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29-06-2005, 02:23
Teranth sat in the dining room, surrounded be the group of individuals who were supposed to help him find and exterminate a taint on an entire world within a month. Chuckling to himself he looked around, "so you are the lot who are going to help me and Arkyle destroy chaos, I'd laugh but you are below that, mutants, hive gangers and scum the whole lot. Why I don't have you shot right now is beyond me however as long as you don't do anything to cross me it will only be the enemy you have to worry about" he announced, "it occurs to me that we have a psyker amoungst us, I am not a puritan myself however be wary for we are all being watched at all times"

Worried whispers broke out in the group but they settled as the door opened and a black armored giant entered the room, his footsteps echoed through the ship as he walked "Battle brother Haeric Tyndeus of the Dawn Talons reporting for duty, I am yours to command Inquisitor" his voice boomed with athority and pride.

"Good to see you" Teranth said. Turning to the group he said, "It will be two days before we arrive, do anything you like but stay out of trouble or you will be delt with severly" he strode out of the room, leaving the group alone.

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29-06-2005, 03:18
Adam Jenkins looked round the dinning room table and saw that the Inquisitor was correct, it was the usual asortment of scum he was used to dealing with. He almost felt at home with these bunch.

Directing his thoughts towards the Inquisitor, Jenkins sent a quick message to him, stating he would keep a low key on his true power levels if need be. The Inquisitor was doing him a big favour by taking Jenkins under his wing, as Jenkins was wanted by the Inquisition, alive at all costs and he was worth 3 million odd.

'Hey there,' Jenkins said with a smile to some one sitting next to him, a female with spikey hair.

29-06-2005, 20:01
The huge, power armoured Space Marine removed his helmet, cradling it under his left arm, his Bolter slung over his right shoulder. His gaze swept across the rest of the room's occupants.

"The Inquisitor has chosen you people...why? What are your capabilities?"

29-06-2005, 20:10
Valeria regarded the man who had spoekn to her with her usual neutral look. She dearly hoped that things would get better. She'd had a stack of money just walking around just waiting to be collected with her shotgun. Though the look of some of the people in the room, they looked as if they could fetch a pretty penny just as easily. With the exception of maybe the Adeptus Astartes. Warriors of the Emperor were a little too pricey for her.

The man who had spoken to her look familiar, but she'd seen a lot of mug shots in her time. She scowled slightly and shrugged, he didn't seem worthy of her voice. Very few were.

The Space Marine spoke. Such people deserved and demanded respect.
'Bounty Hunter.' she said aloud. Her voice soft and melodious.

29-06-2005, 20:22
A grimace crossed the worn features of the Marine. Haeric unshouldered his Bolter, and checked the clip: full, as he had known. "I see. Then I hope your capabilities prove up to the task at hand, whatever the Emperor intends for us."

29-06-2005, 20:34
Valeria nodded to the Space Marine. Such sentiments were understandable from one of the Emperor's Finest. Though his approval of her was not what she wanted or needed, though at some level she felt that it would spur her on to working hard. After all, it wasn't every day that you got to fight with a member of the Adeptus Astartes. Especially one of her profession.

30-06-2005, 01:09
'Hmm a big Space Marine? Dang Inquisitor, what did you call me, if you got one of those?' Jenkins asked with a snide look at the Marine. 'All high and mighty, pah I could show you a thing or two about being high and mighty.'

Jenkins laughed out loud at the comment and remembered fighting an AI Governor and his power to alter back towards a form that resembled a Space Marine.

'Ah the bounty hunter speaks,' Jenkins said with a sigh and looked at her, 'So how are you today, Valeria?'

Jenkins watched her mouth twitch and he grinned, he loved his telepathy abilities.

30-06-2005, 01:15
A cruel smile crossed Tyndeus' lips. "Were you more worthy of speaking to me than the dust on the floor, scum, I would consider rising to your meaningless words. The idle talkings of a witch mean nothing to me. Until you prove yourself to be lacking. And then, witch, I shall be ready." The clip Tyndeus slammed into his Bolter illustrated the point the towering warrior of the Adeptus Astartes was making to the wretched creature.

30-06-2005, 01:16
Valeria's head snapped to the man beside her


Her lips curled into a snarl at him. Now she remember his face. 3 million at the last Bounty but she wouldn't touch it with w 100 foot cattle prod no matter how many begged her to. She killed and they wanted this filth alive.

She snorted with contempt and turned away.

30-06-2005, 01:48
'Oh the Great and Honourable Space Marine talks to me? I should feel really proud!' Jenkins snorted and looked at him. 'I have had a Space Marine work for me before, and I found you guys to be no problem. As to the lacking, all I can say is I have already been possessed once, it will not happen again. It is what gave me my superior powers that would even make your wisest Librarians quake in fear.'

Jenkins conjoured up three fireballs and started to juggle them.

Looking at Valeria he searched her thoughts quickly. Catching a hold of one, he made a foolish grin.

'Whats the matter hunny-buns? Not being able to catch that 5 million credit bounty got you down? Or is that eye thing, the one you got from being a stripper in a bar? Jenkins asked with a smirk.

30-06-2005, 02:00
Tyndeus' expression did not change. The years had taught him much about normal men: the lies they told themselves to keep themselves strong. His crude attempts at mockery were clearly nothing more than a front to appear unafraid of what lay before him. He would leave the witch be. He would be dead soon enough in any case: he wasn't worth the Bolter shell Tyndeus could have put through his skull in an eyeblink.

30-06-2005, 02:02
Valeria looked at the man out of the corner of her real eye, barely turning her head and just shrugged. It was a psyker so it made sense that it might possess such powers as to read her thoughts.

Plus is wasn't as if there was anything inside her head she was ashamed of. She'd lived and survived and was held in quite high esteem in her profession. And no everyone landed that huge kill. She made more than enough money, she did it more for the sport than anything else.

Yet still her lips remained closed and she did not speak to the psyker. Nor would she ever.

30-06-2005, 02:07
Jenkins smiled at Valeria as he read her thoughts.

'Fine then, she-whore!' roared Jenkins as he threw the fireballs one by one at her, suddenly stopping right at her face, allowing her to feel the heat of them as Jenkins then threw them at the Marine, stopping within inches of his own face.

Laughing to himself, Jenkins cancled the fireballs by re-absorbing them and shrugged.

'Ah the lies we normal men tell. Yes it makes me feel good and strong telling the truth at times,' Jenkins said with a sigh as he sat back down. He knew the Inquisitor would not be pleased.

30-06-2005, 02:11
Valeria didn't flinch of even blink at the fire in front of her. There was the audiable click of a bolt pistol hammer being pulled back and ready to fire. Valeria had learnt to shoot from the hip, but this was a touch more risky but she'd never blown her leg off yet and she'd shot hundreds of people under tables from her holster.

30-06-2005, 02:14
'Hmm, trying to shoot me from under the table? How pathetic!' Jenkins said with a yawn as he pulled the gun forcefully out of her hand with telekinses.

Rising the gun far into the air, Jenkins looked at her and suddenly flipped it round so the gun was aimed at her.

'Hmm, maybe I should jsut shoot you, maybe then you'll make a noise?' Jenkins said with a laugh. 'Does lil Valeria want it back? Beg for it!'

30-06-2005, 02:16
The psyker's inability to control his pathetic, yet heretical gifts had no effect, visible or internal, on Brother Haeric Tyndeus. He knew the limitations of the weakling's powers. And if his 'talents' were a threat, Haeric Tyndeus' Bolter would have had fifteen, not sixteen shells in the clip, and humanity would be free of one more fool who overestimated himself. While the nigh-invisible pyrotechnics the infantile creature tried to attract attention with danced nearby him, Brother Tyndeus' gaze remained fixed on the gauntlet of his left hand, thinking about what the Emperor wished of him on this latest chance he had been given to prove his worth.

30-06-2005, 02:18
Valeria merely extended her hand out a little way in front of her and said a rather nasty thing in her mind. She knew that the psyker would hear her, but she vowed not one single word would pass her lips to this piece of scum. He wasn't worthy of her words.

30-06-2005, 02:23
Jenkins looked at her and growled something.

'Alright slag, if you think I am unworthy of being talked to then fine then, have you bolt pistol back,' Jenkins said with a sigh. 'You know where a tad fun, but for now, just stay out of my way.'

Jenkins turned in his seat and looked at the Space Marine.

'Look, you may think I am weak and an underling not worthy of your notice, but wait till the fighting starts. You will thank the Almighty Emperor that I am here!' Jenkins siad with a sigh. 'Also just a question? What is up with that left guantlet?'

30-06-2005, 02:27
Valeria picked up her pistol and made a show of pulling out the magazine and replacing it with another one. It contained pentagrammic engraved bolts. They were highly expensive, but she could afford it. She'd had three magazines made up for her and she'd only fired it one. They worked like a charm as the rouge pyskers head exploded like it should have. And she made sure the psyker knew what she was packing now as she returned the gun to its holster
All the time she grinned widely at the psyker, enjoying his torment. He was just like a little child and a typical man. He hated the silent treatment. It was very effective, especially was unnerved people.

30-06-2005, 02:42
The man's words, like his previous attempt at getting the Astartes' attention, was completely ineffective, Tyndeus appearing to the outsider to simply be staring at his left gauntlet. In fact, he was pondering, as any warrior of the Emperor should, the depth of his debt to Him on Terra, and how he might better himself in His divine sight.

30-06-2005, 03:02
Striding back into the room Teranth looked angry, he slapped jenkins and said, his tone loud and clearly angry " I abide your presence psyker, but your powers are not to be tossed around on my ship ever, i hope i do not need to repeat myself because when i do i will report you to the ordro hereticus and im sure you don't want that"

Valeria snickered when Teranth slapped jenkins, spinning on his heel he drew his holstered pistol and pointed it between her eyes, "If something is amusing to you, because if it is, speak up" Valeria swalowed hard, this must be the first time someone could point a gun at her and if she did anything she would be stone dead no matter what.

Valeria shook her head, she looked defiantly into his eyes.

"Alright then, well, then if we have any more trouble, someone will be traveling to our destination through space, and i don't mean on a ship" Teranth said, "now if you will all excuse me, i will be on the bridge"

30-06-2005, 03:10
Jenkins froze after the hit and gave Teranth a look that could kill, hate flaring behind his eyes as he felt his rage grow. Suddenly he stopped and sighed.

He needed this Inquisitor alive as without him, he would be hunted down by the Inquisition still, but alas, this Inquisitor was keeping him in the clear, even though he was effectively a trained lap dog.

