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26-09-2006, 13:11
Hey guys& gals, looking for RT based comments on this list. I wanted to do a non-standard Bret army, one which I have written a backstory for. Basic idea is the eldar Duke Madoc (older brother of the current one) rode off years ago with the bulk of the chivalry for a noble cause and was slaughtered, so the younger has to lean far more heavily on peasants! The younger duke is not without resources, he himself has a Hippogriff he has trained from hatching and a small Grail chaple was built on the lands to honor the departed brothers, some of the knights from that chaple will support him.

Anyway, here is the list:

Duke Madoc the Younger - 438 Pts
General; Grail Vow; The Wyrmlance; The Grail Shield; Mantle of Damsel Elena; Virtue of the Joust
Riding Hippogryph

Baron of Chantil & the Grail Order
1 Paladin (Battle Standard Bearer) 150 Pts
Grail Vow; Virtue of Duty; Conqueror's Tapestry @
5 Grail Knights, Full Command @ 220 Pts

Lady Yanon & the Knights of the Lady
6 Knights of the Realm; Full Command, using the old female special char as the champion - 168 Pts

The Duke's Huntsmen (5#, 87 Pts)
5 Mounted Yeomen; Musician - 87 Pts

Sir Tevern, Lady Bella & the Castle Guards
1 Paladin @ 105 Pts
Morning Star of Fracasse; Enchanted Shield; Virtue of Empathy
1 Damsel of the Lady @ 155 Pts
Level 2; Chalice of Malfleur; Ruby Goblet
22 Men-at-Arms; Spear; Full Command @ 142 Pts

Northern Lads
14 Men-at-Arms, Full Command @ 102 Pts

Southern Lads
14 Men-at-Arms, Full Command @ 102 Pts

The Unwashed (aka The Pious Brotherhood of Madoc)
1 Grail Reliquae @ 190 Pts
14 Battle Pilgrims

Lady Decora du Madoc & the Hamshog Lads
1 Lady Decora du Madoc @ 130 Pts
Level 2; 1 Dispel Scroll
15 Peasant Bowmen, Standard Bearer @ 100 Pts

Wellmet Lads
10 Peasant Bowmen: Skirmishers @ 70 Pts

The Duke's Engineers
Field Trebuchet @ 90 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 2249

The Lady with the peasants takes Beasts, the one with the Archers, Life. With the Virtue of Empathy, the Palidin withthe spears is placed central. One halberd units is placed next to the spears, one next to the Grail Reliquae, they are there for countercharge purposes.

I played this once so far against a very good high elf army with an archmage and normal mage, and was able to wipe it out entirely (killed last eagal and crewman on the shooting phase of the last turn. He failed 2 important leadership tests that helped (failed a terror test that let me run down a spear unit & normal mage on Turn 2, lost 2 Silverhelms to shooting on Turn one that paniced through one of the 2 warmachine crews, panicing that. Both ralied, but it certainly helped!) I Played an effective list that was similar at 2000 points, but with did not have the hippogrif due to point limitations.

The Guy I was playing thought that in a Rough Trader this list might get votes for Best Army for an non standard,but themed (in backstory) army list! I did not expect nor solicit that comment, whant would you think?

26-09-2006, 20:02
Hmm, only a few veiws, no responses, is there something different I need to do or is my list and question just that uninteresting! <grin>

26-09-2006, 23:14
Fixed the army list

27-09-2006, 00:14
I like your theme and much of what you have taken. I like the peasent theme as I use lots of peasents in my own Bretonnian Army. You will love the bowmen. Longbows are awsome and I think you should try to squeeze in a another dozen non-skirmishing bowmen.

It's hard to critique you list 'cause you are going for Fluff over Power.
From my experience the hypogryph is not worth it. I like my general in my units and I just don't like monsters that much overall. If you were taking Pegasus knights I would reconsider my opinion on the hypo. as this would give youa flock to run around with. I think you will find that having your general on a horse in a unit will give you better results. Also, this will free up 200pts. This will let you buy a few more Knights o da Realm as I think you will want a unit of 9 just for the rank bonus...and a few extra attacks can't hurt.:D

I don't like the wyrmlance myself, I think there are better magic weapons out there. I can't say I like your lord. He's just not the kind of Bret Lord I tend to field, but to each their own. Again, if it's a fluff thing keep it.

What is missing from your army is a War Banner. Put one in the KotR unit and they will beat back anything they charge. You don't want to be in HtH for more than one round with knights...they become...well...not good.
With the remaining points I would add an extra few models to the Norther and Southern Lads. I don't know if you plan on fielding them as 2x7 or 2x5+4. You may need their rank bonus at some point so haveing a few extra guys to fill ranks would be helpful. Also if you plan on using them for flank charges you will need to make them thin (5 wide) to keep them maneurverable.

Then I'd get more Bowmen. Take the unit of 15 and buy a second unit to make 2 of 12. Drop the standard as it's useless on them. If they get charged a +1 CR isn't going to make a difference. Unless you are taking it to be fluffy then keep it.
The Reliquae is da bomb. These guys will hold the line for you more often than not. It takes alot to beat them off and it's a wicked cool model.
The Trebuchet is a big nsty stone thrower...nuff said.

Overall I like your list. It look like you have a solid theme going and It would be a refreshing change from playing against RAF or massed point and click Knight armies. My Orcs & Goblins would have trouble because you have alot of infantry and after a few round of arrowing they may not outnumber you by much...they will still out number you. But hey, we're goblins.
Have fun playing and stick to your theme! I like nothing more than playing fluffy armies, not armies that are designed to only win games.


27-09-2006, 03:00
Thanks, I made one mistake, the 14 MaA (halberds) are actually 15 (14+champion, but when i cleaned up the list the champ got added to full comand and I forgot to increase the number, the spear guys have another as well)

I cant add more because, well, I dont have many more!!! Rogue Trader, so you do NOT want proxies. These units accompnay the other infantry (one each with spears and reliqae) and I use them similar to empire detachments, charge in the flank if the Spears/Reliquea hold! if the enemy charges these guys directly they just flee unless they are chargedby a light unit, then they trust the 4+ armor save.

The Wyrmlance is mostly for leadership 8 (and to a lesser extent 9) infantry blocks. Fly the lord up to and in front of said block, fry them, usualy can cause a panic test (archers will also fire here if needed for test) and sometimes cost a rank, them you test terror at the start of your turn, then you test Fear if you wish to charge... With leadership * I think many fail 1 in every 3 leadership tests, I know I can! This lets the flying guy face some infantry (obviously high armor high leadership troops require different tactics) The only other Weapon choice for 20 points is the sword of might.

I could drop his immune to poison & killing blow item for more weapons points, but for some reason EVERYONE here likes poison and killing blow (the other Bret player plays an all cav force, so he traind them into it). I have lost a lot of humand loards to poison/killing blow!

More bowman, yes, very cool, but again what to give up th get them? I would have to lose a character, or a unit of infantry (if I drop the hyppogryph all those points are needed to get teh 3rd unit of knights, so the points cannot come from there). As it is I have a total of 25 shots that is there is a hill in my deployment zone can all usually target the same thing! I tend to putthe skirmisher archers near the treb, and orther archer line after the opening screening of the spear unit.

Basically, i agree with your concern on the loard, not sure if the adder flexability of the flyer/terror causer to fight the oterh expected nasties or a 3rd small unit of knights woudl be better. i cannot see jsut beefing up the KotR and using the hyppos poius elsewere, one 2 hard hitting units will limit my options too much,and make me way too vulverable to a good spell/charge that wipe out one of the 2 units.