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13-10-2006, 16:52
...this is an offering to Morr in more (no pun intended) ways than one!

I started this army as a generic Empire army way back in - what was it then? - Third Edition? But moving around the country and world a bit kind of got me out of the Warhammer habit.

Having recently set up and settled into the York Garrison Wargaming Club, though, I decided it was time to brush off and brush up the old army and fit it better into the nasty, dirty Old World of Sixth Edition (this was a while back).

Well, after a stuttering start (briefly reported on before this Project Logs forum was created) I'm starting to make some real headway (just in time for the new Army Book - woot!) so I thought it was time I made a Project Log for the army...

A bit of background first...

Initially, what I wanted was an army I could paint up quickly. To that end, the dominant colour was inevitably going to be black. After doing some concept schemes -

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/morr1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture103.jpg

- I decided that it would be cool to do a Cult of Morr army. With that in mind, therefore, I decided to firmly theme the troops: no blackpowder weapons would be allowed and nothing that couldn't be relied upon to make war in absolute silence (beasts, giants, dogs of war...).

Luckily I'd already sold off my Great Cannon and had plenty of halberdiers, swordsmen and crossbowmen to go around. These aren't all of them, but these pics give you a taster for how far I've got (the units are all about 20+ strong):




13-10-2006, 16:56
The crossbowmen and greatswords were up next:



And after some digging I also found some flagellants. These guys tend to die in droves, so I've base them up on 40mm monster bases for two lots (these old Marauder flagellants are also damn near impossible to rank up, so the 40mm bases make that a bit easier!):


And after some negotiation with a YGWC colleague, I also acquired some old Reiksguard knights: all identical and with visors down - perfect for my Knights of Morr!



13-10-2006, 17:00
Sorry about that picture of the knights. I'll get a better one in due course.

You'll also have noticed, I'm sure, that some have green bases and some have black. After some experimentation, I've settled on black all round, but I will brighten up the brown mud bases with some static grass eventually.

And then I moved onto the characters.

My general was an easy choice (after a bit of searching) - the Mercenary General from the Dogs of War is just such a cool model that he cried out to be used:


But I wanted a Priest to be the focus of the force: a Warrior Priest of Morr with a scythe. After much searching, I finally settled on Valten, Chosen of Sigmar (Valten Mark 2, as he's sometimes known). With a GS'd cowl and scythe, he looked the part in bare form:


...and painted:



13-10-2006, 17:02
I also wanted a wizard for the Army. With the old edition, he was a Shadow wizard most of the time and I use a version of Radagast the Brown from the LOTR range (fits in surprisingly well!), of which I've not yet taken a picture.

But I've just gotten hold of the wizard from the Gotrek and Felix collection - Max something? - and I'll be painting him up as an Amethyst wizard over the next few days.

More, as and when I finish it.


14-10-2006, 05:44
Hm, very interesting. It's a bit hard to see the details in the pics, but I suppose it's a bit of a female dog to photo so much black. :)

14-10-2006, 06:12
I like the conversion on the Warrior Priest. Very nice.

Old school minis are both great, and a bit sucky. Good work for sticking to your really good theme.

14-10-2006, 09:12
But I've just gotten hold of the wizard from the Gotrek and Felix collection - Max something? - and I'll be painting him up as an Amethyst wizard over the next few days.

I thought those were on a slightly different scale?


14-10-2006, 09:35
Not that I'd noticed, but I'll get up a comparisson pic when I get a chance.


14-10-2006, 15:55
Size comparisson shot of the wizard:


So, okay, yes, he's probably 30mm, all in all. But I'm not complaining. He looks fine in the mass of the army and he's just a gorgeous sculpt.

On that topic, though, how do you think I should paint him? I've got this far with the easy flesh and the army jewellery, but I've not idea where I should go from there.

He's supposed to be an Amethyst Wizard (hence, Death Magic) - so think dark, moody etc. A lot like the rest of my army, in fact. I was thinking to keep the cloak black with probably a Scab Red edging, a Liche Purple lining (I don't have Liche Purple, so will have to improvise) and Skull White magical runes - one line running down the middle of his back and two mor columns running down the inside of the cloak. Not sure on the trousers.



