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07-10-2006, 00:32
Having had a Harlequin army back in RT and 2nd ed, the news that they are back in the new codex with some stunning new models has prompted me to dust off the old troupers and build up a pure Harlequin force using 'counts as...' rules.

The general idea is to take as many units of Harlequins as possible, then make up the rest of the army using Harlequin models representing suitable units from the new codex. Things like units of Dark Reapers represented by Death Jesters and Shining Spears using Harlequin Jetbike models.

So, here's some of the source material:

(bigger version (http://azurevision.co.uk/warseer/harlequin-horde-bigger.jpg))

Starting from the top left we have:
- Some Vyper and Raider bits along with a couple of Death Jesters. Model-wise this will become a Venom-style skimmer carrying several Death Jesters, using the rules for a Vyper.
- Harlequin Dreadnought/Wraithlord, to be joined by one of the new plastic ones.
- One and a half units of the better painted Troupers.

Next row down:
- Six metal Harlequin Jetbikes. I also have a pile of regular metal jetbikes which will fit in quite nicely when given a suitable paint scheme.
- Miscellaneous badly painted Harlequins from my early painting days, probably need stripping.
- Nine Warlocks/Shadowseers.

Lower half of table:
- Three units of ten Harlequin Troupers.
- Several models with missing arms, mostly used to make an all-Kiss unit in the past.
- Unpainted Death Jesters, painted ones behind them.
- Behind the DJs is a rather large number of character models - four Solitaires, three High Harlequins, the limited edition Great Harlequin and a couple of High Warlocks/Shadowseers.

- Also on the table are unpainted models of Jain Zar and Maugan Ra which are likely to see use as army HQs when painted in a suitable fashion.


07-10-2006, 00:47
Detail photos of some of the painted models, some previously seen in my 'one of every Eldar (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41395)' log:

Kiss-equipped Troupers and Troupe Leader. Most of these are conversions, and are the reason for the big pile of mutilated models in the big picture.

A couple of the characters, in this case a Solitaire model converted for use as a High Harlequin and the Solitaire from the old box set.

Death Jester. This was a Golden Demon entry at some stage, but never got past the shop-level judging. :( The Masque symbol can be seen on the pennant.

07-10-2006, 01:03
And more...

About eighteen years old, this one is showing it's age. I need to paint the head and cannon, replace the sword blades and rebase it. Could also do with some gems to bring it to life a bit more.

A slightly lower view. The wings are from an Epic Titan, the swords were cut from plastic sheet with bosses made from Marauder DE shields.

07-10-2006, 01:08
Not valid anymore as the fluff has changed too much, but it was fun at the time. Probably a good thing in game terms, as Harlequins assaulting out of a Land Raider would be a bit scary...

Two more variations on the Masque symbol. In these close-ups you can see that the Harlequins have just slapped a coat of white paint over the top of the previous grey imperial paint scheme, but haven'y got around to adding further decoration such as diamond patterns.

Next Steps:

After touching up and finishing the Wraithlord I'll probably start converting the Jetbikes, adding in a mix or regular bikes, and giving one units-worth of models some kind of spear or halberd for use as Shining Spears. Ones without will be used as Guardian Jetbikes.

07-10-2006, 21:01
Masque Name
Probably the Masque of the Last Moment, but possibly the Masque of the Lost Moment. In either case, a Masque who specialise in in-the-nick-of-time interventions.

Masque Symbol
I've been doing some work on the Masque symbol, and realised that the earliest versions as seen on the land Raider had less points and was also the opposite way around from a question mark. Later versions as seen on the Death Jester somehow got swapped around, and had the side-spikes added.

I'm going to be doing quite a few banners and pennants on the computer due to limited painting time (and hands that aren't as steady as they were), so have been attempting to re-create the symbol in a vector drawing app:

First attempt, remembering how bad I am at using bezier curves. :(

Swapped to Inkscape (http://www.inkscape.org/), a free vector program, where you can show a grid.

By using the grid to draw the first spike and then duplicating it I've got something much more consistent. I think the top curve needs to be fattened up, and the corners sharpened up a bit and it should be there.

07-10-2006, 21:08
And a quick test reproducing the symbol on fire. This is NOT how the symbol will generally be used, but I'd like to experiment with different uses.


Not sure how well this will produce when reduced to a few millimetres high, but the effect could work very well if the flames instead blow sideways along a streaming pennant.

The fire effect was made following an online Photoshop tutorial, found here (http://photoshoptechniques.com/texp/fireptk.php#). Note that it requires a full version of Photoshop AND knowing your way around Photoshop.


P.S. Comments welcome!

07-10-2006, 21:52
Wow those are some old models. I cant wait to see more of this and maybe see your new harlequins when the models come out!

Keep goin!

07-10-2006, 22:13
Oh, you can be sure I'l be getting some of the new ones...

Once upon a time, many years ago, this model lost it's tab. Time for some repair work, as the foot is far too small to glue effectively.

As you can see from the width of the foot, drilling a hole for the pin was a little... tricky.

Based, waiting for a couple of finishing touches like the ankle bracelet and the thigh sash.

07-10-2006, 22:17
Wraithlord gets re-based:



Always amazing how much it can brighten up the model.

07-10-2006, 22:24
Another of the character models - this time the High Warlock / Shadowseer.


Marine players might want to take a close look at the pointy bits on the powerfist - this model came out a couple of years before Terminators with Lightning Claws...

The High Harlequin/Solitaire conversion in the second post has the same powerfist cut off another shadowseer.

07-10-2006, 22:37
All the troupe leaders and many of the character models will be given banners and pennants, in some cases just to make them distinguishable from the normal troupers. This idea is partially inspired by the limited edition Autarch and Yriel (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=960848&postcount=24), but lots of long flowing cloth suits the Harlequins anyway.

Here's the first test.

Hole drilled down through from the top of the backback at an angle from the vertical. A chopped down dressmaking pin is in the hole as the banner pole.

With a quick paper pennant on to see how it looks.

Note that the pennant is purposefully narrower than the pole is high - this will leave space for a really long thin streamer underneath the main pennant.

07-10-2006, 23:25
The symbol is finished:


With some colour:


Looks like I just found an avatar at last...

08-10-2006, 02:45
Printed Back Pennant

File prepared much larger in Photoshop then reduced to size. Note thin grey line in the middle to help with alignment.

Printed pennant with model for scale.

Trimmed down to rectangle.

Double-sided tape on one side of pennant.

08-10-2006, 02:50
The sticky tape goes over the halfway point so that it already sticks to the pin at this point in the process.

Folded over, taking care to line it up fairly accurately.

Trimmed banner. It's always best to 'overprint' the edge of the banner and trim it after folding over - if you don't get it exactly lined up it won't show as badly.
This should always be done with a scalpel and steel ruler - most craft knives are either not sharp enough or the blades so wide that the edges of the paper get folded up.

08-10-2006, 02:55
The pennant in place on the model, after painting the edges black and curling it around a thin paintbrush handle.


I'm very pleased with how it's come out, does anyone have any bright ideas for other pennant designs?

08-10-2006, 04:00

I love the old school back banner look.

I would try various harlequin "patterns" on fields of color, like diagonal checks/hearts/spades/yin yangs.

Cant go wrong with flame on Eldar ;) (winks at my project log link)

08-10-2006, 04:08
(winks at my project log link)
Oh, I've been keeping a close eye on that for awhile now. :)

Yes, generic diamonds etc. as backdrops could work nicely. I'll mock some up and see how they look, will also have to experiment with slightly textured backgrounds instead of flat colour.

