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04-10-2006, 07:16
Starting my lizardmen, done a few models now i'm getting into the rules! :P
I have a tooled up slann so the 8 lores are very much going to be in my games.

From the brief look i'v had, Death,Light,Fire,Metal jump out at me as the best to give your opponent a kicking.

any thoughts on what to avoid? go for, the default spells that are always worth it?

04-10-2006, 11:55
Well, different lores are of more use against different opponents - for example, light against daemons/undead or metal against war machines and heavily armoured units.

Usefulness also depends on what you want to do with the magic - boost your saurus to even more scary proportions, or to blow up enemy in mushroom clouds?

In the end, why not just going out and experimenting - your slann can freely pick and match, but it would be probably best to try to take only 1-2 lores per game to let him concentrate on one at a time - and seeing what works best for you?

04-10-2006, 12:07
Like the lore of life looks bum.

I'm quite an attacky sort of chap, so i often read rules etc with the focus of blatting people as hard as possible.

for example i was thinking of taking fire,death,light default spells for my slann, each one is like a s4 d6 MM cast on a 5+

so like i have 6 power dice, some stored from diem of power and a +1 to cast. thats alot of dakka.

04-10-2006, 12:10
For my slaan i tend to take Metal, Heavens and Beasts rolling 2 from metal and heavens, and keeping the first spell from beasts
(saurus hero + bears anger = :D ) heavens and metal are really nice for smacking armoured units which itherwise lizzies suffer against

04-10-2006, 12:15
Can you cast bears anger on a champion upgrade? yep i am still learning the rules :)

04-10-2006, 12:50
Can you cast bears anger on a champion upgrade? yep i am still learning the rules :)

No, he is not character. You cannot cast it on a slann either (not unit strenght 1).

If you are keen on default spells, don't forget the default spell from the heavens - potentially quite handy when cast upon a big unit of skinks about to blowpipe some unfortunates, or upon a saurus unit about to hack some enemy to tiny pieces.

04-10-2006, 12:54
nice idea!
i have a skink priest in the army, so was thinking i'v got lore of heavens magics with that lil fellow.

actually you could cast bear thing on him, hehe that'd make a semi nasty surprise if he got caught up in a scrap

04-10-2006, 13:03
yeah bears anger is nasty spell if you get it work and can make mages nice hard hitting character. I dont have my new rulebook jet but in 6th edition you had possible to cast it to one man in unit. Usually my Beast herd champoin was target :) Do they have change this spell, that you can cast it only to character?

04-10-2006, 18:25
hmm, heaven magic has been punshed alot down.
the commet is now pritty much useless
10+ no remains in play S5 it was really insane so they made it
11+ no remains in play S4
now it's 12+ remains in play s4

12+ is to high for a normal level 2 to cast I used to make my skink priests cast it with second sighn of amul but that isn't what it was 2 be, and isn't spell number 1 anymore so you have to be really lucky to get them both.

as you don't want your slann to not be able to cast spells for a few turns I pritty much hate the commat now.
and all the spells now need line of sight
so second sighn is gone, all spells need line of sight, commat is useless.
the only good thing now is uranius thunderbolt...

for the slann I would get a mix between fire, death, metal and shadow
( and light for spell number 1 if you want it :P )
death to do dmg and have a great -3 leadership spell!
fire also for the dmg, and when you have a second gen slann you can cast all the small 1 D6 magic missles with just 1 power dice ( + d6 +1 is an avarge of 8!)

metal is great vs armys with good armed units ( magicly and mundane) and has 1 heavy magic missle.

shadow is very handfull to suck up treemans, dragons and other big stuff with low I with the pit of shades, simple roll dices till you get it and then use the remaining dices in the lore of fire or death.
unseen lurker is also a great spell!

I wouldn't get to much support spells cous you pay 500+ points for a big frog, so you want him to do dmg!!!

so that's how I use my slann:cool:

05-10-2006, 07:00
You mentioned LoS spells are bum, But i thought the whole good thing with slann is that they can use the LoS of skink priests.

05-10-2006, 09:43
yeah but don't forget the comet is now 2d6 strength 4 hits which is much better, if you've ever rolled a lot of 1's then you know what i mean.

05-10-2006, 13:10
It would be extremely useful to have the following combination:
Light - restore wounds if you're lucky.
Shadow - Unseen lurker and extra movement
Metal - Weapon destroyer
Fire - conflagration to destroy wandering characters

Von Wibble
06-10-2006, 19:25
I hate knights. Anything else I can happily deal with without diversion.

So Beasts and Metal win. By a long way. Beasts imo has changed from the worst to the best.

Life and Shadow are OK

Light is good against Undead. It isn't too bad against others - I just prefer the ones above.

Heavens is weaker than it was. But I never pulled the comet off anyway and I like the 1st 2 spells so a L1/2 wizard still will get it.

Fire - Wall of Fire is of limited use and Conflagration of Doom is the worst spell ever. WHY wasn't it changed. On average it does roughly 2d6 hits (less than 50% chance of more than d6, but could get a huge result). Imo it should be 1 lower to cast, S5, and giuve extra hits if the rolloff is a tie. Flaming Sword is worse than Bear's anger. Only take for a L1/2 if you want magic missiles.

Death - does anyone rate it? I think its disappointing (especially compared with the Amethyst of old!)

10-10-2006, 04:45
Pesonally I think fire and heavens are pretty bad these days.
I like beasts for lower level mages, the spells are cheap and bears anger rocks.
As for anything else it depends on what you're up against. Everyone knows that metal = dead knights, and using life against wood elves is just funny.

05-11-2006, 21:14
I think Metal, Life and Light - a very good chance of being able to heal the Slann (Gift of Life and Healing Energy), kill anything armoured (Rule of burning iron and The Spirit of the Forge), use terrain to your hurt people with Master of tge Wood and Master of the Stone (and slowing your opponent down in water with Mistress of the Marsh, so your Skinks can have another turn of shooting), protecting your Slann (The Howler Wind, The Rain Lord, Commandment of Brass, Transmutation of Lead, Law of Gold and Dazzling Brightness) and stopping your troops from running (with Guardian Light). And some killy spells like Cleansing Fire, Master of the Wood and The Spirit of the Forge.
Hope that helps slightly.
And to Deathraven: Heavens got weaker definately, but Fires as good as ever.

10-11-2006, 18:57
dude lol seriously i like to take 1 from lore of beasts. bears anger cast it on a saurus and then take default from shadows. fly move. to defaults that with a slann can be cast on 1 dice giving 7 A at s7 T5 and then +1 armour spawning

10-11-2006, 19:29
Not to be mean to you know, but you do know that any one spell-caster can only cast the same spell once per magic phase right? So the "A lot of dakka" with the 5+ fire spell is not going to happen...

10-11-2006, 20:56
It actually is a lot of dakka; he doesn´t want to cast fireball several times, but fireball, dark hand of death, burning gaze and the first metal spell ;).

I personally am a big fan of the Lore of light, and I was even before it was changed. It´s just good to be able to make units with mediocre morale Immune to Psych. I play Dogs of War, for the record.

10-11-2006, 21:15
Yeah that would be a fair amount of magical dakka. But Magical Dakka is not very effective in warhammer Fantasy, unless you want to take out skirmishers and other pesky sods. At least that's what I have experienced.

10-11-2006, 23:21
Right, magic missiles with less than 2D6 hits are not great against ranked infantry. I love however to have at least one damage spell on every mage, just to always have something useful to cast, as mages are too costly to ever waste dice.
Also, things get interesting with S5 missiles, because those kill cavalry quite easily. I´ll miss my life wizards ;)