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After the battle at Saphrey and escaping with their lives by entering a hastily constructed portal by Truella. Malice the Dark Elf Lord, with a glowing Gauntlet on his hand stepped out of the portal and asked “Were have you taken us now Witch?” Truella replied “I had to build the portal quickly in order to aid our escape, so I’m not quite sure where we are?” “What! Exclaimed Malice you better hope we are some place safe or you shall pay with your life!!!”. As the rest of the Dark Elves exited the portal Malice ordered his Dark Riders to Scout around and find out where they were. Malice suddenly heard something and spun to see what it was. A small regiment of blood stained Dark Elves without a leader was hiding in the trees nearby. Malice beckoned them to come forward and explain themselves. A champion of the Dark Warriors stepped forward, and said “We had just fought the High Elves at the river north of hear, we had taken heavy casualties and fell back at the command of our Noble, who didn’t survive the battle.” He then knelt to the ground and said, “We pledge our allegiance to you my Lord.” Malice swung violently with his Gauntlet crushing the Champions skull in one blow. He then turned to the remaining warriors and said “This is the price of failure in my army and even though he was not the one who caused the failure someone had to pay”. Malice then ordered the remaining warriors to join his army and to gain revenge for the last battle…

Near the river Tanous the High Elves were caring for their wounded and cleaning up the area after the battle. Creylin was talking with his mage Alios and said “After that battle we should rename this place bloody river in honor of our recent victory against the Dark Elves.” Alios responded “Don’t you think we should prepare for a counter attack?” Creylin Laughed “No! We nearly killed everyone in their army, plus the cowards they are they will not return for sometime” Both Alios and Creylin laughed heartily…

Malice’s Dark Rider Scouts returned and gave the new to Malice. He said “Excellent, we will strike while their defenses are down”. He then gave the order to his army to move out and prepare for battle…


Creylin – Prince – Armour of Gods, Blade of Leaping Gold, Pure of Heart – 220 pts.

Alios – Mage, Elven Steed with Ithilmar Barding, Upgrade to Level 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls – 187 pts.

Tendal – Commander Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Sword of Might, Guardian Phoenix – 169 pts.

19 Swordmasters, Full Command, Lion Standard, Amulet of Purifying Flame (Lead by Creylin) – 232 pts.

7 Ellyrian Reavers – Upgrade to Bow, Full Command (Lead by Alios) – 196 pts.

10 Archers, Musician – 126 pts

5 Silver Helms, Shield, Heavy Armour, Full Command – 150 pts.
5 Silver Helms, Shield, Heavy Armour, Full Command – 150 pts.

19 Spear Elves, Full Command (Joined by Tendal) – 239 pts.

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

2 Tiranoc Chariots – 170 pts.

Total: 1995 pts.

Dark Elves:

Malice Stormblade, High Born – Heavy Armor, Shield, Cold One, Gauntlet of Power, Crown of Black Iron – 372 pts.

Truella – Sorceress, Level 2, Dark Steed, Dark Star Cloak, Dispel Scroll – 187 pts.

Kaldren – Noble – BSB – Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak – 105 pts.

5 Cold One Knights, Full Command – 190 pts. (Lead by Malice)

7 Dark Riders, Repeater Crossbows, Full Command – 175 pts (Lead by Truella)

5 Dark Riders, Musician - 97 pts.

19 Dark Elf Warriors, Shield , Spears, Full Command – 177 pts (Lead by Kaldren)

10 Witch Elves of Khaine, Hag, Manbane – 242 pts

20 Corsairs, Full Command, War Banner – 250 pts.

6 Harpies – 78 pts.

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 pts.

1 Cold One Chariot – Spears – 99 pts.

Total: 2000 pts.

Battle Field Layout and Deployment:

As Malice approached the battlefield, he saw his dark riders return with several High Elf heads, he knew his riders and destroyed the High Elf scouts and now if he moved quickly he could gain surprise on the Elves who were busy chatting and frolicking about their victory. He stopped his army and surveyed the battlefield. He saw a stony hill on the left side of the battlefield and a river now filled with blood, from the fallen Dark Elves flowing horizontally from the hill across the battlefield. Only a small section, near the middle, would not be crossable. Then he saw a hill across the battlefield on the High Elf Side with a small Copse of Woods directly across from it. Finally, a small High Elf lookout tower in the Right corner of the battlefield.