08-10-2006, 04:36
Not being an eldar player or ever played one, what are Harlequins exactly?

08-10-2006, 04:41
They are like those drama kids in high school...

Drama kids that have rending weapons and personal holofields and can dodge bullets and go toe to toe in close combat with independent characters...

08-10-2006, 04:57
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eldar_Harlequins is probably the best place to start.

They were the original beardy army in first edition - more special rules than you could shake a stick at, more independent characters than basic troops and the Harlequins Kiss. The CC weapon that automatically killed any organic target that was hit and failed it's save. Now a rending CC weapon. :rolleyes: :)

Oh, and they've basically been out of the game since 2nd edition - there's a 3rd ed 'experimental' codex that was published in the Citadel Journal, but people tend to use it's unofficial status as a reason to avoid playing against them... all the current models are from 1987-8 until the new ones come out in a few months time.

08-10-2006, 05:32
Some more test pennants:

I found a suite symbol pattern on deviantart (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/26310557/) to use as a background.

'Flat' diamond pattern.

As above but with a bit of texture and darkened edges.

As above but a white dropshadow to make the masque sign stand out better.

08-10-2006, 05:33
None of these are what would be printed out, though, as trying to fold over the paper accurately enough would be too hard. This is what would actually be printed for use:


This way it doesn't matter too much if you make an error in folding or trimming.

Edit - if anyone's interested, I can upload the full size backgrounds without my masque symbol, so that you can use them for your own banners.

08-10-2006, 12:12
your art work (computerised) is great... i do this for all my armies.. creating banners and penants for the armies i build, which always have names of my own design, i too have an all eldar army, with 40 harlis,original jet bikes etc... so reading this project is pretty damn cool, knowing im not the only one out there!.. haha...

I think its funny though that you wrote ppl tended not to play against them - using the 'but theyre not official' excuse!.. i found this alot too... wait til those ppl get 40 S4 I7 rending attacks... and for less points, then we'll see what they prefer - lol..

goodluck with the project!

08-10-2006, 12:39
your art work (computerised) is great...
I've been mostly away from the hobby for about eight years, and became a photographer in that time - so Photoshop and computer work is second-nature by now.

Actually, the pennants have turned out to be so easy to print out and put together that I'm thinking of putting them on ALL the troupers as an easy way of distinguishing units from each other. With some kind of extra symbol or extra streamers to pick out the Troupe Leaders.

goodluck with the project!
Thanks! It's coming along quite nicely so far.

Anyone who wants to try banners themselves can find a couple of 'bare' background images attached below. Just note that these are currently oversize.

08-10-2006, 14:11
Here's the diamond pennant in place:


Works much better than the flames.

08-10-2006, 14:16
Two troupe leaders with the different pennants.

Plus an uncut sheet of varied designs.

Now, there have been 500+ views - any more comments?

Brush your teeth
08-10-2006, 14:22
im impressed, the harlequins look great and the banner idea is geinous.

can i just ask how you printing the banners as its very high quality (compared to my printer that is) do you need special paper or something?

08-10-2006, 14:35
The printer is an HP PhotoSmart 8750. It is a photo-quality printer (and A3 to boot), but it's not enormously special these days in terms of print quality. It was set to maximum dpi.

The paper is Tetanal Duoprint which is heavier, smoother and quite a bit whiter than regular copier bond. It's also capable of taking MUCH finer detail than normal paper. Pretty cheap, though, A4 works out at 10-12p per sheet. You should be able to find it or something similar at Jessops or other camera shops.

I wasn't expecting them to come out as well as this - the blacks are a bit light, but the crispness of the printing is great. Oh, and always make sure you sharpen images just before printing.

08-10-2006, 17:32
Massed Shuriken/Brightlance death:


Eleven DJs, plus Maugan Ra - apart from the huge difference in size it's fairly obvious where the sculpt got it's inspiration.

I'll probably paint Maugan Ra up in slightly more colourful fashion than normal, and either use the model as a 'High Death Jester' or just starring as himself - of all the Phoenix Lords I think he's the most likely to fight alongside a Masque. Most of the DJs will probably end up counting as Dark Reapers.

Another possibility for a Venom conversion - to carry some of the DJs and count as a Vyper. Possibly a bit bulky for Eldar, though.


The Raider running boards would probably go ABOVE the jet engines as I'd hate to see the results of standing in the wrong place at full speed...

08-10-2006, 18:25
Lovely work - I particularly like the printed banners - how did you work out the scale to fit them to 28mm?

Keep it up! :)

static grass
08-10-2006, 18:30
I am enjoying this harlie blog. I feel like I should leap in and say that the green bases don't look so good though. I think that if you went for something more urban like having a mozaic of tiles then they would look a lot better.

Otherwise everything else looks great. Looking forward to what you do with the vyper.

08-10-2006, 18:42
The banners were put together in Photoshop, then reduced in size until they fit the height of the banner poles.

Bases - I agree. In the long run I'll do some mixed bases so that they blend in on a wider variety of tables, especially as I'm a keen player of CoD! But the priority is to get them in a painted state in the first place.
The M, P&T forum and CMON are great places for inspiration when it comes to bases, as are all the new 'standing on things' Eldar sculpts.

08-10-2006, 18:47
Very nice stuff! Have you seen these Dark Harlequins (http://www.agisn.de/html/dark_harlequins.html) by Agisn before? You might be able to get some more ideas for your Harlies from there :)


08-10-2006, 19:11
Yes, I've seen the Wyches who decided to copycat the Harlequins. :) Nice work.

Hopefully in the future DE players will be able to get some 'real' Harlies. :angel:

08-10-2006, 21:15
Hacked around a bit more with the Venom:


I'll probably try magnetising the feet of the DJs, with bigger magnets just underneath the running boards. It looks a bit top-heavy at the moment, I'll probably add some kind of cowling or hand rails over the engine - or a handrail around the outer edge.

08-10-2006, 21:23
And more...


With all that bulk of engine it certainly looks like it can move fast, as long as the passengers can hold on!

There are some gaps underneath the jetbike body, these will just get covered with plasticard. painted black against the rest of a colourful paint scheme no one will even notice. ;)

I may also use a different rider, converting one of the old metal jetbike riders to look more Harlequin-like. Waving a sword and driving something this big is a bit much even for Harlequins!

08-10-2006, 21:25
Amazing stuff there. Please also paint the Land Raider (if you find the time) to fit with the army, even if it's just for showcase reasons.:)

08-10-2006, 21:33
Thanks for encouraging me to finish the Land Raider, in theory it just needs an hour or so adding some diamond pattern in places. I don't think banners and pennants will be a problem anymore... :)

And even if it's not valid in the game anymore it'll make a great objective marker.

08-10-2006, 22:18
The venom needs a tailplane. It looks too flat at the moment. Maybe a central bar for the harlies to hold onto?

Your painting is excellent.

08-10-2006, 22:57
The venom needs a tailplane. It looks too flat at the moment. Maybe a central bar for the harlies to hold onto?Bingo! Thanks very much for the suggestion, it inspired me to grab the fin from the Raider:


As you can see, it's almost tailor-made, neatly fitting into the little hole at the back (which needed filling anyway). It's even the right kind of height to add some grab-handles down the side for the passengers to hold on to.

Your painting is excellent.
More thanks! I actually had an interview to paint for the design studio many years ago, partly on the basis of the Solitaire back on the first page.

08-10-2006, 23:24
Quite nice there. I was screwin around with a friend and some vyper bits and did something similar once...