'Oh shut up Valeria,' Jenkins growled seeing her smirk.

30-06-2005, 03:13
Valeria snorted as the Inquisitor left. No one pulled a gun on her. No one! But the pay cheque she'd been promised kept her from blowing a hole through his back with her shotgun as he left.

Though she had to admit that it was amusing to see how short the lead was on the psyker. But she had her own insurence against him. But she couldn't surpress a laugh at the psykers taunt.

She pushed herself back on her seat and lifted her legs up, resting her booted feet on the table top. She pulled out an Iho stick and lit it and took a long draw.

30-06-2005, 03:19
Jenkins looked round the table and sighed slowly.

He became quiet and calmed down, calming his nerves as he took out a vial of pure undiluted human blood and then downed it in one. To the Marine and the Bounty Hunter, it looked like some sort of drugs and smiled as he licked the last drop.

Suddenly he became completely calm, his body chilling out fast as he returned to normal, his headache going away.

Jenkins took out a fat cigar and lit it using his thumb, he smoked it slowly looking at Valeria. He just nodded and looked as if he had become a completely different person.

Unslinging his needle rifle, he sat there and polished it slowly. He had taken his fix.

30-06-2005, 03:22
Valeria eyes the pysker carefully. Whatever was in that vial had a profound effect on him, something that came close to being considered weird almost. Was it a trick? She wasn't sure but she at least played along with it and nodded back.

Then she shrugged so slightly it looked as if she'd hardly moved and taking another draw, she blew a few smoke rings across the room.

30-06-2005, 03:28
Jenkins sighed as he polished the gun slowly, working it and looking across its highly polished barrel. It was a master piece and it always fired just right, as if it knew its target. It was aiming at the Bounty Hunter as it rested in his lap.

Good target Jenkins thought to himself. She was wierding him out before as was the Marine, but that was before his much needed fix, now he could careless if they were there or not. He was a one man army, a loner and would always be. The Inquisitor was just another mortal attempting to use his powers.

His service would be over soon and he would be on his way as usual.

30-06-2005, 04:58
The cloaked man in the corner pulled the hood back from his face. "Ya certainly have a way with people don't ya Jenkins?"
Borred couldn't help but smile at the psykers surprise, "how've ya been?"

30-06-2005, 16:12
Kyla had been sleeping for the last 2 days, and now, getting up, she tried to regain her balence. After five minutes of stumbling around in her small cabin, she managed to put her cloths on, grab her weaponry and get out the cabin door. Her head hurt, which was either because of Warp Travel, or because she had a very bad hang over.
"Bridge... where's the bridge so I can see the Captain?" She asked her self, sluggishly moving towards a 3D Scale map of the ship...

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30-06-2005, 16:22
Teranth walked onto the bridge, several people looked at him but then turned back to their duties. Acessing a small pannel he thumbed in a code and a hidden door opened. He strode through and in several large cryo tubed were a total of seven people, suspended in a viscous fluid. Their moaning filled the room, under each man was a name of one of the members of the group, the psykers whispered things, the thoughts of others.. their words. "i had told them" Teranth said, "they are always being watched"

"I will tear your throat out and bathe in your blood" a voice yelled from behind the inquisitor.

"Quiet Xander" Teranth said, "you are in no position to make threats"

"You'll see soon enough" Xander said, cracking a rare smile. Teranth left the room after tearing a sheet from each of the psykers tubes. The door slid closed behind Teranth as he left, "helmsman, how long till destination is reached?"

"About one day Inquisitor" the man replied. Teranth sat in the captains chair and waited

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30-06-2005, 16:25
'Borred nice to see you,' Jenkins said with a sigh. 'Hmm, I don't even want to know how you got drafted.' Jenkins suddnely convulsed as his mind felt something weak attack it. No, not attack it, it was sending him a message.

Jenkins I'll be seeing you soon, real soon the message came siad and Jenkins paused. It couldn't be him, it was immpossiable. Last time he met up with him the man had zero to little psychic powers, now he was strong enough to send him a telepathic message?

Jenkins shuddered and got up.

'Excuse me, I need to speak with my Lord,' Jenkins said with a slight bow as he slung his needle rifle round his back and went to the bridge.

As Jenkins entered he saw the Inquisitor and approached him slowly.

'My Lord Inquisitor, do you have one Xander aboard this vessel?' Jenkins asked calmly.

30-06-2005, 17:08
"I can't say i do Jenkins" Teranth replied, "I do have prisoners on this ship, but i don't take the liberty of learning their names"

"Are you lieing to me?" Jenkins asked.

"Even if i was, i wouldn't tell you about it, considering my buisness is my own and no one elses" Teranth exclaimed.

"Sir, i ment no disrespect" Jenkins said, "its just, i have reason to suspect he is on this ship and a psyker"

"If i see him, ill let you know" Teranth said, his tone mocking, " Now leave me be, i have matters to attend"

a section of wall splintered behind Teranth and jenkins along with Teranth were hurled across the room. A figure stood in the room

"Hello jenkins, nice to see you again" it said, before picking him up and throwing him off the bridge.

(OCC) alright, first fight, everyone heard that explosion and yeah, big bad psyker, fight away (OCC)

30-06-2005, 17:09
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IC - Kyla checked the map for a seconds, then looked around. "Section Three, Bridge is... five floors about me?" She muttered something about 3D scale maps and then looked for a way up to the bridge, passing two gunnery decks as she passed.

A second after she had reached a way up to the bridge, a loud explostion erupted. Kyla looked around wildly, her shot gun in hands... nothing about... she went up to the bridge.. hoping it was nothing.

After going up five levels she eventually found the bridge. Opening the door, Kyla looked at the bridge and said. "Reporting for Inquisitoral duty. Sir, if I may ask, was was that noise?"
Then she spotted the figure... "oh..." she said, weakly, bringing her shot gun up... unprepared for combat and this... figure was attacking? Great!

OOC - No, I don't know Xander.

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30-06-2005, 17:19
Jenkins roared as he felt the sudden attack chill him to the core. That was some power this psyker was packing, but nothing compared to him.

Jenkins landed like a cat, with the grace and feline agilty his body allowed him.

'XANDER! It is you!' yelled Jenkins. 'You know of my considerable powers and you dare assult me! I will have to teach you a lesson!'

Jenkins summoned forth a psychic shield and calling upon the power of the warp, increased his strength and speed. With a viscious smile, Jenkins charged into Xander, his power sword slashing into Xander. It stopped in mid-air and power crackled around it as it hit a psychic shiled.

Xander grabbed at Jenkins with his right arm and grinned. He threw him against another wall, his body making a sickening thud as he hit the wall.

Jenkins snarled as he got up.

Summoning forth eight fireballs, Jenkins tossed all of them directly at Xander while charging through the fireballs and breaking through the shield using his own powers, he landed a direct punch to Xander's mouth.

Jenkins then kicked out and hit the man in the chest, snarling his attack as suddenly Xander grabbed him, haulting the assault and held him close to his face.

'Ah the original Alpha, how are you? Feeling good ever since you last ditched us after the Governor AI? I heard about the technique you used, most impressive and it works just fine by the way,' Xander said with a laugh as he squeezed Jenkins. Jenkins snarled and knew he was going to have to increase his strength and alter his body, but now? In front of the Inquisitor?

30-06-2005, 20:18
Valeria looked up rather non-chalantly at the explosion. Once you'd heard one, you've heard them all. But she guessed she better go see.

The genral flow of people were to the bridge so she joined them, pushing her way forward into the spill onto the bridge. She managed to get near to the Inquisitor only to see the psyker and another man fighting.

The air stank of ozone from their witch-magicks. Valeria scowled and pulled out her prepared bolt pistol and cocked it, once pentagrammic bolt ready to use if things got out of hand.

She looked at the Inquisitor, her face easily asking the question : Want me to break them up?

30-06-2005, 21:00
Jenkins caught sight of Valeria and read her mind, shame Xander did as well.

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'Foolish girl!' roared Xander as he detonated her bolt pistol, attacking the firing mechanism, placing a small fireball within it, the gun exploding fusing all of the ammo. 'What do you have now, Inquisitor?'

Lucky for Jenkins, Valeria's stupid attempt had given him a window.

Jenkins ran and dived behind a console where he stopped to breathe. It was time and he hated this part. Screaming in rage, he allowed the Warp to flow into his body, altering him. His torso bulged outwards as suddenly his height grew from a simple 5'8 to an impressive 8 something as his muscles filled out, hios body taking on a whole new proportion as his neck muscles bulged around his head.

'You die Xander!' roared Jenkins as he conjoured a daemon weapon out of the warp. holding it two-handed, Jenkins charged into Xander, his massive size knocking the man backwards as Jenkins grabbed out with his meaty paw, throwing Xander into a nereby wall.

'How do you like it?' roared Jenkins as his psychic shield came into play as Xander threw things at him. 'Oh keep it coming, you die now!'

OoC/For all those that have no idea how this is possiable, think about alteration powers. Jenkins has literally used psychic manipulation to re-construct his body and alter his genetic make-up, however it is rather limited and he will need human blood afterwards or he will go into a coma like state./OoC

30-06-2005, 21:14
Valeria hissed and dropped her gun a slit second before the fire hit the bolts. Sharpenel caught her leg as the expensive bolts detonated. Thankfully they were lower yield than they usual bolts so she was not killed in the blast.

She hit the ground as her leg buckled from the impacts, blood seeping through the rips in her trousers. Yet she did not cry out.

30-06-2005, 21:54
"Die before me, abomination!" Tyndeus' Bolter was levelled at the rogue psyker's head, and the Dawn Talons Space Marine pulled the trigger. Mass-reactive rounds slashed towards the foul creature, but stopped inches from its skull, the small shells melting into nothing, consumed by its warp-spawned protection. Lightning arced from the creature's fingertips, enveloping the warrior of the Adeptus Astartes in a halo of blue-white fire, singing armour and sending pains shooting through the Space Marine's body. Tyndeus gave a roar of pain, opening fire once again, one bolt penetrating its defences and blasting a gaping hole in the psyker's torso: the wound convulsed, and sealed up once more.

01-07-2005, 00:17
Borred took one look at the fight between Jenkins and this new psyker and, realising he could achieve nothing against a creature that powerful, decided to see if Valeria needed any help. He grabbed a medi-kit off the wall and crouched down next to her. "Wanna hand?"

01-07-2005, 00:27
Valeria looked at the man who appeared beside her banishing a medi-kit. She nodded to him and shifted her hands from her legs, they were bleeding quite badly.

