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08-10-2006, 17:34
I just got 2/3rds through my first unit, so with 8 Glade Guards finished I thought I'd show them to you folks... and why not start an army painting blog to spur my efforts? (I'm rather slow at painging :P)

I am very happy with these girls and boys. They're not perfect, but they're the best unit I've made so far. The pictures may not be the best, but hopefully they'll do. Just after taking the photos I noticed that I'd missed highlighting one piece of cloth (on a male on the four models base), but that's been fixed now.

What do you think?


Four more glade guardians are to follow, and after that I will try to tackle the Dryads, or maybe my Branchwraith.

What colours do you people reckon I should paint my elven steeds in to complement the warm colour scheme I've got? I'm thinking of painting them grey as a contrast. Is that a good idea?
The forest spirits will probably also be grey, but with the colours of the glade guards for leaves to tie the force together.

08-10-2006, 17:35
Some more pictures: http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l224/anardakil/DSC00004.jpg

08-10-2006, 18:15
I've been thinking of doing my own wood elf army, and seeing yours makes my plans definite. I really like how you strung (?) all of the bows.. it makes them look alot more realistic. Did you ust just regular string? I would like to do it to my army too.

08-10-2006, 18:43
those are some really nice glade guardians, i really can't wait to see more. I'd go for grey as well for the steeds. Maybe mottled whitish grey as well?

Any particular conversions planned to give them that extra autumn feel?

08-10-2006, 19:51
They are really good. You have found the perfect thickness for the strings too. But it is the bases that do the trick! The grass and fallen leaves...
Great job!:)

08-10-2006, 20:07
Very good, the autumn effect and the overall feel is excellent.

I hope you keep on painting and showing us your progress :cool:

08-10-2006, 20:16
Wow that's really good. How did you make those dried leaves on the bases?

08-10-2006, 20:59
Thanks for the replies everyone! It is nice to get such good response. :) I'm glad you like them.

To CommanderXenos: Yes it's normal string/thread - whatever it's called - that I found in my mother's sewing box. It's a real pain to bind it to the bows though, arrgh XP, but it's well worth the effort IMHO. I glued them with super glue after attaching them to make sure they won't come off.

To HiredSword: Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll go for grey. The mottled grey-white is a great idea, thanks. I'll try that, there's a tutorial for it in the Kislev book if I remember correctly. I'll check it out.

To Unriggable: The leaves are mixed herbs stolen from the kitchen painted and highlighted in the same colours as the clothing (except for the graveyard earth colour as they would blend with the sand anyway), oh and some birch seeds washed with watered down scorched brown.

Light of the Emperor
08-10-2006, 21:27
Looks great! The fall theme will definately help set them apart from other Wood Elf armies.
I have a question though: if using herbs and other organics, would they have to be sealed aka varnished in order to stay preserved and not decompose over time?

08-10-2006, 22:02
Looks great! The fall theme will definately help set them apart from other Wood Elf armies.
I have a question though: if using herbs and other organics, would they have to be sealed aka varnished in order to stay preserved and not decompose over time?

I'm glad you like them :)

Well I don't know about that really, I think herbs will take very long time until they decompose. At least the normal kitchen herbs. But I think I'll varnish them with GW matte varnish (the one you paint on), I've heard varnish makes them stay good longer.

08-10-2006, 22:39
Those are superb!

I love them. I love the models, the painting, and the bases. One thing though ... I like the bow strings but there's no arrows ... have you thought about making some?

08-10-2006, 23:07
Quite nice there is must say. Though i've never really followed LoTR i like them a lot.


08-10-2006, 23:10
for characters, using lots of bronze and then a light grey would look really good.

08-10-2006, 23:11
Quite nice there is must say. Though i've never really followed LoTR i like them a lot.



WFB ;)

08-10-2006, 23:13

WFB ;)

Whoa there i'm confused. Thanks.

Yes as i think you can tell i havent been paying much attention to WFB either...

Still very nice models...Wow for some reason i thought those were LoTR...

*Scorpio starts laughing insanely:evilgrin: *

Dont mind me....;)

09-10-2006, 13:02
Well they certanly put my WE to shame! I went with a winter theme myslef... just like evry other WE player I've ever met! (I didn't think the winter theme would be so popular) The Autumn colours work really well, and with your skill it's fantastic. I really like the hair, the grey ones most of all.

09-10-2006, 13:13
loving the autumn theme, thinking about starting to paint my wood elves (finally!) what mixes of browns have you used? im finding it hard to get enough different colours to make them look realistic

09-10-2006, 14:16
To MrLemonJelly: That's really good to hear. Thanks :) Well yeah I've thought of adding arrows, but the ones in the skeleton box are bit too big in my opinion, so I'll have to make my own. I might do some arrows in the future, but for now they'll have to do without them XD

To HiredSword: No I don't have any ideas for conversions that would strengthen the autumn feel. Do you have any ideas yourself? I don't have many ideas for conversions at all actually, though my Branchwraith has two extra arms. Oh and I'm thinking of putting a few mushrooms on a few of the bases actually.
You said "for characters, using lots of bronze and then a light grey would look really good." Do you mean you think I should paint the armour of characters in bronze and grey clothing or whatcha mean?

To Scorpio: Hehe a little confused are you? WFB models are always (with the exception of night goblin fanatics) on square bases, while LotR models are on round ones, and are of more realistic proportions. :)

To Phox: I'm glad you like them so much. Well autumn isn't all that rare either. In fact from what I've seen on www.asrai.org there's a pretty good number of every season, except perhaps for spring - but that might be because spring and summer colour schemes tend to be quite alike for natural reasons.
'Tis nice that you like the grey hair. At first I did not intend to go for grey hair, but I reasoned it would work nicely as a little contrast to the otherwise warm colours of my models and also tie them in just a little bit with the Dryads and horses that are to come.

To Wascloud: Hehe I have had my wood elves for a looooong time before starting to paint them since I was busy dragging my Black Legion up to the 1000pts mark.
I am very happy with my colour scheme, I spent a very long time contemplating and experementing on what to do before deciding on this. I'll tell you how I painted them.

Anardakil's sloppy painting tutorial! :chrome:

Step 1: Spray the models black and then basecoat them in scorched brown.
2: Paint the cloaks terracotta and leave some scorched brown in the recesses. Highlight with terracotta mixed with some bleached bone, and then once more with even more bone added to the mix.
3: Paint some clothing areas vermin brown, again leaving scorched brown in the recesses. Highlight by adding fiery orange to the vermin brown, and then once more with even more orange.
4: Paint some other clothing areas with watered down graveyard earth until you've got an OK blending effect. Highlight by adding just a little bit of bone to the colour.
5: Paint the last clothing areas and the wood of the bows with snakebite leather, but don't leave any of the original colour at all, instead you should leave the leather colour in the recesses while painting the rest in vomit brown (this might need a few coats since vomit brown covers poorly). Highlight the vomit brown by mixing in some bone, and then with pure bone.
6: Paint the faces with dwarf flesh, leaving scorched brown where you think the face would be shadowed. Then highlight with watered down elf flesh, and then make a final highlight with elf flesh. Wash the face with very watered down scorched brown. Leave the eyes dark.
7: Highlight all the ropes or bands or whatever with bone.
8: Highlight the leather armour with vermin brown.
9: Paint the base, glue on static grass or whatever you like.
10: Admire your models and reward yourself for your effort by killing some stuff in a video game.

09-10-2006, 19:31
Yeah, bronze armour and for parts of the cloth maybe a lighter grey, just so they still are coherant with the rest of the army but stand out that bit more because they're lighter.

Well as for conversions i think small things like mushrooms might work, but please don't paint them bright red with spots, you'll take the eye away from the mini which will mean you spent all that time painting a nice scheme just for it to be less noticeable.

I know it may not apply to your army, but putting furs and layers of clothing on models such as spellsingers and wardancers to show the temperature change as well. As for dryads, this may be a way to add lots of rich colours like res and yellow in the form of leaves. Just search for autumn forests for ideas.

09-10-2006, 21:00
To MrLemonJelly:[B]To Scorpio: Hehe a little confused are you? WFB models are always (with the exception of night goblin fanatics) on square bases, while LotR models are on round ones, and are of more realistic proportions. :)

Thanks .ya i know. It was late. Now i look at them and i dont even know why i thought that...i suppose its that i havent seen the new WE archers and that the colors look similar to LoTR(kinda)

*laughs insanely*

27-12-2006, 22:03
:D Christmas update!:

My GG unit has been done for quite a while, but I've been too lazy to take pics of it. Here is a picture of the whole unit of twelve elves. The picture might not be that great, I don't know. I had some trouble with the camera. Anyway here it is:


Next I think I'll give them some arrows ;D And then it's time to paint some dryads.

And now it is time to show you what else I've been doing with my time:


A merry green (and a tad bit late) christmas too you!
I'd like to change the title of my project log as I now intend to use it for all my stuff, (Wood Elves, O&G and certain army for 40k) but I don't really know how to change it. I guess maybe I need a mod for that.

The Judge
27-12-2006, 22:23
Ah, they are awesome.

Well done.

28-12-2006, 10:02
lol, love the goblins and the wood elves, have you thought about using the great stag from the wood elf range as rudoplh? but not so friendly obviously :)

28-12-2006, 10:51
Awww, even the shields have wee little fluffy Christmas hats on. You're the man! :D
(even though you forgot to put a woolly cap on the shaman's staff, you scoundrel)

Those Woodies are cool as well, but not nearly as groovy as the Goblins.
Since you're making them autumn wood elves I suggest adding pumpkins and spooky outfits to them. :p

28-12-2006, 13:06
To The Judge: Thank you. I'm glad you like them.

To Hiredsword: Thanks. Hey that's an idea I haven't thought about! Thanks, I'll take it into consideration as I'm intending to give my gobbo general a sleigh (is that the correct spelling?) chariot. Rudolph would of course be the perfect animal to push it. Too bad I don't really like the model, it's an ugly animal - but hey gobbos are ugly too so I guess it would fit in quite well ^^

I'm glad you like the gobbos so much. Oh and about the shaman's staff. I figured it would be a trophy, like a rival he killed. And a rival from another tribe wouldn't have the same hat as my x-mas gobbos. But then I realised that the skull looks human so I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I'll change it, maybe not.

Hmmm I kinda think the photos make my models look a little prettier than they really are, but I dunno, it's not a huge change anyway <_<

28-01-2007, 15:00
It's update time! :D
And with better pictures this time (I think).

I've just given my glade guards arrows. I couldn't get them to "sit" just right though, as their hands aren't open (and some elves' hair was in the way :P) but what the heck, they've got arrows! And it looks cool in my opinion. What do you think?

some more pictures:

These arrows were from the Giant set. I think the arrows from the VC skeletons box are a little too big, and their feathers have a different shape from the arrows in the Glade Guards' quivers. Okay I might be a little picky, but hey, I got 12 arrows from the giant box, which is neat. This means, however, that I have to buy another giant in the future to be able to give all my shooting weed elves arrows to shoot with ^^ But I don't complain. There're so much funny bitz from that kit that I want to use, and I'll gladly field two christmas giants in my christmas gobbo army.

-continues in next post-

28-01-2007, 15:04
But it wouldn't be much of an update with just a few little arrows now would it?
I've also painted my little christmas gobbo mini-diorama. So lookie-lookie and tell me what you think!
and some more pictures:

Funny? The poor little christmas gobbo has been hit by a cannon ball, and two of its "friends" are looking at its corpse, on of them poking it with his spear.
Wether the other gobbos are startled, scared, confused or actually think it's funny I don't know. I leave that to you ^^

Well that's all for now. Next I'm going to paint some more rank and file gobbolins, and finish building my dryads, and undercoat them. Oh and I'll give my black legionnaries some more licks of paint I guess. Chaos boys are boring and hard to paint -_-
In the future I'm going to paint an army of Skaven for a friend of mine. That'll be fun, hopefully...


