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12-10-2006, 20:34
as I never seen someone but me asking these questions (and avian ignored my post in the FAQ thread - maybe I'm on his ignore list ;)), I'll ask it again and like to see what the opinions are on this.

There are some questions about the amulet of protectyness:

- is it 'only' the armour and wardsave roll that is taken or also the special rules that are bound to them? let's say you get wounded by a grail knight, do you loose your ward save when fleeing? is a ward save taken from demons vulnerable against magical attacks?

- which save is used? grail knights -> 5+ or 6+? jezzails -> hth or missile save? or both? demonic save only when the amulet bearer does not wear a magic weapon? parry bonus?

- can a shaman cast spells if he gets the armour save? (quite sure yes)

- when you give the amulet to a lord, are the saves altered when he looses the second wound?

12-10-2006, 21:23

Isn't this the thingy with which you can steal a save from one enemy in b-t-b? If so, some of your questions are selfexplanatory...


12-10-2006, 23:18
you steal the saves of the model that wounded you... each time you are wounded (S vs T)...
and yes the answers are self-explanatory...

13-10-2006, 08:38
according to the german armybook, you get the save if you loose a wound, not when you're wounded. or is this worded differently in english? it sounds unclear to me.

and still: do you get the specials? (like re-rolling the armour save by some dwarfen rune?)

13-10-2006, 08:44
As far as I can tell, it works as if the attacker just scored a successful wounding hit on himself.

So the Grail Knight provides the Orc with a 2+ Armour save and a 6+ ward save (5+ vs Stregnth 5 or more). On a charge (S6) the Orc has a modified armour save of 5+ and a ward.