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Dark Apostle197
01-10-2006, 20:26
Brace of pistols
Sword 110

3 witch hunters
3 braces of pistols
1 sword 175

warrior priest
2 hammers

5 zealots
10 hammers 130

2 warhounds 30

basically the plan is to have the witch hunters go around killing people with two pistol attacks in combat. The zealots go around stunning people and the hounds either kill em when they're down, or be used as bait/interceptors.

12 models(max for witch hunters)

03-10-2006, 18:20
you're relying an awful lot on your 2 pistol attacks to drop someone.

Pistols aren't any better than an S4 axe in combat. (Seriously, it's the same.)

You HAVE to expect your combats to last beyond turn 1. If it doesn't, consider yourself lucky, but it normally will. There's also the pesky reloading of pistols to consider. it's going to get in your way.

Trade some pistols for crossbows. Witch Hunters get shooting skills, make use of them.

I'd take 5 dogs at the beginning. They're wicked fast, strong, and have great WS. They're also cheap. If they die, replace them with someone better, but they're great to start.

Dark Apostle197
03-10-2006, 18:29
Thanks for the reply. I will probabaly keep the pistols, but the dogs are good. I have the conversion made the for witch hunters, so I will keep the pistols. remember, witch hunters aren't strength four. Plus I will probabaly have each of the wiutch hunters have a zealot chilling with him to stun the guys.

Fastforward rlz
06-10-2006, 21:51
hurm Yeah i think the witch hunters need a cc weapon besides a dagger tho. For my warband i gave my captain a crosbow pistol. It works really good. 4" more range and you use it in combat in adition to your other attacks. It's really nifty and cheaper than a brace. Also you have no shooting becides pistols. Shooting helps. I'd sugest like a witch hunter with crosbow or some zelots with bows even tho they're bs 2. The dogs work great. if you dont want your heros in combat with someone bum rush them with the dogs to tie them up. they're expendable.

Dark Apostle197
06-10-2006, 23:05
I have tried zealot shooting... And yea... Lol I'll pass with them for now. Maybe the witch hunters, but I already modeled all the stuff so far. I am probabaly going to take more dogs, freeing up points to give the wutch hunters some weapons.

07-10-2006, 18:11
you should get some flagellants... A Flagellant hero can turn out to be a Crazy-close-combat-killer

Fastforward rlz
08-10-2006, 04:37
Yeah man My Flagellant hero rocks. he has two attacks and i give him mad capp mushrooms so he's frenzyed. also he has combat master so he usually has 5 str. 6 attacks. He's T4 and resilent so usually to wound him you need 6's and he causes fear lol! his name? Old Pete

Dark Apostle197
08-10-2006, 19:59
lol, that would be amusing.

09-10-2006, 02:57
bah its nothing a nice cannonball to the face cant handle

Dark Apostle197
09-10-2006, 06:33
And a cannon is nothing a chaos lord from 40k can't handle.

09-10-2006, 15:27
did that sound rediculously random/offensive to anyone else?

and im sorry my friend...an orky cannon has blown away many a chaos marine in my days.

on my pirates, im relying on blackpowder weapons, but i dont see why not. s4 is better than bows imo, and the -armor really helps take down the big'uns.
my swivel gun managed to take OOA 2 orcs and stunned another in one shot. was freaking nuts, and one criticaled!

Dark Apostle197
09-10-2006, 23:46
yeah... I just don't really like posts that say "This thing beats that" Because there is always something that beats the thing that beat the first thing... Yup.

Fastforward rlz
10-10-2006, 02:40
yes very true...oh and my leader as of today? A zelot with a bow named milo...i know sad...lol

Dark Apostle197
10-10-2006, 03:05
I tried zealots with xbows. i made a list that had my zealots I think 52 points each lol. It won, but through combat. go xbow and twin hammers lol. I killed one with a xbow and the rest was in CC... It was amusing watching a zealot jump out of a building and kill a matriarch. :)

10-10-2006, 04:52
I'd never burn moneu giving a henchman zealot a crossbow. With BS2 they're hitting on 6's at best normally either for cover, long range, or similar. Take 2 of them, and you can't hit them, since mordheim doesn't have the 7+ to hit rules.