09-10-2006, 09:20
Rather than gluing the tailfin into place, I decided to use magnets instead, so that it can be removed for easy transport.

Small pilot hole. In the top right you can see a magnet already in place in the running board.

3mm final hole.

Magnet being held on the end of an old drill, being glued into place.

Magnet in bottom of fin.

09-10-2006, 09:32
Testing magnets in the feet of a Death Jester. Used a really battered one in case it doesn't work...
The running boards will end up with 2-4 magnets each so that models can be put in multiple places. The 2mm magnets are just small enough to fit inside the pads on the board, with a tiny bit of filler they won't even be visible on the painted model.

3mm magnet in one foot. The hole in the other foot went a bit wonky, and he now has a 2mm magnet replacing his heel. Oops. Turns out the 2mm magnets are strong enough for this anyway.

It seems to hold OK, given that it's held in place by a single magnet.

Well, better than OK!

I'll glue a couple of 1x5mm magnets underneath a slottabase so that the DJ can also be used on foot. The 5mm magnets are strong enough that for a lightweight model like the old DJs you don't even need physical contact.

10-10-2006, 13:23
Amazing stuff there. Please also paint the Land Raider (if you find the time) to fit with the army, even if it's just for showcase reasons.

Your wish is my command...



I tried to emphasis the 'slapped on' feel for the paint job - they've found this Land Raider that the previous owner's don't want anymore (due to being pureed soup inside their powered armour). But it's boring grey, so they slap on some white paint and a few bits of colour just so that it's not so offensive to the eye. As it'll just get abandoned as soon as it breaks down they haven't taken too much care, and it WILL break down, all the oil seals are failing already...

10-10-2006, 13:31
Some detail shots:

Those oil seals are in a really bad way. And as long as the oil doesn't get on their clothes, the Harlequins don't care. After all, they can just get another one when it breaks...
The oil is gloss varnish mixed with black and chestnut inks, plus a bit of green paint - this gives quite a nice yucky sheen, and should look great on Orky constructions.

I'm thinking of adding some mud and turf on the tracks - given the amount of oil and grease on them it's going to be picking up all sorts of junk off the ground.

Open hatch as a fire point.

Not too sure about putting the original guns back on, I may do something with the old artillery shields instead. Any suggestions?
Oh, and the cargo boxes would make great places to put some piles of enemy heads...

10-10-2006, 13:37
As you can see, there will be plenty of scope for streaming banners and pennants.

Enemy's-eye view.

I may add a Harlequin standing in the command hatch, but rather than a DJ it's likely to be either the troupe leader with two shuriken pistols or the one with a pointy powerfist.

10-10-2006, 15:45
Love the whole thing, as a fellow Quins player I wish that I could paint and model to this standard.

I used to have a purple and pink Land Raider way back drove marine players mad to see such an eye sore on the battlefield. I like the mark II raider better than the box on wheels they have now.

Much more elegant don't you think. I await with baited breath the finished venom death trap, sorry transport!

10-10-2006, 15:46
amazing work, i love multi colored bold and bright models. can't wait too see how everything turns out.

10-10-2006, 17:21
Nice. I like the idea of spacing the diamonds out. It keeps the harlequin style but saves a lot of fiddly painting.

10-10-2006, 21:07
Thanks all!

@Shibboleth - it's MUCH much faster than covering the whole thing! And it's surprising how little you actually need.

@purplehoob - oddly enough, I only ever painted one Harlequin in pink. Now, purple on the other hand... :)

Thinking further about the Land Raider as a game objective - it could be enough to trigger a whole series of linked games all by itself:

Game 1 - "We need wheels!"
The Harlequins decide they need some extra transport, and go after the LR in the first place. Preferably trying to take down the LR using Kisses so that the vehicle itself is fairly intact. The unsuspecting Marine player doesn't yet realise that this is the start of a mini-campaign. :evilgrin:

Game 2 - "It's too big for the portal."
The Harlequins realise that no matter how much they jump up and down on it, it's just not going to fit through their Venom-sized web portal, and decide to take it overland. Use the LR as a non-combatant marker, and play a breakthrough mission.

Game 3 - "Stuck in the Mud."
LR gets bogged down, out of perversity the Harlequins decide they don't want to let go of it. Hold At All Costs mission, with the LR as the objective, or Strongpoint Attack with the LR counting as a bunker. Not that the Harlequins would bother staying in the bunker...

Game 4 - "One of Our Land Raiders Is Missing!"
The AdMech get to hear about this outrage against the machine spirit of the Land Raider, and vow to purge it of the heretical Xenos. A Raid mission.


10-10-2006, 22:25
The Harlequins realise that no matter how much they jump up and down on it, it's just not going to fit through their Venom-sized web portal.

Oh, now that's just classic, that is.
Gotta love it.

The Land Raider's bloody impressive. You must be itching to show it off to a bunch of stuck-up fluff obsessed Space marine players. Might even give one of them a heart attack...

10-10-2006, 23:52
You must be itching to show it off to a bunch of stuck-up fluff obsessed Space marine players. Might even give one of them a heart attack...
That's pretty much the thought that inspired the idea of the linked games. :) Then taking that thought on further to how the Techmarines and/or Adeptus Mechanicus would react to a Land Raider being 'desecrated' in that way.

In fact you could have a whole story about this one tank passing through different hands - starts off with the Marines or the Inquisition, gets 'borrowed' by the Harlequins, dumped, picked up and repaired by Orks then retrieved by Imperial forces, only to end up being shipped off to the Eye, taken by a traitor legion and infested by deamons. :eek:

Actually, that leads to an even better version - it's a pre-Heresy tank, owned by one of the original treacher legions (presumably one of the ones that aren't that into deamons), by now one of the oldest surviving Imperial-design tanks in the known universe.
The Harlequins, being the fanatical anti-Chaos fighters that they are, wiped out the detachment of CSMs that were using it, and now regard it as a trophy of a major victory.
The Imperium have now heard about this tank, and want to get hold of it because by now it's old enough to be a semi-holy relic in it's own right (or even rite?) and probably involves forgotten construction methods - after all, it's 10k years old and still running, there must be something special about it!
Plus the treacher legion are pissed because they lost and the Harlequins are being snotty about it.

All set for a nasty three-way fight. Four-way if an Ork Mek gets curious...

Quin 242
11-10-2006, 00:19
Wraithlord gets re-based:

Always amazing how much it can brighten up the model.

Just a thought but you might want to base him on an appropriately sized ROUND base? Square bases just look out of place (and are mostly) in 40K.

You could use a flying stand as well if you color it/base it...

Old School
11-10-2006, 12:51
Great blog and some nicely painted Harlequins.

Can't wait for some more....

11-10-2006, 12:57
Man, this makes me wish I had never sold either of my harlequin armies...

Looks like I may end up making another in the future what with the new 1337 roolzorz.

11-10-2006, 13:01
Sold? You SOLD your Harlequins? :eek: Mind you, I'd been keeping an eye on how their prices kept rising on ebay, and was considering selling off some of the unpainted ones...

Probably won't be much done today, but I'll try and grab a group photo of everything that's been done so far.

Edit - a round base for the Wraithlord would look better, especially once his younger (plastic) brother turns up.

11-10-2006, 13:29

i had a largely unpainted Harl;ie army that I kept meaning to get round to a couple of years ago...

...then I moved house, I think they took the distraction to leap through the web way cos I dont have them anymore! waaaaaaaaaa!



all I have to remember them by is a four armed Harlequin Wraithlord.

11-10-2006, 16:41
Nice work Ian. Must subscribe.

