs in warhammer has no idea what they're doing by this time...maybe the ship was made in the dark age? But then you would have to explain the religious thingie...hmmm...modifications on an already advanced system from the old ages?

I especially liked the character description. :D

26-09-2006, 20:41
Thanks for the input everyone. It's just a short summary, so don't expect every hole to be filled in. I might go back and flesh it out more later, but I'm too busy to bother with it for the time being.

27-09-2006, 16:13
Mainly, I liked it, and it fitted pretty well

Inq. Veltane
27-09-2006, 16:47
I think you need to explain how the Sisters managed to acquire the Our Lady's Sword in the first place. Whilst you describe it as 'Ancient' it really can't be more than about 2,500 years old (i.e. the time that the fifth and sixth orders were split off). I think that early in M39 is probably the most likely time for the Sisters to have acquired it although I don't think the Ad Mech would make such a thing. Rather I would expect it to be the product of a devout Shipyard, maybe located in orbit around a Cardinal World? Of course if its a conversation of an older ship...

It could be a pre-Heresy era battleship which was turned into a hulk during a War of Faith to liberate a technologically advanced world from the grip of an apostate Cardinal. As thanks and penance the shipyard of the world converted the hulk into a Cathedral, perhaps intending it to stay in orbit around the planet. Guided by a vision, however, Kira broke the ship out of orbit and went to the aid of...well whatever you want. Its your fluff. Just a few ideas to make it 'more plausible'.

27-09-2006, 17:08
In case you haven't noticed, MOST things in the 40k fluff are "unknown." Things that happened in the distant past can generally only be explained by rumor and legend. I don't think there's any problem with leaving questions unanswered. Plus, see above.

Inq. Veltane
27-09-2006, 21:58
I guess its just me but even if it isn't public knowledge (or even secret knowledge, i.e. nobody alive knows it anymore) I'd still want to know what happened, why and when. I guess its the historian in me. Just because something isn't explicitly stated doesn't mean that it was just randomly decided that it happened, events have to fit within the framework of the rest of the universe to an extent.

I'm not saying that the idea of a Preceptory on a converted Battleship isn't an option (I gave one way of justifying it, there are others) but I do think that it should be justified...for me justifying the unusual things is part of writing up the background for a force or character.