28-01-2007, 16:16
I just love everything it this project log. Your attention to detail is amazing - and the arrows added to the WE takes them from really good to fantastic IMO. Really good work, I look forward to seeing many more updates on this log.

28-01-2007, 17:46
And may it be so; the venerable Hastings is right. The diorama is so extremely nice, though the one not facing the unlucky bastard with the iron cannon ball looks a bit... deaf... in the ranked up unit. Doesn't matter, of course, though he could have been posed to look over his shoulders or turning around, wondering what that was.


28-01-2007, 18:17
your gonna hate me for telling you this but the arrows are on the wrong side of the bow. They should rest over the knuckle on the side of the bow opposite the thumb.

28-01-2007, 18:42
To Hastings: Why thank you, that is great to hear! I am flattered :D

To Voronwe: Thanks a lot :) Hm yeah you've got a point there. The problem is just that you can't change the positioning of the night gobbos heads. The bodies and heads are all one piece, and you just glue on the arms. And I didn't want him too to stand the other way and look at the dead gobbo, 'cause I think that it wouldn't look so good with as many as three gobbos facing the wrong way. But then again, it would have been cooler if he looked over his shoulder. If only there was such a mini ;) So maybe he is deaf after all X3

To noneedoraname: Hey are you sure? Oh I guess you are, :S this girl doesn't know all that much about bows. I've seen the tips on both sides of the bow on a lot of illustrations, but maybe they were all wrong too.
Anyway it doesn't matter that much, since it just wouldn't work to have the arrow tips on the other side of the GG minis' bows. The models simply don't allow it because then they would point in another direction than the bow is pointing. :/ hmm it's a little tricky when the models aren't meant to have arrows in the first place.

28-01-2007, 19:09
Thats ok i just thought that might be the reason why you didn't think they where sitting right.

As for bows, well i have two of my own so i have a rough idea ;)

28-01-2007, 19:12
Hm, with our bow at home we shoots with the arrows resting on our thumbs.


28-01-2007, 19:25

some google fu produces this

28-01-2007, 19:29
Damn englishmen! Firing over the wrong side of the hand. :D

There is a reason to why we have a thumb-protection, but note however that - in the second picture - the left man is going to fire the arrow over his thumb.


28-01-2007, 19:32
last post before this go's to off topic zoom the pic abd tak a closer look ;)

28-01-2007, 19:46
It's not off topic yet; the whole thing began with you mentioneing how the archers' arrows rested, and I argued that it can be like that (wait a minute, you did it too in your first post), and we're still at the same place - and you're right, the arrow is not the way I thought it was at first... :D

Perhaps professional/trained archers shoot that way to get more steadiness into their shot?


28-01-2007, 19:50
Lies! It's a conspiracy! Haha


Yeah let's leave it at this. :) As I said I can't put the arrows on the other side anyway because of the scuplts. Let's say they're arrogant elves who can't be bothered to shoot with their bows the same way as some pesky humans. (Just like those who can't listen to music that a lot of other people listen to too. ;P)

28-01-2007, 20:03
Or perhaps they are stable-armed enough already and now needs a little extra speed. I'm sorry - couldn't resist.


28-01-2007, 20:34
I rarely post in WHFB blogs, but these wood elves are fricking great!

08-02-2007, 20:57
Thanks FearFrost. That is nice to hear ^^

Well, time for another update!
And a question. I've got about 1100pts of my 2250 pts Black Legion Company painted. They aren't as good looking as my wood elves and cute gobbos (although the camera might make people think so. Damn camera! I guess you might think I'm crazy, but I'm irritated because my models look better on pictures than in reality. It feels like cheating although it surely isn't : P) but maybe you would like to see them anyway? If so, then where should I post them? Do you think this thread would be too crowded? maybe I should start another one for 40k stuff.

Oh well here's the latest four Chaos Marines I've painted to give you an idea of what they look like. They're nothing special really, but their bases are pretty nice methinks.


Here's a Christmas Goblin Big Boss conversion that I just did with green stuff, a 6th ed. night gobbo fanatic and a skeleton's scimitar. What do you think? Note that the paint he's wearing is old. He will of course be repainted in nice christmasy colours : )


Who's that old man beside the greenskin then? Well he's the start of my new project. That means I've got 4 armies in progress ... right. I already have a 6th ed. empire army, but I want to make a Witch Hunter themed army with loads of crazed with hunters, free company fighters, flagellants and lead by priests, and probably some troops lead by a captain that an elector count have sent to aid the hunters in their holy crus -- ahem, witch hunt. The army will include loads of nice Mordheim miniatures and some random fellers, oh and lots of torches of course. The Post SoC Empire army "survivors of the storm" featured in a recent White Dwarf was a great inspiration. But I've wanted to do a witch hunter army for quite some time now.
The army's general will be a priest who's had a vision of a great evil that must be punished. The priest's army grows stronger and stronger as he convinces more and more witch hunters and rabble that knows no better than to trust him and his vision.
I thought I'd use loads of warm but not too bright colours to bring their fanatical zeal and hot-headedness to life. The rabble will have a lot of dulled down colours though.
I'm thinking that the small force of state troops will be from Altdorf, since that's where the church of Sigmar lies, and that's likely to be the place from where the priests leading the army comes. But not necessarily I guess. The dark red would tie the two forces together nicely. What do you think? Should I go for Altdorf or something else?
Another idea would be to go for lots of dark greys, browns and blacks to give the army a very dark and menacing feel, however that's not as fun to paint. hmmm

Alright it's time to show off something I've been working on for quite a while. It's a lake! (well more of a little puddle actually) It's made with GW's water effects. The water effects are really nice IMO, but you have to make a load of layers, and they need 24 hours to dry, so it's slow work. Anyway I'm pleased with the result, and it's nice to have actually made a terrain piece like this by myself (little ol' not-so-handy me ^ ^). It looks a little better in real life though, as it's hard to capture the water feel with a camera.


Oh and I've finally undercoated my dryads so it's time to paint them next I guess. Well that's all for now. Cheers!

08-02-2007, 21:04
Lake/puddle looks awesome.

Good job, and congrats on owning such a splendid piece!

08-02-2007, 21:08
Just had a look at the newer xmas goblin stuff, really a great project :D

The water and old dude look good too, but I'm gonna have to demand more gobbos for the xmas win.

- Salvage

12-02-2007, 08:41
Excellent militia and Chaos Space Marines, Anardakil!


15-02-2007, 09:13
Splendid festive goblins - wish I'd thought of that. I did halloween ones in a jack o' lantern patch - I'll post 'em here when I get the chance to take a picture.

15-02-2007, 18:54
Thank you for the kind words yeancientone, Voronwe, Boss_Salvage and Asuril. : D

Hey yeancientone I'd love to see your halloween gobbos! Be sure to tell me when you've uploaded them. : )

It's time for another update!
Oh and sorry Boss_Salvage, no christmas gobbos this time. Please don't hit me <.<

Here are my first three dryads! I've realised that many trees are grey but dark brown in the crevaces (is that the right word?) oh well.. So that's what I tried to recreate.
The grey bark is scorched brown drybrushed with dark grey, drybrushed with codex grey, washed with watered down scorched brown+chaos black, drybrushed again with codex grey. Then I gave the extreme edges a few licks with some codex grey painted on normally. The brown bark is scorched brown washed with watered down chaos black and highlighted with graveyard earth.
The eyes are snot green highlighted with camo green and the leaves are scorched brown - teracotta - teracotta+bleached bone (for the red leaves), snakebite leather - vomit brown - vomit brown+bleached bone (for the yellow leaves) and vermin brown - vermin brown+some fiery orange - vermin brown+more fiery orange (for the orange ones).
I wanted them to have that chalky look you get from drybrushing 'cause I think it fits the trees bark very well. I won't deny I was also rather scared by the thought of doing layered highlighting on dryads because of how they look with their numerous branches and curves and stuff. Oh well they're not as good as a lot of other peoples' but I'm happy with them. The three colours of the leaves will be cycled through the rest of the unit.
Do you think I should have a few leaves of a different colour? Like some yellow among the orange ones, some orange among the red ones and some orange among the yellow ones or are they nice like this?

de Selby
15-02-2007, 19:28
This is a great project log, your wood elves look exactly how my wood elves would look if I collected wood elves and had talent...

I suggest you try photographing the dryads against a slightly darker background. Against the bright white, all the contrast has gone to the edges of the model and it's difficult to see the paint job itself and the crevices (crevasses are the ones mountaineers fall into :D) etc... just my opinion.

I also don't think you should mix up the leaves, I think it would spoil the effect of being able to distinguish the different dryads by leaf-colour, which I like.

15-02-2007, 21:20
I think you should have different colour leaves. If not on the minis you can always have it on the base, looks more realistic.

Nice blog. :)

15-02-2007, 21:45
Wow that's a great compliment de Selby ;D Heh nice to hear we've got the same taste in weed elves.
Hm I find it odd that you think all the contrast has gone to the edges. The pics look very good to me. Maybe it's our different monitors spooking. Images can look very different depending on the computer screen and settings. I might try photographing them against a darker background though to see if the pics will get even better. Thanks for the tip.
Yeah I like the dryads being different too but it might look good if they had just a few leaves of a different colour. I might try that on the next ones.

Thanks mrtn. I want the dryads to look different, but I might try painting just a few of the leaves in a different colour.
Oh but you know, I DO have leaves of different colours on the bases. Yellow, orange and red leaves on every single base of the army ;) Look a little closer.

07-03-2007, 22:49
Oooh pretty models.

08-03-2007, 16:06
To, uh, echo the gerbil, any progress? Hoping for more chaos or gobbos myself, but more wood elves would be spectacular too ...

- Salvage

19-03-2007, 01:47
Pics soon? please.

22-03-2007, 20:30
Ehm... pics are coming.... later... um yeah. Just gonna play some more God of War, FFXII and STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl. Oh and buy a 360. And finish my school work of course.

But Ive painted a grand total of 1(!) chaos marine! XD

Hmm next update will probably feature said marine, two dryads (half finished) and another little witch hunter (started).

Lazy, who me?

22-03-2007, 20:33
Ah what the heck. Here's an old piece of junk to quench your thirst ;D


22-03-2007, 20:36
Well I have to say that I am very imprest of your pictures, they look as good here as they do in reality, and sometimes better here xD (sorry^^)

But I whant to see that Giant painted, so do not play more now, paint!

22-03-2007, 20:45
You have really nice bases. I also think you're mildly insane for stringing all of those bows.

Love the pop that those red hoods give the night goblins.

23-03-2007, 00:03
The christmas gobbos are awesome!

08-04-2007, 15:44
Thanks for the praise people : D

Okay I'm finally back for a real update. It might not be that exciting because it's just essentially more of the same; four dryads and a free company fighter.

The dryads are a little rough, but there comes a time when I've got to let them be finished. I find dryads rather hard to paint well so I easily end up trying to tidy them up more and more and more but unfortunately I often mess something else up when I've fixed one thing. It's frustrating : (


08-04-2007, 15:45
And here the ladies are with the other dryads.

And the little human:

That's all for today.

Oh, and next time I might bring some more christmas gobbo goodness ;)

08-04-2007, 18:43
Another hunter of witches, welcome aboard! I quite like everything that I'm seeing. I especially like the Chaos Marines.

Keep it up!


de Selby
08-04-2007, 19:33
The new dryads are just as great as the old dryads, keep it up!

I still think you might benefit from photographing on a less-bright background (a bit of pale fabric or something, perhaps? Like a t shirt?)... the edges of the models still appear very dark to me, like a black line against the white background.