11-10-2006, 18:51
all I have to remember them by is a four armed Harlequin Wraithlord.
I'd like to see that! :cool:

Anyway, a group photo for today:


All the more finished bits, although most of the troupers need finishing touches, there are a lot of blank white sashes and holsters. Once there is more stuff painted I'll look at rebasing it all in a more cohesive manner, and with something more interesting than 'basic gamer's flock' technique.

11-10-2006, 19:09
quite a nice rare army you got going there, looks very distinctive

12-10-2006, 13:01
I'd like to see that! :cool:


ok, he's actually in bits but I've been thinking about reassembling him as a display piece.

will get to it tonight.....oooooh project!

13-10-2006, 08:50
ok, dug him out last night, he was missing an arm but have hunted through my bitsbox and found another, just need to attach the Phantom wings then I reckon he deserves a repaint, will post the results on this thread if thats ok? probably doesnt deserve a thread of its own.

13-10-2006, 09:37
Fine by me.

15-10-2006, 20:36
After a bit of a gap, I had a chance to do some more finishing work to the Wraithlord/Dreadnought.

Touched up white undercoat - it had got very battered.

First rather thin coat of Hawk Turquoise.

Second coat of Hawk Turquoise, ended up rather more shiny than I'd expected, due to the paint being thinned a bit too far.

On the lower left side you can see the first shading wash.

15-10-2006, 21:33
What do you use to dillute your paints so they turn out shiny? Never witnessed this effect when using plain old water.:confused:

The Wraithlord looks good so far; I'm really looking forward to see your army proceeding.;)

15-10-2006, 22:04
It was just water. :( The shading wash and the highlights, on the other hand, had some turquoise Rotring ink mixed in, which probably didn't help.

Head fully shaded and highlighted, with the eyes retouched in white again. The teeth were painted with a dilute mix of grey, black and orange, and then shaded into the edges with red glaze mixed with terracotta and black.

Ear areas and earrings given a coat of something like brazen bronze prior to a brown/chestnut glaze.

And the eyes, painted to look like gems. I was wondering about adding cat-slit pupils, but they look menacing enough as it is.

15-10-2006, 22:09
The model on it's own. Blue/greens under artificial lighting is notoriously hard for digital compacts to capture accurately, so I'll have a go and re-photographing it in daylight tomorrow, as it's much more turquoise than the blue shown here.

As the rest of the model was painted 15+ years ago, the rest of it is looking a bit shabby in comparison and will need some more touching up, apart from needing two new swords.

As you can see, the paints are nearly as old as the models...

15-10-2006, 23:00
Nice, another update. Right, the wash must have caused the shinyness. I'm just a little light in a vast space full of bright shining painters, but still I'm as respectless as to ask if you're using dishwashing liquid with washes. In my opinion it (additionally to the other positive effects it has) also reduces the shinyness a bit. Personally, I'm kinda suspicious towards GW's inks and only use the standard matte colours for washing non-metallic areas.

Normally I'm an advocate for pupils, but in this case I'd say that the eyes are nice as they are. They enforce the mask-like, quasi-soulless/dead nature of the Wraithlord. Very nice work on the eyes, I might add.

Have you considered adding some additional highlights to the "teeth" of the mask? I think this area is still looking a bit flat. Where are these "wings" on the back of the WL from? I see many people using them for their Wraithlords but can't figure out where these bitz are from. Are those from Epic Eldar Titans?

P.S.: Hehe, I didn't know rotring is doing acrylic paints too. Are these still in production or are they a thing of the past too?

15-10-2006, 23:56
To be honest, I'd never heard of using detergent in ink washes, might have to try that sometime.

No idea what GW's current inks are like, the old inks, glazes and coloured metallics were wonderful. Mine are all 8+ years old and apparently came from a different manufacturer than GW's current ones. I think they are now called Cote D'Armes or something like that.

Teeth - 'in the flesh' they make a nice contrast to the face as the face is actually quite dark, wait 'til you say the daylight picture and see what you think then. But you may be right anyway...

Wings - yes, these are from the old Adeptus Titanicus/Epic Phantom Titan (http://solegends.com/citcat89/c897002titans-m.htm).

Rotring inks - as this was a box set I bought in the mid-Ninties your guess is as good as mine, but a quick Google doesn't bring up anything useful. :(

16-10-2006, 02:23
The Wraithlord creeps me out when i look at it...
Looks cool!


Old School
16-10-2006, 09:31
Slightly off-topic....

Would anyone know if that Harlequin jet-bike canopy would be able to fit onto the new wraithlord?

IJW, your wraithlord has inspired me to do one myself. So has ALL your harlies, I've gone and dug out my old boxed set of them, to try and finish them off.


16-10-2006, 10:02
I've not seen the new model closely enough to tell, but that's a great idea. Possibly a bit top-haevy, though. ;)

16-10-2006, 13:04
got ol' four arms glued toether over the weekend, am starting to repaint him as the old paintjob doesnt do him justice, will post a pic of him tonight so you can see what he looks like before I get to work painting him properly.

16-10-2006, 23:53
here he is so far, got a fair bit more to do and the camera is really showing that up but I think you get the idea...


Old School
17-10-2006, 08:47
Hmmm......nice model Sleazy, but I think the black face detracts from the whole Harlequin theme. Did you intend to make it look like Al Johnson on purpose?

I just noticed that big gun coming out of his......forehead! Painted red at the end, it looks a bit too fallic-like.

17-10-2006, 08:57
yeah i'm not happy with the D-cannon, will change that i reckon, for the face I dunno, Al Johnson hadnt crossed my mind, it was a little less high brow than that. The eyes were sort of inspired by Venom, the rest of it I just sorta made up as I went along, like I say its nowhere near finished but I posted it to show the model I was talking about.

Old School
17-10-2006, 09:20
The four arms are a good touch, but that big face is a focal point and that mass of black is like a black hole.

Looking forward to your updates on it.

19-10-2006, 16:30
Now you say it, I can see the Venom inspiration for the face, but my first thought was B&W Minstrels... :p

It's been a frantically busy week so it's taken awhile to take some daylight photos, but here they are:


Old School
19-10-2006, 17:43
I like the eyes a lot IJW.

Does anyone remember the kiddies animation series, 'Chorlton and the Wheelies?'


19-10-2006, 19:19
Nice work...I like that the head is pretty subtle, it fits the rest of the harlies nicely :)

Old School
19-10-2006, 19:38

Strange request, but is there any chance you could take a picture of the Wraithlord from the back? I just want to know how the Harlequin Jet-bike canopy looks like on the model from the back

19-10-2006, 22:04
I'll try and find time tomorrow, but no promises.

20-10-2006, 10:39
I like the eyes a lot IJW.

Does anyone remember the kiddies animation series, 'Chorlton and the Wheelies?'


That witch used to give me nightmares when I was a toddler! :eek:

Anyway, that's a very nice looking Wraithlord. Keep up your good work! :cool:

20-10-2006, 10:42
Frenella the kettle witch!

"elo little ol' lady"

Alex Under
26-10-2006, 10:54
Brilliant thread, love the painting, it's not close at all to my personal painting style (very dark and grim), but it reminds me of the classic 'Eavy Metal paint jobs, great work there, all oldschool lovers will enjoy this project as much as I do!

26-10-2006, 16:25
Recently got a bucket load of harlequins from a friend or a bargain Ģ10. am also planning on using the new codex. autarch for great harlequin and dire avengers for Mimes. then 30 harlequins and a couple of venoms (vypers)

03-11-2006, 13:45
If I weren't blown away by the Painting, or the modeling, then I'd simply be wowed by the great work you've done on the Photoshop pennets!