17-10-2006, 09:36
Well, no feedback, so ever onward.

Part of the fun of this army is stripping off my old metal models and repainting them - I've come a long way since I first bought them, so it's lovely to have the chance to start again with models like new.

Having dug through many old buckets and boxes to uncover forgotten models, I'm now one model short of a 20-strong Greatswords regiment (half-painted) which was a nice suprise, as I though I only had about a dozen greatswords. I also have a 25-strong regiment of halberdiers (original plastics! Good heavens, they're rubbish) and a rather large swordsman regiment with both old and new models. I've got a spare command group for the swordsmen to allow me to have two regiments if I wish.

I've nearly finished a 9-man crossbowmen unit. I'd love to increase the size of this, because it is my only missile unit at the moment. But I've seen the concept sketches for the new Empire crossbowmen, so I think I'll wait until they're released.

And of course, the Knights of Morr. I have 9 of these, but they're basicall still just black, like most of the others. Not only is it hard to take pictures of black models, they also look rather dull on the battlefield. So I plan to take a leaf from my 40k Space Marine army (also black - see a theme?) and liven them up somewhat with scrolls, scrips, litanies and suchlike. They are, after all, supposed to be a cult army.

As for the wizard, he's coming along nicely and I'm looking forward to showing you some pics soon. I've given him a row of magical glyphs down the centre of the back of his cloak and one down the inside right. Then I've given the back a wash with blue ink and the inside a wash with red ink. The runs look really nice and glowy. I'm a bit stuck on what to paint his trousers. My wife has suggested a nice dark green colour. Thoughts?

More pics soon.


17-10-2006, 11:24
Looking good, although a bit too black for me. It's great to see all these old miniatures again, especially the Helbardiers. I own about 16 of them myself, and man, how dull a unit of them looks :). Only thing I don't like are they eyes. Maybe it's the pic, but most eyes look rather cartoony. Nice freehand on the shields btw.

17-10-2006, 12:21
Sinister Empire. Great.

Dead orc
17-10-2006, 17:55
Really liking this army so far, keep it up!

17-10-2006, 19:15
Without adding a box of skulls you've made a really sinister/miserable looking empire army. Great work (especially on the shield emblems)! :D

One thing I would say though is that that mage will be a bitch to rank up.

18-10-2006, 06:39
It's a good point about ranking up the wizard. It's never come up before. That said, I do have a vague idea about building some placeholders for the regiments, so perhaps I can build that in so there's one he can fit onto.

Anyway, speaking of the wizard:


And the runes along his back:


And inside his cloak:



18-10-2006, 17:11
... I'm now one model short of a 20-strong Greatswords regiment (half-painted) which was a nice suprise, as I though I only had about a dozen greatswords. ...
Make your own Greatsword. :) http://www.dysartes.com/model/conversion/cheapempfigs.php

The wizard looks nice. :D

Personally I don't like 40K iconography in fantasy, but it's your army. ;)

18-10-2006, 17:18

I really love those oldschool minis on the firse page!
Nice job man!

19-10-2006, 06:42
Thanks for the feedback.

Personally I don't like 40K iconography in fantasy, but it's your army.

Feed the conspiracy! Heh. It didn't even occur to me, but I guess they do look vaguely Necron-y.

Anyway, mainly posting just to remind myself that I really am going to see this army through to the finish for a change!

Then I get to finish my Space Marines...

Then the Imperial Guard...


19-10-2006, 08:56
With that in mind, therefore, I decided to firmly theme the troops: no blackpowder weapons would be allowed and nothing that couldn't be relied upon to make war in absolute silence (beasts, giants, dogs of war...).

You still have musicians ;)

Seriously, that's an awesome theme and some very nice painted minis. great work :D

20-10-2006, 13:36
You still have musicians
A fair point. But being used to military funerals, that didn't seem that out of place.