Anyway, looking forward to more christmas goboblins. :D

09-04-2007, 19:04

Those tree-girl-things are looking good, and the little human is actually very nicely done too. Way to be, now I await the gobs.

- Salvage

02-05-2007, 14:18
Thanks everyone :)

I still think you might benefit from photographing on a less-bright background (a bit of pale fabric or something, perhaps? Like a t shirt?)... the edges of the models still appear very dark to me, like a black line against the white background.

I tried it today but my new tv kinda blocked the light and I'm too lazy to move it or look for another place with a good amount of light sources, so I tried photographing outside (my logic is NOT logical, ever).
The new pics turned out so-so.

Time for another update everyone : D
I've got seven more green little super-soldiers to show you. (pictures could be better but whatever).

My little buddys before their shower of chaos black.

The super soldiers from the front:

and the super soldiers from behind:

02-05-2007, 14:18
and finally two models I painted last year that I don't think you've seen yet:

That's all for now. Next up is that undercoated obliterator in the first picture, or maybe a few dryads or something.
See ya : D

de Selby
02-05-2007, 14:30
Hello, I spy a daemonette in the works...

Thanks for pursuing my suggestion, anyway. It's not a big issue and it's not like I'm any kind of great photographer. I like the face on the Chaos champion; is that Abbadon's head?

*hums the theme to 'jingle bells'*

edit: here's a thought; Goblin wolf sleighs!

02-05-2007, 14:47
Hello, I spy a daemonette in the works...

Thanks for pursuing my suggestion, anyway. It's not a big issue and it's not like I'm any kind of great photographer. I like the face on the Chaos champion; is that Abbadon's head?

*hums the theme to 'jingle bells'*

edit: here's a thought; Goblin wolf sleighs!

Yeah I'm going to paint some daemonettes for my black legion eventually =) cute little girlies, that dish out a lot of pain.

Well yeah next update I might have some good in-doors pictures with a softer background. Light grey, blue or green or something like that.
No that is actually the head of one of the chaos lord variants. Kinda looks lik Abaddon's though. It's kinda irritating that it's smaller than the plastic helmless heads. And I'm starting to regret not giving my oblit a "normal" big head instead of the minihead the oblits come with :/

Goblin wolf sleighs would be great :D My general will be in a sleigh that works like a wolf chariot. I was going to have it with squigs but wolfs might be better.

de Selby
02-05-2007, 15:47
On the other hand, squigs would look better in hats :D
Grom the Paunch could be a good basis for your general.

I actually prefer smaller heads on Marines and CSM's, I think the plastic CSM heads are a little too big and crude. I intend to revisit my CSM stuff when the new models come out and give every model a consistently sized head!

02-05-2007, 18:38
Xmas Goblins return! The lads continue to be awesome, great to see some progress. I'm also looking forward to that 'nette, seeing how gritty your black legionnaires are it will be neat to see what you decide for her skin.

- Salvage

02-05-2007, 19:15
I heart you WE, and you're gobbos.

I wish i could try to string my WE bows. To afraid i might ruin it...

The Judge
02-05-2007, 23:13
The skill continues to stun... and those Goblins are just damn good.

The Dryads are especially annoying since I did an entire Dryad/Tree army, and mine aren't anywhere near as nice as that. Autumn-themed WE always have more fun!

ancient god
04-05-2007, 01:25

Those dryads are awesome, as are the glade guard. I've saved both to my inspiration folder and will shortly modify my dryads' leaves to resemble yours. :angel: They've got lighter bark, though.

05-05-2007, 11:41
de Selby: Yeah hats for everyone :D I dont like the current wolves, but maybe we'll get some great new ones when the VCs hit the shelves. So we'll see.
Yeah, you know, warhammer's (especially 40k's) proportions seriously irritate me. Damn oversized weapons and heads and small tanks!

Boss_Salvage: Thanks. I've got an idea for the colours of the 'nettes that I think will look great. However I'm not 100% sure that it will fit in very well with my legionnaries. They should look different but still like part of the army. Oh well I'll try it and show it later.

Hey Cpt_NinjaPants :D I finally recognize you from asrai.org. Hehe I'm rather slow at times. You know what. Don't you get some spare bows in the glade guards box? You could try stringing them for some practice.

The Judge: Mmm you sure know how to flatter ;) Well yeah the autumn theme is great fun!

ancient god: That's nice to hear. Good luck with the leaves. They'll probably work great for lighter bark too.

08-05-2007, 04:11
Amazing models, keep up the great work!

08-05-2007, 19:41
What colours do you people reckon I should paint my elven steeds in to complement the warm colour scheme I've got? I'm thinking of painting them grey as a contrast. Is that a good idea?

I think a coffee brown/bubonic brown/desert brown kind of toning will fit right in with your current scheme with enough contrast from the dark browns you already have.

My two centrs.

18-05-2007, 08:53
ohh my god
christmas gobbos
they almost as cool as the santa claus dwarf i saw once
but being seroius excellent work on the painting
youve improved so much

keep up the good work


02-07-2007, 17:54
Thanks the_dark_sarge : ) that's nice to hear.

It's finally time for an update again!

I finished my dryads unit and the branchwraith and so I have 2 units and 1 character completely done. I thought it might be a good time to take a group shot.
I think they look splendid together. What do you think?

And here is a picture of my "free 6" wood" that I made quite a while ago.

Also, meet my second obliterator. His name is ... um ... Beefcake. Yeah that's it, really.

The next unit I'll paint is this unit of five glade riders. I cut off the grass thingies 'cause they looked way too big. And I repositioned some of the horses on the bases to make them look a little more dynamic (damn they'relovely models, these horsies). A few branches are discreetly used to make them less unstable.


I have also glued a load of gobbos :P but I need to get some more green stuff to make them christmassy.
Oh and I've played a lot of Morheim with my friends. Damn it's fun! I love that game. There are always so many funny things happening. Like one of my regular warriors kabob-ing twice in one battle - killing five enemies in total. He's now nick-named "The Spartan" - although he's pissed himself when confronted by a friend's dwarf slayer, Chewbacka. That meat ball was a beast. He took so much fire and chopping and killed us others in droves before he went down. If you haven't tried Mordheim - do it.
That's all for now! Bybye ^^

02-07-2007, 18:39
Nice Log.
I love the attention to detail. (like the hat on the standard and the arrows).
I love that through by keeping the painting realistic not cartoony you have really pulled off the Christmas gobos so that they stilll seem sinister.
and I like your Lake. (Puddle)

Look forward to more stuff from you.

Carry on :D

Be Afraid
03-07-2007, 00:01
the wood elves are nice, as are the BL . . . but PLEASE, PLEASE do more christmas gobbos . . . they rock by world !

i have 2 BfSP box worths of gobbos . . . do u mind if i shamlessly steal your idea ?

03-07-2007, 09:57
That's really nice to hear Harry :)
Yeah I wanted the gobbos to be rather colourful but still not look cartoony. Seems like I succeeded with that.

Heh I will carry on, eventually. Unfortunately I'm very lazy (and I've got a throat ache right now >_<) so I mostly play video games and lurk around the Internet, but now and then I paint something.

Be Afraid: I'm afraid I'll have to buy some more green stuff before I can continue on the gobbos, and there's no GW or GW retail store nearby so the gobbos'll have to wait for a while. Or well, I could paint my night gobbo big boss I guess.
Sure go ahead and steal my idea. But you'll have to build a shrine to me in your living room and worship me and bring me offerings of rhubarb pie every saturday ;)
Hey it's not like I'm the only one who's made christmas gobbos anyway. The hats on all the moon symbols was my own idea though.
But yeah ignore my mindless mumbling and go ahead ^^ the more the merrier.

de Selby
03-07-2007, 13:22
I like the obliterator; is that head the one from the chaos mutations sprue? The one inspired by The Thing with Kurt Russel? The blue veins are good too.

A suggestion about glade riders: these ones look great, and I expect they'll look even better when you paint them to the same standard as your other WE stuff, but if you ever do another unit and want some variety I suggest you try dipping the hind legs of the horses in boiling water (they're plastic, they won't feel a thing ;) ), which should soften them enough for you to bend the legs ever so slightly (carefully and slowly!) to make rearing/leaping horses as well as running ones. I've done this with termagants and hormagaunts and the WE horses look like they're suitable to the same method. Just an idea.

03-07-2007, 14:15
Thanks. Yeah it's the head from the mutations sprue. Looks weird when he's placed next to my other oblit though, with the tiny, normal oblit head :P I dunno what do do about that. It's irritating.

Hey that's a nice idea for the horsies. I am actually planning on having another GR unit, and a unit of WRs. But is it safe? I mean don't the legs snap easily?

de Selby
03-07-2007, 14:46
In general, plastic legs are snappable. However, when they're soft from being dipped in boiling water they're actually at their least brittle. I've treated several dozens of gaunts this way (roughly ten seconds immersion) and not broken one yet. I have broken them in a few other ways, but not like this. The trick is to use the bulk of the body and the stand (do not dip the actual base!!! It will buckle) for a kind of 'leverage' to get a slow controlled bend of the legs without applying too much force. If you see the plastic start to go white, it's weakening and you should stop. Dip the piece back in the boiling water to allow it to 'relax' and return to shape; the whiteness disappears.

It's possible you won't get good results, because the legs are thicker than gaunt legs or for any other reason. But it only takes five minutes to try.

More details (and pics) here:

03-07-2007, 21:59
These are the best looking wood elves I've seen to date. In my opinion they are that much more realistic NOT being green.

Bravo! Nice work.

22-07-2007, 01:49
Hmm I dunno if I'll bend the legs of the horsies. Doesn't sound very necessary. The models are very dynamic as it is already, but thanks for the tip de Selby.

Wow, thanks DaBrode. That's really flattering :D

A quick update.

I've painted some more mordheim models. Two swordsmen, a fat monk, a musician and a dude with a torch. These mercenaries and witch hunter fellas will be part of my second Empire army; a sigmarite army! Loads of militia, flagellants and priests with some funky conversions and nice mordheim models. There will also be some state troops from Altdorf, since the priest around whom the army was formed hails from the church of Sigmar in Altdorf, and he somehow got some support from the emperor in his quest to cleanse the land from the chaos filth that was left behind after the storm of chaos.

The army grows bigger and bigger with all the homeless and dumb nutters that are running around.

I'm thinking that the state troops part of the army will consist of 30 swordsmen, 10 handgunners, 10 halberdiers (detachment) and 5 pistoliers. The rest will be hordes of militia and flagellants and priests. And if GW release some new knights there will be a unit of ultra-religious kniggits too ^^

So what do you think of that idea?

I still haven't gotten any green stuff, so I can't paint any more gobbos except for my big boss who was already green stuffed. I've begun painting him, for the sake of all you people asking for more x-mas gobbos ;)

New pictures will come when that gobbo has had a few more licks of paint, I guess.

By the way. Does anyone know how I can change my thread's title so that it doesn't say "wood elves painting log"? I've changed the title of the first post, but that didn't change the title when the thread appears in the forum's thread list. It's bugging me because this log is as much about gobbos and humies as it is about elves.
Pleeeeease help little me someone *kittie eyes*

22-07-2007, 10:42
I'd PM a mod. Also, you should get this moved to general logs.

Awesome stuff though I like your paintingstyle. The christmasgobbos are just sweet. :D



22-07-2007, 11:03

Erm I can't seem to find a mod *blush* How do I find one? O_o

22-07-2007, 11:50
Try to pm one of these: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showgroups.php

23-07-2007, 00:25
Thanks mrtn!

07-08-2007, 12:37
*drumroll* update time!