I'll be keeping an eye on this projecy from now on! :D

05-11-2006, 17:21
Fantastic. I love the whole theem. Those banners are outstanding. I wanted to do something similar but do not have the ability to print on stickers like that. You could even print that logo larger and put it on tanks blending the paint into the logo making it look painted on very sweet stuff! :eek:

07-11-2006, 19:25
Lovely army:D absolutely charming!

Keep it up...more...more...moooooooooore!:evilgrin:

(and no, I'm not crazy)

14-11-2006, 13:13
Wow. I'm not a harlie fan and never will be, but this is a great inspirition for anyone wanting to do a harlie themed army.

I'll send all those whiners who got a harlequin finger but wanted the whole hand with the new codex here. The Wraithlord is particulary good.

Good luck

17-11-2006, 03:47
It's been a bit of a long gap, due to little things like deadlines.
And when you are self-employed, meeting deadlines is one of the things that get you more work...

So, I've been doing a bit more 'finishing off models that were started waaaay too many years ago' stuff.
Five Harlequin Jetbikes, undercoated white with a bronzy metallic colour for the main bike bodies:
I may need to order a couple more cowlings, as there are only three 'face' ones left, the others having been used on the Wraithlord and the Venom.

Close-up of body. As you can see the metallic paint was applied relatively roughly.

Before & after a mixed ink/paint wash. The wash was roughly equal amounts paint and ink (no water), made up from chestnut ink, bestial brown, jungle green to reduce the redness, and some dark brown Rotring ink. Note that these are the old Cote de Arms paints, not the current GW ones, so I don't know how helpful the names are.

Looking a bit too red in the photo, but it's now got a lovely warm feeling of antique bronze viewed by firelight. The handles and seat will be painted dark grey and given a black shading wash. Jewels will be picked out at some stage.

Not much idea what to do with the riders or the cowlings, maybe take a leaf out of the existing Kiss troupe:
... and pick a limited set of colours to unify the unit, while changing the pattern for each model. So one cowling split left and right, another quartered, another divided into eight, another painted mostly one colour but with tribal markings in the other main colour. Could work.

Riders - game-wise I'm using these as Shining Spears, so I may try and get hold of some halberds and lances to replace the swords, and also to get a bit more variety.

17-11-2006, 05:19
And thanks everyone for the comments!

Got a bit further with the Venom.


It's undercoated, and about half of the structure has now been painted in the same bronzy colour as the Jetbikes. Pretty well all of it will be metallic, maybe with a second darker and thinner wash than the Jetbikes to get more shading, and a touch of drybrushing afterwards to give a highlight. The diamond patterns on the running boards will be white with occasional diamonds picked out in colour, and the border of the diamond field probably painted black to distinguish it more from the metallic frame.
The tailfin will have metallic edges to look a bit like blades, with the panels being white with Masque markings on them.

On to other matters...


Having been away for a couple of weeks, I went to vet's night this evening and finally picked up my copy of the new codex, and put together a first attempt at a 'counts as' 1500pt list, and even got in one and a half games!

High Harlequin using Jain Zar rules. The model is the same as this one (http://www.coolminiornot.com/89626), and is currently badly undercoated, awaiting stripping. Not only old, but rather rare on top of that as it wasn't available for long.

10 Harlequins
including Shadowseer
3 with Kisses
1 with Fusion Pistol

10 Harlequins
including Shadowseer
4 with Kisses

5 Harlequins This was a test for a 'harassing' unit - keep well back and shoot with the Shrieker Cannon while being near-invisible.
including Shadowseer
including Death Jester

3 Trainee Jetbikers using Guardian Jetbike rules Not really Harlequinny enough, and smacks too much of min-maxing.
1 with Shuriken Cannon

3 Trainee Jetbikers using Guardian Jetbike rules
1 with Shuriken Cannon

Death Jesters on a Venom using Vyper with two Shuriken Cannon

5 Harlequin Jetbikers using Shining Spear rules

5 Death Jesters using Dark Reaper rules

Wraithlord with wraithsword and Shuriken Cannon

Game One:
Against another Eldar player, Ulthwe using lots of DAs as black guardians, plus Banshees, Wraithguard and a couple of Wraithlords. And a Falcon containing Fire Dragons.
The battlefield was a CoD setup, but we removed several buildings as it would have given the Harlequin too much advantage. Mission was alpha-level Recon - get into the opponent's deployment zone.

He was understandably worried about the wave of Harlequins, but as I predicted at the start of the game, Shuriken Catapults in the hands of 30 DAs :eek: were rather nasty.

The 5-man harassment squad got gunned down by a low flying Falcon, in the only turn the Falcon didn't shoot at the Wraithlord. Amazingly, the Wraithlord survived four turns of fire from the Falcon and a round of fire from the Dragons. The Falcon, on the other hand, didn't survive the Shining Spears, and the Dragons didn't survive the Wraithlord's Shuriken Cannon and Flamer.

One of the big units of Harlequins got Bladestormed by DAs, with only three models surviving. Which turned out to be enough models to wipe out all but one of the DAs, then hit-n-run towards the Wraithguard, taking down two of them with the Fusion Pistol (they ARE worth the points!) and tying up the remainder.

The other big unit of Harlequins advanced up through the middle of the board into a building (instead of standing behind it out of LoS, DUH!). Got shot, ran away, regrouped and came back through the building to instantly wipe out another squad of DAs, carrying on into one of the Wraithlords and the remaining Wraithguard. meanwhile, the High Harlequin charged the other Wraithlord, taking it down in a couple of rounds. The Harlequins then got chrged by a full Banshee squad and died convincingly, only to be revenged by the High Harlequin who took out almost the entire Banshee unit single-handed over a couple more rounds.

After shooting down the Falcon, the Harlequin Jetbikers/Spears ate hot Shuriken death from the third DA squad, who then got flamed to death by the Wraithlord.

I ended up winning the game by having an untouched Guardian Jetbike unit in the Ulthwe deployment zone, while Ulthwe would have struggled to getanything into my zone, given that it was still being guarded by the Death Jester/Dark Reaper unit, who had turned out not to have as good a fire line as expected, and actually moved twice during the game!

Game Two

Same table but against 'Nids, as used by the area's best player. We only managed three turns each and I was far too timid with the Harlequin units, so i won't go into much detail. He would probably have won.

Lessons Learned


As expected, it's quite hard finding the right balance between advancing to get to grips with the enemy, and keeping some of the Harlies alive long enough, even with Veil of Tears. A good tip is to move up until you are just behind a piece of terrain that blocks LoS, or to keep 6" into area terrain, and then wait until someone comes near. Really taking advantage of their ability to ignore difficult terrain.

HQ Choices

The rules for Jain Zar initially seem like a good fit for a High Harlequin, and if she gets into combat she's great (assuming no hidden powerfists). BUT - if she joins a Harlequin unit they get to take difficult terrain tests and lose hit-n-run. If she doesn't join them she has to hide behind the Wraithlord or Jetbikers, or risk being shot up badly as the Harlequins can be ignored for targeting purposes. :(
I'll probably change to Maugan Ra rules to represent a 'High Death Jester', partly because he's more survivable on his own due to sitting further back, partly as the Maugetar will help boost the rather low anti-tank in the army, and partly because the Disciples rule will fit very nicely if he hangs around with the Death Jester unit.
Another option would be Yriel, his invulnerable save should keep him alive longer, and the Eye of Wrath blast effect would represent a High Harlequin (or Solitaire) going into a frenzy of attacks for a turn.