I'd consider giving them bows, but I'd never do crossbows, it's too much coin for a lousy shooter.

Oh, BTW: As far as the universal winning combo for mordheim: 17 Skaven with 2 daggers and Slings in game 1 of a campaign. Ooph, they seriously will destroy pretty much anything they come across.

Dark Apostle197
10-10-2006, 05:02
I was just testing that list... it won too, he failed he morale test and everyone ran lol... i still loved that flying zealot of doooooom!

Fastforward rlz
11-10-2006, 02:30
can zelots have crossbows? Idk but i have a witch hunter with xbow comeing in the mail i hope i'll get him this week end. I also have the warrior priest from the colecters book. I'm gona use him with a brazier iron :D

11-10-2006, 18:27
*digs out PDF*

No, zealots cannot take crossbows. Showrbows or bows only.

I don't think WH's can start with a brazier iron, they need weapons training to take that.

Dark Apostle197
11-10-2006, 23:51
Yeah... Well it was my second game and it slipped my mind. You're right. It didn't matter, Most of the sisters died in combat.

12-10-2006, 18:51
fact of current mordheim rules:

Bodies over toys. More bodies means more kills in the game.

Dark Apostle197
12-10-2006, 22:00
I think I was at the max, or close to it, with that ilegal list. My current list is at 12 models so is at max.

Fastforward rlz
12-10-2006, 22:22
ahhhh so am I. I dont think i'm going to use the guy with the brazier as a warrior priest but yeah weapons traning is needed. I like the thought of catching your enemies on fire! lol also good are flameing arrows....

13-10-2006, 00:00
If you're at 12 guys already, spend the 15GC (or is it 10?) for the Halfling scout, for his measly 5GC upkeep you get another guy.

Then spend some cash on a Cookbook for a second. Sure it'll set you back 40ish GC, but isn't an extra warrior worth it?

At this point you have a 5GC/battle upkeep cost. Go get a couple more great hired swords. If your opponent like big guys, go hunt down a Kislev Ranger. (Elven Ranger, but not elven, and she can killing blow large creatures, but she still gets the +-1 to a die roll.) The Pit Fighter is an awesome hired sword with 3 attacks on the charge starting! (2@ S6 and 1@ S4!)

Or you could hunt down an ogre or similar large creature. Johann is an amazing DP if you can get him as well.

Dark Apostle197
13-10-2006, 00:18
I still don't play too much, and am not sure how often I will get a desent amount of money at the end to pay. I think the halfling is a great idea though. I will make a new list later.

Dark Apostle197
13-10-2006, 05:07
Brace of pistols
Hammer 113
***it's modeled so staying

3 witch hunters
3 braces
1 sword 175

Warrior priest
2 hammers 46

Halfling 15

5 hounds 75

2 zealots
4 hammers 52

It any betters I didn't use the 24 points for upgrades so I can definetly pay for the halfling. Plus I am at the max (13, untill I get a cook book)

Fastforward rlz
13-10-2006, 21:23
it looks pretty good but the withhunters need some weapons man. the pistols wont help if you're stuck in combat and you dont wana give ppl saves with just dagger attacks. I'd say clulbs wich are only 3gc.

Dark Apostle197
13-10-2006, 23:42
Ok, I can use the extra point for clubs.

14-10-2006, 01:59
If you're at 12 guys already, spend the 15GC (or is it 10?) for the Halfling scout, for his measly 5GC upkeep you get another guy.

