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12-10-2006, 14:49
Hey guys, I need some info on Man'o'War Orcs: What do I need for a solid Orc fleet? My local indy retailer got a bunch of Man'o'War boxes and I'm planning to get some of those. Unfortunately, I have next to no idea of the rules but I'm not sure how long these minis will last at the store so I'd be really thankful if anyone of you could help me.

thanks in advance, guys.

12-10-2006, 20:13
Hi, I'll try to answer your questions.

Ork Fleet is made of three units:
- Bigchukkas, small ships with catapults [75 for three]
- Drillakillas, small ships with drill noses [150 for three]
- Hulk, large ships [150 each]

You need at least a squadron of each ship to have a legal fleet. That's 375 pts. What else then?

Since Drillakillas are awfully random and weak, so I suggest you to stay clear of any additional squadron. Bigchukkas have powerful catapults but they are move-or-fire; two or three squadrons are a maximum. Hulks, on the other hand, are powerful and have a good staying power. I suggest you load on them.

Remember to buy for 800-900 pts of ship max, since you will like to have some points left for a fleet wizard [from 50 to 150 pts with basic rules] and several special cards [at 25 pts each]. That should make a great 1'000 pts fleet. On the other hand, many players use the 1'300 pts format introduced with advanced rules (flyers, monsters and so on). If you have a blister of Ork Wyverns around, take it; each one is worth 50 pts and they are okay; but it's not a good idea to have more in a fleet.

Hope this helps.

12-10-2006, 20:47
Thanks a million, Kotrin!

Could you please help me out with some information on Empire, Skaven and Dark Elf fleets too?:) Just that I know a bit about in which ways the fleets are different and such. I heard Elf fleets being able to move-shoot-move (as in almost every other GW game too), Skaven being close combat/bording actions mainly and Empire relying on insanely huge guns.