View Full Version : blow pipes?

malketh the witch king
10-10-2006, 12:30
i have a question about blowpipes can skinks move and shoot with them? or can do they take a minus or what?

10-10-2006, 12:37
funny you should ask that, I was looking at their rules last night:p

Yeah, skinks can move and fire them but will be at -1 for moving. They're also x2 multiple shots (yeah!) so you can fire them twice but get a further -1 to hit! Really nice when you've got 20 of them at short range!:eek:

10-10-2006, 13:32
You can move and shoot with all weapons, unless they are stated as move-or-fire. But there is also a -1 penalty for moving and firing, as described in the shooting section in the rulebook (some weapons are exempt from that, thrown weapons and pistols spring to my mind).

Goq Gar
10-10-2006, 19:08
Personal tactic: Skinks move and shoot, at -2 to hit, so on 6's you wound anyway, never try to move and rapid fire unless you can get at least half your unit within 6", so you dont lose shots needlessly. In fact, if you're really lucky space wise, you'll get your whole unit in 6" range and pepper them to death.

Warning! Do not take skinks if you are pregnant or suffer from heart problems. Skinks are not effective when dealing with uber-bon save units such as knights. Skinks are not reccomended against mass horde armies unless they have high toughness. :P