Malice knew the elves on the other side of the river would be to busy partying to notice his small units and thus set them up first. He gave orders to each of his units explaining where to setup. First he ordered his Reaper Bolt throwers to set up. One on the hill and the other in the small High Elf lookout tower. Once they were setup, all of his other units moved onto the battlefield. First, near the hill on the left side of the river Malice and his Cold Ones marched into place, behind them Truella and her Dark Riders with the Harpies following. Next to Malice but on the right side of the River the Cold One Chariot. Next to them the Corsairs, and them the Dark Warriors and Kaldren, protecting their flank the Witch Elves just in the Woods. Finally, the other Dark Rider unit behind the Tower.

Malice then heard and Elven voice from the other side of the battlefield yell “The Dark Elves are Hear, Prepare for Battle”. The rest of the High Elves were angry with Creylin for letting there defenses down and decided that Alios would lead them (Authors Note: IC resulted in the Wizard counting a general). Malice watched and the Elves argued among themselves and hastily built their battle line. First a Chariot set up opposite the Cold Ones Knights and Malice, with a unit of Silver Helms beside then and Archers behind all on the same side of the river as Malice and the Cold Ones. Now on right side of the River came the unit of Spear Elves with the Battle Standard, Tendal. Next to him the Swordmasters, and the Prince Creylin, Next to then another unit of Silver Helms, with the Repeater Bolt Thrower on the hill behind then. Across from the tower the mage Alios and his Ellyrian Reavers and finally another chariot.

To Battle:

Malice took the initiative and attempted to move his Cold One Knights forward, but the ferocity of the beasts lead them to pull on the reins so hard that their riders could not control them and the unit moved forward only slightly (Authors Note: They went stupid, but my Dark Elf player uses the Fluff of ferocity instead) . Malice cursed the scaly beasts and regained control. Truella moved her unit around the Cold One Knights and to their flank. Truella summoned the winds of magic in an attempt to call forth chill winds on the Chariot, but she lost control and the cold winds she summoned blasted her. Her whole body began to free and she nearly passed out and fell from her saddle. The rest of the Dark Elves held their place. Both Reaper Bolt Throwers opened fire on the lone chariot across from Malice and the Cold One Knights. 12 bolts sailed into the chassis of the chariot, and several damage the structure, but the chariot still continued to function.

Creylin knew the battlefield was under control of the Reaper Bolt Throwers as they had perfect firing lanes across the whole field (Authors Note: New rules say if unit is in flank of the Bolt Throwers then the whole unit is hit. This meant I had to control where I moved my Knights to make sure no side shots could be obtained). Creylin looked at Alios and the wizard summoned the full power of the winds of magic and directed a fire salvo at the Bolt Thrower on the tower (Authors Note: I hit with Irresistible Force, I rolled 2d6 and got 3 hits. 2 of which hit the machine and the one that hit the crew failed to wound). Amazingly, the bolt fizzled out before harming anyone. That tower must have an Elven protection spell on it, thought Alios. The Repeater Bolt Thrower opened fire and a salvo of bolt hit the Dark Riders and Truella unit. 3 Dark Riders fell from their horses impaled by bolts.

The Archers moved to the left of the chariot to draw a line of fire on the Cold One Knights.

Creylin held the rest of his units in place waiting to see the Dark Elves next move.

On the left side of the river, the wounded chariot attempted to charge Truella and the Dark Riders who fled through the Cold One Knights who ignore the fleeing Dark Riders. The Chariot crew realized it would not reach any enemies and stopped hopping to reverse before being counter charged by the Cold Ones and Malice.

Malice had finally regained control of his ferocious Cold One and directed his unit to charge toward the High Elven chariot. The Cold One Knights trampled forward their beasts hissing with each step. The Chariot crew fled directly away from the Cold One Knights and Malice and right by the archers and Silver Helms narrowly missing the archers (Authors Note: In the new rules if my chariot fled through my own unit I would take impact hits, so I moved my archers from it path last turn). Malice halted his Cold Ones realizing he would not catch the High Elven chariot.

Truella and her Dark Riders had rallied and moved up the flank again they targeted their Repeater Crossbows at the fleeing chariot, but failed to wound it.

On the other side of the battlefield Kaldren ordered his unit forward along with the Cold One Chariot, and Corsairs keeping the river on their left flank protecting it. While the Harpies flew into the middle of the battlefield landing in front of the Dark Elf skirmish line.

Both Reapers opened fire again this time targeting the Silver Helms near the fleeing chariot hoping to weaken them before they counter charge Malice and the Cold One Knights. But after 12 bolts the finely crafted Elven Armor deflected all of them (Authors Notes: He rolled 5 hits, 3 wounds, and I saved them all)

The Silver Helms held their ground waiting for Malice and the Cold One to come closer. The Fleeing Chariot next to them rallied and also waited.