Her only downfall, she was a fast bleeder and sometimes her blood was too thin to clot. A genetic problem that she kept under control as best she could.

01-07-2005, 00:35
Jenkins turned and shouted at the Space Marine.

'Hey Tyndeus! Lets attack him togther!' yelled Jenkins as Jenkins threw himself at Xander, his fists flying out, the daemon weapon biting deep into Xander's flesh.

'That hurts!' roared Xander as he tried to knock Jenkins back.

'Its a psychically made weapon, it works double on bastards like us!' roared Jenkins as he slashed again and again, destroying the psychic shield easily. 'If I knew you were going to be like this, I should have killed you when I had the chance!'

Suddenly the memories of Xander feeding him his own blood when he badly needed it after the Eversor incident flashed in his mind and he sent it to Xander, praying the man would recall the days when he still had his humanity. Something or some one had messed the noble Xander up and Jenkins hated this new Xander, it needed t die.

01-07-2005, 04:12
While Valeria watched the too psykers battle, Borred quickly wrapped bandages around her wounds. Applying a fast setting anti infectant a little something to help slow the bleeding. While her attention wasn't on what he was doing he grabbed a small vial and filled it with her blood, he's gunna need this afterwards, he thought. If he survives. If he doesn't we all die.

01-07-2005, 10:50
OOC - Sounds like someone's gone to town on mad creations, :p ;) :)

IC - Kyla looked at the two men, teir psychic powers were obviously strong... strong enough to make a bolt gun explode, it seemed. She stepped back respectfully, hoping that they would have her shot gun blow up in turn.
"Emperor's Justice..." she said quietly. "Spare them from death at least."

01-07-2005, 15:35
Valeria watched the battle. Best way to figure out a man is by at least seeing him fight. The man who had asked if she wanted helps pulled the banage tight and Valeria hissed with pain.

She turned to look at him, just catching him putting something in his pocket. Her eyes narrowed and she pulled her legs away from him with a nod. The blood was still flowing quite freely. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her medication. Taking two light blue pills. They'd stop the bleeding soon. She nodded her thanks to the man, but there was something rather untrustworthy about him.

Valeria shook her head.

02-07-2005, 15:25
Xander cocked his head to one side and smiled, "yes, you should have killed me, but now its to late, isn't it" Xander smirked, "here are some tricks i picked up along my journeys" Xander picked himself up and looked at Tyndeus, the large marine began to convulse and then dropped, Xander had sent a pyschic attack into his mind the strength of which he never used before "And something for you Jenkins" Lightning sparked from Xander's hands and shot into jenkins, his psychic shield stopped most of it but broke under the assault. Grabbing the daemon weapon in his hands he screamed for a second and the weapon shattered. He followed up with a blow to the side of the head which sent Jenkins sprawling "You're not the only one who can manipulate the warp" he sneered.


Teranth sat up, groaning, he looked at the psyker fight he chuckled. His new toy jenkins was comming in handy. Leveling his pistol Teranth fired, the bolts ripped through Xander, their holy tips burning holes into his flesh. The bleeding was profuse and Xander stumbled. "Your powers have failed you, my faith is always true" Teranth spat, Xander turned to face him and began to move in for the kill.

"You've meddled in my affairs for the last time" he roared

02-07-2005, 17:03
"What in the Emperor's name is going on?" Asked Kyla, one Psyker had attacked the other with some form of Chaotic mind attack, the Lord Inquisitor had shot the Psyker using the power, and she was getting more and more confused by the second.

OOC - she is a simple killer, :p

02-07-2005, 21:48
Tyndeus gave a roar of pain, clutching at his head, his skull feeling like it was being split in two. He snarled, forcing himself up on one knee as Xander moved towards the Inquisitor. "Fall before the Chapter, heretic!"

He opened fire again. The first two shells slammed into the psychic barrier that protected the infernal psyker. The first blasted a bloody hole in the psyker's shoulder. Before it could close, another Bolter shell had ripped through the gaping wound and detonated inside the psyker's torso. The psyker stopped, staggering away from its intended direction of charge, blood pouring from its mouth, before sliding slowly to the floor. Tyndeus stepped forwards and pulled the trigger five more times, the gun's deafening reports echoing in the enclosed space, the shells blasting great holes in the heretic's unmoving corpse, blood painting the floor and spattering the walls.

03-07-2005, 02:23
'Marine you fool!' shouted Jenkins as he detected the power surge from Xander's body and watched as the Marine was thrown against the bulkhead as Xander rose quickly, the blood seeping back into his body as his healing powers came into effect.

Jenkins snarled and then began to chant the words the Farseer taught him, the words left his tougne as Xander froze and shouted.

'How dare you?' Xander yelled as suddenly he fell to the floor, a powerful blow knocking him backwards as Jenkins fought his mind psychically. Jenkins's own shields in place as Xander was confused as to this new form of psychic attack, but he was a fast learner.

Suddenly Jenkins felt the assault on his own mind, but he broke contact and threw a punch right into Xander's jaw, watching as Xander's head snapped to the left, teeth, spit and blood flying from his mouth.

'It ends now!' roared Jenkins as he summoned his strength to him, feeling his powers beginning to ebb away, he knew all he had left was one final blow.

Jenkins screamed loudly as suddenly the bridge became a tempest of pyschic energy as a whirlwhind built up around Jenkins as Xander saw it, and tried to block the attack, but Jenkins had the upper hand as he poured everything into the assualt. The whirwhind went horizontal and slammed Xander against the bulkhead, the bulkhead screaming as suddenly it literally tore off, the sheer force breaking it into pieces.

Suddenly Xander was thrown out into space and using his last bit of strength, Jenkins grabbed the damaged piece of bulkhead and resealed it, falling to the floor in exhaustion, his body returning to normal.

Before he blacked out, a message was sent to him.

See you soon

03-07-2005, 02:48
Teranth pulled himself up, grunting with pain as he rose he holstered his pistol.
"Well, now that the witch has been delt with we can get on with our mission" he said, limping towards the door, "There is no change of plans, we will be there in a little less then a day"

"Who was that?" Tyndeus asked, " No man, or even witch could have survived the salvo i shot into him"

"Well, obviously you are wrong Tyndeus" Teranth said, "You will do well do get some rest everyone, we are lucky to be alive" Teranth left, ignoring the rest of the questions he limped to his quarters and lay down, a servitor entered the room and began to bandage the wounds he had.

03-07-2005, 02:58
Jenkins awoke slowly and caught eyes with Valeria.

'I need my vial,' Jenkins whispered pointing at his discarded jackect and needle rifle. 'Please, get it.'

Jenkins was too weak and he could feel the need for human blood rising, it was growing like it always did and if it waited anymore, he knew what would happen. 'Hurry.'

03-07-2005, 07:47
Borred ran over to Jenkins side, he new from experience what happened if he didn't get his fix. "Ya look like hell mate," he said.
Pulling out the vial he had caught Valeria's blood in it, he crouched down. "Here, I got yer fix fer ya. Say please," Borred joked, handing over the blood.

03-07-2005, 09:59
Valeria watched the whole thing, though her face didn't quite show the extent of her mix of emotions. Disgust, intrigue, hatred, confusion and many more besides. Thankfully the psykers who'd crossed her path had been few and far between. She didn't have anything against most of them, but that wasn't so say that she'd not kill one for the right price.

She sighed but when the man that had helped her pulled something from his coat, her suspicions rose. She was sure he'd put something in that side of his coat when he was treating her. But what was it. Had he given her something from that vial? If he had, why now was he giving it to the psyker?

Valeria frowned, not quite sure what was going on. She was starting to feel a tad light-headed too. Her meds were only just starting to kick in, so she was still losing blood. But she'd live and remain on her feet.

03-07-2005, 17:59
Jenkins looked at Borred and took the vial. It was a different colour, but the need burned in the back of his throat and he drank it in an instant. Under the full watch of everyone in the room, they witnessed him taking the vial.

Afterwards, he coughed and collasped into a deep sleep, exhaustion conquering him finally.

Jenkins slept, but his mind was awake as his spirit took leave of the body and he saw Valeria there, still bleeding.

He breathed in and suddenly touched her body, she felt something, but did not know what it was and suddenly she began to heal. Her wounds closing all by themselves and going beyond scabbing all the way to perfect flesh.

He smiled and whispered in her ear.

'Thats for the fuel,' he said as his body recalled him.

03-07-2005, 18:03
Valeria frowned as she felt something touching her. It was soft and she felt her flesh knit back together and a voice she recognised. The psykers. What did he mean...fuel?

She reached down and pulled at the bandages and was shocked to reveal unblemished skin underneath. She glared at the psyker. True he had done something good for her, but it was the principal of his witchery touching her altogether than made her stomach turn.

She snarled at him and swept out, feeling dirty.

03-07-2005, 18:37
Jenkins sighed and nodded at Borred. He then turned on the Space Marine.

'You need to control your passion, Marine,' Jenkins said coldly. 'You need to know your enemy before you attack them like you did. Us, alphas, can heal ourselves quickly and are practically immortal in that we cannot be killed by normal means. Remember that as we have not seen the last of him.'

Jenkins reclaimed his coat and needle rifle and headed to his deisngated quarters, sending Valria a polite invitation for her to stop by, to tell her to be wary of him, but alas he knew she would not show up.

03-07-2005, 18:51
By the time Valeria had reached her quaters there was a meaage waiting for her. It had the psykers id on it. she deleted it immediately without reading it. He had nothing to say that she would listen to after that stunt.

She rifled through her things to find her pentagrammic bolts and slammed them into her bolt pistol. It would be difficult not having the fire power of a normal bolt pistol at her dispoal, now she onlt had one.

With a frustrated sigh, Valeria began the process of engraving wards on the pistol itself. They would be crude but effective until she could find the proper means to bless them. But they would have to do and be enough for now.

03-07-2005, 19:00
I knew you would ignore my request Jenkins sent her with a laugh. Don't worry I will be quick. Please when I use my psychic powers heavily, do not get near me, under no circumstances.

Jenkins broke the connection, knowing she would not reply.

03-07-2005, 19:04
Valeria clutched her ears in shock and lsight pain at the psykers words in mind. They made her want to be sick and she was.

She had no desire to go near the psyker anyway so he needed have worried or bothered violating her mind. She snarled and cleaned up her mess and began working harder on her weapons.

03-07-2005, 19:27
Teranth sat in his quarters, 'Xander's escaped, thousands will die before he can be captured again' he thought to himself. He winced in pain as the servitor finished the sitches in his face. Opening a vox channel he said "Jenkins report to my quarters this moment" before switching it off and pondering over the events. Jenkins had a lot that he would answer for, Teranth would make sure he got those answers as well.

