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01-10-2006, 20:34
Well as ive posted before im an ork player and looking for a change in pace. I will be coming into some money real soon and Ive yet to pick an army. I look at one and get a real sweet army layout in my head, then some how I find my way to another army and the cycle continues.
For this army I would like a shooty army, defensive, abit elitish with decent numbers :angel: And id kinda prefere a plastic based army.
For instance in a 1500 army id be inclined to have say ~50-60 bodys, with the intention of cutting the heart out of my enemy and watching the body shrivel.
I have so many different army ideas I just cant decide, so I created this final thread in hopes of solving predicament.
Im open to any ideas really, At first I wasnt into the Imperium and Inquisition but if it plays like I want it to im happy. I can always make it look like I want it to w/o a whole lot of trouble.
If I do manage to make a decision I will buy the battleforce, the dex and a leader to start. So Im guessing it will be around 700-750 points to start.

Count de Monet
01-10-2006, 21:21
Vanilla marines or Dark Angels could work well as elite shooty armies. Deathwing (all-terminator Dark Angels force) could work too, but maybe lower model count than you want. DA/Deathwing due for a codex revision, but might be awhile.

Necrons and Tau can both do shooty.

IG are shooty, and you can get units like stormtroopers and use doctrines to better get an "elite" feel.

Various Chaos forces can be very shooty.

01-10-2006, 21:22
I recommend Sisters of Battle because they're very shooty, unique, and have faith points plus being immune to psychic powers. :D

cav da man
01-10-2006, 21:25
tau sounds like what you've been pining for my friend, just let the current take you away... thats my personal opinion that fits with what you're going for. All of these armies seem to fit it in their own way still though, happy hunting

01-10-2006, 21:26
Plastic based army = Tau or Space Marines. Tau have more shots and better guns but Space Marines live to tell the tale of the demon bomb.

01-10-2006, 21:50
Could always go with Guard. You can get a pretty 'elite' Guard by using the doctrines system (sharpshooters and carapace armour for everybody plus plenty of veterans and stormtroopers). You can jam quite a lot of firepower in there as well plus it can be all plastic if you want it to be.


01-10-2006, 22:21
Guard, if you pack out on the upgrades you can have a pretty elite army and they're very shooty.

If you want ideas though just visit the reamaining Who loves *insert race here* threads, they have lots of info regarding different army compositions, you can find them in Groups and Factions these days.