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26-09-2006, 20:46

Hello folks!
As you know, there are only two ways of fielding a Great Daemon in 40K, and they consist in either having a miniature carrying a Chaos relic, or a Daemon Host. However, this excellent idea has a small problem attached to it... there are no miniatures of either option!
I have seen many miniatures throughout the web, were a fan has converted a Chaos Aspiring Champion; and being inspired in part by those works and also by the lovely putrid mini of the Daemon Prince released for the Medusa V campaign, i decided to go and do my own version of a fat nurglish bastard... :D

Bear in mind that this is still a WIP, and many details are still missing. But i think you'll get the idea...

Here are the pics



And a size comparison...


C&C are most welcome!


Warwolt the skaven
26-09-2006, 20:53
... oh my gawd. Your skills in the art of sculpting is superb! Makes me wanna sculpt.

26-09-2006, 20:58
thats classy mate


26-09-2006, 21:04
Kawwwh! Sweet!

There's no need to 'Bear in mind that it's WIP' It's showing blatant promise already.

26-09-2006, 21:28
Loooking great man!

26-09-2006, 21:37
I'm also doing some work with converting Death Guard. I really like this little piece of work here. Keep it up!

26-09-2006, 21:47
i dont mean to be a prick, but is it for DemonHunters, being a DemonHost, or is it for s DG army, being a DemonVessel?

Awesome model all the same. i do wish there were GS classes in Minnesota.

Metal Fingered Villain
26-09-2006, 22:45
Very sweet although if he is for daemonhunters he should be bound as unbound dameonhost's can cause quite a fiasco.

26-09-2006, 22:51
-GASP!_ that GD is AWESOME!!!

26-09-2006, 23:01
i think by demonhost he ment the person that will become the greater demon in his army

27-09-2006, 00:49
far out they are too good

Aerion the Faithful
27-09-2006, 02:07
As others have stated, my friend, you are doing a most amazing job on this Daemon Vessel (i knew that when i helped you write the text for this post i was mistaking something; me and my darned SoB! :p ). I can't wait to see this boy finished!...

Oh! Just a thing: Metal Fingered Villain, although your skills with GS are obviously excellent and you deserve great words of praise, i think you should open your own thread if you want C&C on your work, as this is FreakForge's and you might distract the guys a bit... I understand that you meant no harm and just wanted to put the pic as an example, but as i said, it's distracting. We wouldn't know if people talk about your mini or the guy who started the thread...

Until soon.

Aerion the Faithful

27-09-2006, 10:15
FF, great work, in particular I'm very taken with the whole back pack arrangement, very cool indeed. I can't wait to see the next installment :).


P.S, I agree with Aerion, MFV, your stuff easily warrents it's own thread (an update to your old one maybe?).

The boyz
27-09-2006, 10:27
Awesome stuff FreakForge. I love the sculpting, that is one very disgusting looking Nurgle Deamonhost, I like it.

27-09-2006, 15:04
That mini will work great with the new nurgle DP. Even unpainted it's ridiculously impressive.

It'd work great as a chaos lord or a posessed marine too.

Awesome job.

27-09-2006, 15:11

06-10-2006, 19:28
A quick update:


More pics soon.


10-10-2006, 16:04
Awesome job FF! I also started my Deathguard some weeks ago and this is defnetly going to my Inspiration-Files!

10-10-2006, 16:53
Neat. Very neat. I especially like the Nurgle-symbol swordhilt.

I've added a copy of the last photo with the contrast boosted a bit so that it's easier to see the detail.

10-10-2006, 18:32
Wow, I dig the sword!

10-10-2006, 21:14
Nice job. The face remember the Nurgle Daemon Prince. I like the fly in the stomach.

10-10-2006, 23:06
I really really like it butt I should tell you about this thing called a 40mm base which we use for things that can't fit on the standard 25mm

Grey Knight
10-10-2006, 23:09
Thats really wonderful work! I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve further.

18-11-2006, 00:07
Finally an update!!

After thinking it I choose to change the sword into a Bolter.
Also I made the belly more grotesque.

The final shot of the WIP mini:



" Eat the ROTTEN bullets of Papa Nurgle"


C&C are welcome.


Lord Humongous
18-11-2006, 01:01
Awesome work. Really like the bolt gun- its got "true grit" in spades! I think he should be on a 40mm base, he looks like he's jumping off that one.
I'm not sure a special model is really needed for the deamon vessel- he's "just" an aspiring champion. But that guy makes an aces nurgle character of ANY sort, so whatever excuse you needed is good.
BTW, what did you mean by saying the greater deamon could be brought on via a "chaos relic"?

18-11-2006, 01:58
Amazing work with sculpting; the work looks completely professional. Also, I love the pose he's in, aiming down his gun with his "crazy-chaos-y" look on his face. :evilgrin:

Can't wait to see more!