Finally, the Troops. Although the Guardian jetbikes won me the first game, and help make up a nicely mobile force, they don't really fit that well in terms of theme. I also don't feel that good about having only 10% of the points spent on troops. To free up points I can drop one or more of the following: a Harlequin from each of the large troupes, a Death Jester/DR, a Harlequin Jetbiker/SS.
That would get me enough points to field a unit of Storm Guardians to count as Harlequin trainees, although I don't know whether to do Harlequin paint schemes on Guardian models (looks bad), or Harlequins somehow painted to look more 'normal' (problems with the same models representing two troop types). The Guardian Jetbikes would either become one larger unit or be replaced by more Storm Guardians.

Any ideas?

Asi the Red
17-11-2006, 07:29
Hey ya'.

Fantastic work IJW, simply fantastic.
The Wraithlord reminds me of The Joker, I like it.

Old School
17-11-2006, 09:33
Thanks for the game report IJW, it's good to hear how they work out.

But I have one....'gripe'. You mentioned this about painting your Jetbikes-

The handles and seat will be painted dark grey and given a black shading wash. Jewels will be picked out at some stage.

Come on! It's Harlequins we're dealing with here, DARK GREY should not belong in your pallet, and it should definetly not be used on any Harlequin. What would they think! OH, the shame of it! What would other troupes think?!?;)

Why not paint each of those folds on the seat cushion a different colour?

17-11-2006, 09:51
Because you basically can't see those parts once the rider and cowling are on? I know what you mean, though.

17-11-2006, 13:52
I don't know whether to do Harlequin paint schemes on Guardian models (looks bad), or Harlequins somehow painted to look more 'normal' (problems with the same models representing two troop types). The Guardian Jetbikes would either become one larger unit or be replaced by more Storm Guardians.

Any ideas?

My suggestion would be to take some of your harlequins which are are armed with pistols and close combat weapons only and remove the heads. I would then replace these heads with bare eldar or elf heads, and sculpt a cloth bandanna across the nose and mouth. Paint them up with a much more subtle paint scheme - perhaps a single colour on their sashes, and call them Mimes, and they'd work for me.

You'd then be differentiating them from the full Harlequins as they haven't yet earned their Masks, and by colour.

Other options (witch elves, wyches, wardancers) either are too large in comparison to the classic harlies, or stylistically too different to look coherent IMO.

Another option would be to pick up a set of the classic executioner and assassin ghost warrior eldar robots and paint them up similarly to your Wraithlord (might work as one or other has a head mounted flamer too ;) )

17-11-2006, 14:35
Hmm. I've got a pile of the old Ghost Warriors, great models. What would you use them as in the game, though?

17-11-2006, 16:14
Hmm. I've got a pile of the old Ghost Warriors, great models. What would you use them as in the game, though?

They could be anything you wanted - storm guardians would work with their fist and combat attachments - the shuriken head could represent pistols, the flamer head could be your flamers or fusion guns. With a few arm swaps, you could get some variety in a unit.

Or they could be Dire Avengers and you could bling one up to be an exarch...depends how you see the unit working

(as an aside, I've always wanted to do an Iyanden army with the old epic knights representing different aspects - might be another set of figures worth looking at if you wanted to go down the wraith-construct route)

17-11-2006, 16:37
Reading through some of the background info again, I'm probably going to go for plainer-looking Harlequin models using Storm Guardian rules to represent the Chorus, and have a go at converting some Harlequins to carry sniper rifles, using Ranger or pathfinder rules to represent Mimes.

Don't get me started on a wraith-construct army, I've got about a dozen of the Ghost Warriors and at least two dozen Epic Knights. Too many ideas, not enough time...

17-11-2006, 18:08
And then you could always use the Epic Revenant Titans, too. ;)

The bikes look good, though I think it's sad one no longer can buy the faced front plates.

17-11-2006, 23:36
Face plates:


18-11-2006, 03:09
I didnt get a chance to read the longer post, but I really like where you are going with this project.

The more awesome old eldar models, the better!


18-11-2006, 23:24
Ah, I like the direction of this project, too. I did not realize you could still order them (no new Jetbike models - on with Harlie Davidsons then for my planned Eldar army. I know - poor humor), but then again I remember seeing a number of fantastic Harlequin models being pictured in an Eye of Terror WD...

Should have expected it; Harlequins are always good, and GW can always make more money out of them.

21-11-2006, 03:22
What a cool army. So old school!

And I'd let you use that Landraider if I ever played you. It's too cool to not use.

21-11-2006, 13:31
Agreed. I really like old school Eldar models, and of course the somewhat abstract options such as Knight Walkers and Land Raiders for both Eldar, Imperial armies and Chaos.

23-11-2006, 16:21
great stuff there bud

though i might wait for the new harlies to do a harlie themed army

are you planing to paint the faceplates on the bikes to match the wraithlord?

23-11-2006, 16:35
To be honest, I'm not really sure what to do with the Jetbike faces. I'd wondered about picking a couple of colours and doing each one with those two colours but in different patterns, say one quartered, one halved, one mainly one colour with warpaint in the other colour.

Due to work commitments, there was no painting time this week. :(

23-11-2006, 16:43
got two words for your big walker ( dang, cant remember itīs real name) SPOT-ON :)
Thumbs up for your army

23-11-2006, 19:16
Might sound stupid, but you could try to mix nuances down the sides of the jetbikes.

23-11-2006, 21:59
Not quite sure what you mean?

24-11-2006, 03:07
I havent posted here in awhile so i thought i would pop by and tell you to get those damn jetbikes finished!;)


24-11-2006, 14:58
You might find the following link useful:


Its got quite a few examples of painted face plates.

24-11-2006, 22:40
Okay. Forgett what I was saying. The examples there will undoubtedly work better anyway.

30-11-2006, 01:51
I don't really no much about the harlaquin army, but I have an idea for something you could do. I think it would be pretty cool if you made an Avatar of the Laughing God, you couldn't probably just use the regular Avatar's stats. I have no idea of how you would make it or what he would look like, but I think it would be pretty cool.

Oh, and great work on your army. Keep it coming.

01-12-2006, 11:09
Yeah, someone did something similar based on one of the C'Tan Deciever model. The horns on this model were replaced with a sculpted standard jesters cap. I *think* it may have even been a GD entry.

Edit found the damn thing:

01-12-2006, 13:14
Gethzerion - thanks, I was just about to try and find that picture!
Game-wise, I'd probably just use a Solitaire, the few descriptions of the Laughing God manifesting on the material plane usually have him 'under cover' as a Harlequin.

There HAS been some work going on, I've just been too busy to upload photos, more later...

01-12-2006, 18:33
Really cool army. I'm gonna subscribe to this thread and pop in with suggestions after your next update.

01-12-2006, 18:58
Pics now!!! (stomps feet)


01-12-2006, 20:25
"PICS! PICS PICS! PICS!" [slams fork and knife ends in table]

01-12-2006, 20:50
Since you ask so nicely...

Jetbike bodies are pretty much done, and I've started on the cowlings.

On the left is the finished one, the rest are going to end up a bit darker as it came out a bit too light On the cowlings to the right the purple is finished but the green needs more work.

To give the unit a cohesive but individual look, I'm using the same colour combination throughout, but each one is getting a different pattern.

Each rider will share the pattern used on the cowling for that Jetbike. Much fun was had pinning the torso and legs together, the legs will also be pinned onto the seat once the rider is finished. In the meantime, the paperclip makes a handy handle when painting...