I've been rather busy actually so I have got a few things to show you all.
Um... I just bought a whole load of skaven from a friend and from GW. A batallion, chieftain, an extra giant rat pack, a ratling gun, a globadier, a night runners box, a rat swarm and a few extra rats.

That means I've just started my sixth fantasy army, and have got four fantasy armies on the go at once. Three of them being horde armies (yes my 2kpts empire army will contain 213 models). Oh dear. Well the wood elves will get the longest straw since they should be the quickest to finish. They'll only be about 70 models or so. Including a dragon and loads of cavalry though : P

Anyway, here are two skaven models:
I sculpted fur on the rat ogre, since the joins between the body and the arms look terrible normally. I think it turned out nicely ^ ^ The other ratsie is my Skaven Assassin Adept. It's a night runner who'll also be the leader of my rats when they go to Mordheim. (yeah I love that game, I really, really do)

Next up are some more witch hunters for my Sigmarite army and witch hunters warband:
I have bought most of the Mordheim specific witch hunter models too.

If someone would like to see my army list I could post it : )

Then I have something for all you christmas gobbo lovers out there ; D
It's my finished Christmas Gobbo Big Boss:
I am very pleased with the result. I really like that tinge of greens on greenskins and I am happy with how the red and the metals came out too. What do you think?
Oh, and I've gotten ahold of a quite a lot of green stuff now and so I can finally sculpt more hoodsies for the wee little gobbos. Great isn't it!? ; P

07-08-2007, 12:37
(damn 4 pics limit!)

And last but not least are two painting in progress wood elf models. I am currently giving my glad riders' elven steeds some attention. I find it really hard to paint horses, but I think I'm improving pretty fast. Remember that they're not done yet. Also, the image got a little blurry I'm afraid but I think it's okay:

I forgot to photograph the other side of the steeds but what the heck, you'll see more of them.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be painting horses and gluing ratsies and maybe sculpting hoods for a while now I guess.

Thanks for following my blog! <3

07-08-2007, 12:46
The horses look fantastic! What are you using on the bases?

07-08-2007, 12:49
The horses look fantastic! What are you using on the bases?

Thank you hastings!
Well it's a mix of herbs and spices used for cooking that I stole from my mother ;P. I think it's basilica, oregano and thyme (is that the word?) Well basically anything that looks like a leaf.
The smell goes away after a while. I paint them in the different colours of my wood elves' clothes and then I varnish them with matte varnish so that they won't mould that fast (dunno if it works but whatever ;))
Oh and when the models are finished I glue on a few birch seeds and wash them with dark brown.

Hope that helps!

07-08-2007, 13:10
Those Witchunters are incredible! :D
And I'm very confused by the gobbos; why? :confused:
Excellent painting on the horses as well :)

07-08-2007, 13:46
those goblins are awesome. xmas squigs FTW

de Selby
07-08-2007, 14:38
Looking forward to the rat ogre with proper fur covering the joints; usually they look terrible.

Dappled horse great, gritted teeth christmas warboss great, mordheim warband great (and very atmospheric). Keep up the good work!

07-08-2007, 14:58
Don't think you'll get any deterioration with the spices, as long as you don't submerge the cav (or get caught in the rain). It just loses it's flavor over time, and that's really not a problem in this case is it?

I like what you do; please paint more pretty horses. Good inspiration!

07-08-2007, 17:39
Nice work all around! Nice to see another Mordheim fan. :)

07-08-2007, 19:32
The goblins look great, my favourite model here is definatly the witch hunter with the skeleton in the cage.

Light of the Emperor
09-08-2007, 15:54
Like my buddy FearFrost, I too don't really venture over here often. I stumbled upon this log though and am blown away by your work! Your painting style is what I try to achieve on my minis too. After years of painting, I'm still trying to get that particulary look.

The Christmas gobbos are awesome! Hell, I just might buy a box and try that out! With permission of course.

Keep up the good work!

10-08-2007, 00:07
Arhalien: That's nice to hear. I was really inspired when I made the witch hunters.
Why christmas goblins? Well why not? ;) they're cute and funny and people like them.

Frgt/10: Thanks. I'm afraid you'll have to wait quite a while for squigs though :/

de Selby: Yeah I hope I can paint it well. Ahh the compliments. So nice to hear. haha XD

BattleofLund: That's great to hear. Well I won't wash them or anything so I think the spices will be safe then ^^
Loses flavour? Problem? No I think not. ;)

mrtn: Yeah Mordheim forever! ... "Whatcha mean the city was cleansed and sacked years ago?"

Khorgan: I'm glad you like the cage-wielding standard bearer. More in the same style are to follow for my army's other free company fighter units.

Light of the Emperor: I am glad you stumbled upon my log. Your words are very welcome. I'm glad you like my painting so much. But hey, your painting is good too. Your grey knight terminators are stunning. So clean!
Hmm I don't really think I'm better at painting than you are. You see, my camera makes the highlights on my models look much smoother than they really are. So they look worse IRL ;P
Oh and you really don't need my permission to do christmas night gobbos. Everyone keeps asking for permission when it's not really a unique idea. Go ahead and try :D they're fun to paint. The greenstuffing gets to my head though :/ so much fluffy sculpting. Well, at least it's ridiculously easy to do.

10-08-2007, 04:05
Your horses are looking great. I enjoyed painting the wood elf horses but I did a horrible job on the leather and rope parts.

14-08-2007, 02:20
Great as always! Any chance of a little insight on how you go about doing your horses? Do you layer or blend? What colors did you use to get that white?

zeek jr.
22-08-2007, 11:55
some frieken awsome glade guard love em and are they autumn themed, my friend and done his wood elves in a spring theme with folaige just starting to grow on his dyrads, its looks awsome

26-08-2007, 11:39
Any progress Anardakill? Love to see more work on your xmas gobbos.


09-09-2007, 21:08
Loving all the amazing work. The Christmas goblins are a great idea, although red was adopted as the colour of Father Christmas after Coca-cola used him in their advert, he should actually wear green. Very inspirational work on the wood elves, I might use an autumn theme when I get around to doing mine, early autumn late summer kind of theme, well, septemberish whichever season that actually is (I'm slightly ashamed that I'm not certain which it is although I'm pretty sure it's early autumn) purely because they'll be birthdayey to me :).
Keep up the amazing painting, and I love the idea of stringing the bows and giving them arrows. Brilliant.

10-09-2007, 11:30
Awww.. I do love the christmas gobbos.. I've started on three myself, although its my first paint job ever so, they dont look anything like yours yet. Althou its fun to see that I'm no the the only one painting weird gobbos. Must be fun to have a gang of christmas gobbs, my are unfortantly a mix of christmas gobbos, smurf gobbos and regular..

Red Scorpion
23-09-2007, 00:23
Love the Witchhunters and Skaven! Your wood elves are lovely too!

I'm working on similar things at the minute and I share your love of Mordheim...

If only I had an opponent! I'm putting together Middenheimers, skaven, dwarves and orcs and gobbos. Basically anything I have spare!

23-09-2007, 20:58
Really love your stuff :) Especially the Wood elves..

Actually I've painted 6 archers following your painting guide already. I really have to try painting a few of your dryads as well. Those look _really_ good together! :)


24-09-2007, 12:14
Whoa, there's stuff moving in my thread. XD I'll update later this week - promise!

VoicelessFlu: Thank you. Yeah your horses look brilliant. And you should be able to fix the leather and ropes pretty easily, no?

Mr.chair: Thanks. I painted the white one with a basecoat of dark grey (a mix) and highlighted up through codex grey and up to white. The dappled horse is pretty much done with the same colours, except I did not highlight up to white, but light grey. They're a little messy an a few places but I'm pretty happy with them.

zeek jr.: Thanks :)

75hastings69: Yeah there will be an update pretty soon. I've been tinkering a lot with my chaos space marines. But I've also painted a couple of witch hunters, glued and prepared lot of stuff for painting, and converted a x-mas gobbo "wolf"-rider that I think you'll like.
Oh and I've started painting my third glade rider horse.

Venom: Thank you. I'm glad you like them. Yeah I know red wasn't really the "true" christmas colour from the beginning, but I wanted people to instantly recognize the christmas theme.
September is early autumn in my opinion (depends where you live I suppose). But it's september right now and the trees are already autumnish so... a september army should look great. Maybe you should go for a rather dulled down green in addition to yellow and maybe reds or browns or something like that, since there are still a lot of green leaves in september? Great to hear you're starting wood elves!

AnnChristin: Thank you. Glad you like them :) Hehe well we all have to start somewhere don't we? My first models were... messy, for lack of a better word ; ) Aww, and smurf gobbos. How cute!

Red Scorpion: I'm happy you like my models! Great to hear you like mordheim. Any chance of seeing your models? : ) I hope you find an opponent...

Setomidor: Thanks! Yeah I've thought long and hard about the colour schemes before painting them. It seems I was able to pull off the unified but contrasting look the tree spirits and the elves share.
Oh, you've gotta show me your elves! Got any pictures?

I'll update soon, I promise!

24-09-2007, 12:21
I sure do :) I bet you recognize them...


I've added a touch of dark green to mine... and messed up the bases. I'll have to repaint those some time


24-09-2007, 14:49
Wow. They're great! It's weird to see my scheme on someone elses models, hehe.
You painted them better than I did. Arrgh, my apprentice is better than me. Haha, I gotta catch up with your skills ;D

The green works well with the other colours by the way :)

You should put some fallen leaves on the bases though.

24-09-2007, 15:26
Thanks :) I'm not happy about how the bases came out, but I'll hopefully redo them in the future. I saw some really nice tree kin conversions that I'm keen on copying, they'd look great with your dryad scheme.

Actually, the reason I followed your scheme was my girlfriend saying something like. "Wow, those elves look great, why don't you paint a few of those instead of those creepy rats? (Skaven)" ;)

Do you frequent any tournaments? Would be nice to see some of those models live. Me? I'm going to Quest for Atlantis and Fantasia Fanatic at least.


24-09-2007, 16:14
Oh, that's nice. Your girlfriend's got good taste :D (interpret the sentence any way you like :D)

No unfortunately I don't. This is because my wood elf army has only got 2 units and a character painted. I do have a fully painted empire army too, but I am not proud of it. Not at all. In fact, it looks rubbish, so I am hesitant to use it :S

It would be great fun to go to a tournament though. When is the Fantasia Fanatic?

24-09-2007, 16:24
I love the christmas goblins...

24-09-2007, 16:34
Aww, Cyrus, your love makes me (and them) happy :)

25-09-2007, 20:32
Damn, I really like your X-mas gobbos, and you're spot on with those 'Umies.

Lets see more!

30-09-2007, 16:16
That's good to hear, unwanted, thanks : )
Well I promised an update and here it is. It's not exactly an impressive one, but as I think I said earlier I have been gluing and basing a lot, and I have hade lots of homework to finish. Excuses, excuses ;P

Anyways, for starters I bought a pwetty tree base today for my future mail order great eagle. It's from www.microartstudio.com


I like it, but the pieces don't fit :P Nothing a little bit of green stuff wouldn't fix though.

Second up is the third glade rider's horse. Still WIP mind you. The brown isn't done yet. It needs some more highlighting with dark flesh. Brown colours are MUCH easier to blend than whites and greys I'm telling you O_o.


Next we have two more witch hunters. Meet Marius and Dork Boy. All witch hunter captains seem to be named Marius. I guess it's just such a dark, mean-sounding name. Oh and Dork Boy ... well ... I just couldn't resist. He's going to be used as a youngblood in Mordheim and let's face it - youngbloods are dorky! XD So I gave him a silly hat, an even sillier cape, a poofy sweater, a pair of striped pants and a spear and a crappy shield.


