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27-06-2005, 18:45
OK i hope this is the correct place for this sort of thing to be put(well if your reading this it means ive posted it now so meh)

Ive come up with a special character that could be used by any iron warriors army, but will be used my mine, because its my character. I thought he's an iron warrior lord so why not make the rules reflects this, rather than just creating another tooled up cc death beast from hell!!! Ive tried to make him fluffy and reflect the character of the army im trying to put together, of that of a highly mobile and machine heavy force.

Ok here goes

Warsmith ................. (need a good name still) 195 points

5 5 4 4 3 5 4 10 2+/5+

Wargear: Combimeltagun, servo drones, servo arm unit.

Servo drones: Accompanying [lord] into battle are a swarm of servo drones. Servo drones allow the first failed armour save per turn to be ignored. This rule extends to any members of a squad or retinue accompanying [lord](can only be used to save one wound per squad per turn, no more no less.) The servo drones cannont be used to ignore a wound that would normally inflict instant death upon a model.
The servo drones, under the ultimate controll of [lord] however, confer the daemonic rune gift upon [lord], but not to any other model or unit.
If [lord] is killed, the servo drones are also removed.

Servo arm unit: May be used to repair an immobilised vehicle OR destroyed weapon on a D6 of 4+. [lord] must be in base contact with the vehicle at the start of the chaos turn. If used in cose combat, the arms allow [lord] to attack as if he were armed with a lightning claw.

Unless accompanied by a retine [lord] is an independant character.

So there he is. Whilst a fairly impracticle unit to use in my opinion, the fact of the matter is i hope to have made his model up to such a high standard that ill never want to allow it to grace a playing table with his presence :p . But that point aside, if you had the fluff for my army with you (which i do!) i think he fits in perfectly.

I also have logical reasons for the points costs, stats and rules for this unit aswell if anyone needs further explanations as to how i came up with this rules, but ill leave them out for now as the post is getting long enough and im hungry.

Feedback welcome, thanks :)

27-06-2005, 20:50
Have you see the new rules for the Space Marine Tech Priest? The servo harness sounds like something that would fit an Iron Warrior Lord, it appears you forgot to give him bionics though. Rather then the old CC Lord how about make him more shooting orinated like multi servo arms with attatched bolters that can lay down fire storm? Perhaps some mini seige weapon like a tank buster missile with a limited amout of shots or or blast marker ordance weapon like a howizter on his shoulder?


28-06-2005, 10:50
no i havent seen the rules for the new SM techmarine but i am using the parts for the big multi armed backpack thing (servo harness you say?) i like the idea of a very shooty lord but i want to try and keep the theme going of a lord who is the sort of master technician(sp?) of the army and can use his skills to mend marines and tanks alike. But i do like that shooty idea... back to the drawing board to modify the rules a bit i think :chrome: ill get back to you all whith the modifications if i make any.