EDIT - as they are using Shining Spear rules i may end up swapping out the swords for some kind of halberd or spear, especially for the Exarch/Troupe leader.

01-12-2006, 20:53
Someone asked to see the back of the Wraithlord head:



There's also a small rod that goes on the back of the ribbed area to hold the heavy weapon.

01-12-2006, 20:56
And the Wraithlord's new brother!




The idea is to have the Wraithlord crouching down (lotsa chopping up to do), with a Wraithblade in each hand plus a shoulder-mounted heavy weapon. With both blades, heavy weapon and head all pointing in the same direction.

Happy now? :angel:

bobert the great clen one
03-12-2006, 15:45
hey IJW back at the start of the thread you mentioned lots of harlies that had beeen hacked up in one way of another anychance of trading these?

Old School
04-12-2006, 13:18
Ahhh, I can see now that the harly jet-bike canopy fits nicely onto a Wraithlord body.

Thanks for that.

04-12-2006, 20:41
One thing I wonder is why you won't fit a Harlequin bike canopy on the new Wraithlord? Perhaps it is hard to pull off, but I believe it should be possible...

04-12-2006, 20:47
I too can see that it is possible, but seeing as you probably want the head to look in the way the swords are looking I'd say you'd have to glue the bit on the Wraithlord's current head...I dunno:eyebrows:...

04-12-2006, 22:31
Yay updates! I like the jetbikes a lot.

04-12-2006, 23:37
hey IJW back at the start of the thread you mentioned lots of harlies that had beeen hacked up in one way of another anychance of trading these?
At the moment I've still got plans for them, but I'll remember you if I find they are surplus to requirements.

;1121247']One thing I wonder is why you won't fit a Harlequin bike canopy on the new Wraithlord? Perhaps it is hard to pull off, but I believe it should be possible...
Ventris pretty much answered it for me, but I'll see how it would look before gluing, just to be sure...

Yay updates! I like the jetbikes a lot.
Glad to help. :cool:

bobert the great clen one
05-12-2006, 03:15
ok cheers IJW really inspiring thread

05-12-2006, 09:05
Ventris pretty much answered it for me, but I'll see how it would look before gluing, just to be sure...

Hm, I suppose it won't look to good on its own. Perhaps the anti grav-platform from the Support Weapons pack or something else could suffice to sit behind the Harlequinish 'head'?

13-12-2006, 01:25
Excellent work IJW. Really interesting read!

Although the Guardian jetbikes won me the first game, and help make up a nicely mobile force, they don't really fit that well in terms of theme.

Any ideas?

Well, I have one.

I remembered reading it and just went back and double checked I was right.

page 19 in the Eldar codex talks about Alaitoc.

"The nomadic Rangers of Alaitoc have a loose alliance with the Harlequins, regularly sharing knowledge about the furthest corners of the webway. These two factions also complement each other's skills on the battlefield."


Perhaps you could do some Alaitoc Rangers and Pathfinders and include them in your army as your troops choices. I find that this would be very fitting for a Harlequin army since they have a loose alliance. I think it would do very well in your army. You could paint them in standard Alaitoc colours, or maybe do their armour harlequin-ish and their cloaks camouflage.

Now, one thing I also mentioned is when you talked about Jain Zar vs. Power Fists - remember, the Phoenix Lords are immune to Instant Death, so a Power Fist should be not too much worry in the fact that a single hit will only do a single wound.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

15-12-2006, 03:33
im realy loving your work, to bad i cant paint like taht :(

to the person above me. nomrally a powerfist wielder will have 3 attacks base. so thats almost 2 wounds a turn. the bonus is taht u might be able to wipe the kill xone before the powerfist gets to attack.

15-12-2006, 03:39
For the Troops choices I'm now using 5 x Pathfinders and a biggish unit of Storm Guardians to represent the Chorus. Oh, and Maugan Ra representing a High Jester.

15-12-2006, 15:07
This army rocks, keep up the good work

17-12-2006, 04:07
are old school eldar rare to come by? I have like two I think. My friend gave them to me along with a bunch of other older models.

17-12-2006, 12:22
Old school eldar have a certain deal of appeal, right? I wants to do an eldar army based on old school models along with some of the latest ones. Of course, the lovely kneeling Dire Avengers that would work so excellently along with the new Exarch bits are no longer avilable, if I'm correct.

17-12-2006, 12:43
The original Aspect Warriors are no longer available from GW, but are pretty plentiful on eBay. Harlequins are mostly still available via the classics section of the GW site.

Pre-Aspect Eldar are getting a bit thinner on the ground on eBay, and are getting to the stage where people are starting to ask too much for them.

Quin 242
18-12-2006, 02:43
;1152930']Old school eldar have a certain deal of appeal, right? I wants to do an eldar army based on old school models along with some of the latest ones. Of course, the lovely kneeling Dire Avengers that would work so excellently along with the new Exarch bits are no longer avilable, if I'm correct.

There hasn't ever been a kneeling Dire avenger?
Perhaps it was something else?
Actually I can't think of ANY kneeling Eldar figs at all....There may have been one eldar pirate WAY back but since then.. none...

18-12-2006, 02:56
Well, they weren't exactly kneeling more like...running so fast they are about to fall forward. The sculpt really is awkward.

18-12-2006, 10:05
I like the pose, actually. A whole squad of them gives the impression of discipline, something I've always thought Dire Avengers to be. They are not exactly kneeling, but they're tense, ready to spring up in the blink of an eye.

07-01-2007, 16:43
A veritable feast for the eyes. Beautiful stuff.

10-01-2007, 17:49
Harlequins forever! It feels awesome to be able to field them on the tournament scene again, and there's not much that feels better than when your table is the one everyone's watching because "Oh my God! Harlequins!"

And when they're painted like these ones, well, gravy :) Keep us posted!

Zorz Muaddieb
10-01-2007, 18:44
IJW, you need to delete this thread.... it is far to distracting from work and makes us (me) feel that we have wronged our Harlies by not having them all painted to that standard. ;)

Awsome work. I want to play against that army.

Are you going to do a Deciever conversion and use the Avatar stats to represent the Laughing god for your army?

For the bases how about trying to model something that makes the ground below them look blured like they are moving to fast. Basically a sharp focus on the harlie, like a sports photo. Otherwise maybe something like the wraithbone look done in the last WD or something to represent them on the webway. A dark marble look to contrast them I think would also look great.



11-01-2007, 13:33
Thanks all! I might get around to doing some more painting at some stage. :(

Laughing God - as far as I'm concerned, Cegorach doesn't turn up for battles. The only references to him manifesting are when an Eldar has met a Harlequin or Solitaire and later realised that it was actually the Laughing God.

Webway bases could be interesting, maybe a writhbone grid to stand on, and underneath is a flat surface painted with a star field to represent seeing through the edge of the webway. Yes, I know you can't see stars in the warp...

14-02-2007, 00:12
beautiful. nuff said

Quin 242
14-02-2007, 00:15
Ahh.. a reminder to get back to work sir!!!

Well done Luthien!

19-02-2007, 18:06
Wow, I love harlequins. It's nice to see someone doing them justice.

Cheers, keep up the good work

19-02-2007, 21:08
Back by popular demand... :eek:

There's not really anything new at the moment, but here's an idea of the pose I'm planning for the Wraithlord:


Both legs will be bent at the knee, and all weapons will be magnetised.

19-02-2007, 21:16
That Wraithlord pose looks pretty cool.

