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10-10-2006, 15:39
Hey everyone, as the Fantasy-inclined of you may have seen from a few of my posts, I'm embarking on my first foray into Fantasy with a Vampire Counts army. Not much liking the Vampire Counts imagery or feel, I decided to go with a more glamorous look and feel. The result of my plotting is a Vampire Counts army using Tomb Kings models for a true Lahmian feel, a gleaming, bone, red andgold horde swarming upon its enemies. To that end, I've made my first few purchases (which was far from easy living in Yokohama, I had to visit 4 different hobby stores before I found one that stocked anything more substantial than a mis-match of random, some outdated, boxes) and have assembled most of the one unit I bought.

While rather boring, they're only meant to be fresh-raised skeletons anyway until I decide just how I'll arm my paid-for units in the list. Anyway, on to the pictures, which are really only standard skeletons. They do say that any progress is better than no progress, though!




And an individual shot of one of my favourites:


Shields aren't glued on, and I hope you lot appreciate how hard it was to rank the 12 I've finished up with shields essentially hanging in place! I intend to be swift with finishing the unit, and when I finally get my mits on a pot of Bleached Bone I'll commence painting. Intended scheme will use red, gold and the mandatory bone.

10-10-2006, 17:01
Interesting, will follow this one. :)

10-10-2006, 17:33
Always good to see another VC player, and of course another Fantasy player here in Nippon.

Consider this thread subscribed!

10-10-2006, 20:09
Very promising.

Kittah, if I recall correctly, you might be from New Zealand, right? If yes, what tides have moved you to the land of Blossoming Cherry. If not, and that was not you with that subtle girl avatar, then sorry for my mistake:D.

10-10-2006, 20:13
Unless my memory fails me, I believe Kittah's avatar has certainly lost some of its, err, manly appeal... :p

Strangely enough Lahmian armies using Khemri skellies seems quite rare, so I'll be following this with much interest. Oh, and I hope you find a good supplier of models without paying an arm and a leg (wait, this is Warhammer... :p)

- LoW