The Archers opened fired on Truella and the Dark Riders, 2 more Dark Riders fell from Elven arrows.

Across the battlefield the other unit of Silver Helms, Chariot and Alios’s Ellyrian Reavers moved down the flank keeping a strict eye on the Reaper Bolt Thrower in the Tower, and careful not give it a flank shot. While Creylin and the Swordmaster moved forward down the middle of the battlefield towards the Harpies and entire Dark Elf Line. Tendal understood what the Silver Helms were planning and reformed his unit of Spear Elves to face the Silver Helms, knowing that when they charged they would probably lose and the sheer hatred of the Dark Elves would mean they would have to chase the Helms, thereby allowing a flank charge. The Silver Helms saw Tendal move his unit and charged into Malice and Cold One Knights, the Silver Helm Champion issued a challenge hoping Malice would accept, but Malice allowed the Cold One Knight champion to fight in his place. The Challenge was quick and the Silver Helm champion impaled the Cold Ones Knights champion on his Lance. The rest of the Silver Helms impaled 2 Cold One Knights on their lances, but in return Malice’s sheer Hatred showed true and his Gauntlet lashed out killing 4 of the Silver Helms. The Silver Helm champion was all that remained and he fled in fear of Malice and the Cold One Knights. They pursued him and trampled him. Amazingly running right by the Spear Elves and Tendal who had set the Hatred Trap, but now Malice and Cold Ones avoided it and were now near the hill with Repeater Bolt Thrower on it. At the same time the Reapers Bolt throwers opened fired on the same wounded chariot and the bolts splintered the chariot, the steed ran away pulling the two crew, hurling them off the chariot and onto the ground.

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Kaldren had seen that the Swordmasters and Creylin took the bait and quickly ordered all of his units to move backward away from the Swordmasters and Creylin. While the Witch Elves moved out of the woods and towards the Silver Helms know if the charge charged they would flee through the woods and it would have to follow.

The Repeater Bolt Thrower crew on the hill had two choices; they could fire a salvo at the Harpies or fire one bolt at Malice and the Cold Ones. The crew were wise and knew that it would be unlikely they would stop the Harpies from charging them even if they could hit some. Instead they decided to take the single shot on the Cold One Knights and Malice. The Bolt Thrower fired but failed to hit its target and stuck in the ground behind the Cold One Knights and Malice. Seconds later the Harpies charged through the air and into combat with the crew. The first crewmen was ripped by the Harpies claws, but the second fought valiantly and killed one Harpy in return. With Alios nearby the crewmen held his ground and hopped for some aid to come.

Alios and the Reaver moved next to the hill and Alios summoned Fury of Khaine at the Dark Elf Sorceress and her Dark Riders, but he attempted to put to much energy into the spell and lost control, his robes burst into flames. Luckily, the Reaver champion saw it happening and was able to pat the flames out, before Alios took any damage, besides his ego. The rest of Reavers open fire with their bows and 2 dark Riders fell from their steeds.

Malice looked at the machine that tried to skewer him, and saw it was already being taken care of by the Harpies. Thus he looked around and saw the High Elf Battle Standard and his Spear Elves had turned toward him, obviously preparing for a charge. Malice pointed his gauntlet at the Elves and yelled “Charge!!!”. The thundering sound of Lizards snorting and Dark Elves howling for blood erupted from the Cold One Knights. Tendal saw the charge coming and ordered his unit to brace for it. Malice swung his gauntlet with Hatred and vengeance, 4 spear elves fell to its blows while the rest of the Knights killed 2 more. In return Tendal struck back, but the Cold Ones Armor was too strong even for his Sword of Might (Authors Note: I rolled 3 wounds, he needed 3 saves at 4 plus and made them all.) The spear elves also struck back but could not get past the Dark Elf Armour. In the end the High Elves had lost (Authors Note: I lost by 1 two chances at rolling and 8, but failed), and even though the Battle Standard Tendal urged them to fight on, the Spear Elves broke and ran even Tendal dropped the Battle Standard as they fled for their lives towards the dark elf line with the river on their right flank. Luckily outdistancing the pursuing Cold One Knights and Malice.

Across the battlefield both Reaper Bolt Throwers fired volleys at the Chariot protecting the Silver Helms flank, and in a matter of seconds the chariot had fallen to pieces with both crew members being dumped on the ground.

