View Full Version : 1k Von Carstein List

10-10-2006, 17:02
Giving VC a shot, and here's one of the first lists I've come up with. Comments/criticisms welcome. My main opponent plays Orcs, by the by.

1000 Pts - Vampire Counts Army

Necromancer: General, Level 2, Necromancy, Staff of Damnation, 140 pts.

Necromancer: Level 2; Necromancy, Book of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll, 150 pts.

Von Carstein Thrall: Great Weapon; Heavy Armour, Wolf Form, Wristbands of Black Gold, 138 pts.

17 Zombies with Standard, 112 pts.

17 Zombies with Standard, 112 pts.

7 Dire Wolves with Champion, 80 pts.

8 Ghouls with Champion, 74 pts.

5 Fell Bats, 100 pts.

Banshee, 90 pts.

Casting Pool: 6

Dispel Pool: 4

Models in Army: 58

Total Army Cost: 996