View Full Version : What is the point of common Goblins?

03-10-2006, 20:04
With the new Orc book about to be released, I simply see little point in common Goblins. Night Goblins are a bit different because of their special tricks (Netters, Fanatics, etc.)

Orcs have been so vastly improved with the new Choppa rules and no increases in cost, whereas Goblins have gone up in price with no improvements. You can get a Goblin with 4+ save for 4pts, or an Orc with 4+ save and S4 in round 1 of combat for 6pts. The Orc is more resilient, has better leadership, better WS, and has the same initiative.

But honestly, why would you take regular Goblins in the 7th Edition Orc army other than to make the army look more diverse? To make a screen that will not panic your boyz? That is the only possible role I see for them...

03-10-2006, 20:10
The point of common goblins is that they are...


Right guys? ;)

10th clancannach rangers
03-10-2006, 20:12
But common goblins have a higher leadership than night goblins and they have access to war machines wolf riders and chariots.

03-10-2006, 20:21
The discussion is specifically about the usefull(less)ness of common Goblin infantry units compared to Orc Boyz infantry units. Obviously the warmachines, Wolf Riders, etc. are still useful.

I just question the point of common Goblins in light of how vastly superior Orc Boyz are for only a slight increase in cost. As to the higher leadership of common Goblins vs. Night Goblins, this does not address the fact that Orc Boyz have better leadership than both.

03-10-2006, 20:34
Cheap static cr unit. (think skaven slaves) can use to redirect units then hit em with orcs. Think about how skaven players use thier slaves, and thats how common goblins should be used.

03-10-2006, 20:53
But why not pay 2 more pts and get a unit that is significantly better, can still be used in this role, and could be used in other roles as well?

03-10-2006, 20:59
Because orcs panic other orcs.

That's the only reason I can find.

03-10-2006, 21:10
its not the 2 points a model, its the 20 points a unit. you can get 3 units of gobbo's for the same price as 2 units of orcs. having them there to fight with a 4+ save and static CR doesnt suck for the initial charges from the enemy. the orcs over all leadership isnt good, having troops that dont cause panic for orcs is a huge deal, and quite useful against heavy cav army. if there going to break on a charge anyway to set up kill boxes, why not have them be the cheapest troops possible?

03-10-2006, 21:17
3 units of goblins are not as useful as 2 units of orcs.

And 3 units of NIGHT goblins are superior to 3 units of goblins any day of the week.

So the point stands. commons are not useful vs either of the 2 alternatives.

1pt of leadership is not worth the loss of a shield. The parry bonus will save casualties which cancels out the pt loss in leadership.

LD 6 is < LD 5 if you lose 2 goblins in combat vs only 1 night goblin. And that living night goblin can cause a wound or saves you a loss of a rank.

03-10-2006, 21:27
I agree that common Goblins have become a redundant unit now with Orc boyz and night Goblins being a better buy for your points.

03-10-2006, 21:48
But why not pay 2 more pts and get a unit that is significantly better, can still be used in this role, and could be used in other roles as well?

Because they're 2 points more... Same reason I don't give all my slave units shields to make them significantly better. They arn't there to survive, only to draw fire and get in peoples way. Surviving and killing isn't an option.

So far Common Gobbo units are for little more than players prefrence. Untill we get some new sculpts few people will use them.

(although the new heroes are the old goblin scale)