I think I might tidy up Marius's face a bit. It looks a little crappy.
Oh and Dork Boy's striped trousers made such a good impression on me that I'm thinking of doing Averlanders instead of Altdorfians. The problem is that witch hunters seem more at home in Altdorf :/ What should I do?

And due to popular demand, here's another Christmas Gobbo. Meet my first "wolf rider":


What do you think? I really like him. I'm going to do a lot of wacky poses and accidents for the other skiing gobbos. ^^
I'm going to put thread on the ends of the sticks where the spikes are attached. I'm not sure if I should remove the spear tip though. What do you people think? Spear or just two "sticks"?

I'll try to paint more on the horses the following week, since I really want to finish another WE unit. Then maybe I'll paint my noble.

30-09-2007, 19:19
The goblin is just great :)

No offence towards the other stuff you're working on, but a completed army of christmas gobbos would be ACE!

30-09-2007, 19:21
The horse is lovely :)

And the witchunters are impressive as ever :D

30-09-2007, 21:55
Thanks Setomidor and Arhalien :) That's good to hear.

Hehe yeah Setomidor, I suppose it would. And you're not the only one who wants me to just work on the gobbos XD
But variation keeps me going :) I paint even less when I try to focus on one army.

01-10-2007, 02:02
that skiing goblin is genius.
id keep the spear tip, means he has something to poke with

Light of the Emperor
01-10-2007, 05:21
I love it!
The skiing goblin and the goblins in general are awesome!

If you need anymore funny scenes, how about one that has two gobbos arguing over a small pine tree they cut down...not caring for the poor gobbo that got crushed underneath...

01-10-2007, 07:38
I'm the other way around. Attending tournaments forces me to finish my armies, and stray painting never gets me anywhere :)

Couldn't help pondering about possible christmas conversions, and the possibilities are endless! How about a rocklobba throwing wrapped up gifts? Or a pair of goblin chariots with 'reindeers'?

For the chariots you could use tomb king wagons with runners ("Sv: medar"), pulled by goblin wolves with dryad bits for antlers (antlers tied to the wolves with ropes of course, making them obviously fake). There are also 'real' antlers in the glade rider box, I think.

Inspirational pics:

http://users.burtrask.com/sagebro/wh/wildriders6.gif (Peter Sagebro)


01-10-2007, 09:05
Love the Skiing "Wolf Rider" however I also like the idea of the wolf with reindeer antlers stuck on, as always everything looks great!

03-10-2007, 12:19
Love the wolf rider, can't wait to see more

03-10-2007, 22:34
Your painting is really great.

Love the Gobbo w. great weapon.

The dappled grey and chesnut horses earlier are wonderful.

How did you do those?

04-10-2007, 10:18
I've planed a bit on my christmas gobbos to.. My painting is horrible, but I'm going to try hehe..

I dont know if you have any fanatics, but in case you have and havent thought of anythin with them yet an idea is to paint the balls like christmas ornaments, and the thread are going to be glitter hehe..

And the snotlings I got with mushrooms are getting tree's instead.

Also thinking about the wolf chariot, only switching the wolfs with horses withe reindeer antlers. Depends on what will look good.

06-10-2007, 17:15
I can't seem to multi-quote (incompetent :P) so I'll just go on answering like this:

Frgt/10: Thanks. Okay, maybe I'll keep it that way then.

Light of the Emperor: I'm glad to hear that! :)
Hmm that's funny idea. What do you reckon I'd make the pine tree out of? I suppose it would need to be rather small as to fit in a ragiment. Maybe on a 40x40 base or a 80x20 base.

Setomidor: Oh I see.
Yeah you're right. There really are endless possibilities! :D I've actually planned making a goblin wolf "sleigh". Fake antlers sure would look funny and "good" on them ^^
A rock lobba throwing gifts would be cool too. Or maybe wrapped up gift-bombs XD I think prefer spear chukkas games wise though. And I'm going to make at least one of them launching candy canes as suggested by some other kind visitor of my log. But I could make both warmachines of course.
Awww that rein-dog looks so damn cute! I wanna hug it! Is it yours or did you google it?
And those glade riders looks awesome. The shading of the white is too dark IMO but other than that they're awesome - very detailed.

75hastings69: Thanks. Glad you like it. I'll probably make a rein-wolf too - for the chariots :)

venom: Thank you ^^

Harry: Thanks. I'm happy you think so.
The chestnut horse isn't entirely done yet, but it's a basecoat of scorched brown highlighted with more an more dark flesh added to scorched brown. I also washed the horse with scorched brown once (might have added just a teeny weeny bit of black to the mix for the wasy, but I'm unsure). I think I'll also give the chestnut a white sock or too, and some kind of white marking in it's face.
The dappled horse was my first horse in a loooong time (and the ones before were kinda "meh") so it took some time and experimenting, but basically it's a basecoat of dark grey highlighted with dark grey mixed with codex grey and then dappled (stippled?) with lighter and lighter grey mixes. The brightest colour is codex grey.

AnnChristin: Ooh another christmas gobbo painter :) Of course you shall try. Practice makes perfect, as they say.
Yeah I have three of the plastic fanatics lying around, and I was actually planning on doing the balls like christmas tree baubles/ornaments or whatever they're called. I fear for painting them as I want to try an NMM-like technique with a horizon reflection to make them look mirrory-y. I didn't think of glitter rope though. That's a great idea!
Hmm I'm unsure about horses with antlers. I don't think they'de look like real reindeers - if that's the look you're going for? Maybe you should search the net. With a little luck there might be some fitting reindeer models out there.

Thanks for all the replies people!

Light of the Emperor
07-10-2007, 05:12
You can easily get very small pine trees from train shops. I went to quite a few when I was in Germany so I figure Sweden might have some too. You can pick from a variety of scales so you should be able to find one.

07-10-2007, 11:46
AnnChristin: Ooh another christmas gobbo painter :) Of course you shall try. Practice makes perfect, as they say.
Yeah I have three of the plastic fanatics lying around, and I was actually planning on doing the balls like christmas tree baubles/ornaments or whatever they're called. I fear for painting them as I want to try an NMM-like technique with a horizon reflection to make them look mirrory-y. I didn't think of glitter rope though. That's a great idea!
Hmm I'm unsure about horses with antlers. I don't think they'de look like real reindeers - if that's the look you're going for? Maybe you should search the net. With a little luck there might be some fitting reindeer models out there.

I do think I will give up the mirrory look, but the *gives up english for a bit* juletre kulene *english again* is a good idea. Glued nine of mine togheter on thursday and thinking of trying to start painting this week, ore next.

26-10-2007, 12:24
I have to confess, I haven't really painted anything at all.

So therefore I'll show you some Warhammer related art instead, so that you won't strike down upon me with an Exterminatus or something. eheh

A Nymph

A Treeman and a gobbolin

A Dryad

And a little cutie gobbo

Also, don't forget to say hello to Buckets, the lake gobbo

de Selby
26-10-2007, 13:22
Those are great. Far and away my favourite is the treeman/goblin encounter*. The treeman looks bemused rather than angry, though. The little goblin in the 4th pic looks a bit like a GW gnoblar, which seem to have proportionately even bigger noses than their larger cousins.

All your stuff has a kind of cute/sinister thing going on. Makes me think of Tim Burton. Ever thought of doing undead?

*I haven't checked the nymph, as the content filter suggests it's NSFW and I'm trying to be careful... arg, self censorship.

Count Sinister
26-10-2007, 13:29
Just stumbled across this thread, and it's fantastic, Anardakil. There's a great contrast between the wood elves (beautifully painted, but serious, as wood elves should be) and the Christmas goblins (also beautifully painted, but perfectly comic at the same time). The Christmas gobbo on skis is perfect - particularly because it looks like he's about to fall over. Also love the ideas for the warmachines. But...there's always a but...you haven't posted any pics in a while. You are still working on the goblins, aren't you? Tell me you're still working on the gobbos...
As for the sleigh-chariot - excellent idea. Somebody was talking about putting antlers onto a horse, and I think the idea is not to try to make them look like reindeer, but to make them look like the goblins can't find any reindeer, and so are using 'fake' reindeer. That would be perfectly 'gobbo' like! Of course, if you can actually find reindeer figures, then all the better. Just make sure to give one of them a red nose!

27-10-2007, 13:00
That treeman/goblin encounter is excellent! The owl in the tree in the background is weird though.

23-12-2007, 17:05
To De Selby:
Iím glad you like my stuff : D
Hehe yeah youíre right about the treeman. Actually thatís exactly the look I wanted him to have on his face. : )
Yeah the gobbo sure looks like a gnoblar. Maybe it is a gnoblar. Maybe it lied to me!? Sneaky bastard.
Yea actually undead were one of my first two armies. I am probably going to have to buy the new VC stuff thatís coming up. Canít resist :S
Iíll be sure to try putting some cute little details in among all the grotesque stuff if I start VC again ^^
Hey the nymph isnt pornography or anything. Sheís just naked. ; )

To Count Sinister:
Happy you like my models : ) Yeah I figure I have a good mix in seriousness and comedy ^^
Yeah the wolves will have fake antlers : ) And am actually going to have a skiing gobbo that has fallen over ^^ should look funny.
And YES I am still working on the gobbos : D as you will see further down.

To mrtn:

Thank you. Well yeah thatís because it aint a normal owl. Itís a NINJA OWL!

And now... time for a CHRISTMAS UPDATE!!! <3

Enter more green supersoldiers of Mt Cliffmoss!

The pics arenít as good as those of the last buncha updates, because of rather poor lightning and because I couldnt figure out how to get a deep field of focus without my technical genius of a dad. I removed the yellowish tint in photoshop though.

So these are the latest additions to my little fledgling force. Iíve still got a bunch of more goblins before my first unit is done Iím afraid. I decided I want a big unit of 42 speargobbos : D I might take a break from the rank and file and paint the skiing gobbo(s) though.

And someone asked for a group shot of all the gobbos Iíd finished so far. Well here are two.
What do you think? I think they look great together : )

23-12-2007, 17:05
And to finish off; a couple of pictures of my WIP artillery:

The pics aren’t the greatest, but if you look closely you’ll see that the metal is highlighted pretty well (for being my models at least) and that I’ve painted some primitive wood ... grain? on the barrel and the chest. I wonder if I should paint the wood of the warmachines like that or leave it black. The black should look good against the averlander colour scheme, and it gives a good contrast to the metal parts of the machines. But wood grain looks very good too. At least if you’re good at it, which I’m not I’m afraid. Hmmm I wonder what to do... : P

Oh well that’s all for now. I’ll try to update not so far into the future.
A merry christmas to you all!

23-12-2007, 17:28
As ever, very good work; the red on the gobbos is great :)
On the cannon; personally I'd keep the wood grain; looking at the barrel you've managed to do it very well, and it would look a bit more natural than the black IMO, which seems somehwat hard to explain ;)

24-12-2007, 23:43
Lovely stuff, I like your witch-hunters and Christmas goblis are always nice.

Keep up the good work!

25-12-2007, 11:49
Thank you Arhalien and Shadow-Under-Rock! :)

Oh and I might try to do wood grain for the artillery then, Arhalien. I just hope the paint doesn't get too thick (the machines are repainted).

Oh and I hope people notice that the gobbo on the far right of the regiment base (base for 4 soldiers) is posed and converted to look like he's leaning his head, looking at the poor gobbo on the mini-diorama (who has been hit by a cannon ball). I tried to make the gobbos around the poor little casualty look like they're reacting to the incident.

29-12-2007, 19:06
Lord of darkness checking in on your progress here. Liking the looks of that artillery, it really gives off a realistic feel!
The christmas gobbos really do look great together, would you take a picture of the mini-diorama too? (I thought it looked like a chaos hound from the pictures at first 'till I read your post in detail. :D )

30-12-2007, 20:07
Canīt wait for painted "wolf riders" they are hillarius, wish I would have tougth of it myself. Had a lite tradition of painting 1 gobbo per christmas for my mother how collects santas. Failed - lack of inspiration this year.