03-07-2005, 19:33
'You summoned me, Inquisitor?' Jenkins asked after knocking on his door and entering.

Jenkins knew what was about to be asked, but alas, it would need to be said.

03-07-2005, 19:49
" I did, do i need to tell you why or have you already read my mind?" Teranth said.

"I don't need to read your mind to know why you have summoned me" Jenkins replied.

"Good, then enough of this small chat, i want to know how you know Xander, how you aquired such a mastery of your powers and most importantly why i should not turn you into the ordo hereticus" Teranth demanded, he cleared his mind of any information the psyker could use against him, most importantly of all the psyk-out grenade he was readying behind his back incase things got out of hand.

03-07-2005, 20:17
Valeria or Borred, I might need one you Jenkins sent before looking at the Inquisitor and smiling.

'Alas I only knew him prior to these psychic powers. He was a good man, but alas he seemed to gain these powers after I left Rogue Trader Ricardo's band of merry men. According to what I read in his mind, he was tampered with by an Xenos species and well, thats as far as I learned,' Jenkins said with a sigh. He then looked at the Inquisitor and grinned.

'As to the other question, you need me. I am stronger and more agile than the Space Marine, a better shot than that Valeria and I am practically immortal. Those psyk-out grenades will only hamper me, you will have to hit me with at least five to cause mass damage to my psyche. So if I was you, I would be asking, how do I keep this guy on a leash?' Jenkins said with a laugh. 'And my answer is, keep the Inquisition off my tail, and I will work for you, even obey your commands.'

04-07-2005, 17:35
"The grenade isn't ment to kill you, just stun you untill i can get you under controll, if i was angered by you, death would be the last thing on my list of things to do to you" Teranth said, "Now enough of this, we have more work ahead of us" Jenkins nodded and left, Teranth went to sleep.

The klaxon blared signalling that they had arrived at Tarris-Larma and Teranth sat up with a start. Grabbing his cloths and his weapons he ran to the remenants of the bridge. One of the comms there still worked and he thumbed in his authorization code to the city they were landing in. It was the last safehouse for the population not yet affected by the taint.

"Anyone accompanying me to the surface report to the cargo hold immediatly, we are entering the atomsphere as we speak" Teranth said into an internal vox before he ran to the hold himself.

04-07-2005, 17:41
<not entirly sure whats going on so ill asume im heading to the surface and have just arrived on the ship>
a customised valkire swooped into the cargo hold and slowly docked, steam ejecting as the exit ramp opened. An armen, armored man gingerly steped out. he had an almost bald head making i impossible to tell his hair coulor. his dress was dark camo with flack armour and he carried an assortment of weapons and strange equipment. His eyes were blue- just regular blue, nothing special. he looked normal but any combatant who looked into his eyes would see and experienced soldier, this was confirmed by a scar running down his left eye.
he took a few steps before shouting "hello, anyone home...."

04-07-2005, 17:52
"Unless you're here to help me, get the hell off my ship or ill put a slug through your head" Teranth said, he had just seen the valkerie dock and didn't know what to expect.

"I don't take kindly to threats" the man replied, reaching for a weapon hostlered at his side.

"I don't care what you take kindly to at the moment" Teranth replied, "But if you really want to pull your weapon on an inquisitor of the ordo malleus, by all means go ahead, it will be the last thing you do" The man's hand went away from his gun, "Now, please, if you wouldn't mind, introduce yourself and help me on my mission"

"My name is Ruben strider" the man replied, "Now tell me something, why should i help you?"

"Two reasons actually" Teranth said, "Firstly you are being told by an inquisitor that he wants your help, secondly there is a one hundred thousand credit reward in it for you"

"Well, i'm not one to refuse money, somethin has gotta pay the bills" Ruben replied, "I'm in"

04-07-2005, 18:35
" so, 100k, well what shall i do for you master" ruben grined

04-07-2005, 19:43
Valeria appeared in the cargo hold as ordered. She knew she wouldn't get her money unless she helped, so there she was.

She nodded a greeting to the Inquisitor and passed a cynical eye over the newcomer.

More scum.

Kensai X
04-07-2005, 21:02
As the Inquisitor's party left the docking bay a figure in black moved through the shadows towards them. I heardz youz wuz hiring, and you had wun helluva deep wallet...

Well it's usually nice to have at least a few trained soldiers aongst this rabble, will 100,000 credits be enough to serve your greedy desires? The Inquisitor's eyebrow raised towards the shadow where Vorian stood.

Youz have youself wun more grunt in yourz merry band sir... As he said this Vorian fell in step with with the rest of the group. The rest of the band was surprised to see him suddenly appear as only the inquisitor, Jenkins, and the Marine were the only one her even heard the conversation.

Who the he- "Vorian Riker, I just decided to jump on the band wagon." He said it devilish grin and fell in step once more...

04-07-2005, 22:00
Jenkins walked into the hangar and saw the new people there.

He sighed, ah well it would mean more cannon fodder while he did the real work.

All he wanted to know was what was so important to Xander on this planet? Was it the source of the taint he could feel bathing around the planet? He could almost feel a warm pulsating bloodlust surfacing from the planet and in his mind, he got visions of blood raining from the heavens and gruesome slaughter.

He did not realise that he fell to the floor as he stood up.

I must have fainted, Jenkins thought to himself, thinking about the visions he had jsut recieved. If he was a normal Charlie or below psyker, he would been killed.

04-07-2005, 22:20
Valeria shuddered when the psyker walked in and a snarl ghosted her lips. She didn't like him. Not one bit. The rest weren't much better but she could live with them as they seemed as normal as scum could be.

Then the pysker collapsed and Valeria's pentagrammic pistol was drawn and pointed the the psyker in mere seconds. He stirred but she didn't remove her aim, even when her crude wards started to glow slightly.

04-07-2005, 23:47
Brother Tyndeus crouched on one knee, Bolter slung over his shoulder, his eyes scanning their surroundings, as the disgusting heretic suddenly fell to the ground. Withina second Tyndeus was back up on his feet, weapon levelled at the witch's head and his finger upon the trigger.

"Explain your actions, creature!"

05-07-2005, 00:41
Borred walked into the large hanger bay just as Jenkins collapsed. When Valeria and Tyndeus both drew there weapons on him Borred ran over to stand between his friend and a few bolt rounds, drawing his shotguns as he did so. "Fer frack sake lay off o' him would ya," he said, as Jenkins stirred. "He saved all our lives before and now yer jus' gunna blow his head off? Ya pair o' bloody ingrates! I would've thought that yer lives meant somethin' to ya."

05-07-2005, 01:29
"Those crude wards will do you no good on a psyker of his power" a man came out from the shadows where once no one had stood, he supported himself on a staff as he walked forward, his beard long and scruffy. His eyes were a pale blue, with a look Valeria and Tyndeus lowered their weapons they looked confused as if they had not done so consously.

"Who are you old man?" Teranth demanded, unholstering his pistol.

"that is not important inquisitor, what is imporant is removing the taint from this world, and i can help you with that, i know its sorce" he said, "And don't even think of having your pet psyker read my mind, it will do him no good"

"Why don't i just torture the information out of you" Teranth hissed.

"Because you would get nothing from me, and then you would never discover the sorce of the taint" the man said, chuckling as he did so, "Now if you will follow me i will lead you to the taint, though the journey is long and very dangerous"

"I don't care about how dangerous it is, just lead us to it" Teranth exclaimed.

"Very well, but inquisitor, you must ask yourself, how much are you willing to sacrifice to save this world?" the man asked, turning and beginning to walk away.

(OCC) Alright Valeria and Tyndeus, you both have felt some sort of impusle to drop your weapons when the man looked at you, jekins, you know something is off with him, you are unable to read his mind and he seems somehow fermilliar to you (OCC)

05-07-2005, 04:03
'Its okay Borred, they are worried about me,' Jenkins said with a laugh. 'Do not fear friends, I can never be harmed by one of the Dark Ones, my mind is protected and I am far stronger than them.'

Jenkins then heard the old man and frowned.

Something akin to a growl escaped Jenkins's throat as he looked at the man.

'Inquisitor, I would not trust this man,' Jenkins said with a frown. 'He knows too much for a man who should know so little. He is tainted, as is this planet. I felt it in my very core. I had some odd visions, they would have killed any other psyker or placed them in a coma. This planet should be destroyed, it is beyond the Emperor's Light.'

Everyone could tell there was a hint of fear in his voice, something odd coming from a man who had so much power.

05-07-2005, 04:12
"What would you possibly have to fear from me Adam Jenkins?, you, being a psyker of unpresidented potential and me... an old man trying to help an inquisitor do his job" The man laughed, "And no planet is beyond the emperors sight, not even one so corrupt"

"It is indeed odd you know so much about the taint" Teranth replied.

"If it will put your mind to ease i will allow your pet to read my mind inquisitor" the man replied, beckoning jenkins forward.

"Do it Jenkins" Teranth told jenkins, nodding towards the man.

05-07-2005, 04:24
Jenkins looked at the Inquisitor and shook his head.

'No this old man is already suspicious. Inquisitor, you should place him under arrest for being tainted, can't you see that?' Jenkins asked with a snarl.

'Do it!' ordered the Inquisitor and Jenkins forwned, but bowed his head.

He closed off his body and senses, allowing his mind to wlak free as he entered the old man's body.

Suddenly he was overwhelmed with information and feelings, as if he was drowning in a large pool of water. Crying out, the information and feelings became slower and slower until only chosen thoughts were sent to Jenkins, as if the mind was telling him what to see and know.

Jenkins quickly re-entered his own mind, knowing what he saw had confused him. iMages of being tortured by a Xenos race, images of a pulsating Axe of a deep red, and something else, something he could not place his finger on.

His eyes snapped open and Jenkins refused to speak.

05-07-2005, 11:29
Valeria watched the exchange, her face its usual neutral self but inside she was scared.

'He's right.' her soft melodious voice floated across the room to the Inquisitor. She nodded to Jenkins. Something was very wrong with old man, she could fell it herself.

05-07-2005, 16:26
Ruben walked over to valeria. "you oklay you look a bit pale" Ruben offered his hand "ruben Strider, at your service"

05-07-2005, 18:36
"Valeria, why are you afraid as well?" the man asked, "You could easily kill me with one of those bolts from your pistol, but enough of this, to access the sorce of the taint we must first enter a city over run by frothing madmen who have been tainted beyond saving, we must destroy a series of beacons spread across the planet's surface and then travel to the very tip of this world, there is where the taint is located, but no orbital baragge or holy magics can undo the barrier that guards it if that is what you are thinking Inquisitor, this is potent chaos magics and we must undo the spell from the sorces of where the magic flows from"

"is this the only way?" Teranth asked.

