View Full Version : Wounds ‘inflicted’ different to wounds ‘caused’?

13-10-2006, 07:52
Looking at the wording of the Slaughters blade it states that the model using it gets to roll for a returned wound for every wound ‘inflicted’.

It doesn’t state in the description if this is before or after armour/ward saves.

So does ‘inflicted’ mean a wound generated (before saves) or a wound actually taken by the enemy (after saves).

13-10-2006, 08:47
It's after saves.

You only lose the wound if you fail (or are denied) the saves, and you always take the saves unless otherwise specified.


13-10-2006, 09:41
I'd agree with that. Nothing is actually inflicted until after saves are made (or not).

13-10-2006, 09:55
It's the same for weapons where D3 or D6 wounds are caused. This is done after saves.