21-10-2006, 21:27
Okay, update time.

I'll link to these images, because they're pretty big:

The whole army (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture125.jpg) - I laid them out on my kitchen table/painting desk for you to see the full effect... Not impressive, is it? For the record, black is a bad colour for Empire. But I soldier on.

The Knights of Morr (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture126.jpg) - I've just finished four more shields, which are shown still on the sprue in the foreground - I've just gloss varnished the shields, and they're still drying. I still intend to add a champion (model TBC) and to convert one of the other knights to be a musician (by adding scrath-built kettle drums to his horse).

Halberdiers (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture127.jpg) - Originally intended to be one massive regiment, I've split them into two here, mainly because when I first built these guys (looooong ago), I mixed their bases between straight and diagonal mounting. Now they're really hard to rank up as one unit. Dammit. I also put the champion, standard bearer and musician on a single base. Why? Because I started building this army before I really knew the rules for WFB5.

Swordsmen (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture128.jpg) - I wish I'd got further along on these than I have. But I keep stripping the old metal models and repainting them. All of the models you see that are metal were painted last week... just not very well. Again, these are mainly intended to be one enormous regiment, but they can be fielded as two - although I need another standard bearer/musician team, because I reallocated the original pair to the Greatswords. Speaking of whom...

Greatswords (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture129.jpg) - I love these guys. "Stubborn" is a battle winner - especially when you have a tendency to play Undead armies. And after I tracked down an extra six models in my attic, this is a regiment to be reckoned with!

Crossbowmen (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture130.jpg) - These used to be my only finished Regiment until, looking for Greatswords, I found a ninth crossbowman. These are one of the only units that really looks the part already. I think its the metal on the crossbows and the feather plumes that just give them that extra something.

Flagellants (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v77/precinctomega/Solemn%20Brotherhood/Picture131.jpg) - My "speed bump" unit. I like to put them in the path of enemy cavalry - ideally in a place that allows me to perform a flanking attack with my swordsmen! The guy with the book in the middle is my "Prophet o' Doom". It would've been the chap on the far right of the picture, with the 'uge club, but as he has his face strapped up, that wouldn't've made much sense. Also, the club-wielder is impossible to place anywhere but on the far flank. It is possible to rank these guys up, but it takes a postgraduate degree in advanced spacial physics.

My main focus is on finishing the Halberdiers - whilst giving myself occasional time with the mage (I've decided to mount him on a base the width of two 25mm square bases, so he can rank up with a unit by the simply expedient of removing one man from the unit). Once they're done, I'll go back and finish the swordsmen and knights. After that, it'll be Greatswords and Flagellants. Along the way, at some point, I'll do that last crossbowman and redecorate the movement trays to reflect the muddy brown bases.


Brush your teeth
21-10-2006, 23:05
looking good, the one thing i would advise is to do something interesting with the bases, just to make the mini's a bit more interesting

22-10-2006, 07:03
I will be adding to the bases in due course. But, as you may have noticed, the bases aren't all the same colour - this comes of running out of Graveyard Earth when one has promised ones spouse that one will buy no more paint until what one has will all fit in one box...

So I plan to do the bases as well as I can (I'm now using Tanned Flesh, which also saves time, as the flesh basecoat is the same colour) until the army's finished. Then I'll give them all a bit more attention.


22-10-2006, 13:34
The one thing I'd do is muddy the legs of some of the infantry to make them look suitably dirt and misrable as well as adding a splash of colour.

22-10-2006, 20:40
Already done - although it may not be visible in the pics.


23-10-2006, 03:03
maybe a nice bone and/or light purple on banners,cloth, pennants etc?

still associated with death but will add a bit of 'zing' to your units.

23-10-2006, 06:52
Funny you should say that...

I decided to treat myself after a weekend of looking after the kids (wife away at health spa with mother-in-law for joint birthday party) and decided on a way to spruce up the knights:

Whaddya think (crappy photo aside)?




