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sybaris slaay
04-10-2006, 04:20
CULTUS SLANESHII (Campaign) 1000 pts (997 pts actually)

Oi. Fairly new to this game and made this Cult of Slaanesh list for campaign play vs chaos, egyptian bonies, wood elf wussies, leezards, bretonnian cheapos, vampy counts and fatty ogres. I am trying to make it balanced against all these forces so that i can crush them to paste for the glory of Slaanesh! (*genuflecting in the sign of Slaanesh*)

Priestess of Pleasure Jujubi – Druchii Sorceress 207
2nd level
Darkstar Cloak
Dispel Scroll
Dark Steed
(plan on hiding her in unit of dark riders)

10 Devoted 138
2nd weapon
(These will function as me generic rippers - Will hide them behind chaos warriors and then spring them out to attack!)

10 Daemonettes
Aura of Slaanesh
(These will function as me generic rippers - Dont know how i will protect their tender, nekkid hides)

5 Mounted Daemonettes of Slaanesh
Aura of Slaanesh
Mounts of Slaanesh
(These will be me weezard and war machine killaz)

6 Dark Riders
repeater x bows
Dark Steeds
(These will be fodder to protect me sorceress and will pluck solo heroes off from afar)

10 Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh (20
2nd hand weapon
Heavy Armor
(these guys will be me muscle against branchwraith, kroxis, and other beeg beasties).

I know these are all weak, weak, weak. Can’t use Anointed in army less than 2k soo.... What do ye think i should be addin’ to make this a force to be reconed with? All advice is appreciated even if you are noob like me! Thank ye