View Full Version : Ogres vs Wood Elves

16-10-2006, 00:52
I am playing OK and need some advice to defeat Wood Elves. Please give me some general tactical information.

My list includes: Tyrant, Hunter, 6 Bulls, 6 Bulls, 4 Iron, 4 Iron, 2 Lead, 2 Lead, Trappers, 25 Gnoblars, SlaveGiant.

I have had no luck with the Butcher so I have taken him out and replaced him with the SlaveGiant.

max the dog
16-10-2006, 21:03
I play Wood Elves, shooting is my game plan and anything you can do to hinder it will hinder me as well. Get in some sort of cover and stay there as much as you can. Putt scouts in my deployment zone. My archers are weak in HTH combat so even a unit of gnoblars can do some harm.