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28-09-2006, 10:26
well this is a new go at a 2k dark elf army, lemme know what you all think

Highborn (Blood Armour,Crimson Death,Hearstone of Darkness,Sea Dragon cloak,in a cold one chariot)

Noble (Enchanted Shield,Life Taker,Lance,Sea Dragoncloak,Heavy Armour,Dark Pegasus)

Sorceress ( 2 dispel scrolls)
Sorceress (dispel scroll)

Warriors x10 (rxbows,shields,musician)
Warriors x10 (rxbows,shields,musician)
Warriors x10 (rxbows,shields,musician)

Dark riders x5 (musician)
Dark Riders x5 (musician)
Cold One chariot
Executioners x18 (full command,Banner of Murder)
Shades x5
Reaper Boltthrower
Reaper Boltthrower

28-09-2006, 15:19
I don't quit understand the purpose of the 3x 10 warriors? 2x 15 with command would make more sense.

28-09-2006, 22:33
sorry about that i had forgotten to write in that they have reapeter crossbows, it's now been edited

29-09-2006, 00:30
What's wrong with with your army Yvon, didn't like a vampire racking up 2 of them in a corner ?

I think the executionners won't do very well, they are a nice hammer unit, but you have nothing to take the charge with.

Spears give out a great ranked unit of as low as 185 pts.

29-09-2006, 09:15
Well michel after the tournament i realised that the one part of the Dark elf army that i always thought inferior happened to be my strong point, being those damned repeater crossbows, so i've decided to get rid of 2 chariots because they got killed in every single game not just the one with you and to include some dark riders for harassment, and my spearmen didn't do much so i i'm ditching them for more crossbows but giving them shields so they can still fight pretty well, i actually calculated the damage my shooting caused and it comes down to 133 kills in 5 games which isn't bad considering some of those are on T4 models, and i gave the executioners the banner of murder to make a surprise unit, besides they are my favorite unit and the only one painted so far lol, oh and how did you add in your gaming stats at the bottom of the post, is it always there or do you add it in each time?

29-09-2006, 13:36
oh and how did you add in your gaming stats at the bottom of the post, is it always there or do you add it in each time?

It's my signature. Go in your private messages, and then in edit signature. Then voila!

Sure they got destroyed, but they aren't worth much, and still can cause damage.

Plus you need to playtest hus rmy more than 5 games to get results.

30-09-2006, 00:56
i'll be bringing the army to the next tournament to furthur the testing but it will most likely be with the modifications i have made, i've already played a game with a friend and he was using an all knight empire army and i got a massacre, and the dark riders proved extremely useful so will see at the tournament how everything will go.