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03-10-2006, 00:16
Was toying with the idea of getting a little BFG fleet to compliment my PH Death Guard. The only thing is I'm not quite sure which list would best represent a PH fleet?

I don't really want to use a normal SM fleet because I'm not exactly in love with the models and think the Imperial and Chaos fleets look more gothic and 30K-ish. Plus a battle barge is the largest ship which is far too small to carry a legion of marines (although I know that the entire legion would not all be on one single ship).

So it all boils down which list you think would be better - After seeing some artwork in the HH Artbooks, I'm leaning towards Imperial Navy more so than chaos but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also if you have any suggestions for ship names I'd be very appreciative. So far, the actual ones I have came across are the Terminus Est (Typhon's flagship), the Endurance (Mortarions battle barge) and the Eisenstein (Garro's ship). Also thought Pride of Barbarus sounded quite cool.


03-10-2006, 01:33
After the Heresy, the space marine fleets underwent a fundamental change. The Imperium resolved to never again let the marines wield significant naval power, so instead their ships were designed solely to penetrate defenses and get their men on the ground. These days the marine fleets are just armed transports with a few mild-mannered escorts. Big scary powerful armed transports, but transports nonetheless. And the Imperium starts to get nervous if any of their escorts dare mount a lance array.

So your inclination to go with a chaos or imperial fleet has the added benefit of being true to fluff.

I'm bad with names, but judging from the names of ship classes, you want to go grim (edit: ok I guess that was obvious from the start). Remember, the Murder was originally an imperial ship-of-the-line, and the Tyrant is still in service. Why a state led by an emperor would want to name an entire class of ships Tyrant is beyond me, but there you have it.

I'm also a fan of mild double-entendres, such as the Executor class. The standard meaning is pretty vanilla - one who carries out orders. But it could also mean headsman...

03-10-2006, 18:00
I think the chaos list would still be a pretty good list to use. Just Imp it up, as it were. Lots of aquillas and stuff.

03-10-2006, 18:19
I'm also a fan of mild double-entendres, such as the Executor class. The standard meaning is pretty vanilla - one who carries out orders. But it could also mean headsman...

For that sort of thing, you can't beat some of the ships from Iain M. Bank's books (yes I know it's a different universe but inspiration can come from anywhere).

Such as: Prosthetic Conscience, So Much For Subtlety, Collateral Damage, Speak Softly And Carry Big Guns, Ethics Gradient and possibly one of the best: Undesirable Alien.


EDIT: Actually there's one called Heresiarch in one of his which is just begging to be a traitor capital ship in BFG.


03-10-2006, 22:30
I would invent a new fleetlist as the published fleetlists doesn't give the PreHeresy SpaceMarines their due.

03-10-2006, 23:00
Mix the whole shebang together:

IN Ships that were about preheresey(IIRC that rules out a fair few) and Chaos ships. Use the generic Chaos fleetlist, but add in the IN equivalents where 'about right'(ie BCs to HC slot, GCs to GCs rather than HCs).

Use the 'Add Chaos Space Marines' rule to allow for SMs on board. No Marks of Chaos 'D'uh!', and count all ships as Imperials for the purposes of modifiers (ie no +1 for being Chaos in boarding!).

Also, utilise the Space Marine rank structure as it seems like it was invariably a SM, Primarch or the Emperor who headed up any fleet if there was a 'representable in BFG' fleet commander at all...

Actually sounds like fun! Ships should be 'slightly less gothic', with a bit less rust and grime on them. Paint them more 'cleanly' than normal BFG fleets, and I guess that's pretty much everything spot on.

03-10-2006, 23:23
What Xisor said :)