So it nice too see someone else doing such nice ones anyways, brings chistmas feelings.

02-01-2008, 16:59
Why hello Satan! XD
I'm glad you like my artillery and xmas gobbos :)

There are good pictures of the mini-diorama earlier in the thread, namely on page 2. Check it out :)

Thanks Moglor :) I'm glad they add to your christmasy feelings ^^

Aww then why don't you make a skiing little christmas gobbo for your mother next christmas? ^^

de Selby
03-01-2008, 17:01
Merry Christmas! I like the way the goblins are reacting to the cannonball, good job.

Count Sinister
04-01-2008, 23:56
Excellent, Anardakil! I'm happy you and your Christmas goblins have returned - and it's particularly appropriate considering the time of year. Happy New Year!

By the way, like the cannon too - the wood grain is nice, and the metal is VERY nicely done. I always find it tough to do metals well, so hats off to you.

09-02-2008, 14:55
I ask myself: When will your Wood Elves come face my Beastmen? ;)

Nice stuff... I like the cannon hit idea on the gobbos.

09-02-2008, 16:59
Thank you everyone :)

Oh and Count Sinister. I think metals are hard too. I hate the sticky, icky paints :/ :P

To Boosterx: Hehe that depends on where you live :D

I will probably update the log tomorrow, or at least very soon, with two finished warmachines with crew, plus a little doggie and maybe something else. ^^

11-02-2008, 19:10
I hope so, I'm always eagerly awaiting more updates. Your stuff is great.

15-02-2008, 11:43
To Unriggable: The leaves are mixed herbs stolen from the kitchen painted and highlighted in the same colours as the clothing (except for the graveyard earth colour as they would blend with the sand anyway), oh and some birch seeds washed with watered down scorched brown.

MMM i am really impresed by this, the real-leave-aspect of them is really great, can you specify wich herbs use?

(I try with oregano, but it doesnt looks likea real leave...)

19-02-2008, 00:24
wow! very inspirational work there! i love your painting style. it's not only refreshingly different, it's very well done! eye-opener for me. i really admire how you put in so much effort to paint gobbos. helluva job!

24-02-2008, 13:44
to juample: That's nice to hear : ) Well I used a bunch of different but common cooking herbs. I think I've used basilica, oregano, thyme and maybe something more.

to anzghull: Oooh I'm glad you like my work som much : D

Well people. It's time for another update : D With loads and loads of pictures!

Firstly. For all you christmas gobbo lovers out there ... I've painted the skiing gobbo ^^


Secondly I have made a couple of movement trays from GW's new-ish kit. It's pretty good, although I think you could have gotten more corner bits.


Next up are two conversions for my Empire army and for Mordheim. It's a Beasts Wizard who could be used as a Warlock in mordheim, and a captain that I'll probably use when I play mercenaries in Mordheim.
I'm very pleased with the conversions : )


And lastly the cutest cellphone ... ornaments? jewelry? ever! (I did NOT paint them but since people post pics of their pets then I might as well post a pic of these little kitties ^^)


I also have my finished Empire mortar and great cannon to show you but due to the pic limit I have to make another post or two for those. Well they'll be up soon anyway!

24-02-2008, 13:52
I am very happy with how my artillery turned out.

These pics are a bit dark so you might not be able to see every single highlight on the black. But I promise ... I've highlighted all the black areas ; ) (I think : P)

Well here's the great cannon:



And a couple of pics from other angles:


And here is the mortar:



And a couple of pics from other angles:


Well that is all for now. I have assembled a whole load of empire troops which I have not taken pictures of. I hope you will enjoy the update : )

24-02-2008, 14:26
Lovely stuff; beautifully painted as ever. The skiiing gobbo is a work of genius :)

24-02-2008, 16:15
WOW I love your work! Those x-mas gobbos are great well great is not the proper word...they are hyperturboextragreat... oh well I just want to say I really like them:D I also really like your empire stuff and the way you paint...argh I just can't find the proper words:D

Count Sinister
24-02-2008, 16:28
Great to see some updates on your thread, Anardakil - they are always eagerly awaited. The skiing gobbo is sheer genius, and it's great to see it painted. The warmachines and crew are fantastic - not just beautifully painted, but absolutely full of character as well. I love the idea of using the powder monkey as a member of the crew - would you be terribly offended if I borrowed it for my own Empire army? And the black is highlighted beautifully! I'm still scared of highlighting black...
Oh, I also love the conversion on the mage and the mercenary captain. The base of that one is the Freelancer Knight, isn't it? I've always loved that model. Looking forward to seeing it painted!
Excellent stuff!

24-02-2008, 16:39
Lovely looking cannon and mortar there. Your painting is top notch. I want a monkey!!! lol

Great work keep it up and get more for us to see.

Kasrkin 666
24-02-2008, 17:12



24-02-2008, 22:52
Looking great, both the skier (seems to be the only one we'll see in Sweden this winter :() and the artillery.

If you want more edges for your movement trays, just use cut up sprues, that's what I used for my movement trays.

Looking forward to seeing more Mordheim stuff. :)

25-02-2008, 15:53
Powderrrrrr Monkeyyyyy :evilgrin:

Great work all over, digging the Xmas gob and fantastic work on the empire artillery. Crew look very nice, and good job on the fire.

- Salvage

25-02-2008, 16:43
A skiing gobbo what an idea! (really nicly converted + painted) Love it all, some amazing work you've done! (gobbos especially!!)

Keep at the awsome work!


25-02-2008, 23:31
They look awasome, I have been looking for some inspiration to get my woodelves done, this just might do it....

26-02-2008, 03:17
Love the skiing gobbo, good work on the artillery.


26-02-2008, 21:33
I can see why you're happy with the way your artillery has turned out, beautiful painting and modelling on the bases. The christmas goblins are great too, and your painting has done your conversions justice too. Top stuff!

03-03-2008, 17:32
Wow, everything looks stunning. I envy your ability to highlight black without making it look grey. Also, that powder monkey is awsome.

04-03-2008, 18:38
I have played Mordheim for 10 years straight and I have to say that your two Mordheim conversions look AMAZING! :wtf::p

(yes - I signed up just to say that!)

I am sooo looking forward to seeing them painted.

BTW: - If you want to take the chrismas goblins to Mordheim, you might consider this list:


04-03-2008, 18:55
I must say those Mordheim conversions are stunning! :)

I can't WAIT to see them painted!

(yes - i signed up to say that!)

04-03-2008, 18:59
if you want to take the christmas goblins to mordheim, take a look here:


10-04-2008, 15:57
Your wood elves are inspiring. I'm definatly going to have to start a wood elf army.

Love the Xmas gobbos, absolutely priceless.

28-05-2008, 16:46
I just stumbled over your log and I must say: WOW! Awesome painting you've got going here. I love the Elves. And the CSM! And the Witch Hunters! AND THE GOBBOS! Sorry.
Truly inspiring work! How come there are no more updates? :angel: Please?

Monsterzonk :skull:

28-05-2008, 17:06
I am thankful for all the replies everyone. And it feels great to be an inspiration for others :) You are for me too! :D XD
And sorry I haven't updated for ages. School work is killing me and on the weekends I'm usually uh... busy with someone :P

School is over soon though and there will be an update in june. I swear!
Some more Empire models will be coming up. I might start a blog for my chaos marines too and I'll post a link to that thread here when I do (about time - I've painted half the army already :P).

Now I'm going to have to get back to microsoft Word and write, write, write -_-

19-06-2008, 15:33
School is over soon though and there will be an update in june. I swear!

Your time is slowly running out, mate... ;)

19-06-2008, 21:25
Trust me. This girlie will make it in time ;)
But it won't be a huge update. I've mainly been doodling with my chaos marines. I hate painging chaos power armour though so I'm gonna continue working on my empire troops and maybe have a go at some waywatchers soon.

Count Sinister
19-06-2008, 22:20
Excellent! Looking forward to pics. Any more Christmas gobbos on the horizon?

20-06-2008, 10:53
Excellent! Looking forward to pics. Any more Christmas gobbos on the horizon?

Christmas gobbos in the middle of the summer? Are you nuts?! :confused:


I'm sorry to dissapoint but they've taken a back seat for a while. It's kinda funny though. I've almost got an army for each season. Christmas gobbos for winter, wood elves with an autumn them and Empire for summer (with all that not too healthy, sun dried grass on their bases.

When it's autumn I think I'll get inspired to continue with my wood elves and when it's winter I'll get back to the gobbos :)

My focus at the time being is chaos marines and the Averlanders BUT I might just squeeze in some christmas gobbos this summer, since people ask about them all the time :)

23-06-2008, 18:28
Well, in that case, you should hit the brushes and paint up the two converted mordheim models on the previous page!

25-06-2008, 14:18
Fantastic crews! Love the xmas gobbo, wouldnt like the meet him on the slopes :eek:.
On the seasons, what do you think you'll do for spring?

29-06-2008, 04:01
I don't know how I just discovered this log, but I'm blown away! Your empire puts mine to shame, time to strip and repaint...

Man, now I'm motivated to start updating my own log/get up off me bum and paint!

29-06-2008, 17:12
Really inspirational models and I envy your painting.
Hope to see more soon as these kind of threads keep me going too!

30-06-2008, 20:09
Hello everyone!

I'm glad my work is inspirational to others ^^
Oh and Cycorax I don't know really. Not sure I'll do a spring army at all ; )

Well I promised you an update in june so here it is!

So here's my Mercenary Captain for leading my brave(ish) Averlanders into Mordheim!
I am very happy with how he turned out : ) I really don't like painting metals so I am very proud of that sword because I think it looks really good.

Next on line are a witch hunter and a captured farmer:
That I have painted this captured farmer does not mean that I am going to paint my giant in the near future. It will be used for a conversion in my Empire army, as you will come to see eventually ; )
I find painting torches is kinda hard but otherwise I like the witch hunter. And well the farmer was fun to paint ^^

The following two mercenaries were already painted (except fore some parts on them that I exchanged for new ones) before I repainted them in the new army's colours so they aren't top notch but they'll do : )

30-06-2008, 20:10
And lastly there's this conversion I recently made:
I'm really happy with it.

!!! If anyone wants to see close-ups of any of the miniatures then just ask :) !!!

Well that's all for now. I promise I will update in july too : )
AND I will soon start a project log for my Black Legion ; D

Oh and here's a picture of me from when I was a model in a fahsion show at a small festival in Stockholm :)

(the obligatory workspace picture will have to wait ^^)

30-06-2008, 21:02
Tjenare, hšlsningar frŚn MalmŲ.

I really like the Mercenary Captain. It's one of my favorite models ever and I tihnk you've done a really good job on it, capturing a really gothic essence which ties in with the other miniatures from the warband. I've never really like the mordheim plastic humans, but both the crossbowman and the dogs' handler especially have convinced me that you can make good-looking models from them. And that's a very good use of the colours if I may say so...

Looking forward to seeing your wood elves finished though. ;)
A seasonal log sounds kind of fun...

30-06-2008, 21:20
That's some great painting girl! I'm especially impressed with the black leather. :)

30-06-2008, 21:30
Really great work- love your conversions- very fun and full of character. Your metals look fantastic on the artillery and the captain- lots of depth and texture. Looking forward to more updates- love the seasonal theme too. Oh and as mrtn days- great black leather work- every time I try and highlight black it just looks grey- yours is excellent.
[oh-you're a brave woman posting a pic of yourself- drowning under fanboy PM's now I presume!!]
Keep up the great painting!