I would recommend pinning the wrist-mounted and shoulder-mounted weapons instead of magnetizing them. It can get pretty hard to fit a magnet in the weapons slots because of the shape.

Quin 242
19-02-2007, 21:21
The pose is nice but you have GOT to change out the Shuricats for flamers.

19-02-2007, 21:51
Really cool. Couldn't you convert a bare hand (for exchange if you're going to magnetize them) giving him a sort-of kung-fu pose?

19-02-2007, 21:53
Really cool. Couldn't you convert a bare hand (for exchange if you're going to magnetize them) giving him a sort-of kung-fu pose?

Actually the Wraithlord kit includes 1 or 2 bare hands, so he doesn't even have to convert it.

I agree, a kung-fu pose would be pretty awesome.

20-02-2007, 09:25
I would recommend pinning the wrist-mounted and shoulder-mounted weapons instead of magnetizing them. It can get pretty hard to fit a magnet in the weapons slots because of the shape.
I cut into the tabs so that the magnet is in the middle of the tab to hold it on, but each end of the tab is still there as a 'pin' to hold the gun on straight. I'll try and grab a photo of it today.

The pose is nice but you have GOT to change out the Shuricats for flamers.
Don't panic! It was just what was to hand when the photo was taken...

20-02-2007, 09:40
with that many harlies, ever though about using it as a "count as" dark eldar wych army? wack some open topped transports together and bobs your grannys uncle.

20-02-2007, 11:44
I've got the DE codex, but the new Eldar one does a pretty good job for representing a Harlequin Masque.



Here you can clearly see the 'pins' left from the ends of the tabs, and how they slot into the arm and shoulder mounts. The hole in the Missile Launcher went a bit wrong, so I ended up cutting it away, and will fill around the magnet later.


All four heavy weapons prepared and swappable.

20-02-2007, 14:00
Very nice looking pose on that Wraithlord there :) Grea to see this log goin again, keep it up!

edit: at last I know what your name stands for! :)

Old School
22-02-2007, 08:43
Great photos IJW, I was thinking myself where I could place the magnets for swapping weapons.

Now I know!


22-02-2007, 17:01
Good pose, IJW, and good to see this running again.


14-03-2007, 01:55
That's an awful lot of harlequins... and so pretty!

The new wraithlord pose is very nice. What swords are you going to use for the old one?

It makes me wish I could paint just half that well :cries:

14-03-2007, 03:20
I love the harlequins, just wish they would get the treatment they deserve. your painting is awesome as well, I wish I could do my ancient harlequins justice.

20-03-2007, 17:55
I ordered some extra new swords from battlewagonbits to go on the old wraithlord. It's going to be some time before I get back to these, as what little painting time I have is being concentrated on some Infinity-related stuff (see sig.).

20-03-2007, 19:38
And there I was thinking I'd get an update. And what do I find? That you've been painting those Infinty models again! Hmpph! :mad:



11-07-2007, 10:42
*le sigh*
IJW, you must update your log more often. It has been awhile now and you should have made considerable progress. Pictures?

13-07-2007, 21:09
I've not even had time to post on Warseer for the last few months, let alone get near a paintbrush. :(
Things should get easier around the end of August, I tend to get less busy then. Hopefully.

06-09-2007, 18:26
screw the haters. 5 stars for cool factor. touch em up super nice and they'll be so fun to put on the table. you should go all out and make some harlequin terrain (or, *GASP*, the front of the black library so you can defend it)

09-09-2007, 16:44
Any chance we will be seeing the New Harlequins Models painted? Mine is still unpainted because i am lost at how and what colour to paint for them. :(

09-09-2007, 18:16
I've picked up a few of the new ones, not sure how long it will be before I get around to them, though.

09-09-2007, 18:26
Dude!! You have an Alien Queen head! Where'd you get it?

I'm not really a fan of the camp looking old school Harlies, but the models themselves are nice, and you've painted them well...

09-09-2007, 18:37
Alien Queen head - something like 15 years ago it was in a box of bits I bought off someone - the natural thing to do with it was use it as a trophy. :) No idea where you'd get one these days, though.

10-09-2007, 23:20
they used to make toys for the aliens movies that were only a slightly larger scale than 40k models. i always thought if i converted some 'nids id search some out b/c they were pretty high quality / detailed models.

18-09-2007, 11:12
more! now. i command it!

21-09-2007, 12:55
you can use your landraider when apocalypse comes out! nice :)

did i mention you need to update? dont make me beg

21-09-2007, 15:02
I don't know if you've noticed this other log, where I'm doing a bit of everything, and hardly anyone voted for Eldar... :(

21-09-2007, 22:53
you dont need them IJW. im here for you ;)

21-09-2007, 23:02

Here you can clearly see the 'pins' left from the ends of the tabs, and how they slot into the arm and shoulder mounts.


I have a Wraithlord and two War Walkers that have been waiting for someone to show me a good way to magnetize them. Now I can work on them.

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
25-09-2007, 03:39
Dude, we need updates!!!!

also, have you considered using Kahandras as a solitaire?

25-09-2007, 03:42
yeah, a counts-as would be perfect.

edud tihs ruoy etadpu

edit - btw, did you hear there's gonna be a datafax for harlequins using jetbikes, the wraithlord, etc, etc for apocalypse???

Captain Happy!!!
15-10-2007, 15:46
Sorry about the thread necro, but I just found this in the White Dwar's Compendium and thought I had to share it with you-

Brother-Captain Fragman's eyes widened as the machine crested the rise behind the advancing Eldar. Once, it had clearly been a Land Raider, but now it was scarcely recognisable. Its codex-standard camouflage had been painted over with a garish array of stripes, dots and multicoloured lozenges, and gaily coloured bunting was festooned from every point. A huge banner bore the foul and decadent devices of a masque of Eldar Harlequins, and some of their blurred shapes could be seen dancing around the machine as it lumbered forward.
"Heresy!" he howled. "Abomination! Advance, Three Company, and take that vehicle! Honour the wargear of the dead, it is written! Avenge this insult!"
The four las-cannon began to fire as a hundred Star Leopards broke into a charge. Many died, but they knew they could not all be stopped. The battle might be lost, but the insult would be avenged.

15-10-2007, 18:49
With that much work done on the Harlequins you _really_ should put some more work into the bases rather than just paint them green and and then flock them.. would do the army alot more justice..

floyd pinkerton
15-10-2007, 18:55
some really nice stuff here:D

18-10-2007, 11:49
Very nice paint work. A very colorful army.

04-12-2007, 14:27
Sorry if this was asked earlier, there's quite a few pages to scroll through. I saw that you used a photo-quality paper to make the banners, but what did you put that on to make them stick so you could just fold them over? Or is it a paper that has a sticky side? Or am I just asking an annoying question 'cause it was as simple as glue?? Thanks!

20-11-2008, 08:39
A great blog here, i've been thinking of doing somehting similiar with my 30 odd RT Quines, have you thought what you're going to use as troops choices? I'd thought of having mimes as rangers, or Jetbikers as quine jetbikers.

fiore hellheart
20-11-2008, 17:35
cool (subscribed) please do more updaptes, im waiting :D

lord marcus
20-11-2008, 21:24
nice harlies.

i recently recieved 6 of the old harlies, but i'm having some trouble...

3 of them have this pistol like gun that looks like a shuriken pistol grip, and a trapezoid stuck onto that with holes poked into it which i guess are parrel holes....what is this?

06-01-2009, 03:06
Fantastic blog and a great looking army, keep up the good work!

21-02-2009, 19:19
you should now enjoy the new harlequin minis