23-10-2006, 10:23
I will be adding to the bases in due course. But, as you may have noticed, the bases aren't all the same colour - this comes of running out of Graveyard Earth when one has promised ones spouse that one will buy no more paint until what one has will all fit in one box...

Get a bigger box...

23-10-2006, 11:09

Done that three times, already! If I do it again, I'll need a bigger house!

Now say something nice about my knight... :(


23-10-2006, 11:23
The freehand on the model is fantastic! the only problem i have is that the inking on the horse is too shiny for my liking, but everything else is top notch.

23-10-2006, 15:46
Awesome work on the horses barding but the purple plume looks alittle too washed out for my personal tastes.

Still, they look a lot more interesting and are very well painted; it's a brave man who paints his army black.

23-10-2006, 16:21
Or a stupid one... :rolleyes: LOL

Still, you're right about the plume. This was my tester knight. the next one I did had his plume and sash washed with Carmine ink to give the colour a boost before drybrushing. The purple is a homebrew - 4x Scab Red, 1x Midnight Blue.


24-10-2006, 08:14
Quick update - this is as much to keep me motivated as anything!

Had some focussed "knight" time yesterday evening. I should add that my principle painting time is a one-and-a-half hour window between putting the children to bed and heading that way myself. If I'm lucky, I wake up early and do a bit of painting before breakfast but my wife has banned me from having an alarm clock go off at 0530, so I have to rely on my body-clock.

Anyway, I've now done three and a half knights. I would've done four, but I decided that one of the knights would have a "grey" horse (i.e. a white horse) and the layering and blending to make the skin look good took flipping ages. I've decided to limit myself to no more than two greys in the unit.

Anyway, they all have the white raven on the right rear flank, then on the left rear flank each knight has a variation on the skull-and-bone design as his personal heraldry. The champion will have a more elaborate design - eventually, he'll have a more elaborate design on his shield, but for now I'm using a normal reichsguard knight as the champion. When I get around to buying a special champion model, I'll simply swap the riders on the horses - all of my riders come off their horses (except the Warrior Priest), but are kept on during the game with a pin.

Then the rest of the horse's armour has an individual combination of inscriptions, scrolling and raven designs according to taste and time.

All the horses have gloss varnish on their armour and the knights have gloss varnish on their shields. I'll also use gloss varnish on the shields of unit champions throughout the army.

Once I've finished the four (the front rank), I'll move back to doing the infantry, as they're feeling neglected and I want to keep the knights, who are more fun, as "rewards" for finishing bodies of infantry.


24-10-2006, 08:36
Looking awesomer by the minute mate. :D

I like the plume, though yeah, it is a bit washed out. I feel the horse color and shine detract a bit from the effect, and I'd expect knights so careful to project a grim image would kinda choose horse colors that would fit, from whites grays or blacks. It probably would get a bit boring to look at the army though.

24-10-2006, 10:26
I'd expect knights so careful to project a grim image would kinda choose horse colors that would fit, from whites grays or blacks.

Funny, that never even occured to me. I just assumed they'd pick the best destriers they could find. Anyway, because the unit is made up of ten identical models I feel it gives them some individuality to have a few Suffolk Punches in there.


24-10-2006, 19:53
I remember stumbling across the early work on this army some time ago, good to see you're back at it PO! Great freehand work on those shields, and I'm really impressed with that wizard (the eyes especially). Have you had many chances to play with the army yet? You mention some tactics in the thread, I'm just curious how the Brotherhood does tableside ...

All the same, keep up the good work! Makes me want to switch my own 1-2 nightly hours of painting from 40k Chaos to my Ogres ...

- Salvage

25-10-2006, 07:40
I'm just curious how the Brotherhood does tableside ...

Dreadful. But I suspect that's at least as much to do with the general as the army.


13-12-2006, 22:59
Sorry to resurrect this thread, but it is the first time I have run across it and I have to say I LOVE it!! Great theme, great paint job! I love your use of old models. I, too, used to play when these were the standard and they have a very strong nostaligic effect upon me. Good work. I hope you get back to it soon and send us an update.