Count Sinister
01-07-2008, 06:54
Excellent Mercenary Captain, Anardakil. It's the Freelancer model, isn't it. Where did the crossbow come from? Is it from the handgunner/crossbowmen sprue? If so, then you've worked it into the model really nicely. And I love the conversion of the guy with his dog! Brilliant!

01-07-2008, 10:03
Great painting and conversions!
I really like the Mercenary Captain. The Witch Hunter is very cool, too!
More, please... :angel:

Monsterzonk :skull:

Layne in Spayne
01-07-2008, 13:59
I'd just like to say, your modelling is very impressive, and your modelling is very impressive.


01-07-2008, 17:10
Sking gobbo is great fun.
I love the Empire stuff very 'contrasty' makes a very 'dramatic' impression.

(I have been enjoying your painting for a while. It never occured to me you were a girlie.
I suppose the avatar was a clue .... but I am bit slow. :D But then again ... I don't suppose I thought about it. :D)

04-07-2008, 12:34
Haiiiil Satan!: I am glad you like my version of the model. It’s actually one of my favourites too  I’d like to buy another blister... I don’t have the mounted version left.
Yeah... um... I really gotta paint some elves :P but there’re no autumn leaves to inspire me xD

mrtn: Thank you  I’m glad you like it.

silverstu: Thanks. I just highlight with dark grey and then highlight a little bit more with codex grey on extreme edges and tidy up with chaos black ^^
Well I am drowning in PMs but not here on Warseer ^^

Count Sinister: Thank you. : ) Yes it is indeed the Freelancer model. The crossbow is indeed from that boxed set. The bird is from the giants set.

Thanks Layne in Spayne. So is yours : D

Harry: That’s nice to hear. I think one of my strengths when painting is choosing simple yet effective colour schemes.
Hey it’s not a strange thing that you never thought I was a girl. I mean how many girls are there in the hobby anyway? : ) And that avatar is probably also the avatar of many boobs-loving guys (mmm booobs :3). Plus my nickname Anardakil is actually a male elven name. Hehe.

I have now started a blog for my Black Legion. Feel free to drop by : D

04-07-2008, 17:17
Everything looks great. I'm glad you took the brush back to your mordheim minis. I've been hoping those guys would see paint soon and they really turned out nice. One thing that would be a quick fix is drilling out the barrel on that blunderbuss. He's going to have a bad day if he pulls the trigger with the barrel sealed off! It's been said already, but you've nailed the black, as usual. Do you actually play the games or are you mostly just in the hobby to paint?

P.S. Congradulations for having the courage to put your picture up for gamers to... best you not know.

04-07-2008, 19:41
I really like the hound and master conversion. Did you use sewing string or something else?

Oh and I really like your eye makeup ;)

04-07-2008, 21:29
Thanks for the tip- i'll give it a go.

Well I am drowning in PMs but not here on Warseer ^^

I'm not surprised.
Hope you don't abandon fantasy for 40k- looking forward to the return of Autumn and more elves..

Fenix Felder
04-07-2008, 21:41
wow really love your work your painting skills are superb your color schemes are very effective and some of your minis are striking great work keep em comming!!

05-07-2008, 09:29
Mr. Chair: Yeah sorry for the long wait. Loads of school work at the end of my gender science course :P I'll probably paint more in the summer : ) Gonna start painting the dog-handler soon. And then maybe the Amber Wizard and a wood elf or two.
Do you think I should drill the blunderbuss barrel? I don't think I'm gonna do that. I never bother to do that - not even on bolters and stuff. It doesn't really bother me. ^^
I play games yeah : ) I really like Warhammer and Mordheim. And 40k was okay, but now that I started playing bigger battles it's a lot of fun really.
Whaaat? xD Oh well lonely gamers can feel free to drool over me if they want to : P
Anyway instead of just a workplace pic I think it's nice to get a face of the blogging hobbyist so she/he isn't all that anonymous : ) - not that I look like a model everyday but.. errr... : P

redstarone: Thank you : ) Yes it is regular sewing thread. The same one that I've used to string my glade guards' bows. I think the dog-handlers leash could have been thicker but it'll have to do.
Well sorry but I can't do a how-to guide for the eye makeup. ;D Wasn't me who did it.

silverstu: Yes you do that. And be careful with the highlights. Don't do them too thick/broad/wide/whatever.
Oh no I will certainly not abandon fantasy. I still like fantasy the most : D And well.. it's not like I started my Black Legion army yesterday : S ahem..

Thanks Fenix Felder. That's nice to hear. : )

05-07-2008, 10:41
redstarone: Thank you : ) Yes it is regular sewing thread. The same one that I've used to string my glade guards' bows. I think the dog-handlers leash could have been thicker but it'll have to do.
Well sorry but I can't do a how-to guide for the eye makeup. ;D Wasn't me who did it.

My dog is about that big compared to me and his leash is about that thick. And yes, he is as wild as that doggy would be. Haha :p its ok about the lack of an eye makeup how-to guide. My g/f always has some kind of eye makeup on, almost exactly like your pic. I couldnt resist saying something haha.

Oh and im subscribed over at your black legion log. Great work!


05-07-2008, 23:01
...Anyway instead of just a workplace pic I think it's nice to get a face of the blogging hobbyist so she/he isn't all that anonymous : )...
Well, some of us have our photos as avatars... :p

06-07-2008, 10:06
to redstarone: Oh I see. Then I can always refer to you if someone comments on the thickness of the leash XD I wouldn't wanna pat your doggie btw - big scary! :eek:
Oh I see. ^^

Glad you like my 40k stuff too : )

Well, some of us have our photos as avatars... :p

Hehe yeah okay you're the coolest mrtn ^^ I think it's a great avatar btw :D
But it makes me think you should collect Empire or DoW or something ;D hehe

06-07-2008, 16:53
Tjenare frŚn Bšstkusten! :)
Really nice stuff! I second the opinion on more WE :D Hope you don't mind me saying it but it's really refreshing seeing a girl whit a great log on this forum, especially from Sweden! Keep it up ;)

Count Sinister
06-07-2008, 21:58
Thanks, Anardakil. I may borrow that conversion idea for one of my Mordheim warbands - it would be a good reason to get the Freelancer model, which I wouldn't otherwise use in a game of Mordheim. Looks great as a mercenary captain, though.

07-07-2008, 10:32
And then maybe the Amber Wizard...

Yes please oh pretty please the amber Wizard. :)

Him and the Freelancer/Merc Captain are the BEST models in an already great lot.

I'm not that big on your WH hero (with Sword + Torch) but the Freelancer's paint job fully lives up to your already excellent conversion.

To everyone: If anybody know where I can find pictures of ingenuous Empire Wizard conversions (from any lore) please hook me up.

07-07-2008, 14:49
Yes please oh pretty please the amber Wizard. :)

Him and the Freelancer/Merc Captain are the BEST models in an already great lot.

I'm not that big on your WH hero (with Sword + Torch) but the Freelancer's paint job fully lives up to your already excellent conversion.

To everyone: If anybody know where I can find pictures of ingenuous Empire Wizard conversions (from any lore) please hook me up.

i do believe there are a few on the games worksop site.

searches.... http://nemesis.uk.games-workshop.com/hobby/painting/wizardgallery/default.htm

i hope its of some use

08-07-2008, 19:06
Asp: try searching "wizard conversion" on coolminiornot.com

I'm not usually too much of a stickler on drilling out barrels either. In the case of the blunderbuss the end of the barrel is so wide that painting it black still doesn't give the appearance of it being hollow where it might in the case of a rifle or bolter since they have much smaller barrels.

I'm starting my own witch hunters warband as a Summer project, so I'll be watching yours and stealing some ideas :D The dog on the leash is really a nice touch. The idea of the war dogs just running loose on the field doesn't appeal nearly as much as them being led around and then loosed on specific opponents by a trainer.

Here's me doing some modeling:
Maybe now I'll start getting some PMs :p

09-07-2008, 00:51
Leonathion: Well no I dont mind :)

Count Sinister. Yeah he sure does. Go ahead and buy one and convert him ;)

Asp: Thanks. Why don't you like that witch hunter though? o.o

Mr.Chair: Well I see your point but .. I don't care ;D :O
Nice to hear that you're going to start a witch hunter warband :) I'll be sure to check it out.
Oh dear. My log just became a lot prettier. Umm... a word of advice. When modelling. Try not to look like you're taking a **** okay? :P

woot. 200 replies :3

10-07-2008, 14:26
I remember peeking at your log ages ago, but can't believe I've missed all this! (Just clicked on your link in your sig after you replied in mine.)

Amazing stuff. I can't even pick out my favorite parts, it's all good (though as someone else said, the horses were especially impressive.) I really like the nice level of detail you do, considering that you seem to paint quite a bit.

I need to pay more attention to other people's plogs.

15-07-2008, 10:56
Here's me doing some modeling:

picture removed from quote by Sylass; reason: clogging up thread

Maybe now I'll start getting some PMs :p


O/T: The dog and master conversion is fantastic.

16-07-2008, 05:46
picture removed from quote by Sylass; reason: clogging up thread

Maybe now I'll start getting some PMs :p

the fact that there is a Snatch poster in the back makes this 100 times cooler...

the christmas gobs are just plain amazing, especially the cannon ball quartet...
i play greenskins myself and seeing that army just makes me reaaaallllyy happy

16-07-2008, 09:26
That picture is giving me nightmares- surely having it posted once is enough...:p:D..

16-07-2008, 10:00
Krusty what the heck have you done? Don't defile my blog further! :ī(

Not one more time or I'll run to the mods and cry for help : (

Oh and ZeroTwentyThree I'm glad you really like my stuff : ) I don't think I paint a lot though ^^ I'm kinda slow.

22-07-2008, 01:21
Sorry to clutter up your thread, I was just having a little fun. I have a couple questions for you. What set does the chest piece (looks like studded leather?) on the dog handler come from? Also, How did you do the blade on the sword of the freelance knight, it turned out very nice.

23-07-2008, 09:48
I'd never been a fan of wood elves... until now! I love that you strung up the bows, it looks so much better that way.

I've been away from the hobby for a few years, but used to have a witch hunter warband of my own. Your Captain conversion is excellent!

23-07-2008, 10:27
Hey don't worry MR Chair. It was just a bit irritating when the pic was quoted a couple of times and it clogged up the thread.
That is indeed studded leather and it's from the militia box set. The head's from the flagellants sprue in case someone was wondering.
The blade on the captain was painted something like this:
black undercoat.
Heavy drybrush (or maybe just a normal coat) of boltgun metal.
Then I highlighted with mithril silver (maybe mixed with just a little bit of boltgun metal. I don't remember)
Then I washed the blade with a couple of chaos black+regal/ultramarines blue washes : ) The washes were a mix of black and blue and were concentrated on the lower parts of the blade.
Something like that anyway.

Thanks Svorlrik : ) I'm glad you like the elves and the captain. Witch hunters are cool ^^

Oh and I have had a Diablo II revival since Diablo III was announced so haven't done much painting : P But the Amber Wizard is well on its way to be finished ^^

31-07-2008, 06:21
Anardakil, your painting is brilliant!!! I was sad when I came to the end. It's weird that your three armies WEs, Empire, and gobbos are the three warhammer armies me and my wife are working on right now (wife has the wood elves). I hope you don't mind but I saved a lot of your work for inspiration for my Empire army.

One of the reasons I started Empire was I wanted to portray a darker side to it, but really haven't seen anything done in that direction. Unfortunately I missed out on the Mordheim stuff, but I'm going to start looking through ebay to see if I can get my hands on some of those models.


31-07-2008, 08:38
those archers are just awesome; excellent choice of color scheme. Never been a fan of silver on wood elves and this really allows the gold/bronze to work - what with the nice warm tones.

