View Full Version : First 7th Ed Druchii list 1250 pts

09-10-2006, 17:38
Now that 7th ed has been released and all, I plan to dust off my druchii from the shelf and repaint and improve them to meet my current painting standards. I've also decided to get myself a full regiment of exe's(cause I love the models so much) and 2 more dark riders(I have 8 ATM). Here's
the list I plan to be using:


*Noble, DODP, HA, SDC 130pts
Noble, Halberd, HA, SDC, CO 110pts

20 Warriors Sheilds Full Cmd 185pts
12 Warriors Sheilds RxB's Mus 149pts
5 Dark Riders Mus 97pts
5 Dark Riders Mus 97pts

15 Executioners Full Cmd 195pts
5 Cold One Knights Full Cmd 190pts
*1 Cold One Chariot Spears 97pts

The first Noble rides in the chariot, I haven't really decided which one should be the general, but most likely it will be him.

I was planning to have the exe's and spear warriors in the middle with my chariot in between, the COK's on the one flank and the RxB warriors as well as one of the Dark rider units on the other flank.

I realize I have no magic defense. On the other hand I have alot of units and the infantry units are quite large, so they'll hopefully be able to withstand the brunt of a magical attack.

Is there anything vital I've missed?
Anything you'd do different(tactic- and deployment wise)?
Comments and critisism would be appreciated!

11-10-2006, 00:02

Looks like a fine list if you can cope with the zero magic defense. Elves die easily to any magic missiles.

I'd make the general the noble not on the chariot, as the one on the chriot is likely to get away from the rest of the army too quickly and is moe likely to die (as he's going to be getting stuck in earlier).