Then spend some cash on a Cookbook for a second. Sure it'll set you back 40ish GC, but isn't an extra warrior worth it?
I wonder if there are any Witch Hunter players who didn't get a Cookbook and hire a Hobbit first thing. :D

The Hobbit is quite awesome for 15 GC/5 GC upkeep. You get another henchman and he's a BS4 guy with a bow too. Mine always took care of my opponent's Dark Elf Assassin. :eek:

Of course, next up was a Bard, re-rolling failed Ld/Rout tests with +1 Ld saved me tons of times.

Dark Apostle197
14-10-2006, 18:59
Yeah, well with my lcuk I'll atempt to buy the cookbook, then fail the rarity roll each time lol.

Fastforward rlz
16-10-2006, 03:42
Hahaha that could happen. Soon i'll have a pit fighter tho lol

Dark Apostle197
16-10-2006, 04:54
I just realized, I have one more body to fill! Hired swords don't count towards my limit of men. Yay. No money to spend though lol

17-10-2006, 05:54
tell me about it. tis a sad day when a pirate captain has 6gc to his name...

so what about your fluff? standard witch hunter "burn the witch" or something more exotic...bitter enemy happens to be the possessed of a particular warband...best friend happens to be a necromancer now...or the killed my family approach maybe?

Dark Apostle197
17-10-2006, 06:47
I am kind of thinking(meaning I play word bearers for 40k and everything must be evil) a witch hunter who eventually looses his way and turns evil(while not realizing what he is doing). I am not all great with fluff. If I ever get around to actually making it, I'll post it here.

Fastforward rlz
24-10-2006, 02:48
hahaha I need to get to work on mine...I'm thinking like a witch killed the guys family like that and then tell how all the others joined the warband ect.

24-10-2006, 17:55
Here's a WH tactica of sorts that I posted on Dakka a while back. It echoes much of the good advice given by Tkitch. It's basic stuff, but maybe someone will find it useful.

Okay. Long-time MH and WH player here. I could ramble on for a while, so I'll try to keep my WH "tactica" as succinct and organized as possible.


First off, always, always max on heroes, no matter the warband. The more heroes you have, the more exploration rolls you get, and it's the wyrdstone that fuels your warband. So absolutely get a WP. And if you look at the WP's prayers, you'll see that most of them help in close combat or when you're close to the action. That means from a gameplay standpoint, the WP should get assigned to hand-to-hand duty.

Your Captain and WHs are a different story, however. The biggest problem WH warbands face compared to other human bands is a lack of numbers. You max at 12, most others max at 15. That means you can't afford a lot of casualties, especially among your heroes (because they're both expensive to replace and out-of-action heroes can't search for wyrdstone). That means you should assign your Capt. and WHs (again, take the max) for shooting duty.


Since we've established that most of your heroes are to be assigned to shooting duty, that leaves your henchmen to do the bulk of the h2h work. And that's fine, since henchmen are cheap to replace. Shooting is very powerful in Mordheim, especially once your heroes get some BS and skill upgrades. But you'll need a decent h2h component in some scenarios and vs. some opponents.

Two main points regarding WH henchmen: Zealots stink and Warhounds are very good. Warhounds are fast, S4 (which is a big plus early in a campaign), and they're cheap to replace. I usually ignore Zealots at the outset and just max on the dogs.

Flagellents aren't bad. Their main problems are with their cost and their lack of attacks. They start slow, but get good when you get an extra attack on their profile. Since their S and Ld are already maxed, there's a decent change getting that advancement. Flagellent heroes really rock when you roll that Lad's Got Talent (and then take skills like Resilient and Strongman). But overall, I tend to wait until I have a good cash reserve before I invest in Flagellents.


The good news for your Capt. and WHs is that they have access to Shooting skills. My general rule for MH is that any character that has access to Shooting skills gets them. The first skill to choose is Quick Shot, because it obviously makes you twice as dangerous! After that, I usually choose Trick Shooter to ignore cover modifiers.