"Yes, now if you follow me, i have transportation waiting for us" the man smirked, he knew something the others didn't, that much was clear.

"How is it you have transportation ready if you just said you would help us?" Teranth asked, he was clearly disturbed by this man.

"Call it a hunch" the man said. The party followed the man through the city to a massive gate, during their journey no other citizen got in their way, everyone avoided them as much as possible and no one made eye contact. A speeder was waiting for them at the gate, it was larger then any normal speeder, clearly custom built. "It is about a three hour journey to the city, when there we will set up camp in a safehouse, out of the reaches of the crazed citizens, only at specific times does the beacon reveal itself"

Teranth gave worried glances around to the party, he was clearly disturbed by how much the old man knew about this taint.

"Why do you permit him to live?" Jenkins whispered to him, "he is a threat to us all"

"Because" Teranth replied, "he is the only chance we have to save this world"

05-07-2005, 19:39
Tyndeus settled into the vehicle, his Bolter once again shouldered. He didn't like this secrecy and mystery. The Marine didn't feel the usual mistrust he felt towards unexpected outsiders...this man was somehow different. But why? What in the name of Dorn made this man seem to trustworthy?

He turned to the Inquisitor. "My Lord, do you know of this man? How do you know he is so important?"

05-07-2005, 20:35
Ruben sat opposite Tynderous. "wow, never seen a marine up close before, your a big guy, ill stay next to yu. no ones going to mess with me if ive got a marine as my budddy. The names ruben what name do you go by..."
ruben offered a handshake

05-07-2005, 20:39
Brother Tyndeus rounded on the human who had spoken to him, his helmet conceling his lips twisting in contempt.

"You appear to be mistaken in believing that I wish to speak with you, scum." The warrior of the Astartes' hand made no move towards that of the man who had offered to shake, his helmeted head giving a sharp glare at the contemptible little man.

06-07-2005, 00:17
Jenkins looked at the Inquisitor and frowned.

'My lord, something is amiss here. The taint surrounds him like a blanket. I vouch that we do not follow him. Brother Marine, don't you too feel it?' Jenkins asked and all he got was a snarl from the Marine.

'Emperor damn you Space Marine, you and your foolish pride! It will have us all killed!' roared Jenkins as he looked at the Inquisitor and frowned.

'I refuse to go with you and him, he knows too much and he is a...psyker,' Jenkins whispered slowly before he found it really diffcult to breathe, the last word of his sentence barely coming out, almost unhearable.

06-07-2005, 01:11
"please do not mistake me for a fool jenkins, i am quite aware he is a psyker" Teranth replied, "I would side with a psyker to save a world"

"this creature will be the end of this world, not its savior" Jenkins hissed, Teranth was quiet, the words struck home to him for some reason.

"you listen to one psyker but not another" the old man spoke, "he is as tainted as i, but i for one am trying to save this world and he is but thwarting my efforts to do so!, if you want to try and save the world on your own, be my guest, i will accompany you no further and you can try to seek out the beacons and deactivate them on your own" with that the old man turned to leave

06-07-2005, 01:19
Suddenly the vision hit Jenkins once more, without realising it he transmitted it to everyone, the visions were that powerful.

Suddenly an Axe flashed in his mind, a dark and terriable laugh echoing from it as it pulsated with red light and seemed to call to him, wanting him to touch it. Then Xander showed up in his mind laughing and on a killing spree with the Axe, killing innocent lives and enjoying it. Then the old man was there and sacraficed himself for Xander, giving Jenkins the window he needed.

'Wait, we will trust you,' Jenkins cried out as he fell to the floor on his knees, blood pouring out of his nose. 'Inquisitor, this old man is important, beyond your comprehension.'

06-07-2005, 01:46
Valeria clutched her head as a vision hit her like a Tunderhammer. She gritted her teeth and tried not to cry out as it felt like her brain was about to explode. She saw it all, though the intensity of what has happening made her blank a lot of it out. Her brain's way of coping and keeping her alive.

It passed finally and Valeria felt like she'd been walked on all over by a Space Marine in Terminator armour. Blood pouring from her nose, ears and her augmatic eye. She stood, swaying slightly, shocked and annoyed at psyker and the Inquisitor for allowing such a thing to be part of his group.

She shot a questioning look at the Inquisitor.

Kensai X
06-07-2005, 01:55
Vorian watched these events his mind blank and oblivious to what was happening to the more psyk sensitive members of the group. His training in the Schola Progneium taught him ways to resist most psyker attacks, although this didn't was a passive ability and he didn't realise what was happening.

"Seems like Im not the only to have thrown back a few to many drinks last night."

06-07-2005, 02:44
"Bloody Hell! What in the Emperors name was that?" Borred said, clutching his head as though it was about to explode.
When his head stopped throbbing, he wirled on Jenkins, "Jenkins if ya did that I'm gunna blow yer frakin' head off. It..." He trailed off, sinking into the speeders seat, remembering what he had seen, "I'll be damned," he muttered, "so that's what it's like when ya have those visions?"

06-07-2005, 03:27
Jenkins looked at everyone and felt guilt, but alas he was glad they understood just how much his powers were a plight than a gift.

'Borred, I apolagise, but I did it unknowingly,' Jenkins said with a snarl. 'However I am not that sorry as you all jsut felt what it is like to be me! Do you think I enjoy these 'powers?' I used to be a simple Guardsmen until that Inquisitor Frost had me possessed! What she did it for I will never know, but alas it has caused me harm. Now then, we have to act, we have to stop Xander. That fool has no idea what it is that he is seeking. It wil ldestroy him and create a more powerful enemy for the Imperium than you can ever realise. He will even rival the Daemon Primarchs!'

Everyone froze and gave Jenkins a look that could kill or not understanding what he said.

Jenkins looked at the Inquisitor.

'Don't you see now? Xander is too strong for you to handle, he needs to be destroyed!' Jenkins said cursing.

06-07-2005, 04:34
"I do understand that, and he will be, when we arrive at the beacon i will request... support" Teranth replied.

The old man's head snapped around when he heard jenkins mention Xander, "that is a man not to be trifled with, he has more power then any of you realize"

"Xander is not a man, he is a monster" Teranth said.

"Indeed he is" said the old man, "Indeed he is" Teranth looked at jenkins,

"How will he be as powerful as the primarchs, what exactly did you see?" he asked, his voice full of confusion and fear.

"Are you afraid inquisitor?" the old man asked.

"Yes i am, Xander is a foe beyond any mortals power to defeat, last time we captured him it cost Grand master Gabriel and Grand master Lorien their lives along with half a company of space marines and a platoon of cadians" he replied, Teranth was obviously reliving those events in his mind and he shuddered, "now, jenkins, tell me what you saw"

06-07-2005, 16:34
ruben pulled himself from the floor. the vision had caused him to vommit violenly.
"What the hell was that, he stared at Jenkins. "dont come near me freak, you stay away"...

07-07-2005, 01:25
Judge Lee was hit by visions instantly, he didnt know what caused them, but something had. He was now disorientated though, and started to wonder in a daze. He saw people ahead and started to gain his senses again. He approached them, and heard them talking about teh visions as well, so one of thm must have caused them. Drawing his pistol he aimed it at the one that seemed to be to blame.
"Whats with this vision you sent to me, are you a psyker." he spat the last word out, and turned to a person he noticed had the badge of the inquisition. "Inquisitor im Judge Lee, im assuming your in charge of this little endeavor."

07-07-2005, 01:32
Jenkins snarled at the Abrite and with a flick of his wrist sent the man into a wall.

'These visions of Xander are.....foggy...to say the least,' Jenkins said with a snarl as he recalled them. 'All I see is an Axe, it talks to me, calling for me, saying it needs me, then I saw Xander wielding it and thousands of bodies, a non stop slaughter.'

Jenkins shuddered and sought to regain control of his body's reactions.

'He is dangerous already and with this Axe he will be even more,' Jenkins warned.

Looking at the rest of the party he cracked a grin.

'Do you lot think I care what you think about me? I do not need you and you certainly need me, just think who is doing who a favour. Your pet Marine is only mortal, one direct shot to the head and he dies. Shoot me in the head, find out what happens.'

07-07-2005, 02:00
Teranth snarled at jenkins, he hopped out of the speeder and helped the arbite up, "I don't want you to fight amongst each other, Jenkins, you know that wouldn't kill you so unless you want to be struck with something that can... behave yourself" he said, his tone was angry.

"We have little time left" the man said, "We must leave now if we are to save the world"

The party borded the speeder and it set off, the atmosphere was tense and it was clear almost no one trusted anyone else, the man looked to the vergant grasses of the planet and sighed, "Just imagine, this used to be a planet of beauty and peace...."

07-07-2005, 02:26
Jenkins scoffed.

'This planet is tainted by the enemy, and I am begginning to feel as if the God of Lust or the God of Slaughter holds it. That axe is the key,' Jenkins said with a shudder.

I want that axe, Jenkins thought to himself. It calls me as if it is apart of me, a piece I have been missing for eons, even before I was born.

Jenkins looked at the Old man and secretly wanted to kill him, as he would be the one that would stand in the way of him and the axe.

Kensai X
07-07-2005, 03:09
"What the frak is up with you people I mean your all suddenly at once getting visions and stuff I don't see ****... Man you guys must have had one helluva night last night to be having all that crap swirling in your mind. Also why the hell is this so called Super Psyker so uptight around me, everytime I even get close it's he's in pain by my presence like I'm some inferior serf."

Jenkins turns around and glares at Vorian hard glare and a murderer's glint in his eye...

07-07-2005, 15:35
Valeria stood between the two of them. Tensions were high enough as it were without all of this.

She shook her head at Jenkins, a steely glint in her eye. She glanced over her shoulder at the other one, and fixed him with the same look in her yellow eye. Her augmatic one blinking ominously.

07-07-2005, 16:03
OoC/Kensai, is your character a pariah? If so, I need to know as I read your background and I did not find it there/OoC

'A super psyker eh?' Jenkins scoffed as he dearly wished people would just shut up and leave him the frag alone. 'I am what the Imperials call an Alpha level psyker, but that is just a bland title. If you compare me with Xander who is also called an Alpha, then I would be considered an Alpha plus. A better title is what the Eldar call us, the Gifted Ones with True Sight.'

