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27-09-2006, 12:15
i hope this is in the right section
i have been trying to get back into my lizards and noticed somehting when making the army list.
(note: this may be a very noobish question, as i have not played for eons)
when making a saurus unit,
if you equip all of them w/ spears, the saurus in the front can still not use spears to get the predatory fighters rule right?
again, sry for the noobishness, :D

27-09-2006, 12:36
If you are using spears with saurus warriors then the front rank gets two attacks as normal, and the second rank gets one.

27-09-2006, 13:31
Flame is right in his statement, but I don't quite get what question you are asking.

Are you asking about the number of attacks in the first rank and the second rank? Flame got that covered.

Are you asking if you can chose *not* to use your spears? Yes. You may opt to use handweapons instead.


27-09-2006, 13:59
Saurus get two attacks, but they have a special rule called "predatory strikes" or something like that. This rule is to represent that they get the two attacks because they are meant to be biting and slashing with shield etc. Saurus in the rear ranks get one attack rather than two. It is a bit oddly phrased though.

27-09-2006, 19:00
It -specifically- states that this is how it works.

28-09-2006, 03:33
thx aot
i thought that the rule only applied if using a HW and not spears
thx again