View Full Version : Void dragon phoenix or nightwing help???

13-10-2006, 13:52
I am ordering one in about 45 minutes, and I need to know which is the best,Rules wise, and model wise?:cries:


13-10-2006, 14:38
Well, I would go with either the nightwing or the standard eldar pheonix. The problem with the void dragon is that in the new rules (from imperial armor updat) it has no weapons over S6, and thus is useless against tanks. Basically has the following weapons, all twin-linked: starcannon, shuriken cannons, missile launcher (special one, basically 3-shot reaper launcher).

I believe the nightwing has bright lances and the standard pheonix has a pulse laser.

Basically, they aren't anything special compared to eldar tanks game-wise, just fun to use. The Void dragon pheonix is the best model however.


13-10-2006, 15:21
Forgeworld is busy and I realy want help making my mind up on this, cause it is a lot of money. I like the VDP, although it may not be as powerful as the phoenix, but how does the nightwing compare to these? I will be gettin iperial update 06.

How easy are they to assemble etc...
Please help

PM me for further details