Jenkins shook his head and then went quiet.

The urge for the axe still playing in his mind. It was as if a piece of him was missing and that axe would make him whole. This must be what Xander is feeling as well. The Axe wanted a true Warrior and not these fools, especially this Inquisitor. He is nothing, a failure and shall die.

07-07-2005, 16:14
Valeria stood there for another moment, between the two. This was going to be a highly annoying trip, she could feel it in her bones.

07-07-2005, 16:19
Ruben sat in the vehicle loading shells into his shotgun. he holstered it and swung his las-file round to his lap. He took slow deep breaths. This was going to be one helluva trip.

07-07-2005, 16:43
Jenkins met eyes with Valeria and suddenly licked his lips. Her blood was still on his tougne and he cringed.

Turning his back on her, he got aboard the speeder and sent her one message.

Stay away.

07-07-2005, 16:45
The speeder flew on for what seemed ages, tensions ran high and few words were spoken. The city approached them quickly, it grew from a small dot on the horizion to untold proportions, as they approached it was clear the gates had been smashed down by something strong beyond reckoning. The speeder landed and the ramp dropped and the party exited the speeder with enthusiasm, no one wanted to be in the speeder with anyone else. Screams echoed from the city that chilled Teranth to the bone, "The beacon is in there, and that is where we must go" the old man said.

"I have a bad feeling about this" Teranth said as they entered, just as he had finished his sentance when a man lept onto him from a rooftop, he clawed franticly at Teranth and took several chunks out of his armor, Teranth kicked the man off and drew his pistol. The man frothed at the mouth, his cloths torn and dirty, he charged again but this time Teranth shot him in the stomach and dropped him, to everyone's surprise the man got up and continued to run forward, Teranth shot again, this time in the head and dropped the man for good, "What the hell was wrong with him?" teranth wondered.

"These are the tainted, beyond saving, they feel no pain and lust only to feed on blood" The old man said. The party advanced a while further into the city when out of nowhere, they began to pour, almost untold amounts, rushing at the party with uncontrolled bloodlust. Jenkins rushed to meet them, incinerating many with firey inferno's but before he met them in combat a blurry shape smashed him through a wall into a house.

"Jenkins, this time you wont be so lucky" Xander said with a smile, "You have no chance unless you unleash yourself, use all your power to destroy me and end my slaughter across the stars" picking Jenkins up he threw him through another wall, Jenkins got up, unsteady on his feet and was blasted again by a force of lightning, " I know you yern for the axe, i feel the same power, why not kill these fools and take it for ourselves?, we can forge an empire in blood!"

(OCC) encounter time, these are like resident evil zombies but much faster, have a blast, and jenkins... round 2 with Xander :P (OCC)

07-07-2005, 16:45
Valeria's eyes narrowed at the psyker. She snorted with contempt.

Like she's go within 50 feet of him unless she had to.

07-07-2005, 17:11
For the Emperor's loving grace! cursed Jenkins as he picked himself up.

'Xander!' shouted Jenkins as he picked himself up. 'I will never side with you!'

Xander once again threw Jenkins into a building and Jenkins stood up, dusting himself off.

'You know you want the Axe! Help me forge a new era!' roared Xander as Jenkins glared at him.

'You will kill innocent people! I stand for the Emperor! I swore an Oath oh so long ago when I joined the Imperial Guard! I will not betray him! He may have forsaken me, but I will not turn my back on him!' roared Jenkins as he grabbed huge piles of rubble with his mind and hurled them at Xander.

Xander nimbly doged them as Jenkins grinned and brought them back round. Slamming into him, Xander grunted and then roared at Jenkins in rage.

'Jenkins you are a fool! Why fight for humanity? They shun us, they call us the enemy, they hate us! They dare seek to control us when it us who shall control them! We are the next rise in human evolution! We shal lstand above them!' roared Xander as he charged into Jenkins and knocked him flying into the speeder.

Jenkins got up and knew he was holding back, but he needed to. He could not allow his powers to surface, he feared them and hated what they could do. He hated how he gained them, why had had he been cursed?

He stood up and looked at Xander.

'They may shun us, but they are weak and need us. They need us to stop tyrants like you! I mark it on this day I shall destroy you!' roared Jenkins as he fell to one knee and fired off eight shots from his needle rifle, using his psychic pwoers to make them faster than light.

All eight pierced Xander and Jenkins charged, power knives out.

07-07-2005, 17:31
Teranth fired shots into the horde approaching, he dropped several but it wasn't enough to halt the horde, several stopped to feast on the fallen but the rest pressed on, "IN HERE!" he yelled, the group ran into a house with a strong looking door and closed it and barricaded it, several tried to get into the windows but he shot them before they could get in.


Xander cocked his head sideways as jenkins charged, with a flick of his wrist he power kinves were out of his hands but Jenkins rushed Xander and plowed him into a wall, Xander grunted and smashed Jenkins to the ground, picked him up and threw him into the ceiling. He crashed back into the floor hard, "You are afraid to use your full power and i refuse to use mine" he smirked, "You are not worthy to see my full power" Jenkins sprang to his feet and lept backwards shooting a fireball at Xander. Batting it asside with his hand Xander laughed and shot his lightning at Jenkins, who absorbed it into his hand.

"You can't beat me Xander" Jenkins snarled.

"And you cannot defeat me either" Xander smirked, "But i grow tired of this, now i give you a last chance, join me or die!"

07-07-2005, 19:03
Ruben pumped his shotgun,and looked at the horde from out of an unbaracaded window.
"who wants to go first" he stared at the man-things. ON hissed and broke into a run. Ruben took aim and fired, he aimed for the head every shot hit home blowing the beasts heads off. He quickly loaded more shells and fired shots.
"thats the =best you things can do" he mocked. one of the bests got to close, he pulled the trigger *click* "damn" he cursed as it dived at him. he blocked the thing with the shotgun and whiped out his auto pistol and filled it full of lead. Ruben held the things off with his auto pistol, then loaded shells quickly and began using his shotgun again.
he then backed up and moved an antique cabinet into the path of the window. "this should hold them for a while" he remarked while he proped more household items against the cabinet...

07-07-2005, 20:48
"Fall before me, heretics!" Tyndeus' Bolter roared, shell casings clattering to the stone floor as the Dawn Talon opened fire. Targets burst apart in explosions of blood as they charged towards the structure the Imperials had holed up in.

"Why do we hide in the shadows, my Lord?" Brother Tyndeus slammed a fresh clip into his Bolter, stood up and resumed his volley firing. "We should meet them in the open! Heresy and betrayal are no match for the sword of justice!"

07-07-2005, 22:26
Jenkins looked right into the eyes of Xander and with a cocky smile, he just laughed.

'You are scarred of me! You know I am stronger than you and you want me by your side!' laughed Jenkins as he looked at Xander with a serious face, all laughter leaving him. 'I will never join you! You will have to kill me!'

Jenkins and Xander dueled hard, the psykers barely breaking a sweat against one another as they fought.

Jenkins then suddenly saw what Xander was doing, he was keeping his attention away from the Inqusitor and everyone.

'You bastard! I must protect my charge!' roared Jenkins as he kicked Xander in the groin and attempted to sprint towards the building he could feel the Inquisitor was in.

'Oh no you don't!' roared Xander as he literally grabbed Jenkins using telekinses and threw him behind Xander as then Xander threw chain lithening at him, catching Jenkins off guard, burning his flesh.

Jenkins rolled and knew he had no choice, he had to fight Xander, to the death if need be.

07-07-2005, 23:21
Valeria brought her shot-gun to bear. Mercilessly pumping out Hell Fire rounds into her foes. Her face as emotionless and neutral as it ever was.

Kensai X
08-07-2005, 00:05
Holy Frak!!! A shotgun blast rips through the air as Vorian dives into cover. Vorian reloads his pistols and screams unheard of cursewords at them. He rolls around the launches himself up fires off a powerful kick into a knee of one of the zombie-creatures. As it tries to get up he draws his sword and decapitates his foe. He follos it up by blocking a feroucious assult by a zombie with a meat cleaver, Vorian was sick of this game and merely pulled out his Revolver and blew out the back of his head. He approached the dueling pyskers not knowing what the possible consquences were and drew the "Jackal" his father's massive .69 black powder pistol loaded with pentagramic warded bullets.

08-07-2005, 01:24
Borred fired his shotgun into the creatures neck, the blast nearly severing its head completely, then he drew his sword and charged into the middle of the hoard, hacking left and right. What are you doing Jenkins? Stop playing games and kill that fragger!

08-07-2005, 16:34
Ruben leant against the cabinet trying to keep it in place but an untold nuber of creatures were pushing. The cabinet collapsed and a hord of bodies swarmed through the window, "die scum" Ruben screamed ans he let of some shotgun shells. "guys" he shouted "There in".

08-07-2005, 17:22
Teranth threw a grenade into the masses, the explosion was massive and bodies went everywhere "We can't beat them all, we need to retreat and find that beacon" he yelled

"What about Jenkins?" Borred yelled over all the gunfire.

"He can take care of himself, right now we cannot afford to be overrun" Teranth replied, "We definatly can't help him if we're all dead" Borred was silent and continued to shoot at the things comming through the window. Teranth opened fire with his pistol, he dropped several of the things comming through the window and he began to back up to the door near the back of the house, the creatures were obviously to stupid to check the back door.


"Ha, you think i am afraid, why do i need to be, you hold back your true powers and untill you unleash them you cannot beat me, also when i aquire the axe i will be more powerful then your presious emperor, no one will be able to stop me, i will decimate armies in my wake and the imperium will cower in my shadow" Xander laughed as he hoisted Jenkins into the air, "I am only trying to free you from the bonds you have put on yourself"

"You talk to much" Jenkins snarled and sent Xander flying through the building wall into the horde tryign to get into the building. With a roar Xander rose, bodies were sent everywhere and he stored back into the house, the walls shook.

"I told you earlier this was a game, it isn't anymore, now i will use my full powers, its time for you to die" he snarled, Xander had been unleashed.

08-07-2005, 18:06
Jenkins felt his rage growing inside, the dark voices talking once more, urging him to unleash his raw power.

Release it, allow it to flow through you, the voice whispered.

Jenkins watched as Xander threw another punch into his chest, then another and another, Xander moving too fast for Jenkins to keep up with, his warp strength and speed gving Xander a whole new edge.

Blood was flowing freely from Jenkin's nose and mouth, he knew he could no longer hold back. Not this time, Xander would have to die. Jenkins was a loyal follower of the Emperor and by holding back, he was not doing his job. This was why he had been created, to stop this beast from taking over.

