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02-10-2006, 12:56
...well hopefully. It's about time i got it finished. I have decided though to basically start over, with a repaint and a change of character. When having a look at the GW site, at the tank camo schemes i saw this one:


I must say i like it, so this is the planned scheme for the army, as the grey i have currently blows big time. I am also planning to make it into a Valhallan armoured company and will in time write fluff for the army, this will probably be developed through this thread. I have also found some valhallan models which i bought and stripped ages ago.

The planned theme is an army that fights within a frozen Tundra, which fits the feel of the camo scheme. The army will utilise a combination of guerilla tactics alongside massive armoured pushes. The army will use a combination of basilisks and manticores to bombard enemy positions before sending in a massive armoured assault. Before the attack, using the concealment tactics, destroyer tank hunters waiting for enemy armour, destoying it before the enemy knows what happened. The army also utilises sentinels, purely in a reconnaisance (sp?) role and use autocannons to destroy light vehicles and to disrupt the enemy. These sentinels have direct comm-links to the destroyers and artillery.

Anyway, i need somewhere to start. I am planning to start with a Demolisher squadron. I was hoping to get these sprayed, but guess what... It's raining.


I have also seemed to have misplaced the exhausts for these tanks so i may have to convert them with plasticard, but i'll worry about that later.

Stay tuned for more updates as the weather seems to be settling so i may be able to get them sprayed when i am finished at University.

EDIT: Sorry about the piccie size, the changes on photobucket don't seem to be doing anything. I'll photoshop them later.

02-10-2006, 13:46
Classic snow-and-filth scheme, eh?

Do you have a garage? You could spray in there; you lose less spray to wind, too.

Thought: It would be feasible in such conditions to actually bury your tank destroyers under chunks of snow and ice to conceal them, as they could quite easily crush it all out of the way.

02-10-2006, 18:00
Damn Photobucket, now they are too small.

Anyway it is still raining so haven't got anywhere today. Fingers crossed for tommorow.

02-10-2006, 19:21

I like AC but i agree, your grey just SUCKED! it was, far too pastel for tanks, which are dead 'ard, ya know, ya put a ponsy pastel on a ded 'ard bit of impie equip.

02-10-2006, 20:55
I like the theme you're going with. I almost chose the same one. But, went w/ the Cadian 98th from IA1 instead. Good luck on this and if you want to post any links to this thread in my own AC project log. Feel free. It'll be like a co-operative thing.