18-11-2006, 03:55
Wow! That's just awesome.

You could use him as your vessel, or a daemon prince, or anything else that's supposed to be big and nurgley. Fantastic work.

18-11-2006, 09:09
It looks even better now FF!
Can't wait to get a copy :D

18-11-2006, 09:24
very very nice,


18-11-2006, 09:29
That's awesome!!! :eek:

18-11-2006, 10:29
That's a great model. Can't wait to see him done. I am guessing he will be on a larger base when he is done.

Quin 242
18-11-2006, 10:36
He's just nifty!! Well concieved and better executed... Perfectly Nurgley.
But as pointed out Daemon vessels are usually just an aspiring champion.. Who is going to die when your Greater Daemon pops out... Buying him a powerfist is just silly since he already gets the S of ther Daemon inside.

It's actually not a good idea to indicate to your opponent that you HAVE a daemonvessel... if it gets killed before "popping skin" then it hads to test for instability every turn :(
Would make a GREAT daemon prince or lord tho!!!
Also.. I'm thirding or fourthing that he needs a 40mm base...

18-11-2006, 15:00
AMAZING!!!!!!! LOOKS REALLY REALLY WELL DONE!!! great idea on the deamon possedsed guys.

glowing in the dark
18-11-2006, 16:53
Wow, one of best scratch built models i've seen in las few years.
If it gets painted like it deserves...wow!:)

25-11-2006, 18:41
Thanks for the comments!
Finally ... the mini is completed.





As you can see that I follow your advices and choose to change the base ( Last time change, So I didnīt paint it ).I will post some pics when the I finish the base.

Thanks again


25-11-2006, 18:44
Fantastic - I had my doubts before he was painted, but he seems to be so close in style to the nurgle DP now he's painted you'd never suspect he was done from scratch. Great work!

25-11-2006, 18:46
Astounding work FF :D.

The only thing I'm not sure about is how sort of... plain e is, maybe spice up his armour with some yellow, or purple of something, I'm thinking some bilious colour would match his allegiance's more than just some of Nurgle's green.

Just my thoughts, great work other than that :D.


25-11-2006, 18:53
Seing your comic strip and this mini I can't help asking why GW has not offered you a job yet! Stunning!

25-11-2006, 19:48
Nice work on the painting FF!
Too bad I couln't afford the model.. so.. what's next? :D

25-11-2006, 20:09
Nice! What material is under the GS? Is the whole model scratch built?

25-11-2006, 20:19
i love this mini, great job. usually im not a fan of nurgle conversions (call me dumb, but i think some take the diseased and bloated too far and it just ruins the model)

I love how you have him bursting out of the armor, as if he is being overcome by the GD escaping him. as for the p-fist, dont pay for it, just use it as his normal gauntlet- he's big enough that no one would give you problems with it. and rules wise, dont let on he's the daemonhost- just a really cool looking asp champ.

also- if you're going to use him as the daemonhost- where are his chains? those are almost necessary these days.

25-11-2006, 22:54
Call it a Power glaive

That's one sexy model (if you like that sort of thing...)

26-11-2006, 08:33
Looks like an Ogren Possesed by nurgle.

Quin 242
26-11-2006, 09:04
Dunno why but until you painted him I thought he was a cyclops like the plague bearers and I liked that much more.. now that you picked out the other eye in whit.. I don't like the head as much..

I know that after paint it's hard to change but.. where are his ears?

other than that, spectacular stuff.
Thanks for sharing

26-11-2006, 09:25
Chains? They already had a discussion about this on the earlier pages. You can call it a Daemon Host or an Daemon Vessel.. read this quote;

A single Aspiring Champion model in the army will be acting as vessel (Known as the Daemonvessel or sometimes Daemonhost)

Anyways, nice work on the painting too FF!


26-11-2006, 13:52
WOW! that is just amazong dude, really really good indeed! however for me the skin in the painting doesnt look corrupted enough, but thats just me and overall i think it is a wicked model!

26-11-2006, 17:25
Thanks for your comments!

I´m really pleased with the final result :D .

Nice! What material is under the GS? Is the whole model scratch built?

under the GS is another Epoxy stuff ( quite similar to the Milliput ). I use a couple of Bits , a regular SM backpack ( not the Chaos one), a Chaos powerfist , and a regular SM shoulder pad ... and a Bolter.

i love this mini, great job. usually im not a fan of nurgle conversions (call me dumb, but i think some take the diseased and bloated too far and it just ruins the model)

I think the same.I always try to keep the miniature in a "calm" way.
IMHO , too many diseased and bloated effect make the miniature looks like a little bit funny.

The next project will be a Khorne (WE) aspiring champion.I will try to keep the blood-skull levels low :D .
Wish me luck!