'Pathetic,' Xander said as he threw Jenkin's broken body into a building. 'Shame you don't die easy, I am almost bored of this.'

Jenkins got up and grinned like a fool. Something was happening, something he could no longer control.

His laughter became louder and louder, as Jenkins then suddenly stopped looking at Xander with an evil girn, his eyes glowing a dark red.

'You think I am pathetic? You have unleashed your powers and you cannot kill him! I have not even began to fight!' roared Jenkins as suddenly his body bulged outwards, his height growing to the massive height of 9 feet tall as his arms became as thick as barrels, his torso massive and his legs built like pistons.

Summoning forth a long massive Glaive from the warp, it landed into his hands. Blue lightening raced around its tip as Jenkins looked at Xander with a massive grin. He was no longer Jenkins.

'DIE FOOLISH MORTAL! KAIN WILL HAVE YOUR SOUL!' roared Jenkins as he charged into Xander, the glaive biting deep into Xander. Jenkins was no more, the daemon that had once possessed him had left bits of its personality in him and now they were finally surfacing. Xander had pushed Jenkins too far.

08-07-2005, 18:42
ruben ran to the back door and ran out into the street. "clear" he shouted "lets get out of here"

09-07-2005, 15:25
Teranth ran quickly, everyone was following him and the old man was directing them, "Where exactly are we going?" he asked, rounding another corner and checking with his pistol.

"We still have a ways to go Inquisitor" the man replied, "But we must hurry we cannot out run those things forever" Teranth stopped momentarily and bent over, sticking something against a wall behind the group.

"Well, when they begin to catch up they'll have a nasty surprise waiting for them" he continued to run. They didn't get to far when they heard a boom and screaming, "**** they're closer then i hoped" he swore as he ran


Xander laughed, "Daemon scum!" he yelled and broke the glaive with his hands, he kicked jenkins back but Jenkins lept at him yet again, Xander pulled out the blade inside him and rolled under jenkins, slashing him with it as he rolled.

"That all yea got?" Jenkins hissed, spinning round and punching him, Xander stumbled back.

"Please, I'm just getting started, and that wasn't much of a punch" Xander smirked, only to be blown back into the wall by a psychic attack. Xander got up and charged in again, he threw jenkins to the ground and kicked him into the celieng, "This isn't going to end any time soon" he sighed as he kicked jenkins again, this time out of the gap jenkins had made using Xander.

09-07-2005, 20:12
Valeria ran behind the Inquisitor, her face grim by the sudden booms going off. This wasn't good. She could feel it in her bones and it chilled her down to the very marrow.

She's seen the dregs of Imperial society. Hell she's lived as one of them before...and to a certain degree she was one. But this was all together different. At least hive scum had some portion of humanity about them. Even if it was just in tiny, microscopic amount. But it was there.

She shuddered slighty but didn't not break her pace.

10-07-2005, 00:44
Jenkins snarled and looked at Xander with a massive wiled eye grin.

'Oh you think its that easy, worm?' cursed Jenkins as he felt raw power full his limbs and body. Xander would be disposed of!

Jenkins punched out, his massive fist breaking straight through Xander's torso, tearing a massive gap through it. Laughing, Jenkins bit down hard into Xander's neck, his fangs burrying deep as he drank blood. Straight, pure blood as Xander froze, his entire body paralyzed.

Suddenly Xander regained control and threw Jenkins against a brick wall. Blood leaking from his chest wound and neck wound, both seriously weakening him.

Jenkins got up, blood trickling down the corner of his lip with a maniacal grin.

'Who are you?' roared Xander shocked at the sudden ferocity of Jenkins.

'I am Kain, the Drinker of Pure Blood and Master of a Thousand Skulls!' roared Jenkins as suddenly he shook his head as if a fight was going on in his head.

Jenkins froze, something did not feel right. Was he possessed? How was that possiable? No, he was still him, but what was these odd feelings, these odd instincts? He suddenly realised he was tapping his power and using more of it thank normal. Did the daemon leave something within him? What was going on?

Jenkins had taken his eyes off of Xander...........

OoC/Maybe a good spot to disappear :p/OoC

10-07-2005, 05:21
the holes in Xander vanished as quickly as they had appeared, "Alright, kain, meet the true Xander" Xander spat, he floated up for a brief second before he dropped down, his figure was gaunt and his skin pale, he had not changed outwards.. Jenkins snarled and lept, Xander grabbed Jenkins by the throat in mid air. Jenkins bit hard into Xanders arm but no blood flowed, the wound closed as soon as it was made, "Daemon scum" Xander spat before tossing Jenkins asside, "When the axe is mine, you will wish you had accepted my offer" Xander said before disappearing into thin air a voice resonated, "You can find me at the peak of the world, finish things with me there"


Teranth was getting tired, but he made no sign as he wanted to show no weakness, suddenly and without warning the old man shrieked "Look there!, the beacon lies just ahead"

"I see it as well!" Teranth yelled, snapping off several shots at the horde running after them, "We must make haste!" he threw his last grenade into the horde and sent bodies everywhere. A bloodcurtling cry echoed out from near the beacon and the horde froze in their tracks, shrieks echoed from their ranks and the turned and ran. The wall exploded in a shower of stone and there stood an armored giant, his armor red and his belt made of skulls, an axe with many small moving blades gripped in one hand and a plasma pistol in the other the marine issued his challenge "You wish this beacon destroyed, kill me and khorne will let it be so, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" with that he charged

10-07-2005, 11:13
The towering opponent charged towards the Inquisitor's unit, chainaxe whirring. Tyndeus snapped his bolter to his shoulder and pulled the trigger, sending a volley of shells roaring towards the traitor Marine. Bolt shells detonated, rocking the berserker back, slowing his charge and denting his power armour. The traitor's plasma pistol rose and fired a searing beam of blue-white energy. Brother Tyndeus stepped backwards, but just too slow, the plasma bolt hissing as it burned into his left shoulder plate.

10-07-2005, 13:30
ruben cracked off his last shotgun shells at the hulk. "damn, this guys huge".
ruben pulled his las and fired more shots, they bounced from the blood-red armour.
"fire in the hole" he screamed as he threw a grenade. it exploded, the beast went to the ground butquickly got up unscathed.

11-07-2005, 05:02
Emptied both his shotguns into the massive marine as it recovered from the grenade blast, then drew his sword. Well I always wanted to go down in a blaze of glory, I guess this's it, he thought. Borred stepped back into a defensive pose, sword angled across his body, waiting for the beast to reach him.

OOC/ I'm kinda hoping someone more powerful than Borred is gunna hit this bastard before he gets to me. Borred could probably hold his own in a fight against a normal marine but not a blood crazed berzerker.

11-07-2005, 16:16
Valeria ducked for cover at the granade exploded. But she wasn't in enough cover and felt her skin get sliced by sharpnel. It was nothing serious but it stung.

Silently she cursed as her blood flowed, her condition would be the death of her. But to her complete surprise after a little while, her blood began to clot normally.

She pushed more hellfire shells into her shotgun, they weren't as powerful as the bolt rounds of the same name, but they packed a punch.

After a claiming breath rose only to stop short at the sight in front of her. Her face dropped at the massive beast that was rounding on Borred. She raised her gun and blasting it squarely in the chest as she scrabbled for her chainsword with one hand.

11-07-2005, 16:25
Teranth ran at the berzerker and swung with his sword, it was deflected by the chainaxe the berzerker held, he ducked a reverse swing ment to decapitate him. Teranth ran his sword through the berzerkers arm. The berzerker twisted and the sword was ripped from Teranth's hands. Teranth smirked and rolled back, no sooner had he done that as the grenade he dropped detonated, the concentrated blast of plasma melted the arm clean off the berzerker. In a fury the berzerker shot Teranth with his plasma pistol, the blast caught him in the lower arm and teranth shrieked as he looked at the stump where his arm once was. Despite his horrific injury teranth unholstered his pistol and began to fire once again.

11-07-2005, 19:41
Ruben covered the bezerkers back in las-fire, a few shots found their mark at weakspots and penetrated its skin. The bezerker let out a howl of pain and ruben threw another grenade to its feet, "teranth, keep your head down" Ruben screamed befor diving to the ground, *boom* the bezerker was thrown back, his other arm was gone and his legs didnt look good....

12-07-2005, 01:25
Jenkin fell to his knees, the power draining away. He felt empty to his soul and the need for blood rising more powerfully than before. He knew he would have to feed, it was killing him inside.

Looking round, he saw a lonely woman nursing a broken leg and other wounds, she would be dead before long, and Jenkins knew he could not bring himself to do it.

Suddenly he lost control of his body, the feeling taking control over him as his mind altered.

Roaring a beastial roar, long fangs forming from his mouth, he rammed them into her neck. The woman screamed loudly as Jenkins feasted on her, not looking into her eyes as he feasted on from behind her.

She was not enough, he wanted more and he launched himself at another victim, then another. Drinking three bodies worth of blood, Jenkins roared in fury, blood dripping from his lips.

He snarled and cleared his mouth, remembering Xander.

'I WILL KILL YOU XANDER!' yelled Jenkins.

12-07-2005, 02:48
Borred heard Jenkins howl and was frightened. The fight with the berzerker temporarily forgotten, he turned and ran in search of his friend.
He sliced his sword across his palm, collecting the blood in the vial he always kept on him, even after all this time. When it was full he ran around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. Jenkins was slumped against the wall, mouth dripping. Several bodies lay on the ground. Borred didn't need to look to know they had been drained of all their blood.
He walked over to the psyker, "yer need more? Or have ya had enough?" he asked, holding out the vial.

12-07-2005, 16:56
ruben followed Borred, he had the intention of covering him until he saw the bodies, then he lokked at jenkins. "**** man, what the hell you doin" ruben plled his auto pistol and aimed it a jenkins head....

13-07-2005, 00:52
Jenkins was panting after raving and then saw Borred. With a snarl, Jenkins dismissed him with a hand wave, but grabbing the vial and placing it in his jackect. He sent one message to Borred before Ruben showed up.

Do not get too close to me, I walk a dangerous path and you will die if you attempt to follow. Please this is for your own good.

Suddenly Jenkins saw an autopistol pointing at his head.

'If you know what is good for you, you will drop that gun and let me pass,' Jenkins said with a cold blooded stare. 'There is a Khorne Bezerker over there tearing into our allies and you threaten me with a toy? I would have that thing self destruct in your hands or take it from you using my powers and shoot you with it, without me physcially pulling the trigger. Now move!'