Now that the chariot was out of the way the Witch Elves charged the Silver Helms, The Silver Helm champion turn to flee and realized the Dark Riders that were behind the tower were directly behind them. He cursed himself for not realizing they were there, and knew he would have to take the charge from the Witch Elves. He ordered his unit to hold their ground. The Witch Elves charged forward howling into the Silver Helms, their blades flashed, but only one of the Silver Helms fell to the attach the Hag struck with her deadly poisoned sword and also killed a Silver Helm. Luck had been that both Silver Helms that died were on the left side (Actually, I chose them) this meant that if they had to flee they would run past the Dark Riders behind. However, the Silver Helms even though out numbered, held their ground. Hoping for aid from Creylin and the Swordmasters.

Creylin saw the Silver Helms were in deep trouble, and charged his Swordmasters into the Witch Elves flank. Creylin struck first his sword flashing with incredible speed and downed 5 Witch Elves, while the rest of the Swordmasters killed 3 leaving on the Hag and one other. Who in return failed to penetrate the Silver Helms armour. The Hag realized they could not win and fled away from Creylin and the Swordmasters. The Creylin’s Swordmasters and the 3 Remaining Silver Helms pursued chopping down the witch as they ran. The Silver Helms pursued far enough that they ran into the Dark Riders behind them. The Dark Riders were surprised by the charge and 3 were impaled on Lances before they could react while another was kicked by a horse. The last dark rider fled for his life and was trampled beneath the Silver Helms hooves.

Behind the High Elf line near the hill Alios summoned the winds of magic and directed it towards Truella the spell surrounded her with a glowing aura. She had seen this spell before the Elf mage had put a hex on her so when she attempted to cast spells they would fail. She looked skyward at both of the Reaper Bolt Thrower and pointed at the High Elf Mage. They both understood and fired a volley at the Mage and Reaver 5 Reavers fell from the hail of bolts leaving only Alios and the champion who stoically held their ground.

Alios had a choice to make he could charge the Harpies currently battling with the Repeater Bolt Thrower crew or he could move behind the hill and attempt to take down the Dark Sorceress. He chose to move behind the hill and have the Reaver target the Dark Rider and Sorceress. Both Reavers fire and both arrows struck their target, but amazing both the Dark Rider and Sorceress were protected by their steeds armour and the arrows failed penetrate it. At the same time the Archers on the other side of the river fired at them, but again neither was brought down. It would be a mistake as soon after the Harpies killed the last crewmen and destroyed the bolt Thrower.

In the Middle of the battlefield, Tendal rallied his fleeing spear elves and turned them away from the river towards the Spear Elves and Kaldren, Tendal knew they would be charged by 3 units next turn, but was hoping to keep their flanks strong and protect their rear. As he feared at the same time, Malice and the Cold Ones charged their left flank, the Cold One Chariot charged into the right flank, and the Spear Elves and Kaldren in the front. The Chariot impact and crushed 4 elves under its wheels while the crew killed two more. Malice issued a challenge and Tendal knew he had to accept, and hope his skill and faith would protect him. Malice lashed out with his gauntlet, hitting 4 times, and wounding 2. Tendal’s Guardian Phoenix failed to protect him and the final blow crushed his skull. Kaldren and the Dark Spear Elves killed 2 more High Elves. The High Elves only hope was that they could bring down one cold one so they would keep their ranks protected, but they failed to do so (Authors Note: I had a champion and 3 attacks I wounded 3 times, but he made his saves and so I lost my ranks). The Spear Elves knew they were doomed and fled across the River followed by the Chariot who damaged a wheel crossing the river and every other unit. Only Malice and the Cold One Knights were able to catch and scatter the Spear Elves from the field of battle.

Creylin looked across the battlefield and knew the day was won by the Dark Elves he gave the signal to retreat and the rest of the High Elf forces retreated from battle.


Malice turned to his Dark Elves and said the field is ours. Let’s have a little party and don’t forget to bring the Prisoners. Malice laughed loudly as he said the High Elves retreat from the battle and turned to Truella and yelled “Perhaps we should rename this river “Bloody River”.


Dark Elf Massacre:

Well I got my butt handed to me. His Reapers dominated the angles in that battle. With the new rules I was worried too much about them getting a side shot on me. Next time I will just have to live with it. Also, I really got hurt by the IC and my wizard being the general. Plus that darn Gauntlet with Hatred is almost unstoppable. Oh well live and learn.

Any comments?

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It was a good read, I also play High Elves. I was astonished seeing how similar both lists are. It was quite a balanced battle until the first half. I don't know if you did right "killing" the two silver helms on the left in the battle against the witches. The new rules say you have to put models away equally from both sides.

09-10-2006, 19:45
Well I agree, but the 3 remaining were command models. So I though you pulled all non command models first. then when non are left you take command models.