The other great skill list you have access to is the Academic list. Most warbands can't have the majority of their heroes with Academic skills, so that's an advantage you should exploit.

Concentrate on the "economic" skills. In order of preference, I'd probably take Wyrdstone Hunter, Haggle and Streetwise. Your low warband number is an advantage in one way...when it comes to cashing in wyrdstone. Once you get multiple Wyrdstone Hunters, maybe a Wyrdstone Pendant, etc., you're going to start dominating in the exploration and trading phases of the game. This is also a good thing, as gold is your fuel, as I stated earlier.


Always buy a second weapon for human heroes and henchmen. The extra attack is priceless. Never take armor on henchmen, and only take it on heroes when you have gold to blow.

Your Capt. and WHs should get crossbows, and a second h2h weapon in case they get charged or have to charge. Start with a cheap hammer and then upgrade to swords later when you have the gold. The WP should get at least one hammer for the extra attack. Later you might want to consider an ithilmar hammer, as it's pretty cheap for a +1 I bonus. Although I don't like pistols as a ranged weapon, you might consider handing some out to your Capt. and WHs or that extra first round h2h punch once you have the gold.

For the henchmen, Flagellents get flails so that (unlike 2xhanded weapons) you can strike first when you charge.

Among the miscellaneous equipment, consider getting the Halfling Cookbook (and maybe a Halfing Scout from the hired swords) relatively early to help out with your numbers restrictions. Lucky Charms can be very handy for your heroes when someone snipes them with a lucky shot. Wyrdstone pendants are also good, as I said earlier. Ropes and hooks can help you climb into good shooting positions. And a fun trick for a Flagellent hero is to give it Madcap Mushrooms so that it frenzies. Even if they turn you stupid, it doesn't matter...Flagellents auto-pass all Ld-based tests. ;)


Facing down four shooty heroes, most opponents will come to you. So what I generally look to do is cause some early casualties at range with my shooters, then get the charge with my h2h units, and hopefully force some quick rout tests.

It's primarily a defensive setup (as the mission allows), with the Capt. and WHs in prime shooting positions in buildings and the henchmen on the ground with the WP in support. I keep my henchmen together...splitting up your forces will generally lose you the game unless you're fielding Skaven. I play a game of "patty cake" with my henchmen...wherever their main force goes, my h2h force moves to intercept. What I'm looking to do is keep their stuff off my heroes for as long as possible. I try to get my dogs to get the charge and slow down their advance, hopefully in a spot that also gives my heroes shooting opportunities. On my next turn as a second wave of charges, my WP and Flagellents (if I have some) charge in.

However, I make sure I don't rush my h2h stuff too far forward. Lack of numbers means you have to have everything in position to support one another. You may even need to charge your WH heroes if things start getting rough, especially in a non-rout test game. If things are going really badly (and it's an option), just vol. rout and get your heroes out of there intact. Because of your academic skills, you can often end up better off in a loss than the warband that won!

Just keep thinking about mutual support...it's one of the keys to the game.


Hopefully that helps. Overall, this tactica assumes campaign play. WHs are slow starters, but if you can avoid too many casualties early on, the rubber will hit the road once your heroes get sufficiently shooty and the gold starts rolling in. WHs are probably the weakest of the rulebook warbands, but I think they're pretty rewarding to play once you get them rolling. However, note that it's especially challenging to play WHs in one-off games.

Good luck and happy witch-burning!

Dark Apostle197
24-10-2006, 23:43
Thanks. Well, this helped a lot, but unfortunately my guys are already modeled. I could still give em x-bows l8er, but that is 100 GP right there for my witch hunters. Expecially when one got beat up by a tree and is BS 2. So maybe I'll give the captain and two normal WH x-bows when I sell my next set of wyrdstone(120 gp) unless stuff goes terribly bad next game. Thanks.