Jenkins slipped past him and Ruben pointed it at his back saying something.

'Shoot me, I cannot die by normal means. That is my curse, there is no way to kill me. The Warp has infused me with immortality as far as I know and I know this as I have suffered grievious wounds, some so bad I should not even been able to piece my body back together. However, my powers saw to that,' Jenkins said shaking his head. 'So shoot me, find out the truth.'

13-07-2005, 01:31
The Bezerker rounded on Valeria now since she was the only one in sight now. She clentched her jaw and aimed one last shot at the Bezerker before it got too close for comfort.

Her aim was good and it hit the thing squarely in the face. But even in it's twisted form, the fabled resilience of the Space Marines was still with the beast. But the shot shredded one of it's eyes so she had a touch of a change.

If she stayed on it's blind side, she might at least get a chance to have a got at with the chainsword that screamed in her hand.

It swung at her with it's axe with a cry of rage. It was fast even though it was half blind and Valeria only just managed to parry the blow and move out of the way. She blocked, parried and moved as the beast swung wildly at her as it couldn't see her properly.

She almost laughed at it's blundering, but it was still utterly deadly.

13-07-2005, 02:01
Jenkins looked at Ruben and suddenly he was gone. Ruben looked around and could not see Jenkins. He was confused and then turned around, only to find a knife at his throat.

'Ah see?' Jenkins asked with a laugh and then he turned and ran towards the fighting. He was using his powers to feul his legs as he was too tired to run normally.

He saw Valeria dealing with the Bezerker the rest of the party looking as if they were losing and Jenkins smiled as he activated the powerfield on the knife. It glowed a shimmering blue and he lept into the air.

As he fell through the air, he timed his strike just right as the Bezerker raised its neck to bellow a charge, his power knife went straight through its neck joining and armour. Slicing the head clean off as suddenly Jenkins hit the floor, completely drained. His body finally shut off, not even a drop of eneregy was left for him to say anything.

His limp body hit the floor with a sickening thud as the marine fell ontop of him, crushing his body with its armoured corspe.

OoC/One dead Bezerker as you requested Grey Knight and yes I have been watching Anime :D/OoC

13-07-2005, 03:00
Borred quickly ran over and tried to lift the berzerker off his friend, "by all that is holy Jenkins, just 'cause yer damn near bloody immortal, dun't mean ya have to test it all the time." He muttered.
Raising his voice so the other could hear him he called, "someone wanna give me a hand with this?"

13-07-2005, 03:15
Valeria put her chainsword away and helped shift the Marines corpse. She supposed it was the most she could do for the psyker.

13-07-2005, 16:53
reuben walked over and plugged two more shots into the dead bezerkers face. he was white in the face and somewhat distracted. 'God i hate psykers' he told himself.

13-07-2005, 17:13
"Get that thing off of him now!" Teranth yelled at the party, it was clear his wound bothered him but he did not let it distract him from his mission, "Old man, come with me"

"very well inquisitor" the old man said, he had ducked into a house when the fight had began. The two ran up to the beacon, Teranth quickly prepped a melta charge and looked at the old man.

"Will this destroy it?" he asked.

"Indeed it will inquisitor, but there are more beacons left to destroy" the old man replied. The two left after setting the melta charge and the rest of the party had moved the marine off of jenkins.

"Carry him, we're leaving" Teranth ordered, borred picked him up and the group fled the city, howling of the tainted could be heard as they left. The speeder flew across the landscape as fast as it could, "We will return to my ship and regroup, i am not much good with only one arm and without a sword, and jenkins has seen better days"

13-07-2005, 18:16
Jenkins awoke with a start. He felt his entire body groan as he placed his feet onto the floor.

Where was he? What had happened? Then everything came back to him as he remembered the fight with Xander, his desire for blood overwhelming him again and other things assaulting his memory. His last memory was that of a Khorne Bezerker, but then darkness. Had he killed the Bezerker? Or was it still alive?

Come again, where was he?

Jenkins suddnely started to panic and then had a panic attack as everything overwhelmed his frail mind and then he passed out again, but not before letting loose a blood curling scream using his powers so that everyone heard it in their minds.

OoC/He did that on accident the scream. Jenkins is confused and well disorientated. The remaining bits of the Daemon within him surfaced and now he is just delusional and confused, and scarred./OoC

13-07-2005, 19:21
Ruben sat in his quaters sipping a mug of tea (or 40k equivalent). Inside his mind he suddenly felt a blood curdling scream. He felt to the floor and spewed. "damn freak" he muttered as he pulled himself up. he ran over to the desk and grabbed a handgun, before calming it and placining it down. "nggh" suddenly he felt a shock and fell to the floor, he was having a sezure.

14-07-2005, 01:09
Valeria clutched her ears as Jenkins scream slashed through her mind, so much so her ears started to bleed.

14-07-2005, 01:56
Borred yelled on pain as the psychic scream ripped through his brain. He slapped his hands over his ears, trying to block it out. Then his vision went black.

Why the hell am I on the bloody floor? he thought. Then groaned as he remembered Jenkins scream, "frackin' hell that hurt."

14-07-2005, 02:29
Teranth was lying on the cold surgury table when the scream hit him, the pain shot through his system like liquid fire, he screamed for a second then everything went black.


A figure slipped quietly onto the ship, "Jenkins, you have to much potential for you to die" he said as he stood over the prone and unconcious jenkins. Kneeling down he placed his hand on jenkin's head, "You will now be fine, my tests seem to be straining you a bit much, but it will all be over soon"


Teranth came to and his head was throbing, his arm hurt like hell too he went to rub it but all he felt was cold steel, remembering what happened he looked down, seeing his bionic arm he sighed.

14-07-2005, 02:38
Jenkins awoke to find himself aboard the ship. His head hurt and he could taste blood on his tougne. When had he drunk blood? It had only been a few hours since his last fix?

He then looked at his body and saw bruises and such, he looked at them confusingly. What was going on?

Jenkins got up and decided to pay that bounty hunter, Valeria a visit.

Knocking at her door, he entered and looked at her. She saw him and gave him a look that could kill as if he had nearly killed or wounded her in some way.

'What did I do wrong now? Jeeze, you have not even known me long and you hate me,' Jenkins said shaking his head. Not getting a reply, he probed her surface memories and found memories of him killing a Khorne Bezerker with a power knife slash.

Jenkins back up and snarled.

'When did I kill that Khorne Bezerker or are you fantasing about me?' snarled Jenkins demanding an answer.

14-07-2005, 02:42
Valeria's lip curled in a grimace of disgust. He'd forgotten. After a moment as the realisation sank in, her grimace turned into a frown.

He didn't remember. It was strange, very strange. She sighed, the frown still on her face.

14-07-2005, 02:46
'Tell me or show me, either one I need to know,' Jenkins said as he looked at her. 'Allow me to see your memories of the past events. I need to know what has been happening as only a powerful psyker like Xander could elliminate my memories or one of his puppets no doubt. Please.'

Jenkins looked into her eyes, he wanted to fully probe her mind for the information, but he would not do that without permission as it was too personal.

14-07-2005, 02:49
Valeria swallowed nervously. Allow the psyker into her mind? He could do anything in there. But the look in the man's eyes was sure and honest.

She took a deep breath and let it out and nodded. She allowed the psyker into her mind. Part of her went mental, how could she allow such a thing? But the rest of her was relaxed. She had nothing to hide.

14-07-2005, 02:54
Jenkins seeped into her mind and learnt all that had happened from her experiences since his memory gap was in place. He learnt about his confrontation with the old man, his bone chilling visions and then other minor things that Valeria had heard, even his voice shouting his daemon's false name.

Jenkins pulled out stopping there as he only wanted one thing. He ahd allowed Valeria to 'see' what he saw so she would know he only did what he wanted to do.

He bowed his head at her and turned away, shock to the core as the memory block began to fade a little, some of his own memories filtering in.

14-07-2005, 03:02
Valeria's mind buzzed with the images. It was something beyond strange. She blinked as the images flashed for the last time and died.She blinked to see Jenkins turn away.

Something compelled her to reach out and grab his arm and forcably turn him towards her. She looked at him. He was such a contradiction that Valeria didn't know what to think of him.

She loooked at him for a moment, for the first time her face was neither neutral nor contorted in anger. She looked quite sad. The moment passed and she let go of his arm and nodded to him.

14-07-2005, 03:06
'I offer you a gift Valeria,' Jenkins said with a sigh. 'It may seem odd, but if you ever want to truly know who I once was before this curse, I will gladly show you those memories. I will show whatever you desire to see, you will be the ship sailing through my memories, I will be the wind.'

Jenkins saw the sadness and did not know how to respond. This was the first time some one actually looked as if they cared. However, it was just pity, she did not care the voices whispered.

Kensai X
14-07-2005, 03:06
Vorian was sitting at a table getting sick of the people around him having seizures, bleeding, screaming... Those weak-willed pansies allowing simple stuff to cause all those problems. Although he was watching in interest as Jenkins slowly seeped into the mind of Valeria, although he would never allow Jenkins to do something like that to him...

14-07-2005, 03:11
OOC/errrr....they're in Valeria's room right now!/OOC

Valeria shook her head. What was in Jenkins head as private and she had no right to be in there. Valeria valued her privacy, that was part of the reason she rarely spoke, amongst other reasons....so to pry into someone elses private affairs, even when offered seemed wrong to her.

She gave a sad smile and shook her head again.

14-07-2005, 03:17
Jenkins only gave her a slight wink, understanding her thoughts and nature, but he said one last thing before leaving.

'The offer will always remain,' Jenkins said as he left her room. He went to his own quarters and sat on the bed.

He stood up and looked into the mirror. He looked like he was in his late twenties, when he was already reaching his first century of life. He sighed to himself, his psychic powers gave him long life and he cursed it. Even if he did take on a lover or a companion, he would out live them. It was why he was alone, why he was always alone since he became an Alpha.

14-07-2005, 03:23
Valeria frowned and got changed.

As she lay in bed she found she couldn't sleep and kept thinking about Jenkins had said to her. Truth, there was a part of her that was tempted by such an offer. But there was also a part that was sure it was a trick and another that didn't really care.

She shook her head and curled up in bed, forcing herself into a dreamless sleep.

14-07-2005, 16:11
Ruben awoke. He pulked himself from the floor. He felt strange, he was light headed and his vision was swirling. Then constant waves of energy pulsed through his head. He let out a scream as the pain built. "aaghhh, h-e-l-p, someone" he screamed...
[ Ruben is turning psycic [GK says it ok] he is transmitting his thoughts into everyones heads without knowng it]