Good work

04-08-2008, 04:06
Your painting is really really (x100) good.

I'm subscribing to your plog... your work is really inspiring!

The only thing I can point out is occasionally some mould-lines show themselves, it might be a good thing to stop painting and clear them off before continuing... your painting is so good that mould-lines take away some of the "umph!" of your work!

Do consider drilling out gun barrels... they really will improve the overall look of your models and your painting style is so realistic it will be a waste not to!

and thanks a lot for the kind comment you left in my plog! :D

07-08-2008, 02:25
Anardakil, could you tell us your recipe for the yellow you used on your Empire Soldiers? Base coat of Iyanden Darksun maybe?


Nephilim of Sin
07-08-2008, 05:50
Alright, now I am mad :mad:

I know for a fact that I have commented on the awesomeness of your log before, but I cannot find it anywhere! Anyways, I cannot remember the comments I had (apparently not :mad:) left, but it was to say that your painting is awesome. I love the Wood Elves (the bowstrings are great), and everything else has an incredible amount of detail given to it. This is definitely a log I will subscribe to (so long as the post actually 'posts' this time!). Great work, and please give us some more.

07-08-2008, 11:03
i was going to comment on how awesome this log is, then i came page 10... Mr.Chair has successfuly managed to give me the shivers. That is the single most horrific sight i have ever seen on warseer... i mean... surly theres a law?

anyways, great log Anardakil! keep it up!


[Glory] Wulf
17-08-2008, 23:11
Would you look at that? I missed totally missed out on a good thread here. Good thing I'm subscribed now.

BTW, this thread needs more Witch Hunters. :)

18-08-2008, 09:11
To Malakai: Hey thatís great to hear. Yeah funny that we collect the same armies. And Iím glad my work inspires you : )
Yeah good luck on finding some Mordheim stuff. Thereíre some really good models from that range which can really give your army character. : )

The yellow was painted as follows:
1. Basecoated with Tausept ochre
2. Then shaded with Snakebite leather
3. Highlighted with Iyanden darksun (be sure to water down the paint and it should blend well with the ochre).
4. Do some slightly more extreme highlights with bleached bone and voila!

Some of the new washes (like gryphonne sepia and maybe devlan mud) probably work very well to help shade and blend the yellow but I havenít tried them. Snakebite leather is a pretty good shade anyway. Well, there you have it : )

To Intenseyen: Iím glad to hear that. It took ages for me to work out that colour scheme. But I am very proud how it turned out. ^^

To Putty: Thanks Putty : ) But ahÖ where are the mould lines? I know thereís one on the monkís lantern but otherwise I think Iíve been pretty much took care of all of them.
Oh and I donít really care about drilling gun barrels ^^ I donít think itís worth the effort and the money to buy a drill. Some black paint works for me : ) I am however quite puzzled and irritated by the fact that the barrels of the handguns on the new handgunners have edged. Why didnít they make them round like the old ones ??? o.o

To Nephilim of Sin: Hmm thatís strange. I too have a feeling that you HAVE made a comment in my log. Maybe someone ate the comment o.o Oh well Iím glad you appreciate my work : D

To G.Hawke: Ehm yeahÖ But the Internet and law often donít mix ; D Anyway, thanks ^^

To [Glory] Wulf: Yay another subscriber ^^ Iím glad you like my stuff.

Oh and there are more witch hunters on the way.
Thereís a lot of stuff going on in my life right now but Iíll try to update soon. The Amber Wizard is done and Iím going to continue to work on the doggie and handler when I find some spare time. Iím also thinking of ordering some more witch hunter models.

Well. Youíll hopefully hear from me again soon!

28-08-2008, 06:13
really liked your christmas goblins 5 stars

28-08-2008, 06:50
To Putty: Thanks Putty : ) But ah… where are the mould lines? I know there’s one on the monk’s lantern but otherwise I think I’ve been pretty much took care of all of them.
Oh and I don’t really care about drilling gun barrels ^^ I don’t think it’s worth the effort and the money to buy a drill. Some black paint works for me : ) I am however quite puzzled and irritated by the fact that the barrels of the handguns on the new handgunners have edged. Why didn’t they make them round like the old ones ??? o.o

Some of your old stuff had them... like this Empire Cannon's barrel


I think your Obliteraters had some too... but no worries.

Your stuff is top notch, looking forward to seeing more of your work soon! ;)

18-09-2008, 17:30
Thanks Orkz222 : )

Hmm yeah. You're right about the cannon, Putty. But usually I clean the models pretty well I think ^^

Update time!

So here's the Amber (Beasts) Wizard I've made. I think he turned out really nice. Maybe the colour scheme could have been more "amber-ish" but hey ho. ^^


And my converted dog-handler :)


And finally some very early WIP shots of two waywatchers. Just to show you that I'm going to give my wood elves some attention this autumn.


18-09-2008, 19:00
Very nice wizard! He looks great- the tones on his robes are very rich and his blonde beard is very fetching. The conversion is based around a flagellant I assume? I like all the extras- the skull staff, the cloak and the owl give him a lot of character. The dog handler is ace- looking forward to seeing a group shot- the theme is brilliant. And nice to see some woodies reappear[well it is autumn]- they are looking promising already[really like the way you add the bowstrings and arrows].
Once again a visual treat!

18-09-2008, 19:09
Gotta agree with silverstu. That wizard is very cool and characterful. I also love the dog-handler. That's a nice idea!
Looking forward to see more of your work soon! ;)

Monsterzonk :skull:

de Selby
18-09-2008, 20:20
The owl is very nicely painted and the dog handler looks good too. Keep it up!

18-09-2008, 20:42
Very nice my friend! I too like the wizard and the dogman.

Count Sinister
18-09-2008, 21:45
Nicely converted wizard, but the star of the bunch for me is the dog and the dog-handler. Very characterful conversion, and a really nice paintjob.

Looking forward to seeing more of the Wood Elves as well!

19-09-2008, 05:00
Yay for Mordheim stuff!

Great paint jobs on everything. Really good stuff. The dog and handler is really well done. Like Count Sinister, I think it's my favorite of the bunch.

Solun Decius
19-09-2008, 12:17
Very warm and natural colors on the bearded dudes. The owl is my favorite part though, very lifelike!

22-09-2008, 17:54
Love to see such nicely painted Mordheim stuff every time I see this thread. The Wood Elves will be exciting too. I've got an army that's yet to see paint. Inspire me :)

06-10-2008, 16:28
Amber Wizard! <3

I have been takin in with it since I first saw in some four months ago. The paint job is well worth the wait. Very crisp and clean :D

Lord Dan
03-11-2008, 02:09
Alright, I need to say this. Every time I've seen your work I'd think: "Man that guy is good." or "How did he think of that?" Then you turn out to be a woman, and I feel like an idiot for all along presuming you were a man. So for that, forgive me.

More importantly, your work is great. This is the first log where I've gone through every page (I came close on Harry's, but there are just so many pages!). I love the palette you've chosen for your WE and Witch Hunters, and basically everything about your christmas goblins.

So yes, I can feel the speed.


14-12-2008, 23:12
Thanks everyone for your support :D

Yeah silverstu, it's based on a flagellant. Glad you liked the little details. There is also an arrow hanging from the staff - the arrow is a symbol for the Amber order : )

Glad you're happy with how the Amber wizard turned out Asp ; )

Oh and Lord Dan, don't worry about it. I usually assume that you gamers are men too. There are not exactly many women in the hobby. : )
An I am flattered by how much you like my work ^^

I have started my first real sculpting project. Can anyone guess what this is? She looks a little bit funny right now when the legs and stomach aren't started yet but I think she is going to look really cool when done.
My boyfriend snapped some pictures of it when I was working on it.



Oh and there will be an update around christmas with painted models :)

14-12-2008, 23:23
Wild guess: Is it a giant? :P
Anyways good luck on your sculpt. Seems you've got the general shape sorted out, so only detailwork left. Can't wait to see it finished. :)

- Edahlo

14-12-2008, 23:30
Nope. It's not a giant. But pretty close :)
There is actually some detailwork done on the head and one of the arms and the back but it doesn't show very well in the pics. I need to get some more greenstuff xD

15-12-2008, 00:15
Ooo new stuff! Great! AND you're sculpting- a treeman perhaps??Looking forward to the christmas update and to see how this big fella turns out.

15-12-2008, 07:50
Yep that's right. Well a treeWOman to be correct ^^
Congratulations to silverstu for guessing it right :)

I'm not sure she's gonna be totally done in the christmas update but she'll probably be pretty close.

15-12-2008, 12:20
the treewoman looks good so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing hoy she turns out! and I must say that those Christmas goblins ar about the cutes things I ever saw, I might have to do some Christmas nurglings one of these days^^

Lord Azoth
15-12-2008, 12:54
love your amber wizard..looks amazing..where did you get the bones and artifacts of the staff??

15-12-2008, 17:52
Can't wait to see the finished product. It's been awhile since you've added to your Wood Elves!

Fenix Felder
15-12-2008, 19:43
I love the amber wizard conversion, and I am very eager to see that tree woman finished!!

de Selby
18-12-2008, 16:29
Treewoman looks promising so far, looking forward to seeing it finished.

I might have to do some Christmas nurglings one of these days^^

I'd love to see a christmas nurgle daemons army. Led by Epidemius dressed as Santa. Giver of gifts indeed...

Lord Dan
18-12-2008, 17:31
The early stages there remind me of Grendel from Beowulf.

Looking forward to an update!

22-12-2008, 15:17
Hello everyone. It's time for an update : D

I've painted my lovely boydriend's Chaos sorcerer for him. Warriors of Chaos is his main army. He asked me to paint him so that he looks Slaaneshi but at the same time rather Tzeentch-y in case he wants to try the lore of Tzeentch. I therefore painted the sorcerer and his little familiar in purple and dark blue.
The pics aren't as good as they could have been. This is due to the extremely cloudy and dark weather. I could have used some more sunlight. But the pics are still rather good in my opinion.


So what do you think? : )

Hjalmar Cirkus
22-12-2008, 15:21
Yay that sorcerer will look really cool in my Chaos army!
Thank you so much honey bunny ;)

22-12-2008, 15:23
Yay that sorcerer will look really cool in my Chaos army!
Thank you so much honey bunny ; )

I'm so glad you like it dear : D

Next up are some work in progress pics of my Treewoman Ancient. I still have to finish her right hand, sculpt some mushrooms on the bark in some places and give her some branches.


Details of her face. I didn't want to give her any facial features other than the mouth, but I made a "swirl" where one of the eyes would have been if she had eyes. This gives you something to focus on : )


22-12-2008, 15:23

She is pretty darn big. She almost doesn't fit on the monster base.

Tune in tomorrow for some christmas gobbos! : D (and a size comparison picture between them and the Ancient.)

Oh and christmas nurglings would be awesome. You've gotta do them!

Hjalmar Cirkus
22-12-2008, 15:29
That treewoman is totally outstanding!

22-12-2008, 17:21
Your Wood Elf Army looks so cool. I myself am starting with wood elves. I think I am going to do mine in Spring with very bright vivid colors. I have seen some really cool stuff looking around and I really love what you have done.

22-12-2008, 18:07
I'm glad you think so dear :D

Hi there dmbard. I'm glad you like my wood elves and I wish you good luck with your own wood elves. Are you perhaps going to start a blog of your own? It's always nice to see other wood elves and there aren't that many warhammer blogs compared to the 40k forum so we could always use more ^^

Lord Dan
22-12-2008, 18:21
That treewoman is looking intense. I love that she's so big she has to basically look straight down at whatever she's fighting.

Right on. Christmas gobbos, please.

22-12-2008, 21:41
the Sorcerer is too sci-fi-y for my personal tastes, but as alway you are very good with the paint jobs!