Dark Apostle197
25-10-2006, 23:46
I decided I will(hopefully) get another zealot with twin hammers after my next game. I will also probably give the non pistolier and retarded blind WH x-bows. I will hire and elf ranger for extra shooting and to have extra XP, plus the nice exploration +/-.

Fastforward rlz
30-10-2006, 23:12
sounds good man. ok here's my fluff

The Order of the Templars of Sigmar

Twas a dreadful day when that comet fell upon the once great city of Mordheim. That was also the day Faber Brockstolsen’s parents died. By the grace of our lord Sigmar Faber was spared. He was only seven years of age when the comet hit and soon found a new home in the towns that have since sprung up around Mordheim. Faber was destined to the life of a petty thief when one day he turned the wrong corner…
Two men were arguing and it seemed that it would end up with one of them dead. Faber smiled as he’d seen this all too many times and knew that no matter which one died he would be the real winner. A gold watch, a purse filled with gold crowns, just imagine the possibilities. Suddenly the man on the left raised his right hand. It began to glow red and the next thing Faber saw was the other man; now just a pile of ash. Faber let out a shriek of terror as the man saw him and grabbed his shirt collar, lifting him off the ground. He struggled to get away but the man was just too powerful. He started muttering strange words when out of nowhere a crossbow bolt embedded itself into the man’s side. At once he dropped Faber and began to run. It was the witch hunters; they had come for the warlock. He stood no chance….
Once they had finished off the heretic one of the witch hunters went over and checked on Faber. Faber had many questions and they had many answerers. He wondered how such a man could do so wrong. He began to feel a burning hatred for the mans kind. The witch hunters took notice of this and brought Faber with them. He was seventeen now and physically able to join the witch hunters on their quest.
Over the many years since Faber has become one of the witch hunters he so admired. He now leads a band of them into the very city he once lived. Purging the land of heretics and collecting the vile shards of wyrd stone as to stop the spread of it’s harmful chaotic magic.
Joining Faber are other witch hunters and a few desperate soles. There’s Cecil, Faber’s right hand man, Labbat, the sharpshooter, Bram, who carries his fathers great sword, Fergus, the holy man of Sigmar who can kill chaos worshipers with his bare hands. Also accompanying Faber is a band of Flagellants led by Old Pete. Old Pete was once a wealthy merchant, now with his family and his city gone he repents to Sigmar and joins Faber in destroying heretics. Faber has also brought along three of his most vicious hunting dongs. They’re not only good for hunting foxes but witches and warlocks too.
Faber’s story continues as he makes his first trip into Mordheim as the leader. Only by the light of Sigmar will they all make it out alive…

-i hope you like it. tell me if i should change anything-

09-11-2006, 04:09
i say dich the zellys and go for dogs. why would u tack zellys WS 2 BS 2, not rely good at any thing besids dying.

Dark Apostle197
09-11-2006, 05:06
Looks good fastforward. Ishaka, I have them because as of right now they are WS 3, str 4, I4, with their two hammers. There is now three too. Dogs don't gain XP and make the game boring after a while. the dogs will slowly go away, when one dies, it shall be replaced by a flagellant(well, I don't plan on having more than two flagellents.

Dark Apostle197
11-11-2006, 19:54
Here is my warband as of now:

Witch Hunter Captain:
Increased stats:BS5, str 4, A 2.
Skills: Quickshot trickshooter.
Equip:Brace of pistols, Gromnil sword(it was free), hammer, crossbow.

Witch hunter
Increased stats:WS 4, A 2.
Decreased, BS 2 :(
Equip:Brace of pistols, sword, hammer
Skill:Step aside

Witch hunter
Increased stats:A 2, LD 8
Skills: quickshot
Equip: Brace of pistols, 2 hammers, sword, crossbow

Witch hunter
Increased stats: Str 4, LD 8.
Skills:quick shot, trickshooter
Equip: Brace of pistols, 2 hammers, crossbow, sword

Increased stats: Ld9(ya the one increase is the second most useless for him)
Prayer: Hammer +2 strength
Equip:2 hammers
Skills: Mighty blow, resilient, step aside.

