View Full Version : Squig Herd as Block of Troops?

12-10-2006, 00:41
I'm wondering about taking a 5 Squid Herds in a single unit. Run them 5 x 5 with Squigs at the front. It would have:

A CR of 4 (3 ranks & outnumber)
10 Str 5 Attacks @ WS 4
Immune to Psych
Cost 150 points

Not bad stats. Just keep them out of the middle of your line in case they break.

What do you think?

12-10-2006, 07:02
Hmm I'm not familiar with the rules for them at all, but that certainly is a great statline for the point cost. If they can be put in units like that then go for it, that looks lethal.

I did not realise they were immune to psych. I guess that stops the enemy just targetting them and getting them to go crazy in your battleline.

As far as keeping them out of the middle of your line, generally if they are in the middle of yours they are also in the middle of the enemies. Orcs are worth less points than most things you will be fighting, so general carnage is a good thing. Can you tell I use to play skaven alot? hehe