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28-09-2006, 02:41
Im going in a tourney in october and i am putting some last touches on my list and i would like some advice and critisism good or bad please :) as long as it helps the list. so far i know there is a all chariot tzeetch army:cries: , dwarf anvil army, lizardman coming. and i dont want to cheese my list i like playing a rounded fun list but is there anything that you can see won't help?

Elector count -161
-Armour of meteoric iron, holy relic and GW (with swordsmen)
BSB -83
- Full plate (swordsmen)
Warrior priest -101
-HA andshield (GSwords)
Mage level 1 -110
-2x dispel

23 Swordsmen -211
-full command, Giffon banner
-9 freecomp detach 45pts
-5 handgunners 40pts
6 Knights inner circle -156

10 archers -80

10 crossbows -80

5 huntsmen -50

17 Greatswords -234
-full command
-10 free comp 50pts
-5 handgunners 40pts
6 pistoliers -114

Cannon -100

Mortar -75

12 flaggies -144
Hellblaster -125


Thats all she wrote thx in advance to any responders:)

28-09-2006, 02:44
i would give the swordsmen the griffon banner since you are including a elector count. Also your list looks a little low on numbers would you mind posting the point costs of all the units so i can make a better assesment.

28-09-2006, 06:02
Meteoric Iron is a waste of points. Its much cheaper to go with Enchanted Shield+Full Plate to get a 2+/1+ save. Bottom line is an Empire General needs to stay away from things that go 'WHACK! You're Dead!' Given the fact that you have a good ward save, you don't even really need that.

I'd also probably switch out the hunstman for an archer detachment to screen the Greatswords(less cas=more ranks=a won combat).

Griffon>Sigismund IMO

No detach on swords?! WTF?

28-09-2006, 06:44
You wont need a BSB if you keep the banners on 50pts. Maybe lose some flaggies for more detachments. And drop the huntsmen and their marksmen to 6. Give the gunners a marksmen and a better rifle, same for the pistoliers. I played with this kind of list ones on a tour. Did not work. But maybe it was just me and my badluck.

29-09-2006, 17:08
Give the Gs the warbanner and drop a rank. Also look at giving them some archers as a detachment. Get some points from the Huntmen who should only be a vanila 5.

The pistoliers need a repeater pistol

The swordmen must have the Griffon banner. Drop some flaggies

Make the first handgunner unit a detachement for the swordsmen ( you can then drop it to less then 10 if you need to). If you want them as a unit a musician and gun upgrade for the marksmen.

29-09-2006, 18:46
Detachments are great - there would be opportunity for taking some more!

And a standard for those swordsmen is a must, at least if it will be 7th edition rules - where unit standard and BSB give cumulative bonuses to CR!

30-09-2006, 01:11
First of equipe the count with fullplate,enchanted shield,holyrelic,and icon of magnus, put him in the swordsmen so they become immune to fear. Next i'd give the priest a shield and lose the additional hand weapon because this guy is there for the hatred and extra dispel dice not his combat abilities which suck, if you can give him the rod of command and stick him in the great swords since it's better to reroll hits with str 5 attacks then with str3 and the rod will help if you lose to fear. If you now remove the Magic banner on the BSB and if you can mount him for a better save. Give the swordsmen the griffon banner this is a must have giving you a potentially +6 rank bonus :)

Give the knights either a full command or just a musician, the lone banner is just giving 100 vp.

Greatswords should be 17, add in the priest and field them 6x3 deep, for more attacks.Don't take more than 12 flagellants,try to get militia det. for the combat units and bring the handgunners to units of 5 and make them det. that way they don't cause panic and you can put them in front of your units to block line of sight, also drop the huntsmen to 5 and buy archers to protect the helblaster from missile fire then when your ready to shoot just move them out of the way.

If you can tweak it this way you should have a flexible kick ass army, i know mne is.

01-10-2006, 01:45
I like wat yours saying and im sorry i havent edited the list but at the molment im super busy but i should have a redone list up in a bit taking you advice into account thx allot people oh and for the 12 flaggies is that in 6x2 or other??

01-10-2006, 03:47
the list is updated

01-10-2006, 05:44
IMO, its better to have a screen detachment with the greatswords so they are shot at less than a small, rather worthless handgunner detachment. Archers are perfect for this, as they skirmish...