Zealot hero(guess no flagellent for now, unless I want to get rid of him)
2 hammers
Increased stats:WS 3, str 4, T 4, I 4.

3 dogs

2 zealots
Equip:Two hammers
Increased stats: WS 3, Str 4, I 4

Elven ranger
equip: elf bow, cloak, sword
Increased stats: BS 7, str 4.
Skills:Quick shot

2 flagellents
nothing so far, just got, couldn't use yet.

worked pretty well, though only my dogs were killing stuff, so I decided to slowly replace them.

11-11-2006, 23:22
Where's the Halfling? ;)

Dark Apostle197
12-11-2006, 00:18
Never got him. I got the halfling cookbook after the first battle and there isn't much more for me to get. The zealots are at full XP so cannot be hired into more groups. I don't really want one random zealot going around, and I only want two flagellents. Need to figure out was to use my 175 gold on(yeah... I said it) though I loose 50 after each battle due to the elf and the housing rules we have in the league. If I don't pay i have a feeling a bloodthirster will wipe out my warband the first random event I get, so i figure why risk it when I got the money(for now :P)

Dark Apostle197
15-11-2006, 00:35
My zealot hero now has three attacks :) The last game I played got him two increases, both attacks.

Dark Apostle197
17-11-2006, 22:00
So... I read the witch hunter tactica on modheimer, and it kind of contradicts the one posted here about the WHs. it says they should be better at CC. What do you guys think.

Also, my zealot hero is a beast! Ws 3, str 4, T 4, A *4* ya thats right I said it. I am going to give him strength and speed skills so he can have mighty blow, resilent, and ofcourse sprint to become an assassin. I do want to write fluff about him about how he used to be an imperial assassin, but when he lead his team to their deaths, he became very religious to repent(but not enough to become a flaggellant) and stuff like that.

18-11-2006, 01:21
Witch Hunters are pretty awesome at CC, did anyone say you should go all shooty-like?

18-11-2006, 15:34
Hunters are very well rounded. They can go shooty or combat, depending on the build.

you go shooty since you start with 4 heroes with shooting skills.

Combat for the Priest and the inevitable flaggie henchie made hero.

but there's nothing wrong with hunters goin shooty! :)

Dark Apostle197
18-11-2006, 21:40
My only shots are in my WH captain, 2 WHs and an elven ranger(for a total of 6 str 4 shots and 2 str 3 shot[all have quickshot :P]) My priest is combat that can withstand a lot with Resilient and step aside, and can dish damage with mighty blow, strike to injure, and the hammer spell. As said earlier I did not get a flagellent hero(Though rolled it on my first roll I got when using flagellants) but my zealot hero is a beast. He should kill about anything he charges(asumming it has one wound)plus when he gets sprint... Muahahahaha

Dark Apostle197
07-12-2006, 04:43
w00t(fun bump) I googles witch hunter tactics and this came up.

Anyways, the league finals are coming up... Should be interesting.

Dark Apostle197
11-12-2006, 03:07
Well, I lost the finals(only four showed up out of the originals lol)... Because there was only 4 we skipped the 1v1 part and went straight to the second round megabattle (4 person ffa) the mission was to either get a prince of the table(or kill him) the story was the vampire wanted him, so I had an elf snipe him :) Which then turned it into a ffa fight to the death(routing was really rare, 3 dice pick the lowest). I was the lowest warband(half the 2nd lowest because a lot of heroes died games before). I held fought the vampires off for four hours(he had like 5 hero zombies because of that stupid spell that whenever some1 dies he gets him). The overall winner was, naturally, the skaven, I got the other two prizes which were best sportsman(which ofcourse I had to rub it in after it was awarded :)) and best painted. Overall I found out Mordheim is a lot of fun and look forward to the next league... Now time to learn Necromunda :)